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  • Interesting HOF plaques

    On one of the posts on the current event page, a image of Wade Boggs HOF plaque was shown. Reading the plaque, which I have done in the past, I noticed that the last line reads "Legendary for his superstitions". Which of course is true, but made me think what are the most interesting, non-baseball achievement related items etc, mentioned on various players HOF plaques.

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    I'm sure the Wade Boggs superstitions, which could be called obsessions, are mentioned on his HOF plaque because they were baseball-related. All about preparing for the game, and what might explain 0-or-4.

    Frank Chance's plaque doesn't ever say clearly that he was a major league player. Connie Mack's plaque suggests that he was one of the great catchers. Those don't answer the question but they fit the title of the thread.


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