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    post-1942, continued

    Wikipedia reports that the HOC named twenty players and six members independently named five, yielding 21 preliminary candidates. Members met at Cooperstown during induction weekend and soon reduced the batch to 10.

    Wikipedia: " Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, 2009"
    . . . A six-member panel of Hall of Famers also met to independently select five players for consideration; these lists were merged to create a preliminary ballot of 21 names: Dick Allen, Ken Boyer, Bert Campaneris, Rocky Colavito, Mike Cuellar, Steve Garvey, Gil Hodges, Jim Kaat, Ted Kluszewski, Mickey Lolich, Roger Maris, Lee May, Minnie MiƱoso, Thurman Munson, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Vada Pinson, Ron Santo, Luis Tiant, Joe Torre and Maury Wills.

    . . . voting was now limited to Hall members; they met at the Hall during induction weekend in 2008, and reduced the ballot to 10 names through voting by mail in August. This final ballot was then sent to the 64 living members, and they voted by mail, casting votes for up to four candidates each.
    Relying on this report,, the eleven candidates eliminated in August must be
    six from the 2007 ballot (ordered by number of 2007 votes)
    : Maris, Minoso, Boyer, Lolich, Colavito, and Munson; and
    five newcomers (ordered alphabetically)
    : Campaneris, Cuellar, Garvey, Kluszewski, and Lee May.

    Only Garvey was eligible for the first time; he last played in 1987. The others were among the two hundred stage one nominees for 2007.

    Evidently the HOC dropped four 2007 finalists who remained eligible by their pre-1943 debuts (ordered by number of 2007 votes).
    : Don Newcombe (7th place, 17 votes), Curt Flood, Sparky Lyle, Bobby Bonds
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