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One source of information and inspiration
"The 2003 Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Vote" by Doug Pappas
: superb coverage of the contributors election published in the SABR Business of Baseball Committee newsletter, by its founder and chairman

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The Historical Overview Committee has been one nominating committee for some of the Hall of Fame "veterans" elections beginning 2003, fifty years after the first election by the famous Veterans Committee. The NBHOFM Board of Directors made established the HOC as one piece of a new system in 2001 and "the Overviewers" survived major reform of that system in 2007.

For the 2003, 2005, and 2007 Veterans Committee elections the HOC nominated 200 players and 60 other contributors, the semifinalists. The final ballots comprised 25-30 players and 15 contributors from those lists.

For the 2008 elections (December 2007) the HOC developed the final ballot of 10 managers and umpires. Following the reforms of 2007, the HOC is also the sole nominating committee for players who debuted in the major leagues before 1943. So the HOC composes two ballots under the reformed system.
- 10 managers and umpires
- 15 players with debuts before 1943
There has been little change in the Overviewers membership since 2003 (see the table) so their work for the 2003 to 2007 elections presumably gives some indication whom they will nominate. The change, a big one, is they will set the final ballots rather than serve as the first stage of two.
(For the other veterans elections, covering executives and players with debuts in the major leagues or Negro Leagues beginning 1943, the voting bodies are their own nominating committees.)

"Meet the Sportswriters" by Bill Burgess includes a page for every one of the HOC members but some of those pages need contents. Please help if you can.

Historical Overview Committee members (all BBWAA members)
3 5 7 8 11
x x x x x Bob Elliott (Toronto Sun), 05 07 08
x x x x x Steve Hirdt (Elias Sports Bureau), 05 07 08
x x x x x Rick Hummel (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), 05 07 08
x x x x * Moss Klein (Newark Star-Ledger), 05 07 08
x x x x x Bill Madden (New York Daily News), 05 07 08
x x x x x Ken Nigro (former Baltimore Sun writer), 05 07 08
x x x x x Jack O'Connell (The Hartford Courant 05 07 and BBWAA officer 07; mlb.com and NBHOFM reporter 08; BBWAA secretary/treasurer 11),
x o x x * Nick Peters (The Sacramento Bee), 07 08
x x o x x Tracy Ringolsby (Rocky Mountain News), 05 08
x o x x x Dave Van Dyck (Chicago Tribune), 07 08 08
o x x x Mark Whicker (Orange County Register). 05 07 08

3 = 2003 (2001/2002 work on semifinalists for 2003 election)
5 = 2005 (appointed 2003-12, selections announced 2004-04-19)
7 = 2007 (appointed 2005-12, selections announced 2006-04-03)
8 = 2008 (meeting December 2007)
11 = 2011 (selections announced 2010-11-08)
05 = affiliation listed in coverage of 2005 election
07 = affiliation listed in coverage of 2007 election
08 = affiliation listed in November 2007 press release
11 = affiliation listed in July 2010 press release

* In 2010 the July announcement of reform listed nine of the same old members under "Screening Process", the November announcement of the ballot listed the familiar eleven.

"The 2003 Hall of Fame Veterans Committee Vote" by Doug Pappas - superb coverage of the contributors election published in the SABR Business of Baseball Cmte newsletter, by its founder and chairman
"Baseball Hall of Fame balloting, 2005" at wikipedia
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"Veterans Committee ballots announced: Executives, managers, and umpires to be considered for 2008" (NBHOFM press release 2007-11-08)
"Hall of Fame Board of Directors Restructures Procedures for Consideration of Managers, Umpires, Executives and Long-Retired Players" (NBHOFM press release 2010-07-26)
"Expansion Era Committee to Consider 12 Candidates for Hall of Fame Election at December’s Winter Meetings" (NBHOFM press release 2007-11-08)