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  • Thome?

    I'm just curious about the board member's feelings about Thome and the Hall. This isn't exactly meant to stump for him, but I like him and portray him probably through rose-tinted glasses.

    Has 1625 H in 14 seasons. Has 3259 TB, earning 314 per 162 G. Has 423 HR. Has hit at least 30 HR in 9 seasons, including the last 8. Has hit at least 40 HR in 5 seasons, including the last 4. Has hit at least 50 HR once, in '02. The last three years he's hit 52, 47, and 42 HR. If he hits 5 fewer HR a year for the next five years, he'll wind up with 558, which would be ninth all-time, not considering what Griffey, Bagwell, McGriff, Thomas, and JuanGon (the active players in front of him) will do. His FP is about on par for course and his RF is above league average. He hits .284/.410/.569 with .979 OPS and 151 OPS+. Ink is 13/91. He turns 34 in August.

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