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    The Hall Of Fame inducted several players, managers/owner, two years ago, but what about some of the great ball players before 1920. I found Walter Ball, who was a very very good, and I think great pitcher from 1903 till the early 20's that belongs in the hall. It is not his fault that he was born 20 years too early. He may not have been a Satchel Paige, but he sure stood his ground with the likes of Bob Gibson (not taking anything away from Mr. Gibson). I am sure that there are others that played in this time frame that belong too. Mr. Ball also played a few years on all white teams, making him one of the first.

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    Bell, Cool Papa St. Louis Stars Center Fielder 1974
    Brown, Ray Homestead Grays Pitcher 2006
    Brown, Willard Kansas City Monarchs Center Fielder 2006
    Charleston, Oscar Pittsburgh Crawfords Center Fielder 1976
    Cooper, Andy Pitcher 2006
    Dandridge, Ray Newark Eagles Third Baseman 1987
    Day, Leon Newark Eagles Pitcher 1995
    Dihigo, Martin Cuban Stars East Pitcher 1977
    Foster, Bill Chicago American Giants Pitcher 1996
    Foster, Rube Chicago American Giants Manager 1981
    Gibson, Josh Homestead Grays Catcher 1972
    Grant, Frank Second Baseman 2006
    Hill, Pete Center Fielder 2006
    Irvin, Monte Newark Eagles Left Fielder 1973
    Johnson, Judy Hilldale Daisies Third Baseman 1975
    Leonard, Buck Homestead Grays First Baseman 1972
    Lloyd, Pop New York Lincoln Giants Shortstop 1977
    Mackey, Biz Catcher 2006
    Manley, Effa Executive/Pioneer 2006
    Mendez, Jose Cuban Stars Pitcher 2006
    Paige, Satchel Kansas City Monarchs Pitcher 1971
    Pompez, Alex Executive/Pioneer 2006
    Posey, Cum Homestead Grays Executive/Pioneer 2006
    Rogan, Bullet Kansas City Monarchs Pitcher 1998
    Santop, Louis Catcher 2006
    Smith, Hilton Kansas City Monarchs Pitcher 2001
    Stearnes, Turkey Detroit Stars Center Fielder 2000
    Suttles, Mule Newark Eagles First Baseman 2006
    Taylor, Ben First Baseman 2006
    Torriente, Cristobal Center Fielder 2006
    Wells, Willie St. Louis Stars Shortstop 1997
    White, Sol Executive/Pioneer 2006
    Wilkinson, J.L. Kansas City Monarchs Executive/Pioneer 2006
    Williams, Joe New York Lincoln Giants Pitcher 1999
    Wilson, Jud Philadelphia Stars Third Baseman 2006
    There are a few here that had the bulk of their playing days before the league era. I'm not the best with their dates off the top of my head but I put some in blue. Not many I know but the lack of a solid league tends to make comparisons difficult.


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      "pre-Negro Leagues"

      At least, add players Lloyd, Santop, and Taylor. That makes nine.

      Lloyd, 1977
      Foster, 1996, and Williams, 1999
      six players, 2006

      Executive J.L. Wilkinson must count in part, Indianapolis in the 1910s and Kansas City in the 1920s-30s.
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        pre-Negro Leagues - six elected in 2006

        "Hall gets names for Negro Leagues vote" 2005-11-21

        Three months later 11 from the Negro Leagues group were elected and 6 from the much smaller pre-Leagues group:
        Frank Grant, Sol White, Pete Hill, Ben Taylor, Jose Mendez, Louis Santop

        The "winners" were 11 of 30 and 6 of 9 as listed here ( but it should be 11 of 29 and 6 of 10 with John Donaldson in the pre-Leagues group. There was a mistake in the press release, according to one member of the nominating committee and one NBHOFM web editor.
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