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    --This thread will be reserved exclusively for participants in this project to make their picks of the best players outside Cooperstown. Any posts except for actual picks will be deleted. There is a separate thread up for discussion of this project. Please direct all comments, suggestions, etc to that thread.
    --We will be picking 10 teams of 20 players each. The rosters will consist of the starting lineup, a backup C, backup IF and backup OF, 5 starting pitchers, one relief ace and either three additional bench players or two bench players and a second reliever. Once we have elected the 200 members of the Suburbs of Cooperstown we will have a supplemental draft to get the rosters to 25 and run a sim (or sims) with the teams. The simulation is strictly a secondary project though and this draft is being conducted strictly on the basis of "most deserving outside Cooperstown" and not to build the best sim team.
    --The eligible pool will be all players on the BWAA 2009 ballot with the exception of Rickey Henderson (we are assuming he will be elected), all players who might be considered by the VC and Negro Leaguers who might be considered if that pool were to be revisited. The intent of this project is to be as inclusive as possible. The only players speciificly excluded are; active players, players who retired after 2003, ineligible players and players who careers were primarily outside the United States.
    --The draft will officially commence at midnight EST, February 20, Picks may be made prior to that, but the clock will not start running until then. The clock will be 18 hours from the previous pick, although participants are encouraged to pick as promptly as possible when their turn comes around. For participants at the either end of the draft the 18 hours will be their clock for making both their picks.

    Round One
    1) Jim Albright: Bert Blyleven
    2) JJPM74: Bill Dahlen
    3) J W: Dick Allen
    4) Double X: Ron Santo
    5) Chickalooza: Tim Raines
    6) Leecemark : Alan Trammell
    7) Paul Wendt: Deacon White
    8) Freakshow: Mark McGwire
    9) Classic Bobby Grich
    10) Baseball PAP: Albert Belle

    Round Two
    11) Baseball PAP: John Beckwith
    12) Classic: Dick Lundy
    13) Freakshow: Ted Simmons
    14) Paul Wendt: Paul Hines
    15) Leecemark Bill Freehan
    16) Chickalooza: Joe Torre
    17) Double X: Will Clark
    18) J W: Carl Mays
    19) JJPM74: George Van Haltren
    20) Jim Albright: Dobie Moore

    Round Three
    21) Jim Albright: Quincy Trouppe
    22) JJPM74: Charlie Bennett
    23) J W: Bob Caruthers
    24) Double X: Jimmy Wynn
    25) Chickalooza: John Donaldson
    26) Leecemark: Minnie Minoso
    27) Paul Wendt Jack Glasscock
    28) Freakshow: Sherry Magee
    29) Classic: Ken Boyer
    30) Baseball PAP: Wes Ferrell

    Round Four
    31) Baseball PAP: Doc White
    32) Classic: Lance Parrish
    33) Freakshow: Dickey Pearce
    34) Paul Wendt: Hardy Richardson
    35) Leecemark: Lou Whitaker
    36) Chickalooza: Dwight Evans
    37) Double X: Joe Gordon
    38) J W: Stan Hack
    39) JJPM74: Andre Dawson
    40) Jim Albright: Larry Doyle

    Round Five
    41) Jim Albright: Dan Quisenberry
    42) JJPM74: Harry Stovey
    43) J W: Wally Berger
    44) Double X: Bobby Bonds
    45) Chickalooza: Vern Stephens
    46) Leecemark: Tony Mullane
    47) Paul Wendt: Cal McVey
    48) Freakshow: George Gore
    49) Classic: Billy Pierce
    50) Baseball PAP: Cesar Cedeno

    Round Six
    51) Baseball PAP: Ross Barnes
    52) Classic: Luis Tiant
    53) Freakshow: Darrell Evans
    54) Paul Wendt: Charley Jones
    55) Leecemark: Tommy Bridges
    56) Chickalooza: Norm Cash
    57) Double X: Dave Stieb
    58) J W: Cupid Childs
    59) JJPM74: Joe Start
    60) Jim Albright: Charlie Keller

    Round Seven
    61) Jim Albright: Frank Howard
    62) JJPM74: Wilbur Cooper
    63) J W: Joe Wood
    64) Double X: Bob Johnson
    65) Chickalooza: Dale Murphy
    66) Leecemark: Al Rosen
    67) Paul Wendt: Lip Pike
    68) Freakshow: Reggie Smith
    69) Classic: Dave Orr
    70) Baseball PAP: Harry Brecheen

    Round Eight
    71) Baseball PAP: Ken Singleton
    72) Classic: Ron Guidry
    73) Freakshow: Willie Randolph
    74) Paul Wendt: Heinie Groh
    75) leecemark: Keith Hernandez
    76) Chickalooza: Bob Elliott
    77) Double X: Thurman Munson
    78) J W: Babe Adams
    79) JJPM74: Jack Morris
    80) Jim Albright; Dave Parker

    Round Nine
    81) Jim Albright Alejandro Oms
    82) JJPM74: Cannonball Dick Redding
    83) J W: Grant Johnson
    84) Double X: Tommy John
    85) Chickazoola: Del Pratt
    86) Leecemark: Tony Oliva
    87) Paul Wendt Brett Saberhagen
    88) Freakshow: Urban Shocker
    89) Classic: David Cone
    90) Baseball PAP: Wally Schang

    Round Ten
    91) Baseball Pap: Herman Long
    92) Classic: Gavvy Cravath
    93) Freakshow: Lon Warneke
    94) Paul Wendt: Dolf Luque
    95) Leecemark: Bucky Walters
    96) Chickazoola: Sam Leever
    97) Double X: Chuck Finley
    98) J W: Bobby Murcer
    99) JJPM74: Vida Blue
    100) Jim Albright : Hippo Vaughn

    Round 11
    101) Jim Albright: Dizzy Trout
    102) JJPM74: Lee Smith
    103) J W: Jimmy Ryan
    104) Double X: Orel Hershiser
    105) Chickazoola: Eddie Rommel
    106) Leecemark: Fred Lynn
    107) Paul Wendt : Sal Maglie
    108) Freakshow: Jimmy Key
    109) Classic: Tom Henke
    110) Baseball PAP: John Hiller

    Round 12
    111) PAP: Jack Fournier
    112) Classic: Ken Williams
    113) FS: John Wetteland
    114) PW: Sparky Lyle
    115) LM: Firpo Marberry
    116) Chick: Doug Jones
    117) XX: Tony Fernandez
    118) JW: Pete Browning
    119) JJ: Buddy Myer
    120) Jim Bus Clarkson

    Round 13
    121) Jim Albright: Johnny Pesky
    122) JJPM74: Harvey Kuenn
    123) J W: Gene Tenace
    124) Double X: Dick McAuliffe
    125) Chickazoola: Deacon Phillipe
    126) Leecemark: Tommy Leach
    127) Paul Wendt: Jack Rowe
    128) Freakshow: Dutch Leonard
    129) Classic: Mike Donlin
    130) Baseball PAP: Dennis Martinez

    Round 14
    131) Baseball Pap: Tony Phillips
    132) Classic: Cy Williams
    133) Freakshow: Ezra Sutton
    134) Paul Wendt: Don Newcombe
    135) Leecemark: Mickey Lolich
    136) Chickazoola: Silver King
    137) Double X: Kent Tekulve
    138) J W: Tug McGraw
    139) JJPM74: Oliver Marcelle
    140) Jim Albright : Nip Winters

    Round 15
    141) Jim Albright: Jim Kaat
    142) JJPM74: Smokey Burgess
    143) J W: Tom Haller
    144) Double X: Jim McCormick
    145) Chickazoola: Ted Radcliffe
    146) Leecemark: Virgil Trucks
    147) Paul Wendt: Ed Williamson
    148) Freakshow: Elston Howard
    149) Classic: Don Mattingly
    150) Baseball PAP: Wilbur Wood

    Round 16
    151) Baseball Pap: Wild Bill Wright
    152) Classic: Pedro Guerrero
    153) Freakshow: Jesse Tannehill
    154) Paul Wendt: Mike Tiernan
    155) Leecemark: Graig Nettles
    156) Chickazoola: Jimmy Sheckard
    157) Double X: Boog Powell
    158) J W: Darryl Strawberry
    159) JJPM74: Dave Foutz
    160) Jim Albright : George J Burns

    Round 17
    161) Jim Albright: Jack Clark
    162) JJPM74: Jim Rice
    163) J W: Mike Cuellar
    164) Double X: Darrell Porter
    165) Chickazoola: Davey Conception
    166) Leecemark: Rocky Colavito
    167) Paul Wendt: Luke Easter
    168) Freakshow: Rusty Staub
    169) Classic: Jose Rijo
    170) Baseball PAP: Jim Fregosi

    Round 18
    171) Baseball Pap: Darren Daulton
    172) Classic: Lefty O'Doul
    173) Freakshow: Jesse Orosco
    174) Paul Wendt: Bill Monroe
    175) Leecemark: Gil McDougald
    176) Chickazoola: Fred Dunlap
    177) Double X: Bobby Veach
    178) J W: Maury Wills
    179) JJPM74: Kid Gleason
    180) Jim Albright : Chino Smith

    Round 19
    181) Jim Albright: Sherm Lollar
    182) JJPM74: Dave Righetti
    183) J W: Gil Hodges
    184) Double X: Eric Davis
    185) Chickazoola: Steve Garvey
    186) Leecemark: Chief Myers
    187) Paul Wendt: Jack Quinn
    188) Freakshow: Dave Lopes
    189) Classic: Rico Carty
    190) Baseball PAP: Lindy McDaniel

    Round 20
    191) Baseball Pap: Don McMahon
    192) Classic: Dave Smith
    193) Freakshow: Bert Campaneris
    194) Paul Wendt: Fielder Jones
    195) Leecemark: Al Oliver
    196) Chickazoola: Jeff Reardon
    197) Double X: Roy White
    198) J W: Ron Cey
    199) JJPM74: Johnny Kling
    200) Jim Albright : Sal Bando

    ================================================== ==========================

    The Managers

    1) Jim Albright: C I Taylor
    2) JJPM74: Billy Martin
    3) J W: Davey Johnson
    4) Double X: Whitey Herzog
    5) Chickazoola: Vic Harris
    6) Leecemark: Charley Grimm
    7) Paul Wendt: Frank Bancroft
    8) Freakshow: Gene Mauch
    9) Classic: Danny Murtaugh
    10) Baseball PAP: Buck O'Neil

    Supplemental Rounds

    **Note: These players are not intended to be part of the Cooperstown discussion. The are merely intended to complete our 25 man rosters. The selection process here is geared toward putting the finishing touches on a competitive team and NOT on identifying players with a good (or even reasonable) case for the Hall of Fame

    Round 21
    201) Baseball Pap: Buck O'Neil2
    202) Classic: Mickey Tettleton
    203) Freakshow: Elmer Smith
    204) Paul Wendt: Noodles Hahn
    205) Leecemark: Ron Perranoski
    206) Chickazoola: Rich McKinney
    207) Double X: Ed Ruelbach
    208) J W: Dick Hall
    209) JJPM74: Rick Agulera
    210) Jim Albright : Ellis Kinder

    Round 22
    211) Jim Albright: Bobby Shantz
    212) JJPM74: Mike Marshall
    213) J W: Slim Sallee
    214) Double X: Jeff Montgomery
    215) Chickazoola: Larry French
    216) Leecemark: Mark Eichhorn
    217) Paul Wendt: Andy Messersmith
    218) Freakshow: Robb Nen
    219) Classic: Mark Belanger
    220) Baseball PAP: Pete Runnels

    Round 23
    221) Baseball Pap: Ted Kluzewski
    222) Classic: Bill Joyce
    223) Freakshow: Jack Stivetts
    224) Paul Wendt: Reb Russell
    225) Leecemark: Randy Myers
    226) Chickazoola:Dick Radatz
    227) Double X: Gary Lavelle
    228) J W: John Candelaria
    229) JJPM74: Don Plesac
    230) Jim Albright : Todd Worrell

    Round 24
    231) Jim Albright: Al Holland
    232) JJPM74: Howard Johnson
    233) J W: Dave McNally
    234) Double X: Matt Williams
    235) Chickazoola: Terry Moore
    236) Leecemark: Mike Henneman
    237) Paul Wendt: Roy Thomas
    238) Freakshow: John Tudor
    239) Classic: Sudden Sam McDowell
    240) Baseball PAP: Terry Forster

    Round 25
    241) Baseball Pap: Gene Garber
    242) Classic: Vada Pinson
    243) Freakshow: Tim Burke
    244) Paul Wendt: Steve Howe
    245) Leecemark: Schoolboy Rowe
    246) Chickazoola: Dwight Gooden
    247) Double X: Spud Chandler
    248) J W: Tommy Bond
    249) JJPM74: Harold Baines
    250) Jim Albright: Oscar "Heavy" Johnson
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    Pick #1--Bert Blyleven
    Seen on a bumper sticker: If only closed minds came with closed mouths.
    Some minds are like concrete--thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.
    A Lincoln: I don't think much of a man who is not wiser today than he was yesterday.


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      Pick #2--Bill Dahlen


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        One line post to act as notification of new posts.
        You see, you spend a good deal of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. J. Bouton


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          Pick #3--Dick Allen


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            Pick # 4: Ron Santo


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              Pick # 5: Tim Raines
              "It's good to be young and a Giant." - Larry Doyle


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                #6 - Alan Trammell


                • #9
                  Simsters may give him a crummy card as 1880s 3Bman but I have nothing to think about

                  #7 - Deacon White


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                    #8 - Mark McGwire
                    Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice.

                    Comprehensive Reform for the Veterans Committee -- Fixing the Hall continued.


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                      #9 Bobby Grich
                      "It is a simple matter to erect a Hall of Fame, but difficult to select the tenants." -- Ken Smith
                      "I am led to suspect that some of the electorate is very dumb." -- Henry P. Edwards
                      "You have a Hall of Fame to put people in, not keep people out." -- Brian Kenny
                      "There's no such thing as a perfect ballot." -- Jay Jaffe


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                        #10 Albert Belle
                        #11 John Beckwith (closest comp is probably Dick Allen, right down to the attitude)


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                          Deadline Expired

                          #12 - Ted Simmons
                          Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice.

                          Comprehensive Reform for the Veterans Committee -- Fixing the Hall continued.


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                            #13 - Paul Hines

                            --following Freakshow in labeling this one #13. Is that best, lm?


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                              #14 - Dick Lundy
                              "It is a simple matter to erect a Hall of Fame, but difficult to select the tenants." -- Ken Smith
                              "I am led to suspect that some of the electorate is very dumb." -- Henry P. Edwards
                              "You have a Hall of Fame to put people in, not keep people out." -- Brian Kenny
                              "There's no such thing as a perfect ballot." -- Jay Jaffe


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