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    147 total shortstops were voted upon. I found this one to be interesting because there was such a variety of votes and passionate debates. As I think about all of the teams I've played on before and the games I've watched, with very little exception, the most athletic player on the field is the shortstop. I guess we grow up watching our favorites and then come away thinking anyone who didn't see them through the prism of our vantage point is ludicrous!

    Of the 23 shortstops in the Hall of Fame, 9 of them received 100% of the vote from us: George Davis, Honus Wagner, Joe Cronin, Luke Appling, Robin Yount, Alan Trammell, Cal Ripken Jr., Barry Larkin and Derek Jeter. (A-Rod too, just not in at this time). 3 of them received above 90% in our votes: Ozzie Smith, Pee Wee Reese and Arky Vaughan (Bill Dahlen as well, which by the poll most see this as an oversight by the HOF). 3 of them received over 80% of the votes: Lou Boudreau, Bobby Wallace and Joe Tinker. In the 70% or higher were the following: Joe Sewell, Luis Aparicio, (with Jack Glasscock and Bert Campaneris in this group). Of Sewell, Aparicio, Glasscock and Campaneris, only Glasscock crossed the threshold of 75% or higher.

    Only 15 of 23 made the necessary percentage to be inducted in the HOF from our polls. I think this is our least cohesive unit. 65%

    Hall of Famers who scored below the line: 60% or Higher but below 70%: Hughie Jennings, Dave Bancroft and Phil Rizzuto. Above 50% but below 60%: Monte Ward (joined by Miguel Tejada). 40% or higher: Rabbit Maranville. His companions were Vern Stephens, Davey Concepcion, Nomar Garciaparra and Omar Vizquel. 30% or higher: No HOF'ers, but Jimmy Rollins and Troy Tulowitzki. 20% or higher: Travis Jackson. Others that scored above 20 but below 30% are Herman Long, Art Fletcher, Frankie Crosetti, Maury Wills, Jim Fregosi, Mark Belanger, Julio Franco, Michael Young, Rafael Furcal, Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez.

    Others (all non-hofers) receiving votes between 5 and 19%: (10-19% listed first) Ed Mckean, Everett Scott, Dick Bartell, Leo Durocher, Harvey Kuenn, Marty Marion, Johnny Pesky, Al Dark, Dick Groat, Larry Bowa, Tony Fernandez, Edgar Renteria, Orlando Cabrera...5%-9%: Tommy Corcoran, Roger Peckinpaugh, Donie Bush, Buck Weaver, Billy Jurges, Eddie Joost, Cecil Travis, Eddie Miller, Tony Kubek, Rico Petrocelli, Johnny Logan, Bud Harrelson, Ozzie Guillen.

    33 players (22%) received above 30% of the vote out of 147. an additional 38 players received votes up to 29%.

    What I learned is that there are a number of people who are strong supporters of Bert Campaneris which was a pleasant surprise. Miguel Tejada was a bit controversial as he inserted the Vitamin B shot into Rafael Palmeiro if memory serves, but he still represented well. A-Rod was not held down by any steroid era questions here. Bill Dahlen is the undisputed champion for players to vote into the hall of fame yesterday in this poll.

    Players that I value more than others that didn't show well here are Omar Vizquel, Jimmy Rollins and Maury Wills. I think Concepcion and Vern Stephens probably ended up about right. Crosetti is my own private Idaho I guess.

    Thank you for participating. It's always fun to hear the stories behind some of the players and the nuances as to why one is in their PHOF and why a voter advocates for them. I'm always trying to learn.
    Tally of votes are way off to the right of the stats. it goes to column CZ.
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