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Does clemens belong in the hof?

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  • Does clemens belong in the hof?

    i haven't seen this question asked here yet (unless i missed it). do you think clemens, despite strong allegations that he used steroids and hgh, belongs in the hall of fame? or do you just not care?

    me personally i dont care. while i acknowledge that he was a hall of famer before toronto, i don't have a problem with the voters keeping him out because they feel the negatives of his roid use outweigh the positives of his pre-roid career. what is everyone else's opinion?
    i could care less either way

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    I think it's a bit premature to ask the question, as this hasn't played itself out yet. However, if there's no significant evidence forthcoming that Roger used for the first half or so of his career, I think he was a qualified HOFer and thus would support him.
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      I can't stand Clemens; he's an arrogant bully and boor.

      But, yes, he's a no-questions-asked HOFer. I don't care if he used PEDs or not; PEDs were a condition of his time. The PED question is relevant to where he stands all-time; it's not relevant to where he stands for his era.
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        Yes. REGARDLESS of how things play out, I would put him in.

        I can see an argument for voting no IF SOMEONE TESTS POSITIVE OR IS PROVEN TO HAVE USED, but even that I largely disagree on. I just won't raise a fuss when Raffy is kept out.
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          At this time I would support his induction.
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