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  • Percival, Reardon, and Quis

    Sorry - this is essentially two topics in one post.

    Maybe this happened a while ago, but I just heard on the radio that Troy Percival has called it quits. How good was he? He had about as many saves in as many seasons as Mariano Rivera up until two years ago (or was it a year ago?). 300 saves is still pretty impressive, but if John Wetteland was one and done, then Percival will be too.

    On another note, How much worse was Jeff Reardon and Dan Quisenberry than Sutter or Gossage?

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    Quisenberry IMO was actually better and more valuable than Sutter, just less visually impressive. Reardon is a good ways behind both, and Gossage is a good ways ahead (a shame Sutter got in before Gossage).


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      I think Percival was one of the better closers of the 1 Inning closer generation. He was consistent and had a few great seasons. But the thing is, in the last 10 or so years, there's been a number of pitchers who have done the same thing, just a few years shorter, and there's been a few of them who have done it for longer.

      You can name a number of pitchers with stats around Percivals.

      Percival: 324 Saves, 150 ERA+
      Montgomery: 304 Saves, 134 ERA+
      Nenn: 314 Saves, 138 ERA+
      Wetteland: 330 Saves, 148 ERA+
      Myers: 347 Saves, 122 ERA+

      How can we only let Percival in without letting in all those guys? Not saying they're bad players by any means, they're the elite of the 90's closers. But at this point in time, I don't believe that the relief pitcher deserves that many people in the hall of fame, until at least those of the previous generations (at least Gossage and Quisenberry) are inducted.

      Now as I said before, those five were the elite. There are three others that I believe we can look at.

      Rivera: 379 Saves, 197 ERA+
      Hoffman: 436 Saves, 146 ERA+
      Wagner: 284, 180 ERA+

      The top two are the greater than elite. They're the hall of famers. Wagner IMHO, is almost to that level. If he can continue to pitch as the same level he has been, then he will join Hoffman and Rivera as the hall of fame 1 IP closers. And then there's Gagne, but he's wayyyyyyyy to early to tell.

      Now, onto Quisenberry. I've said it a million times, I don't believe it's possible to seperate Sutter and Quisenberry and it's a crime that sutter is in and Quiz is not.
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        I don't think Quiz or Hoffman should make the HOF. Mariano Rivera should.


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