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2006 - Put up or shut up year for...

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  • 2006 - Put up or shut up year for...

    I think there are several aging players that need a huge year to solidify or at least greatly effect their chances for Cooperstown.

    Mike Mussina is reaching the point in his career that if he continues to slow down at all, he will fall too far off the 300 pace for most voters to elect him. Mussina needs a big year now, or it may be it for him.

    John Smoltz is another player who I can think of. His small win total will be his undoing (remember, I am going by the how the electors will vote), and this might be his last chance to get enough startig wins to pass the 200 wins mark in 2008.

    If Scott Rolen has another injury prone season, I could easily see him as being viewed as somewhat of a Cooperstown bust. It would take several more years of health and greatness (ala. 2004) to get his reputation back to normal. Same thing could be said for Nomar.

    Are there others? Thome? Schilling? Does Thomas need a turnaround year to remind voters of his once dominating offense? You get the point.
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    These guys may already have been shut up, but if they don't do well, even in the limited roles they might have, then their chances are done:

    Bernie Williams fell way off the pace last year, and his smaller role this year will seal his fate as a non HoFer unless, somehow, he can return to old form and put up some offensive numbers.

    Magglio Ordonez: if he doesn't have a comeback of the year type season, then you can pretty much be sure that he's past his prime.

    Kerry Wood: with all those Ks in his first few years, I thought he was destined. Even though he could still be considered on pace to notch 3000 strikeouts, if he goes down with injuries again, then that's it for him.

    Mike Mussina - I pretty much agree with you. I don't think he needs a great year, but just a good year - maybe 15 wins and a sub 4.00 ERA with 150 Ks would keep him on pace.

    Nomar - I think all he needs is a full season of play. If he can do that, even if he has an average year at the plate, it won't hurt him. But if he goes on the DL for an extended period, then he's done.

    If Garret Anderson has any shot at this point, he's going to need to have another productive year. If he can hit around .300 with some power and a good number of hits, then it will indicate that he isn't slowing down.

    Smoltz and Schilling need to have at least decent seasons in which they play the full year.

    Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds need to have 2004-like seasons. And it would be nice to see Jeff Kent, Jason Giambi, and Troy Glaus hit 30 home runs again.

    I'm also wary of Chipper Jones, if he underperforms or goes on the DL. And it would be nice if Ichiro bounces back.


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      Well, if Schilling needs to have another good/great year, he's off to a great start to far, going 3-0 to start the season, with a 1.64 ERA. I think this will help clear the confusion about whether he should go into the HOF or not - at least a little bit.

      He falls short in wins (though he will surpass 200 this season), and he is inconsistent from year to year (injuries, etc...), when he's good, he's good, and he does have some "extra" stuff going for him, with the '01 and '04 postseasons/World Series titles (bloody socks, etc...), so if he could pull another 20 wins off here, with a good/great ERA (sub 3.00?), his chances will be helped greatly. His election (if he gets elected), would be based off of his peak (somewhat split up by injuries) and not a total career, though he is still adding to his counting totals, and he isn't done yet.


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