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What team will Clemens go into THE HOF as?

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  • What team will Clemens go into THE HOF as?

    What team will Clemens have on his cap on his plaque in Cooperstown?
    Boston Red Sox
    Toronto Blue Jays
    New York Yankees
    Houston Astros
    go sox.


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    I'll say Boston...he was there the longest, made his name there, and started there.
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      Boston, spent more time there.
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        I say he SHOULD go in as a member of the Red Sox.
        I say he probably will go in as a Yankee. He's already said that if he went in as anything but he wouldn't attend the ceremony, hasn't he?
        I think the HOF will do everything it can to ensure he goes in on "their" team.
        Johnson and now Goligoski gone.
        I hope that's all.


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          I think the fact he is speaking to Boston currently in trying to decide what he's going to do this year goes a long way toward what will be on his plaque. It is the HOF's decision, and it should be Boston, but at least now he won't be bitter about it.
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            Red Sox

            Boston Red Sox

            Toronto Bluejays

            New York Yankees

            Houston Astros
            Years: 2
            Wins: 31

            Red Sox: No Doubt About It
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              Obviously Boston. But darn, those were some great Toronto years.
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                Control Freaks

                Is it just me, or does anyone else out there believe what a crock of s**t this whole business is about the HOF controlling which "hat" a player wears when he enters their hallowed halls? I know some players played it a little funny when they put their hat out to the highest bidder (Winfield, Boggs), but isn't it their prerogative? Of course Clemens wants to be known as a Yankee HOFer--there is no designation more prestigious in all of sports. Reggie's ego demanded that he go in no other way, even though I always thought of him as an A first (and I'm a Yankee fan). Clemens' body of work supports his "Red Sox-first" moniker, but he, too, has an enormous ego that requires the NY, and besides, we all know his relations are still a bit bitter with Boston. So what happens if the HOF demands that his plaque bear the Beantown B, and he declines? Do they deny him an induction? Or will they allow a player the neutral option of going capless in cases of an impasse? If not, it seems they have gone too far in exerting their self-important control over something that is a player's special honor, and the player's alone. Just an early morning rant from a fan who hates petty power mongers, their families, and all they stand for.

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                  I expect the HoF will honor whatever team Roger chooses, provided he doesn't sell that privilege to some team he plays one or two seasons with.
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                    He should go in as a Red Sox. He had the first of his great seasons there, he had his most seasons there, he first struck out 20 batters there, and he began his career there.


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                      I think that the debates about Dave Winfield's cap (Padres or Yanks) or Randy Johnson's cap (Mariners or D-backs) would be more debatable. Is there even a debate as to which team Roger Clemens made his greater claim to fame with?

                      I dunno, but this seems akin to wondering if Wade Boggs was really going to go in as a D-Ray, since he'd been made a hit coach or something in Tampa Bay.

                      Now then, Roger Clemens shall go in as a ... Yankee!

                      Seriously, he'll go in as cap-wearing member of the RED SAWX.
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                        He'll go in wearing a Red Sox cap. I'd bet my kid's RESP on that.
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                          LOL, someone voted for the Blue Jays.
                          I don't mind the Hall of Fame choosing. This being a perfect example why they should. He wants to go in with the Yankees, but he should be wearing a Red Sox hat.


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                            he said he wanted to go in as a yankee.


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                              I think it will be Boston, but since we are so unsure is he's coming back, well never know, but right now it will be Boston, especially since he left the Saux in 1996, nobody has ever used #21 on the back of the uniform.
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