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    Originally posted by AstrosFan View Post
    Consecutive years, I mean. If I went non-consecutive, some players would probably change.
    Yeah, I still have Torre edging out Simmons over a 5-year peak. Although I'm basing it primarily on VORP and WARP placements.


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      Originally posted by Fuzzy Bear View Post
      Al Rosen!

      Black Ink: Batting - 23 (85) (Average HOFer ≈ 27)
      Gray Ink: Batting - 97 (229) (Average HOFer ≈ 144)
      HOF Standards: Batting - 28.5 (311) (Average HOFer ≈ 50)
      HOF Monitor: Batting - 82.5 (208) (Likely HOFer > 100)
      Overall Rank in parentheses.

      Al Rosen posted a .705 average Offensive Winning Percentage over his best 5 years (1950-54). His best 5 years are a clear-cut HOF peak. I've argued for him in the past; he's the closest thing to Dizzy Dean amongst position players.
      You act as if we are missing something obvious. I fail to see how Rosen's peak was better than Dick Allen's or Albert Belle's. Dick Allen played nine consecutive full seasons (at least 502 plate appearances) without dropping below a 145 OPS+ in any season. His career OPS+ of 156 is one point higher than Hank Aaron's.

      Dick Allen
      Black Ink - 27
      Gray Ink - 159
      HOF Standards - 38.7
      HOF Monitor - 99

      Albert Belle
      Blank Ink - 28
      Gray Ink - 137
      HOF Standards - 36.3
      HOF Monitor - 133.5


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        Originally posted by Westlake View Post
        A) Because Santo was a good 3rd baseman and not a mediocre outfielder like Belle.

        B) We were building teams, therefore good 3Bs are going to be harder to come by than corner outfielders.

        C) Williams had a good 4 year peak (though still not as good as Santo's), but he didn't have 5 really good consecutive years.

        Possible D) Santo's years came fairly near a year called 1968.


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