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    Originally posted by [email protected]
    Joe Wood was a great pitcher, but for only a moment in time. Not long enough to post authentic Hall credentials. He is joined by Herb Score and Ewell Blackwell in his unrealized potential. And around 100 others. Dizzy Dean just barely scrapes in himself.

    Great potential and greatness are not the same thing.

    Bill Burgess
    Wood was not just a one-year wonder. He was a very effective pitcher for 7 seasons. I concur he's not HOF-worthy due to the briefness of his career. I just started this thread to see what others think and because I like the guy.

    Definitely gotta agree with you about Score. His K totals in his first 2 seasons were simply awesome. It's a shame that he got nailed in the eye with a Gil McDougald line drive on May 7, 1957.
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      Originally posted by RuthMayBond
      Maybe, only if you're counting peak. His career was no Blyleven.
      I keep thinking Blyleven's already in the HOF. Probably because he should be.

      Wood might very well be the most talented pitcher not in the HOF.

      Why isn't this in the Hall of Fame forum?
      Probably should be. The mods can move it if they wish.
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        ----------------- Smokey Joe Wood 1908-12
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          Smokey Joe Wood

          Over the course of his fourteen-year career, Joe Wood compiled the following numbers as a pitcher:

          117-57, 121 CG, 28 SHO, 11 SV, 2.03 ERA (2.96 lgERA), 1.09 WHIP, 146 ERA+

          And as a hitter:

          .283/.357/.411, 266 R, 23 HR, 325 RBI, 111 OPS+

          I did a board search for Joe Wood, and did not find anything over the last two years, so I felt that a thread would be fair game. Where does everyone stand on Smokey Joe who, according to Satchel Paige and Walter Johnson, threw harder than any other pitcher that they had ever seen?


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            Hes not that different than Dizzy Dean. Certainly more dominant than Dean, but Dizzy at least pitched 5 fulls seasons. Wood only had 1 season with more than 30 starts, and 2 with more than 20. If he had pitched at the same level for full seasons his whole career Id say he might make it. As it is, no way.


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              These can be combined.



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                threads merged.
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