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  • Originally posted by Nerdlinger View Post

    Here's your current list of comparison scores (pre-2015 players only):

    Jar of Flies
    1. Chadwick (70.6)
    2. Bothrops Atrox (61.1)
    3. jalbright (56.7)
    4. TheSlaff (46.1)
    5. SavoyBG (45.7)
    6. leecemark (44.7)
    7. baltimorechop (44.4)
    8. jjpm74 (42.7)
    9. Richard Stark (42.3)
    10. Nerdlinger (40.6)
    11. AstrosFan (37.9)
    12. TheMendozaLine (36.5)
    13. pedrosrotatorcuff (35.5)
    14. blade1969 (33.1)
    15. EnterSandman (32.8)
    15. layson27 (32.8)
    17. dgarza (32.4)
    18. bluesky5 (32.1)
    19. Toledo Inquisition (30.7)
    20. Ace Venom (29.0)
    21. The Dude (28.7)
    22. BlueBlood (27.6)
    22. adarowski (27.6)
    24. Cowtipper (26.3)
    24. Yankillaz (26.3)
    26. NJRob65 (24.2)
    27. Tyrus4189Cobb (23.9)
    28. John Shoemaker (23.5)
    29. Domenic (21.2)
    30. hairmetalfreek (19.1)
    31. JR Hart (18.8)
    32. Herr28 (15.0)
    33. Sockeye (14.7)
    33. Second Base Coach (14.7)
    35. Los Bravos (12.3)
    36. 1905 Giants (10.6)
    37. Ducati12 (10.2)
    38. wrgptfan (1.7)
    39. stejay (0.3)
    40. henrich (-5.1)
    41. RapDixon (-6.5)
    42. MadHatter (-18.4)
    43. Cougar (-22.2)
    43. Stieb37 (-22.2)
    45. dwj21792 (-31.4)

    You and Chadwick share 276 players. You have 17 he does not, and he has 52 you do not.
    Cool, can you remove Negro/Japanese league guys, and leave just predominately MLB players, this usually changes this significantly, and thanks.
    Jacquelyn Eva Marchand (1983-2017)


    • Originally posted by pedrosrotatorcuff View Post

      Both are in mine.
      If Jobe hadn't been the guy to perform the first TJS, someone else would have been; doesn't change the fact that his surgical method has become all but commonplace in the baseball world now. It's extended and rehabilitated innumerable careers at even the high school level of the game (whether it's good or not at that point is another matter).
      2 8th graders on the local team had TJ surgery because they had some discomfort and their parents wanted them to be able to throw harder. It is as abused as PEDs and deserves no accolades. Especially not for the HOF. What I love more than anything is that the most outspoken anit-PEDS folks around here are also the biggest supporters of Jobe. I guess some people get to walk on water. Talk about a terrible person to support for the HOF on so man different levels. So sad!
      Last edited by jjpm74; 01-27-2020, 06:59 PM.


      • Originally posted by Jar of Flies View Post

        Cool, can you remove Negro/Japanese league guys, and leave just predominately MLB players, this usually changes this significantly, and thanks.
        Jar of Flies (only primarily-MLB players)
        1. Bothrops Atrox (73.7)
        2. Chadwick (72.5)
        3. baltimorechop (69.6)
        4. AstrosFan (63.6)
        5. jalbright (59.9)
        6. SavoyBG (56.3)
        7. TheSlaff (53.8)
        8. layson27 (53.4)
        9. Nerdlinger (53.0)
        10. jjpm74 (51.4)
        11. leecemark (50.6)
        12. pedrosrotatorcuff (49.8)
        13. Richard Stark (49.0)
        13. adarowski (49.0)
        15. blade1969 (47.8)
        16. NJRob65 (47.4)
        17. dgarza (45.3)
        18. EnterSandman (43.7)
        18. Yankillaz (43.7)
        20. Toledo Inquisition (42.9)
        21. The Dude (39.3)
        22. bluesky5 (38.5)
        23. JR Hart (37.7)
        24. Tyrus4189Cobb (36.8)
        24. TheMendozaLine (36.8)
        26. Ace Venom (36.4)
        27. BlueBlood (35.2)
        27. Second Base Coach (35.2)
        29. Cowtipper (33.6)
        30. John Shoemaker (32.4)
        31. Ducati12 (30.8)
        32. Herr28 (30.0)
        33. Sockeye (27.9)
        34. Domenic (27.5)
        35. hairmetalfreek (26.7)
        36. wrgptfan (20.6)
        37. Los Bravos (19.8)
        38. 1905 Giants (16.6)
        39. henrich (12.6)
        40. RapDixon (8.9)
        41. stejay (6.5)
        42. Stieb37 (-6.1)
        43. MadHatter (-11.7)
        44. dwj21792 (-18.6)
        45. Cougar (-23.5)
        *** Submit your personal HOF as your ballot for the Single Ballot BBF Hall of Fame! *** Also: Buck the Fraves!


        • Originally posted by jjpm74 View Post

          2 8th graders on the local team had TJ surgery because they had some discomfort and their parents wanted them to be able to throw harder. It is as abused as PEDs and deserves no accolades. Especially not for the HOF. What I love more than anything is that the most outspoken anit-PEDS folks around here are also the biggest supporters of Jobe. I guess some people get to walk on water. Talk about a terrible person to support for the HOF on so man different levels. So sad!

          Great points
          "No matter how great you were once upon a time — the years go by, and men forget,” - W. A. Phelon in Baseball Magazine in 1915. “Ross Barnes, forty years ago, was as great as Cobb or Wagner ever dared to be. Had scores been kept then as now, he would have seemed incomparably marvelous.”


          • I am going to update my HOF and add a significant amount of NeL players

            I have never quite figured out the "futures" aspect. It seems easier just to vote on who is eligible.
            This week's Giant

            #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


            • Originally posted by JR Hart View Post
              I am going to update my HOF and add a significant amount of NeL players

              I have never quite figured out the "futures" aspect. It seems easier just to vote on who is eligible.
              Making a list of Future Eligibles is convenient for me and for participants, as it helps to avoid having to update one's personal HOF every year.
              *** Submit your personal HOF as your ballot for the Single Ballot BBF Hall of Fame! *** Also: Buck the Fraves!


              • Originally posted by Nerdlinger View Post

                Making a list of Future Eligibles is convenient for me and for participants, as it helps to avoid having to update one's personal HOF every year.
                Thank you for all of the updates!
                1885 1886 1926 1931 1934 1942 1944 1946 1964 1967 1982 2006 2011

                1887 1888 1928 1930 1943 1968 1985 1987 2004 2013

                1996 2000 2001 2002 2005 2009 2012 2014 2015

                The Top 100 Pitchers In MLB History
                The Top 100 Position Players In MLB History


                • Ad Chris Sale to my futures. Thank you!
                  1885 1886 1926 1931 1934 1942 1944 1946 1964 1967 1982 2006 2011

                  1887 1888 1928 1930 1943 1968 1985 1987 2004 2013

                  1996 2000 2001 2002 2005 2009 2012 2014 2015

                  The Top 100 Pitchers In MLB History
                  The Top 100 Position Players In MLB History


                  • Originally posted by Bothrops Atrox View Post

                    Thank you for all of the updates!
                    Ditto. You are both appreciated and missed.
                    "It is a simple matter to erect a Hall of Fame, but difficult to select the tenants." -- Ken Smith
                    "I am led to suspect that some of the electorate is very dumb." -- Henry P. Edwards
                    "You have a Hall of Fame to put people in, not keep people out." -- Brian Kenny
                    "There's no such thing as a perfect ballot." -- Jay Jaffe


                    • Yea thanks nerdburger.
                      "No matter how great you were once upon a time — the years go by, and men forget,” - W. A. Phelon in Baseball Magazine in 1915. “Ross Barnes, forty years ago, was as great as Cobb or Wagner ever dared to be. Had scores been kept then as now, he would have seemed incomparably marvelous.”


                      • Originally posted by Nerdlinger View Post

                        Making a list of Future Eligibles is convenient for me and for participants, as it helps to avoid having to update one's personal HOF every year.
                        got it... thanks for your work in this project
                        This week's Giant

                        #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


                        • Originally posted by bluesky5 View Post
                          * = In as a player separately from the contributor accomplishments. I consider playing career + contribution candidates as well. But want to distinguish when a player has the merit for separate playing career and off field contributions.
                          Red = 19th c.
                          Brown = Negro Leagues
                          Gray = Minor Leagues
                          Green = Latino Leagues
                          Blue = Asian Leagues

                          Right Field (45)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Aaron, Hank – Milwaukee Braves (1952, '54-76)
                          Henry Louis Aaron b. 2-5-1934 in Mobile, AL
                          • Abreu, Bobby – Philadelphia Phillies (1998-2012, '14)
                          Bob Kelly Abreu b. 3-11-1974 in Maracay, Venezuela
                          Arlett, Buzz – Oakland Oaks (1931 and in the minors from 1918-30, '32-37)
                          Russell Loris Arlett b. 1-3-1899 in Elmhurst, CA d. 5-16-1964

                          • Bonds, Bobby – San Francisco Giants (1968-81)
                          Bobby Lee Bonds b. 3-15-1946 in Riverside, CA
                          Brown, Home Run – Kansas City Monarchs (1936-44, '47-50)
                          Willard Jesse Brown b. 6-26-1915 in Shreveport, LA d. 8-4-1996

                          • Canseco, Jose – Oakland Athletics (1985-2001)
                          Jose Canseco Capas Jr. b. 7-2-1964 in Havana, Cuba
                          • Clemente, Roberto – Pittsburgh Pirates (1955-72)
                          Roberto Clemente b. 8-18-1934 in Carolina, Venezuela d. 12-31-1972
                          • Colavito, Rocky – Cleveland Indians (1955-68)
                          Rocco Domenico Colavito b. 8-10-1933 in New York, NY
                          • Crawford, Wahoo Sam – Detroit Tigers (1899-1917)
                          Samuel Earl Crawford b. 4-18-1890 in Wahoo, NE d. 6-15-1968
                          • Cuyler, Kiki – Chicago Cubs (1921-38)
                          Hazen Shirley Cuyler b. 8-30-1898 in Harrisville, MI d. 2-11-1950
                          • Dawson, Andre – Montreal Expos (1976-96)
                          Andre Nolan Dawson b. 7-10-1954 in Miami, FL
                          Dixon, Rap – Harrisburg Giants (1922-37)
                          Herbert Allen Dixon b. 9-15-1902 in Kingston, GA d. 7-20-1954

                          • Evans, Dwight – Boston Red Sox (1972-91)
                          Dwight Michael Evans b. 11-3-1951 in Santa Monica, CA
                          • Flick, Elmer – Cleveland Naps (1898-1910)
                          Elmer Harrison Flick b. 1-7-1876 in Bedford, OH d. 1-9-1971
                          • Gonzalez, Juan – Texas Rangers (1989-2005)
                          Juan Alberto Gonzalez Vazquez b. 10-20-1969 in Vega Baha, PR
                          • Guerrero, Vladimir – Montreal Expos (1996-2011)
                          Vladimir Guerrero b. 2-9-1975 in Nizao, D.R.
                          • Gwynn, Tony – San Diego Padres (1982-2001)
                          Anthony Keith Gwynn b. 5-9-1960 in Los Angeles, CA d. 6-16-2014
                          • Heilmann, Harry – Detroit Tigers (1914, '16-30, '32)
                          Harry Edwin Heilmann b. 8-3-1894 in San Francisco, CA d. 7-9-1951
                          • Hooper, Harry – Boston Red Sox
                          Harry Batholomew Hooper b. 8-24-1887 in Bell Station, CA d. 12-18-1974
                          • Jackson, Shoeless Joe – Chicago White Sox
                          Joseph Walker Jackson b. 7-16-1887 in Pickens County, SC d. 12-5-1951
                          • Jackson, Reggie – Oakland Athletics
                          Reginald Martinez Jackson b. 5-18-1946 in Abington, PA
                          • Kaline, Al – Detroit Tigers
                          Albert William Kaline b. 12-19-1934 in Baltimore, MD
                          Keeler, Wee Willie – Baltimore Orioles (N.L.)
                          William Henry O'Kelleher b. 3-3-1872 in Brooklyn, NY d. 1-1-1923

                          • Klein, Chuck – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Charles Herbert Klein b. 10-7-1904 in Indianapolis, IN d. 3-28-1958
                          • Maris, Roger – New York Yankees
                          Roger Eugene Maris b. 9-10-1934 in Hibbing, MN d. 12-14-1985
                          • Oliva, Tony – Minnesota Twins
                          Tony Pedro Oliva b. 7-20-1938 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba
                          • Ott, Mel – New York Giants
                          Melvin Thomas Ott b. 3-2-1909 in Gretna, LA d. 11-21-1958
                          • Parker, Dave – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          David Gene Parker b. 6-9-1951 in Grenada, MS
                          • Ramirez, Manny – Boston Red Sox
                          Manuel Aristedes Ramirez Onelcida b. 5-30-1972 in Santo Domingo, D.R.
                          • Rice, Jim – Boston Red Sox
                          James Edward Rice b. 3-8-1953 in Anderson, SC
                          • Rice, Sam – Washington Senators
                          Edgar Charles Rice b. 2-20-1890 in Morocco, IN d. 10-13-1974
                          • Robinson, Frank – Cincinnati Reds
                          Frank Robinson b. 8-31-1935 in Beuamont, TX d. 2-7-2019
                          • Ruth, Babe – New York Yankees
                          George Herman Ruth b. 2-6-1895 in Baltimore, MD d. 8-16-1948
                          • Sheffield, Gary – Florida Marlins
                          Gary Antonian Sheffield b. 11-18-1968 in Tampa, FL
                          • Slaughter, Enos – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Enos Bradsher Slaughter b. 4-27-1916 in Roxboro, NC d. 8-12-2002
                          Smith, Chino – Brooklyn Royal Giants
                          Charles Smith b. 9-24-1901 in Greenwood, SC d. 1-15-1932

                          • Smith, Reggie – Boston Red Sox
                          Charles Reginald Smith b. 4-2-1945 in Shreveport, LA
                          • Sosa, Sammy – Chicago Cubs
                          Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa b. 11-12-1968 in San Pedro de Macoris, D.R.
                          • Staub, Rusty – New York Mets
                          Daniel Joseph Staub b. 4-1-1944 in New Orleans, LA d. 4-29-2018
                          • Strawberry, Darryl – New York Mets
                          Darryl Eugene Strawberry b. 3-12-1962 in Los Angeles, CA
                          • Suzuki, Ichiro – Seattle Mariners
                          Ichiro Suzuki b. 10-22-1973 in Kasguai, Japan
                          Thompson, Big Sam – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Samuel Luther Thompson b. 3-5-1860 in Danville, IN d. 11-7-1922

                          • Walker, Larry – Colorado Rockies
                          Larry Kenneth Robert Walker b. 12-1-1966 in Maple Ridge, Canada
                          • Waner, Paul – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Paul Glee Waner b. 4-16-1903 in Harrah, OK d. 8-29-1965
                          • Winfield, Dave – San Diego Padres
                          David Mark Winfield b. 10-3-1951 in St. Paul, MN

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Alexander, Hugh: Scout – Cleveland Indians
                          Hugh Alexander b. 7-10-1917 in Buffalo, MO d. 11-25-2000
                          • Herzog, Whitey: Manager, GM, FO Executive – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Dorrel Norman Elvert Herzog b. 11-9-1931 in New Athens, IL
                          • *Robinson, Frank: Manger, MLB Executive, first black manager – Baltimore Orioles
                          Frank Robinson b. 8-31-1935 in Beuamont, TX d. 2-7-2019
                          • Southworth, Billy: Manager, Scout – St. Louis Cardinals
                          William Harold Southworth b. 3-9-1893 in Harvard, NE d. 11-15-1969
                          • Stengel, Casey: Manager – New York Yankees
                          Charles Dillon Stengel b. 7-30-1890 in Kansas City, MO d. 9-29-1975
                          Young, Nick: Manager, N.L. President & Secretary, N.A. Co-founder & Secretary, Umpire – Olympic
                          Nicholas Ephraim Young b. 9-12-1840 in Amsterdam, NY d. 10-31-1916

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Alou, Felipe: Manager, Coach, first Dominican manager – Montreal Expos
                          Felipe Rojas Alou b. 5-12-1935 in Bajos de Haina, D.R.
                          • Donovan, Patsy: Manager, Coach, Scout – Boston Red Sox
                          Patrick Joseph Donovan b. 3-16-1865 in Queenstown, Ireland d. 12-25-1953
                          McCarthy, Tommy: Inside baseball pioneer – Boston Beaneaters
                          Thomas Francis Michael McCarthy b. 7-24-1863 in Boston, MA d. 8-5-1922

                          • Moses, Wally: Hitting Coach – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Wallace Moses b. 10-8-1910 in Uvalda, GA d. 10-10-1990

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Harper, Bryce – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Bryce Aron Max Harper b. 10-16-1992 in Las Vegas, NV
                          Left Field (43)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Anderson, Garret – Anaheim Angels
                          Garret Joseph Anderson b. 6-30-1972 in Los Angeles, CA
                          • Belle, Albert – Cleveland Indians
                          Albert Jojuan Belle b. 8-25-1966 in Shreveport, LA
                          • Berkman, Lance – Houston Astros
                          William Lance Berkman b. 2-10-1976 in Waco, TX
                          • Bonds, Barry – San Francisco Giants
                          Barry Lamar Bonds b. 7-24-1964 in Riverside, CA
                          • Braun, Ryan – Milwaukee Brewers
                          Ryan Joseph Braun b. 11-17-1983 in Mission Hills, CA
                          • Brock, Lou – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Louis Clark Brock b. 6-18-1939 in El Dorado, AR
                          Burkett, Jesse – Cleveland Blues
                          Jesse Cail Burkett b. 12-4-1868 in Wheeling, WV d. 5-27-1923

                          • Carter, Joe – Toronto Blue Jays
                          Joseph Chris Carter b. 3-7-1960 in Oklahoma City, OK
                          • Clarke, Fred – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Fred Clifford Clarke b. 10-3-1872 in Winterset, IA d. 8-14-1960
                          • Cruz, Jose – Houston Astros
                          Jose Cruz Dilan b. 8-8-1947 in Arroyo, PR
                          Delahanty, Ed – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Edward James Delahanty b. 10-30-1867 in Cleveland, OH d. 7-2-1903

                          Duffy, Hugh – Boston Beaneaters
                          Hugh Duffy b. 10-26-1866 in Cranston, RI d. 10-19-1954

                          • Gonzalez, Luis – Arizona Diamondbacks
                          Luis Emilio Gonzalez b. 9-3-1967 in Tampa, FL
                          • Goslin, Goose – Washington Senators
                          Leon Allen Goslin b. 10-16-1900 in Salem, NJ d. 5-15-1971
                          Harimoto, Isao – Toei Flyers
                          Jang Hun b. 6-19-1940 in Hiroshima, Japan

                          • Henderson, Rickey – Oakland Athletics
                          Rickey Nelson Henley Henderson b. 10-25-1958 in Chicago, IL
                          • Holliday, Matt – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Matthew Thomas Holliday b. 1-15-1980 in Stillwater, OK
                          Irvin, Monte – Newark Eagles
                          Monford Merrill Irvin b. 2-25-1915 in Haleburg, MS d. 1-11-2016

                          • Johnson, Indian Bob – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Robert Lee Johnson b. 11-26-1905 in Pryor, OK d. 7-6-1982
                          Jones, Charley – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          Charles Wesley Jones b. 4-30-1852 in Alamance County, NC d. 6-6-1911

                          Kelley, Joe – Baltimore Orioles (N.L.)
                          Joseph James Kelley b. 12-9-1971 in Cambridge, MA d. 8-14-1943

                          Kindelan, Orestes – Santiago de Cuba Avispas
                          Orestes Kindelan Olivares b. 11-1-1964 in Palmo Soriano, Cuba

                          • Kiner, Ralph – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Ralph McPherran Kiner b. 10-27-1922 in Santa Rita, NM d. 2-6-2014
                          • Magee, Sherry – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Sherwood Robert Magee b. 8-6-1884 in Clarendon, PA d. 3-13-1929
                          • Manush, Heinie – Washington Senators
                          Henry Emmett Manush 7-20-1901 in Tuscumbia, AL d. 5-12-1971
                          Matsui, Hideki – Yomiuri Giants
                          Hideki Matsui b. 6-12-1974 in Ishikawa, Japan

                          McNair, Hurley – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Hurley Allen McNair b. 10-28-1888 in Marshall, TX d. 12-2-1948

                          • Medwick, Joe – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Joseph Michael Medwick b. 11-24-1911 in Carteret, NJ d. 3-21-1975
                          • Minoso, Minnie – Chicago White Sox
                          Saturnino Orestes Armas Minoso b. 11-29-1925 in La Habana, Cuba d. 1-1-2015
                          • Musial, Stan – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Stanislaw Franciszek Musial b. 11-21-1920 in Donora, PA d. 1-19-2013
                          O’Rourke, Jim – New York Giants
                          James Henry O'Rourke b. 9-1-1850 in Bridgeport, CT d. 1-8-1919

                          • Raines, Tim – Montreal Expos
                          Timothy Raines b. 9-16-1959 in Sanford, FL
                          • Rose, Pete – Cincinnati Reds
                          Peter Edward Rose b. 4-14-1941 in Cincinnati, OH
                          • Simmons, Al – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Alois Syzmanski b. 5-22-1902 in Milwaukee, WI d. 5-26-1956
                          • Soriano, Alfonso – New York Yankees
                          Alfonso Guilleard Soriano b. 1-7-1976 in San Pedro de Macoris, D.R.
                          • Stargell, Willie – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Wilver Dornel Stargell b. 3-6-1940 in Earlsboro, OK d. 4-9-2001
                          Stovey, Harry – Philadelphia Athletics (A.A.)
                          Harry Duffield Stovey b. 12-20-1856 in Philadelphia, PA d. 9-20-1937

                          • Veach, Bobby – Detroit Tigers
                          Robert Hayes Veach b. 6-29-1968 in St. Charles, KY d. 8-7-1945
                          • Wheat, Zack – Brooklyn Robins
                          Zachariah Davis Wheat b. 5-23-1888 in Hamilton, MO d. 3-11-1972
                          • Williams, Billy – Chicago Cubs
                          Billy Leo Williams b. 6-15-1938 in Whistler, AL
                          • Williams, Ken – St. Louis Browns
                          Kenneth Roy Williams b. 6-28-1890 in Grants Pass, OR d. 1-22-1959
                          • Williams, Ted – Boston Red Sox
                          Theodore Samuel Williams b. 8-30-1918 in San Diego, CA d. 7-5-2002
                          • Yastrzemski, Carl – Boston Red Sox
                          Carl Michael Yastrzemski b. 8-22-1939 in Southampton, NY

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Beane, Billy: GM – Oakland Athletics
                          William Lamar Beane b. 3-29-1962 in Orlando, FL
                          Harris, Vic: Manager, Coach – Homestead Grays
                          Elander Victor Harris b. 6-10-1905 in Pensacola, FL d. 2-23-1978

                          • Manuel, Charlie: Manager, Hitting Coach, Scout – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Charles Fuqua Manuel Jr. b. 1-4-1944 in Norfolk, WV
                          • Piniella, Lou: Manager, FO Executive – Seattle Mariners
                          Lous Victor Piniella b. 8-28-1943 in Tampa, FL
                          Posey, Cum: Manager, Scout, GM, Owner, N.N.L. Executive, Writer – Homestead Grays
                          Cumberland Willis Posey b. 6-20-1890 in Homestead, PA d. 3-28-1946

                          • Williams, Dick: Manager, Coach, FO Executive – Oakland Athletics
                          Richard Hirschfield Williams b. 5-7-1929 in St. Louis, MO d. 7-7-2011

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Baker, Dusty: Manager – San Francisco Giants
                          Johnnie B. Baker b. 6-15-1949 in Riverside, CA
                          • Baylor, Don: Manager, Coach – California Angels
                          Don Edward Baylor b. 6-28-1949 in Austin, TX d. 8-7-2017
                          • Matthews, Gary: Coach, Broadcaster – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Gary Nathaniel Matthews b. 7-5-1950 in San Fernando, CA
                          O’Doul, Lefty: Manager, Japanese baseball pioneer – San Francisco Seals
                          Francis Joseph O'Doul b. 3-4-1897 in San Francisco, CA d. 12-7-1969

                          O’Neill, Tip: Scout, Umpire – St. Louis Browns (A.A)
                          James Edward O'Neill b. 6-15-1860 in Springfield, Canada d. 12-31-1915
                          Center Field (50)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Ashburn, Richie – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Don Richard Ashburn b. 3-19-1927 in Tilden, NE d. 9-9-1997
                          • Averill, Earl – Cleveland Indians
                          Howard Earl Averill b. 5-21-1902 in Snohomish, WA d. 8-16-1983
                          Bell, Cool Papa – Pittsburgh Crawfords
                          James Thomas Bell b. 5-17-1903 in Starkville, MS d. 3-7-1991

                          • Beltran, Carlos – New York Mets
                          Carlos Ivan Beltran b. 4-24-1977 in Manati, PR
                          Browning, Pete – Louisville Colonels
                          Louis Rogers Browning b. 6-17-1861 in Louisville, KY d. 9-10-1905

                          • Carey, Max – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Maximillian George Carey b. 1-11-1890 in Terre Haute, IN d. 5-30-1976
                          • Cedeno, Cesar – Houston Astros
                          Cesar Cedeno Encarnacion b. 2-25-1951 in Santo Domingo, D.R.
                          Charleston, Oscar – Pittsburgh Crawfords
                          Oscar McKinley Charleston b. 10-14-1896 in Indianapolis, IN d. 10-16-1954

                          • Cobb, Ty – Detroit Tigers
                          Tyrus Raymond Cobb b. 12-18-1896 in Narrows, GA d. 7-17-1961
                          • Damon, Johnny – Boston Red Sox
                          Johnny David Damon b. 11-5-1973 in Fort Riley, KS
                          • DiMaggio, Joe – New York Yankees
                          Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio b. 11-25-1914 in Martinez, CA d. 3-8-1999
                          • Doby, Larry – Cleveland Indians
                          Lawrence Eugene Doby b. 12-13-1923 in Camden, SC d. 6-18-2003
                          • Edmonds, Jim – St. Louis Cardinals
                          James Patrick Evans b. 6-28-1973 in Fullerton, CA
                          Fukumoto, Yutaka – Hankyu Braves
                          Yutaka Fukumoto b. 11-7-1947 in Osaka, Japan

                          Gore, George – Chicago White Stockings
                          George F. Gore b. 5-3-1854 in Saccarappa, ME d. 9-16-1933

                          • Griffey Jr., Ken – Seattle Mariners
                          George Kenneth Griffey Jr. b. 11-21-1969 in Donora, PA
                          Hamilton, Billy – Philadelphia Phillies
                          William Robert Hamilton b. 2-16-1866 in Newark, NJ d. 12-15-1940

                          Hill, Pete – Chicago American Giants
                          John Preston Hill b. 10-12-1882 in Culpeper County, VA d. 11-19-1951

                          Hines, Paul – Providence Grays
                          Paul Aloysius Hines b. 3-1-1855 in Virginia d. 7-10-1935

                          Hoy, Dummy – Cincinnati Reds
                          William Ellsworth Hoy b. 5-23-1862 in Houcktown, OH d. 12-15-1961

                          • Hunter, Torii – Minnesota Twins
                          Torii Kedar Hunter b. 7-18-1975 in Pine Bluff, AR
                          • Jones, Andruw – Atlanta Braves
                          Andruw Rudolph Jones b. 4-23-1977 in Willemstad, Curacao
                          Lange, Bill – Chicago Colts
                          William Alexander Lange b. 6-6-1871 in San Francisco, CA d. 7-23-1950

                          • Leach, Tommy – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Thomas William Leach b. 11-4-1877 in French Creek, NY d. 9-29-1969
                          • Lofton, Kenny – Cleveland Indians
                          Kenneth Lofton b. 5-31-1967 in East Chicago, IN
                          • Lynn, Fred – Boston Red Sox
                          Frederic Michael Lynn b. 2-3-1952 in Chicago, IL
                          • Mantle, Mickey – New York Yankees
                          Mickey Charles Mantle b. 10-20-1931 in Spavinaw, OK d. 8-13-1995
                          Marsans, Armando – Almendares
                          Armando Marsans b. 10-3-1887 in Matanzas, Cuba d. 9-3-1960

                          • Mays, Willie – New York Giants
                          Willie Howard Mays Jr. b. 5-6-1931 in Westfield, AL
                          • McGee, Willie – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Willie Dean McGee b. 11-2-1958 in San Francsico, CA
                          • Murphy, Dale – Atlanta Braves
                          Dale Bryan Murphy b. 3-12-1956 in Portland, OR
                          • Oliver, Al – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Albert Oliver Jr. b. 10-14-1946 in Portsmouth, OH
                          Oms, Alejandro – Cuban Stars East
                          Alejandro Oms b. 3-13-1896 in Santa Clara, Cuba d. 11-5-1946

                          Pike, Lip – Mutual
                          Lipman Emanuel Pike b. 5-25-1845 in New York, NY d. 10-10-1893

                          • Pinson, Vada – Cincinnati Reds
                          Vada Edward Pinson Jr. b. 8-11-1938 in Memphis, TN d. 10-21-1995
                          Poles, Spot – Lincoln Giants
                          Spottswood Poles b. 12-27-1887 in Winchester, VA d. 9-12-1962

                          • Puckett, Kirby – Minnesota Twins
                          Kirby Puckett b. 3-14-1960 in Chicago, IL d. 3-6-2006
                          • Roush, Edd – Cincinnati Reds
                          Edd J. Roush b. 5-8-1893 in Oakland City, IN d. 3-21-1988
                          Ryan, Jimmy – Chicago Colts
                          James Edward Ryan b. 2-11-1863 in Clinton, MA d. 10-29-1923

                          • Snider, Duke – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Edwin Donald Snider b. 9-19-1926 in Los Angeles, CA d. 2-27-2011
                          • Speaker, Tris – Cleveland Indians
                          Tristram Edward Speaker b. 4-4-1888 in Hubbard, TX d. 12-8-1958
                          Statz, Jigger – Los Angeles Angels (P.C.L.)
                          Arnold John Statz b. 10-20-1897 in Waukegan, IL d. 3-16-1988

                          Stearnes, Turkey – Detroit Stars
                          Norman Thomas Stearnes b. 5-8-1901 in Nashville, TN d. 9-4-1979

                          • Thomson, Bobby – New York Giants
                          Robert Brown Thomson b. 10-25-1923 in Glasgow, Scotland d. 8-16-2010
                          Torriente, Cristobal – Chicago American Giants
                          Cristobal Torriente b. 11-16-1893 in Cienfuegos, Cuba d. 4-11-1938

                          • Trout, Mike – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
                          Michael Nelson Trout b. 8-7-1991 in Vineland, NJ
                          Van Haltren, George – New York Giants
                          George Edward Martin Van Haltren b. 3-30-1866 in St. Louis, MO d. 10-1-1945

                          • Waner, Lloyd – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Lloyd James Waner b. 3-16-1906 in Harrah, OK d. 7-22-1982
                          • Williams, Bernie – New York Yankees
                          Bernie Williams Figueroa Jr. b. 9-13-1968 in San Juan, PR
                          Wright, Harry – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          William Henry Wright b. 1-10-1835 in Sheffield, England d. 10-3-1895

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Conlan, Jocko: Umpire
                          John Bertrand Conlan b. 12-6-1899 in Chicago, IL d. 4-16-1989
                          Hanlon, Ned: Manager, GM – Baltimore Orioles (N.L.)
                          Edward Hugh Hanlon b. 8-22-1857 in Montville, CT d. 4-14-1937

                          Salazar, Lazaro: Manager – Monterrey Sultanes
                          Lazaro Salazar b. 2-4-1912 in Havana, Cuba d. 4-25-1957

                          *Wright, Harry: Manager, GM, Umpire, Braves & Phillies Co-founder, assembled first openly pro team – Boston Red Stockings
                          William Henry Wright b. 1-10-1835 in Sheffield, England d. 10-3-1895

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Butler, Brett: MiLB Manager, Coach – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Brett Morgan Butler b. 6-15-1957 in Los Angeles, CA
                          • Flood, Curt: Players rights pioneer – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Curtis Charles Flood b. 1-18-1938 in Houston, TX d. 1-20-1997
                          • Jones, Fielder: Manager – Chicago White Sox
                          Fielder Allison Jones b. 8-13-1871 in Shinglehouse, PA d. 3-13-1934
                          • Kauff, Benny: Scout – New York Giants
                          Bennie Michael Kauff b. 1-5-1890 in Pomeroy, OH d. 11-17-1961
                          • McAleer, Jimmy: Manager, Owner, A.L. Scout, created presidential first pitch – Cleveland Blues
                          James Robert McAleer b. 7-10-1864 in Youngstown, OH d. 4-29-1931
                          • Milan, Clyde: Manager, Coach – Washington Senators
                          Jesse Clyde Milan b. 3-25-1887 in Linden, TN d. 3-3-1953
                          • Shotton, Burt: Manager, Coach, Scout, FO Executive – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Burton Edwin Shotton b. 10-18-1884 in Lorain County, OH d. 7-29-1962
                          Third Base (43)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Baker, Home Run – Philadelphia Athletics
                          John Franklin Baker b. 3-13-1886 in Trappe, MD d. 6-28-1963
                          • Bando, Sal – Oakland Athletics
                          Salvatore Leonard Bando b. 2-13-1944 in Cleveland, OH
                          Beckwith, John – Chicago Giants
                          John Christopher Beckwith b. 1-10-1900 in Lousville, KY d. 1-4-1956

                          • Bell, Buddy – Cleveland Indians
                          David Gus Bell b. 8-27-1951 in Pittsburgh, PA
                          • Beltre, Adrian – Texas Rangers
                          Adrian Beltre Perez b. 4-7-1979 in Santo Domingo, D.R.
                          • Boggs, Wade – Boston Red Sox
                          Wade Anthony Boggs b. 6-15-1958 in Omaha, NE
                          • Boyer, Ken – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Kenton Lloyd Boyer b. 5-20-1931 in Liberty, NJ d. 9-7-1982
                          • Brett, George – Kansas City Royals
                          George Howard Brett b. 5-15-1953 in Glen Dale, WV
                          • Cey, Ron – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Ronald Charles Cey b. 2-15-1948 in Tacoma, WA
                          • Collins, Jimmy – Boston Americans
                          James Joseph Collins b. 1-16-1870 in Niagra Falls, NY d. 3-6-1943
                          Cross, Lave – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Lafayette Napolean Cross b. 5-12-1866 in Milwaukee, WI d. 9-6-1927

                          Dandridge, Ray – Newark Eagles
                          Raymond Emmitt Dandridge b. 8-31-1913 in Richmond, VA d. 2-12-1994

                          • Elliott, Bob – Boston Braves
                          Robert Irving Elliott b. 11-26-1916 in San Francisco, CA d. 5-4-1966
                          • Evans, Darrell – San Francisco Giants
                          Darrell Wayne Evans b. 5-26-1947 in Pasadena, CA
                          Ferguson, Bob – Atlantic
                          Robert Vavasour Ferguson b. 1-31-1845 in Brooklyn, NY d. 5-3-1894

                          • Groh, Heinie – Cincinnati Reds
                          Henry Knight Groh b. 9-18-1889 in Rochester, NY d. 8-22-1968
                          • Hack, Stan – Chicago Cubs
                          Stanley Camfield Hack b. 12-6-1909 in Sacramento, CA d. 12-15-1979
                          Johnson, Judy – Hilldale Daisies
                          William Julius Johnson b. 10-26-1899 in Snow Hill, MD d. 6-15-1989

                          • Jones, Chipper – Atlanta Braves
                          Larry Wayne Jones Jr. b. 4-24-1972 in DeLand, FL
                          • Kell, George – Detroit Tigers
                          George Clyde Kell b. 8-23-1922 in Swifton, AR d. 3-24-2009
                          Linares, Omar – Pinar del Rios Vegueros
                          Omar Linares Izquierdo b. 10-23-1967 in San Juan, Cuba

                          • Lindstrom, Freddie – New York Giants
                          Frederick Charles Lindstrom b. 11-21-1905 in Chicago, IL d. 10-4-1981
                          • Madlock, Bill – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Bill Madlock Jr. b. 1-12-1951 in Memphis, TN
                          Marcelle, Oliver – Bacharach Giants
                          Oliver Hazzard Marcelle b. 6-21-1895 in Thibodaux, LA d. 6-12-1949

                          • Mathews, Eddie – Milwaukee Braves
                          Edwin Lee Mathews b. 10-13-1931 in Texarkana, TX d. 2-18-2001
                          McGraw, John – Baltimore Orioles (N.L.)
                          John Joseph McGraw b. 4-7-1873 in Truxton, NY d. 2-25-1934

                          Meyerle, Levi – Athletic
                          Levi Samuel Meyerle b.1849 in Philadelphia, PA d. 11-4-1921

                          Monroe, Bill – Brooklyn Royal Giants
                          William S. Monroe b. ca 1877 in Chatanooga, TN d. 3-16-1915

                          Nagashima, Shigeo – Yomiuri Giants
                          Shigeo Nagashima b. 2-20-1936 in Chiba, Japan

                          • Nettles, Graig – New York Yankees
                          Graig Nettles b. 8-20-1944 in San Diego, CA
                          • Robinson, Brooks – Baltimore Orioles
                          Brooks Calbert Robinson Jr. b. 5-18-1937 in Little Rock, AR
                          • Rodriguez, Alex – New York Yankees
                          Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez b. 7-27-1975 in New York, NY
                          • Rolen, Scott – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Scott Bruce Rolen b. 4-4-1975 in Evansville, IN
                          • Santo, Ron – Chicago Cubs
                          Ronald Edward Santo b. 2-25-1940 in Seattle, WA d. 12-3-2010
                          • Schmidt, Mike – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Michael Jack Schmidt b. 9-27-1949 in Dayton, OH
                          Sutton, Ezra – Boston Beaneaters
                          Ezra Ballou Sutton b. 9-17-1949 in Seneca Falls, NY d. 6-20-1907

                          Taylor, Candy Jim – St. Louis Stars
                          James Allen Taylor b. 2-1-1884 in Anderson, SC d. 4-3-1948

                          • Traynor, Pie – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          William Joseph Traynor b. 11-11-1898 in Framingham, MA d. 3-16-1972
                          • Ventura, Robin – Chicago White Sox
                          Robin Mark Ventura b. 7-14-1967 in Santa Maria, CA
                          • Williams, Matt – San Francisco Giants
                          Matthew Derrick Williams b. 11-28-1965 in Bishop, CA
                          Williamson, Ned – Chicago White Stockings
                          Edward Nagle Williamson b. 10-24-1857 in Philadelphia, PA d. 3-3-1894

                          Wilson, Jud – Baltimore Black Sox
                          Ernest Judson Wilson b. 2-28-1894 in Remington, VA d. 6-24-1963

                          • Wright, David – New York Mets
                          David Allen Wright b. 12-20-1982 in Norfolk, VA

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          Bellan, Steve: Manager, Cuban baseball pioneer – Habana Club
                          Estevan Enrique Bellan b. 10-1-1849 in Havana, Cuba d. 8-8-1932

                          • Cox, Bobby: Manager – Atlanta Braves
                          Robert Joe Cox b. 5-21-1941 in Tulsa, OK
                          *Ferguson, Bob: Manager, N.A. President, Umpire – Atlantic
                          Robert Vavasour Ferguson b. 1-31-1845 in Brooklyn, NY d. 5-3-1894

                          Gaffney, Honest John: Manager, Umpire
                          John H. Gaffney b. 6-29-1855 in Roxbury, MA d. 8-8-1913

                          • *McGraw, John: Manager, GM – New York Giants
                          John Joseph McGraw b. 4-7-1873 in Truxton, NY d. 2-25-1934
                          • McKechnie, Bill: Manager, Coach – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          William Boyd McKechnie b. 8-7-1886 in Wilkinsburg, PA d. 10-29-1965
                          *Taylor, Candy Jim: Manager – St. Louis Stars
                          James Allen Taylor b. 2-1-1884 in Anderson, SC d. 4-3-1948

                          Tsuruoka, Kazuto: Manager, Scout, NPB farm system pioneer – Nankai Hawks
                          Kazuto Tsuruoka b. 7-7-1916 in Oshima, Japan d. 3-7-2000

                          • Zimmer, Don: Manager, Coach – Tampa Bay Rays
                          Donald William Zimmer b. 1-17-1931 in Cincinnati, OH d. 6-4-2014

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Dykes, Jimmy: Manager, Coach – Philadelphia Athletics
                          James Joseph Dykes b. 10-10-1896 in Philadelphia, PA d. 6-15-1976
                          Latham, Arlie: Manager, Coach, Umpire – St. Louis Browns (A.A.)
                          Walter Arlington Latham b. 3-15-1860 in West Lebanon, NH d. 11-29-1952

                          • Martin, Pepper: MiLB Manager – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Johnny Leonard Roosevelt Martin b. 2-29-1904 in Temple, OK d. 3-5-1965
                          • Moriarty, George: Manager, Scout, A.L. Executive, Umpire – Detroit Tigers
                          George Joseph Moriarity b. 7-7-1884 in Chicago, IL d. 4-8-1964
                          Shortstop (49)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Aparicio, Luis – Chicago White Sox
                          Luis Ernesto Aparicio Montiel b. 4-29-1934 in Maracaibo, Venezuela
                          • Appling, Luke – Chicago White Sox
                          Lucius Benjamin Appling b. 4-2-1907 in High Point, NC d. 1-3-1991
                          • Bancroft, Dave – Philadelphia Phillies
                          David James Bancroft b. 4-20-1891 in Sioux City, IA d. 10-9-1972
                          Bankhead, Sam – Homestead Grays
                          Samuel Howard Bankhead b. 9-18-1910 in Sulligent, AL d. 7-24-1976

                          • Banks, Ernie – Chicago Cubs
                          Ernest Banks b. 1-31-1931 in Dallas, TX d. 1-23-2015
                          • Boudreau, Lou – Cleveland Indians
                          Louis Boudreau b. 7-17-1917 in Harvey, IL d. 8-10-2001
                          • Campaneris, Bert – Oakland Athletics
                          Dagobert Campaneris Blanco b. 3-9-1942 in Pueblo Nuevo, Cuba
                          Clarkson, Bus – Philadelphia Stars
                          James Buster Clarkson b. 3-13-1915 in Hopkins, SC d. 1-18-1989

                          Cepeda, Perucho – Cangrejeros de Santurce
                          Pedro Anibal Cepeda b. 1-31-1905 in Catano, PR d. 4-16-1955

                          • Concepcion, Davey – Cincinnati Reds
                          David Ismael Concepcion Benitez b. 6-17-1948 in Ocumare de la Costa, Venezuela
                          Corcoran, Tommy – Cincinnati Reds
                          Thomas William Corcoran b. 1-4-1869 in New Haven, CT d. 6-25-1960

                          • Cronin, Joe – Boston Red Sox
                          Joseph Edward Cronin b. 10-12-1906 in San Francisco, CA d. 9-7-1984
                          • Dahlen, Bad Bill – Chicago Colts
                          William Frederick Dahlen b. 1-5-1870 in Nelliston, NY d. 12-5-1950
                          Davis, George – New York Giants
                          George Stacy Davis b. 8-23-1870 in Cohoes, NY d. 10-17-1940

                          • Franco, Julio – Cleveland Indians
                          Julio Cesar Franco Robles b. 8-23-1958 in Hato Mayor, D.R.
                          • Garciaparra, Nomar – Boston Red Sox
                          Anthony Nomar Garciaparra b. 7-23-1973 in Whittier, CA
                          Glasscock, Jack – Indianapolis Hoosiers (N.L.)
                          John Wesley Glasscock b. 7-22-1857 in Wheeling, WV d. 2-24-1947

                          • Jackson, Travis – New York Giants
                          Travis Calvin Jackson b. 11-2-1903 in Waldo, AR d. 7-27-1987
                          Jennings, Hughie – Baltimore Orioles (N.L.)
                          Hugh Ambrose Jennings b. 4-2-1869 in Pittston, PA d. 2-1-1928

                          • Jeter, Derek – New York Yankees
                          Derek Sanderson Jeter b. 6-26-1974 in Pequannock Township, NJ
                          • Larkin, Barry – Cincinnati Reds
                          Barry Louis Larkin b. 4-28-1964 in Cincinnati, OH
                          Lloyd, Pop – Lincoln Giants
                          John Henry Lloyd b. 4-25-1884 in Atlantic City, NJ d. 3-19-1964

                          Long, Herman – Boston Beaneaters
                          Herman C. Long b. 4-13-1866 in Chicago, IL d. 9-16-1909

                          Lundy, Dick – Baltimore Black Sox
                          Richard Benjamin Lundy b. 7-10-1898 in Jakcsonville, FL d. 1-5-1962

                          • Maranville, Rabbit – Boston Braves
                          Walter James Vincent Maranville b. 11-11-1891 in Springfield, MA d. 1-6-1954
                          McKean, Ed – Cleveland Blues
                          Edwin John McKean b. 6-6-1864 in Grafton, OH d. 8-16-1919

                          Moore, Dobie – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Walter Moore b. 2-8-1896 in Atlanta, GA d. 8-20-1947

                          Pearce, Dickey – Atlantic
                          Richard J. Pierce b. 2-29-1836 in Brooklyn, NY d. 9-18-1908

                          • Reese, Pee Wee – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Harold Peter Henry Reese b. 7-23-1918 in Ekron, KY d. 8-14-1999
                          • Ripken Jr., Cal – Baltimore Orioles
                          Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr. b. 8-24-1960 in Havre de Grace, MD
                          • Rizzuto, Phil – New York Yankees
                          Phillip Francis Rizzuto b. 9-25-1917 in Brooklyn, NY d. 8-13-2007
                          • Rollins, Jimmy – Philadelphia Phillies
                          James Calvin Rollins b. 11-27-1978 in Oakland, CA
                          • Sewell, Joe – Cleveland Indians
                          Joseph Wheeler Sewell b. 10-9-1898 in Titus, AL d. 3-6-1990
                          • Smith, Ozzie – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Osborne Earl Smith b. 12-26-1952 in Mobile, AL
                          • Stephens, Vern – St. Louis Browns
                          Vernon Decatur Stephens b. 10-23-1920 in McAlister, NM d. 11-3-1968
                          • Tejada, Miguel – Oakland Athletics
                          Miguel Odalis Tejada b. 5-25-1974 in Bani, D.R.
                          • Tinker, Joe – Chicago Cubs
                          Joseph Bert Tinker b. 7-27-1880 in Muscotah, KS d. 7-27-1948
                          • Trammell, Alan – Detroit Tigers
                          Alan Stuart Trammell b. 2-21-1958 in Garden Grove, CA
                          • Travis, Cecil – Washington Senators
                          Cecil Howell Travis b. 8-8-1913 in Riverdale, GA d. 12-16-2006
                          • Vaughan, Arky – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Joseph Floyd Vaughan b. 3-9-1912 in Clfity, AR d. 8-30-1952
                          • Vizquel, Omar – Cleveland Indians
                          Omar Enrique Vizquel Gonzalez b. 4-24-1967 in Caracas, Venezuela
                          • Wagner, Honus – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Johannes Peter Wagner b. 2-24-1874 in Chartiers Borough, PA d. 12-6-1955
                          • Wallace, Bobby – St. Louis Browns
                          Roderick John Wallace b. 11-4-1873 in Pittsburgh, PA d. 11-3-1960
                          Ward, Monte – New York Giants
                          John Montgomery Ward b. 3-3-1860 in Bellefonte, PA d. 3-4-1925

                          Wells, Willie – St. Louis Stars
                          Willie James Wells b. 8-10-1906 in Austin, TX d. 1-22-1989

                          • Wills, Maury – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Maurice Morning Wills b. 10-2-1932 in Washington, DC
                          Wright, George – Boston Red Stockings
                          George Wright b. 1-28-1847 in Yonkers, NY d. 8-21-1937

                          • Yount, Robin – Milwaukee Brewers
                          Robin R. Yount b. 9-16-1955 in Danville, IN

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          Adams, Doc: Pioneer, NABBP Executive, Equipment Mfg., Umpire, invented SS position – Knickerbocker
                          Daniel Lucius Adams b. 11-1-1814 in Mount Vernon, NH d. 1-3-1899

                          • Blackburne, Lena: Invented Lena Blackburne pitching mud
                          Russell Aubrey Blackburne b. 10-23-1886 in Clifton Heights, PA d. 2-29-1968
                          • *Cronin, Joe: Manager, GM, A.L. President – Boston Red Sox
                          Joseph Edward Cronin b. 10-12-1906 in San Francisco, CA d. 9-7-1984
                          • Durocher, Leo: Manager – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Leo Ernest Durocher b. 7-27-1905 in West Springfield, MA d. 10-7-1991
                          *Jennings, Hughie: Manager, Coach – Detroit Tigers
                          Hugh Ambrose Jennings b. 4-2-1869 in Pittston, PA d. 2-1-1928

                          • Lucadello, Tony: Scout – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Anthony Lucadello b. 7-30-1912 in Thurber, TX d. 5-8-1989
                          • *Rizzuto, Phil: Broadcaster – New York Yankees
                          Phillip Francis Rizzuto b. 9-25-1917 in Brooklyn, NY d. 8-13-2007
                          *Ward, Monte: FO Executive, Manager, GM, Writer, P.L. founder, players rights pioneer
                          John Montgomery Ward b. 3-3-1860 in Bellefonte, PA d. 3-4-1925

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Bowa, Larry: Manager, Coach, Broadcaster – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Lawrence Robert Bowa b. 12-6-1945 in Sacramento, CA
                          • Dark, Alvin: Manger, GM – New York Giants
                          Alvin Ralph Dark b. 1-7-1922 in Comanche, OK d. 11-13-2014
                          • Fregosi, Jim: Manager, Scout – California Angels
                          James Louis Fregosi b. 4-4-1942 in San Francisco, CA d. 2-14-2014
                          • Guillen, Ozzie – Chicago White Sox
                          Oswaldo Jose Guillen Barrios b. 1-20-1964 in Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela
                          • Kubek, Tony: Broadcaster – New York Yankees
                          Anthony Christopher Kubek b. 10-12-1935 in Milwaukee, WI
                          • Kuenn, Harvey: Manager, Coach, Scout – Detroit Tigers
                          Harvey Edward Kuenn b. 12-4-1930 in West Allis, WI d. 2-28-1988
                          • Marion, Marty: Manager, Coach, GM, FO Executive, Owner – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Martin Whiteford Marion b. 12-1-1917 in Richburg, SC d. 3-15-2011

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Lindor, Francisco – Cleveland Indians
                          Francisco Miguel Lindor b. 11-14-1993 in Caguas, PR
                          Second Base (41)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          Allen, Newt – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Newton Henry Allen b. 5-19-1901 in Austin, TX d. 6-9-1988
                          • Alomar, Roberto – Toronto Blue Jays
                          Roberto Alomar Velazquez b. 2-25-1968 in Ponce, PR
                          Barnes, Ross – Boston Red Stockings
                          Charles Roscoe Barnes b. 5-8-1850 in Mount Morris, NY d. 2-5-1915

                          • Biggio, Craig – Houston Astros
                          Craig Alan Biggio b. 12-14-1965 in Smithtown, NY
                          • Cano, Robinson – New York Yankees
                          Robinson Jose Cano Mercedes b. 10-22-1982 in San Pedro de Macoris
                          • Carew, Rod – Minnesota Twins
                          Rodney Cline Carew b. 10-1-1945 in Gatun, Panama Canal Zone
                          Childs, Cupid – Cleveland Blues
                          Clarence Lemuel Childs b. 8-14-1867 in Calvert County, MD d. 11-8-1912

                          • Collins, Eddie – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Edward Trowbridge Collins b. 5-2-1887 in Millertown, NY d. 3-25-1951
                          Dihigo, Martin – Habana Leones
                          Martin Magdaleno Dhigo Llanos b. 5-25-1906 in Matanzas, Cuba d. 5-20-1971

                          • Doerr, Bobby – Boston Red Sox
                          Robert Pershing Doerr b. 4-7-1918 in Los Angeles, CA d. 11-13-2017
                          • Doyle, Larry – New York Giants
                          Lawrence Joseph Doyle b. 7-31-1886 in Caseyville, IL d. 3-31-1974
                          • Evers, Johnny – Chicago Cubs
                          John Joseph Evers b. 7-21-1881 in Troy, NY d. 3-28-1947
                          • Frisch, Frankie – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Frank Francis Frisch b. 9-9-1898 in Bronx, NY d. 3-12-1973
                          Fowler, Bud – Page Fence Giants
                          John W. Jackson b. 3-16-1888 in Fort Plain, NY d. 2-26-1913

                          • Fox, Nellie – Chicago White Sox
                          Jacob Nelson Fox b. 12-25-1927 in St. Thomas, PA d. 12-1-1975
                          • Gehringer, Charlie – Detroit Tigers
                          Charles Leonard Gehringer b. 5-11-1903 in Fowlerville, MI d. 1-21-1993
                          • Gordon, Joe – New York Yankees
                          Joseph Lowell Gordon b. 2-18-1915 in Los Angeles, CA d. 4-14-1978
                          Grant, Charlie – Philadelphia Giants
                          Charles Grant Jr. b. 8-31-1874 in Cincinnati, OH d. 7-9-1932

                          Grant, Frank – Cuban Giants
                          Ulysses Franklin Grant b. 8-1-1865 in Pittsfield, MA d. 5-27-1937

                          • Grich, Bobby – California Angels
                          Robert Anthony Grich b. 1-15-1949 in Muskegon, MI
                          • Herman, Billy – Chicago Cubs
                          William Jennings Bryan Herman b. 7-7-1909 in New Albany, IN d. 9-5-1992
                          • Hornsby, Rogers – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Rogers Hornsby b. 4-27-1896 in Winter, TX d. 1-5-1963
                          Johnson, Home Run – Brooklyn Royal Giants
                          Grant U. Johnson 9-23-1872 in Findlay, OH d. 9-4-1963

                          • Kent, Jeff – San Francisco Giants
                          Jeffrey Franklin Kent b. 3-7-1968 in Bellflower, CA
                          • Kinsler, Ian – Texas Rangers
                          Ian Michael Kinsler b. 6-22-1982 in Tucson, AZ
                          • Lajoie, Nap – Cleveland Naps
                          Napoleon Lajoie b. 9-5-1874 in Woonsocket, RI d. 2-7-1959
                          • Lazzeri, Tony – New York Yankees
                          Anthony Michael Lazzeri b. 12-6-1903 in San Francisco, CA d. 8-6-1946
                          • Mazeroski, Bill – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          William Stanley Mazeroski b. 9-5-1936 in Wheeling, WV
                          McPhee, Bid – Cincinnati Reds
                          John Alexander McPhee b. 11-1-1859 in Massena, NY d. 1-3-1943

                          • Morgan, Joe – Cincinnati Reds
                          Joe Leonard Morgan b. 9-19-1943 in Bonham, TX
                          • Myer, Buddy – Washington Senators
                          Charles Solomon Myer b. 3-16-1904 in Ellisville, MS d. 10-31-1974
                          • Pedroia, Dustin – Boston Red Sox
                          Dustin Luis Pedroia b. 8-17-1983 in Woodland, CA
                          Pfeffer, Fred – Chicago White Stockings
                          Nathaniel Frederick Pfeffer b. 3-17-1860 in Louisville, KY d. 4-10-1932

                          • Randolph, Willie – New York Yankees
                          Willie Larry Randolph b. 7-6-1954 in Holly Hill, SC
                          Richardson, Hardy – Buffalo Bisons
                          Abram Harding Richardson b. 4-21-1855 in Clarksboro, NJ d. 1-14-1931

                          • Robinson, Jackie – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Jack Roosevelt Robinson b. 1-31-1919 in Cairo, GA d. 10-24-1972
                          • Sandberg, Ryne – Chicago Cubs
                          Ryne Dee Sandberg b. 9-18-1959 in Spokane, WA
                          • Schoendienst, Red – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Albert Fred Schoendienst b. 2-2-1923 in Germanton, IL d. 6-6-2018
                          • Utley, Chase – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Chase Cameron Utley b. 12-17-1978 in Pasadena, CA
                          • Whitaker, Lou – Detroit Tigers
                          Louis Rodman Whitaker Jr. b. 5-12-1957 in Brooklyn, NY

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Anderson, Sparky: Manager – Cincinnati Reds
                          George Lee Anderson b. 2-22-1934 in Bridgewater, SD d. 11-4-2010
                          • Coleman, Jerry: Manager, Scout, Broadcaster – San Diego Padres
                          Gerald Francis Coleman b. 9-14-1924 in San Jose, CA d. 1-5-2014
                          *Fowler, Bud: Manager, early black league pioneer – Page Fence Giants
                          John W. Jackson b. 3-16-1888 in Fort Plain, NY d. 2-26-1913

                          • Gardenhire, Ron: Manager – Minnesota Twins
                          Ronald Clyde Gardenhire b. 10-24-1957 in Butzbach, West Germany
                          • Harris, Bucky: Manager, Scout, FO Executive – Washington Senators
                          Stanley Raymond Harris b. 11-8-1896 in Port Jervis, NJ d. 11-8-1977
                          • Huggins, Miller: Manager – New York Yankees
                          Miller James Huggins b. 4-19-1879 in Cincinnati, OH d. 9-25-1929
                          • La Russa, Tony: Manager, MLB Executive – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Anthony La Russa Jr. b. 10-4-1944 in Tampa, FL
                          • Martin, Billy: Manager – New York Yankees
                          Alfred Manuel Martin Jr. b. 5-16-1928 in Berkely, CA d. 12-25-1989
                          • McCarthy, Joe: Manager – New York Yankees
                          Joseph Vincent McCarthy b. 4-21-1887 in Philadelphia, PA d. 1-13-1978
                          • Murtaugh, Danny: Manager, FO Executive – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Daniel Edward Murtaugh b. 10-8-1917 in Chester, PA d. 12-7-1976
                          Reach, Al: Phillies Co-founder, Owner, Writer, Equipment Mfg. – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Alfred James Reach b. 5-27-1840 in London, England d. 1-14-1928

                          • Reese, Jimmie: Manager, Coach, Scout – California Angels
                          Jimmie Reese b. 10-1-1901 in New York, NY d. 7-13-1994
                          • *Schoendienst, Red: Manager, Coach, FO Executive – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Albert Fred Schoendienst b. 2-2-1923 in Germanton, IL d. 6-6-2018
                          • Stanky, Eddie: Manager, Coach – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Edward Raymond Stanky b. 9-3-1915 in Philadelphia, PA d. 6-6-1999
                          Taylor, C.I.: Owner, ABC's and Birmingham Giants Co-founder, N.N.L. Co-founder, Manager – Indianapolis ABC's
                          Charles Isham Taylor b. 1-20-1875 in Anderson, SC d. 2-23-1922

                          • Weaver, Earl: Manager, FO Executive – Baltimore Orioles
                          Earl Sydney Weaver b. 8-14-1930 in St. Louis, MO d. 1-19-2013
                          White, Sol: Manager, Writer, Historian, early black league pioneer – Philadelphia Giants
                          King Solomon White b. 6-12-1868 in Bellaire, OH d. 8-26-1955

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          DeMoss, Bingo: Manager, Coach – Chicago American Giants
                          Elwood DeMoss b. 9-5-1889 in Topeka, KS d. 1-26-1965
                          • Gleason, Kid: Manager, Coach – Chicago White Sox
                          William Jethro Gleason b. 10-26-1866 in Camden, NJ d. 1-2-1933
                          • Johnson, Davey: Manager, FO Executive – New York Mets
                          David Allen Johnson b. 1-30-1943 in Orlando, FL
                          • Stock, Milt: Coach – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Milton Joseph Stock b. 7-11-1893 in Chicago, IL d. 7-16-1977

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Altuve, Jose – Houston Astros
                          Jose Carlos Altuve b. 5-6-1990 in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela
                          First Base (53)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Allen, Dick – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Richard Anthony Allen b. 3-8-1942 in Wampum, PA
                          Anson, Cap – Chicago White Stockings
                          Adrian Constantine Anson b. 4-17-1852 in Marhsalltown, IA d. 4-14-1922

                          • Bagwell, Jeff – Houston Astros
                          Jeffrey Robert Bagwell b. 3-27-1958 in Boston, MA
                          Beckley, Jake – Cincinnati Reds
                          Jacob Peter Beckley b. 8-4-1867 in Hannibal, MO d. 6-25-1918

                          • Bottomley, Sunny Jim – St. Louis Cardinals
                          James Leroy Bottomley b. 4-23-1900 in Oglesby, IL d. 12-11-1959
                          Brouthers, Dan – Buffalo Bisons
                          Dennis Joseph Brouthers b. 5-8-1858 in Sylvan Lake, NY d. 8-2-1932

                          • Cabrera, Miguel – Detroit Tigers
                          Jose Miguel Cabrera Torres b. 4-18-1983 in Maracay, Venezuela
                          • Cash, Norm – Detroit Tigers
                          Norman Dalton Cash b. 11-10-1933 in Justiceburg, TX d. 10-11-1986
                          • Cepeda, Orlando – San Francisco Giants
                          Orlando Manuel Cepeda Pennes b. 9-17-1937 in Ponce, PR
                          • Chance, Frank – Chicago Cubs
                          Frank Leroy Chance b. 8-9-1877 in Salida, CA d. 9-15-1924
                          • Chase, Hal – New York Highlanders
                          Harold Homer Chase b. 2-13-1883 in Los Gatos, CA d. 5-18-1947
                          • Clark, Will – San Francisco Giants
                          William Nuschler Clark Jr. b. 3-13-1964 in New Orleans, LA
                          Connor, Roger – New York Giants
                          Roger Connor b. 7-1-1857 in Waterbury, CT d. 1-4-1931

                          • Delgado, Carlos – Toronto Blue Jays
                          Carlos Juan Delgado Hernandez b. 6-25-1972 in Aguadilla, PR
                          Easter, Luke – Buffalo Bisons
                          Luscious Easter b. 8-4-1915 in Jonestown, MS d. 3-29-1979

                          Espino, Hector – Monterrey Sultanes
                          Hector Espino b. 6-6-1939 in Mexico d. 9-7-1997

                          • Foxx, Jimmie – Philadelphia Athletics
                          James Emory Foxx b. 10-22-1907 in Sudlersville, Md d. 7-21-1967
                          • Garvey, Steve – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Steven Patrick Garvey b. 12-22-1948 in Tampa, FL
                          • Gehrig, Lou – New York Yankees
                          Heinrich Ludwig Gehrig b. 6-19-1903 in New York, NY d. 6-2-1941
                          • Giambi, Jason – Oakland Athletics
                          Jason Gilbert Giambi b. 1-8-1971 in West Covina, CA
                          • Greenberg, Hank – Detroit Tigers
                          Hyman Greenberg b. 1-1-1911 in New York, NY d. 9-4-1986
                          • Helton, Todd – Colorado Rockies
                          Todd Lynn Helton b. 8-20-1973 in Knoxville, TN
                          • Hernandez, Keith – New York Mets
                          Keith Hernandez b. 10-20-1953 in San Francisco, CA
                          • Hodges, Gil – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Gilbert Ray Hodge b. 4-4-1924 in West Palm Beach, FL d. 4-2-1972
                          • Judge, Joe – Washington Senators
                          Joseph Ignatius Judge b. 5-25-1894 in New York, NY d. 3-11-1963
                          • Killebrew, Harmon – Minnesota Twins
                          Harmon Clayton Killebrew, Jr. b. 6-29-1936 in Payette, ID d. 5-17-2011
                          • Konerko, Paul – Chicago White Sox
                          Paul Henry Konerko b. 3-5-1976 in Providence, RI
                          Leonard, Buck – Homestead Grays
                          Walter Fenner Leonard b. 9-8-1907 in Rocky Mount, NC d. 11-27-1997

                          • Mattingly, Don – New York Yankees
                          Donald Arthur Mattingly b. 4-20-1961 in Evansville, IN
                          • McCovey, Willie – San Francisco Giants
                          Willie Lee McCovey b. 1-10-1938 in Mobile, AL d. 10-31-2018
                          • McGriff, Fred – Atlanta Braves
                          Frederick Stanley McGriff b. 10-31-1963 in Tampa, FL
                          • McGwire, Mark – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Mark David McGwire b. 10-1-1963 in Ponoma, CA
                          • Mize, Johnny – St. Louis Cardinals
                          John Robert Mize b. 1-7-1913 in Demorest, GA d. 6-2-1993
                          • Murray, Eddie – Baltimore Orioles
                          Eddie Clarence Murray b. 2-24-1956 in Los Angeles, CA
                          Ochiai, Hiromitsu – Lotte Orions
                          Hiromitsu Ochai b. 12-9-1953 in Akita, Japan

                          Oh, Sadaharu – Yomiuri Giants
                          Sadaharu Oh b. 5-20-1940 in Tokyo, Japan

                          • Olerud, John – Toronto Blue Jays
                          John Garrett Olerud b. 8-5-1968 in Seattle, WA
                          Orr, Dave – New York Metropolitans
                          David L. Orr b. 9-29-1859 in New York, NY d. 6-2-1915
                          • Palmeiro, Rafael – Texas Rangers
                          Rafael Palmeiro Corrales b. 9-24-1964 in Havana, Cuba
                          • Perez, Tony – Cincinnati Reds
                          Atanacio Perez Rigal b. 5-14-1942 in Ciego de Avila, Cuba
                          • Pujols, Albert – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Jose Alberto Pujols Alcantara b. 1-16-1980 in Santo Domingo, D.R.
                          Reilly, Long John – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          John Good Reilly b. 10-5-1858 in Cincinnati, OH d. 5-21-1937

                          • Sisler, George – St. Louis Browns
                          George Harold Sisler b. 3-24-1893 in Manchester, Oh d. 3-26-1973
                          Start, Joe – Atlantic
                          Joseph Start b. 10-14-1842 in Providence, RI d. 3-27-1927

                          Suttles, Mule – St. Louis Stars
                          George Suttles b. 3-31-1901 in Edgewater, AL d. 7-9-1966

                          Taylor, Ben – Indianapolis ABC’s
                          Benjamin Eugene Taylor b. 7-1-1888 in Anderson, SC d. 1-24-1953

                          • Teixeira, Mark – New York Yankees
                          Mark Charles Teixeira b. 4-11-1980 in Annapolis, MD
                          • Terry, Bill – New York Giants
                          William Harold Terry b. 10-30-1898 in Atlanta, GA d. 1-9-1989
                          • Thome, Jim – Cleveland Indians
                          James Howard Thome b. 8-27-1970 in Peoria, IL
                          • Vernon, Mickey – Washington Senators
                          James Barton Vernon b. 4-22-1918 in Marcus Hook, PA b. 9-24-2008

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Alston, Walter: Manager – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Walter Emmons Alston b. 12-1-1911 in Venice, Oh d. 10-1-1984
                          • Comiskey, Charles: Manager, GM, Owner, A.L. Co-founder – Chicago White Sox
                          Charles Albert Comiskey b. 8-15-1859 in Chicago, IL d. 10-26-1931
                          • Francona, Terry: Manager – Boston Red Sox
                          Terrance Jon Francona b. 4-22-1959 in Aberdeen, SD
                          Kelley, Michael: Manager, GM, Owner, FO Executive – Minneapolis Millers
                          Michael Joseph Kelley b. 12-2-1875 in Templeton, MA d. 6-6-1955

                          Murnane, Tim: Manager, GM, Owner, NewE.L. & E.L. President, Writer – Boston Red Stockings
                          Timothy Haynes Murnane b. 6-4-1951 in Naugatuck, CT d. 2-7-1917

                          O’Neil, Buck: Manager, Coach, Scout, Ne.L. HoF founder, first black coach – Kansas City Monarchs
                          John Jordan O'Neil Jr. b. 11-13-1911 in Carrabelle, FL d. 10-6-2006

                          Wadsworth, Louis: Early club organizer, NY rules pioneer – Knickerbocker
                          Louis Fenn Wadsworth b. 5-6-1825 in Hartford, CT d. 3-26-1908

                          • Watson, Bob: Coach, GM, MLB Executive, first black GM – Houston Astros
                          Robert Jose Watson b. 4-10-1946 in Los Angeles, CA

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Davis, Harry: Manager, Coach, Scout – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Harry H. Davis b. 7-19-1973 in Philadelphia, PA d. 8-11-1947
                          • Grimm, Charlie: Manager, Coach, Broadcaster – Chicago Cubs
                          Charles John Grimm b. 8-28-1898 in St. Louis d. 11-15-1983
                          • Hargrove, Mike: Manager, FO Executive – Cleveland Indians
                          Dudley Michael Hargrove b. 10-26-1949 in Perrytown, TX
                          Kawakami, Tetsuharu: Manager – Yomiuri Giants
                          Tetsuharu Kawakami b. 3-23-1920 in Kumamoto, Japan d. 10-28-2013

                          • White, Bill: N.L. President, Broadcaster – New York Yankees
                          William De Kova White b. 1-28-1934 in Lakewood, FL

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Freeman, Freddie – Atlanta Braves
                          Frederick Charles Freeman b. 9-12-1989 in Fountain Valley, CA
                          • Rizzo, Anthony – Chicago Cubs
                          Anthony Vincent Rizzo b. 8-8-1989 in Fort Lauderdale, FL
                          • Votto, Joey – Cincinnati Reds
                          Joseph Daniel Votto b. 9-10-1983 in Toronto, Canada
                          Catcher (42)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Bench, Johnny – Cincinnati Reds
                          Johnny Lee Bench b. 12-7-1947 in Oklahoma City, OK
                          Bennett, Charlie – Detroit Wolverines
                          Charles Wesley Bennett b. 11-21-1854 in New Castle, PA d. 2-24-1927

                          • Berra, Yogi – New York Yankees
                          Lawrence Peter Berra b. 5-12-1925 in St. Louis, MO d. 9-22-2015
                          • Bresnahan, Roger – New York Giants
                          Roger Phillip Bresnahan b. 6-11-1879 in Toledo, OH d. 12-4-1944
                          • Campanella, Roy – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Roy Campanella b. 11-19-1921 in Philadelphia, PA d. 6-26-1993
                          • Carter, Gary – New York Mets
                          Gary Edmund Carter b. 4-8-1954 in Culver City, CA d. 2-16-2012
                          Clements, Jack – Philadelphia Phillies
                          John J. Clements b. 7-24-1864 in Phildelphia, PA d. 5-23-1941

                          • Cochrane, Mickey – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Gordon Stanley Cochrane b. 4-6-1903 in Bridgewater, MA d. 6-28-1962
                          • Dickey, Bill – New York Yankees
                          William Malcolm Dickey b. 6-6-1907 in Bastrop, LA d. 11-12-1993
                          Ewing, Buck – New York Giants
                          William Ewing b. 10-17-1859 in Hoagland, OH d. 10-20-1906

                          • Fisk, Carlton – Chicago White Sox
                          Carlton Ernest Fisk b. 12-26-1947 in Bellows Falls, VT
                          • Freehan, Bill – Detroit Tigers
                          William Ashley Freehan b. 11-29-1941 in Detroit, MI
                          Gibson, Josh – Homestead Grays
                          Joshua Gibson b. ca 12-21-1911 in Buena Vista, GA d. 1-20-1947

                          • Hartnett, Gabby – Chicago Cubs
                          Charles Leo Hartnett b. 12-20-1900 in Woonsocket, RI d. 12-20-1972
                          Kelly, King – Chicago White Stockings
                          Michael Joseph Kelly b. 12-31-1857 in Troy, NY d. 11-9-1894

                          • Kendall, Jason – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Jason Daniel Kendall b. 6-26-1974 in San Diego, CA
                          Leggett, Joe – Excelsior
                          Joe Leggett b. 1-14-1828 in Saratoga, NY d. ca 1894

                          • Lombardi, Ernie – Cincinnati Reds
                          Ernesto Natali Lombardi b. 4-6-1908 in Oakland, CA d. 9-26-1977
                          Mackey, Biz – Hilldale Daisies
                          James Raleigh Mackey b. 7-27-1897 in Eagle Pass, TX d. 9-22-1965

                          • Mauer, Joe – Minnesota Twins
                          Joseph Patrick Mauer b. 4-19-1983 in St. Paul, MN
                          McGuire, Deacon – Washington Senators (N.L.)
                          James Thomas McGuire b. 11-18-1863 in Youngstown, OH d. 10-31-1936

                          McVey, Cal – Boston Red Stockings
                          Calvin Alexander McVey b. 8-30-1849 in Montrose, IA d. 8-20-1926

                          • Molina, Yadier – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Yadier Benjamin Molina b. 7-13-1982 in Bayamon, PR
                          • Munson, Thurman – New York Yankees
                          Thurman Lee Munson b. 6-7-1947 in Akron, OH d. 8-2-1979
                          Nomura, Katsuya – Nankai Hawks
                          Katsuya Nomura b. 6-29-1935 in Kyoto, Japan

                          • Parrish, Lance – Detroit Tigers
                          Lance Michael Parrish b. 6-15-1956 in Clairton, PA
                          Petway, Bruce – Chicago American Giants
                          Bruce Franklin Petway b. 12-23-1885 in Nashville, TN d. 7-4-1941

                          • Piazza, Mike – New York Mets
                          Michael Joseph Piazza b. 9-4-1968 in Norristown, PA
                          • Porter, Darrell – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Darrell Ray Porter b. 1-17-1952 in Joplin, MO d. 8-5-2002
                          • Posada, Jorge – New York Yankees
                          Jorge Rafael Posada Villeta b. 8-17-1971 in San Juan, PR
                          Radcliffe, Double Duty – Chicago American Giants
                          Theodore Roosevelt Radcliffe b. 7-7-1902 in Mobile, AL d. 8-11-2005

                          • Rodriguez, Pudge – Texas Rangers
                          Ivan Rodriguez Torres b. 11-27-1971 in Manati, PR
                          Santop, Louis – Hilldale Daisies
                          Louis Santop Loftin b. 1-17-1890 in Philadelphia, PA b. 1-22-1942

                          • Schalk, Ray – Chicago White Sox
                          Raymond William Schalk b. 8-12-1892 in Harvel, IL d. 5-19-1970
                          • Schang, Wally – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Walter Henry Schang b. 8-22-1889 in South Wales, NY d. 3-6-1965
                          • Simmons, Ted – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Ted Lyle Simmons b. 8-9-1949 in Highland Park, MI
                          • Tenace, Gene – Oakland Athletics
                          Fiore Gino Tennaci b. 10-10-1948 in Russellton, PA
                          • Torre, Joe – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Joseph Paul Torre b. 7-18-1940 in Brooklyn, NY
                          Trouppe, Quincy – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Quincy Thomas Trouppe b. 12-25-1912 in Dublin, GA d. 8-10-1993

                          • Varitek, Jason – Boston Red Sox
                          Jason Andrew Varitek b. 4-11-1972 in Rochester, MI
                          White, Deacon – Buffalo Bisons
                          James Laurie White b. 12-2-1847 in Caton, NY d. 7-7-1939

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          Allison, Doug: Catching style pioneer – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          Douglas L. Allison b. 7-12-1946 in Philadelphia, PA d. 12-19-1916

                          • Duncan, Dave: Pitching Coach – St. Louis Cardinals
                          David Edwin Duncan b. 9-26-1945 in Dallas, TX
                          • Hendricks, Elrod: Coach – Baltimore Orioles
                          Elrod Jerome Henricks b. 12-22-1940 in Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands d. 12-21-2005
                          • Houk, Ralph: Manager, Coach, GM – New York Yankees
                          Ralph George Houck b. 8-9-1919 in Lawrence, KS d. 7-21-2010
                          Kelly, Kick: Manager, Umpire
                          John O. Kelly b. 10-31-1856 in New York, NY d. 3-27-1926

                          • Krichell, Paul: Scout – New York Yankees
                          Paul Bernard Krichell b. 12-19-1882 in Paris, France d. 6-4-1957
                          • Lau, Charlie: Hitting Coach – Kansas City Royals
                          Chales Richard Lau b. 4-12-1933 in Romulus, MI d. 3-18-1984
                          • Leyland, Jim: Manager – Detroit Tigers
                          James Richard Leyland b. 12-15-1944 in Perrysburg, OH
                          • Mack, Connie: Manager, GM, Athletics Co-founder, Owner – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Cornelius Alexander McGillicudy b. 12-22-1862 in East Brookfield, MA d. 2-8-1956
                          • Maddon, Joe: Manager, Coach, Scout – Anaheim Angels
                          Joseph John Madden Jr. b. 2-8-1954 in West Hazelton, PA
                          • McKeon, Jack: Manager, GM, FO Executive – Florida Marlins
                          John Aloysius McKeon b. 11-23-1930 in South Amboy, NJ
                          Nomura, Don: Pioneer NPB & MLB Agent, Scout, MiLB Owner
                          Donald Engel b. 5-17-1957 in Tokyo, Japan

                          • O’Neill, Steve: Manager, Coach – Cleveland Indians
                          Stephen Francis O'Neill b. 7-6-1891 in Minooka, PA d. 1-26-1962
                          • Richards, Paul: Manager, GM – Baltimore Orioles
                          Paul Rapier Richards b. 11-21-1908 in Waxahachie, TX d. 5-4-1986
                          • Rickey, Branch: Manager, GM, began integration, farm system inventor – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Wesley Branch Rickey b. 12-20-1881 in Portsmouth, OH d. 12-9-1965
                          • Ripken Sr., Cal: Manager, Coach, Scout – Baltimore Orioles
                          Calvin Edwin Ripken b. 12-17-1935 in Aberdeen, MD d. 3-25-1999
                          • Robinson, Wilbert: Manager, Coach – Brooklyn Robins
                          Wilbert Robinson b. 6-29-1963 in Bolton, MA d. 8-8-1934
                          • Rowland, Pants: Manager, Scout, GM, P.C.L. President, Umpire
                          Clarence Henry Rowland b. 2-12-1878 in Platteville, WI d. 5-17-1969
                          • Street, Gabby: Manager, Coach, Broadcaster – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Charles Evard Street b. 9-30-1882 in Huntsville, AL d. 2-6-1951
                          • Sukeforth, Clyde: Manager, Coach, Scout – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Clyde Leroy Sukeforth b. 11-30-1901 in Washington, ME d. 9-3-2000
                          • *Torre, Joe: Manager, MLB Executive – New York Yankees
                          Joseph Paul Torre b. 7-18-1940 in Brooklyn, NY
                          • Uecker, Bob: Broadcaster – Milwaukee Brewers
                          Robert George Uecker b. 1-26-1934 in Milwaukee, WI
                          • Veeck Sr., Bill: Writer, GM, FO Executive, radio pioneer – Chicago Cubs
                          William Louis Veeck b. 1-20-1877 in Boonville, IN

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Crandall, Del: Manager, Coach, Broadcaster – Milwaukee Braves
                          Delmar Wesley Crandall b. 3-5-1940 in Ontario, CA
                          • Dempsey, Rick: Coach, Broadcaster – Baltimore Orioles
                          John Rikard Dempsey b. 9-13-1949 in Fayetteville, TN
                          • Ferrell, Rick: GM, FO Executive, Coach, Scout – St. Louis Browns
                          Richard Benjamin Ferrell b. 10-12-1905 in Durham, NC d. 7-27-1995
                          • Garagiola, Joe: Broadcaster– St. Louis Cardinals
                          Joseph Henry Garagiola b. 2-12-1926 in St. Louis, MO d. 3-23-2016
                          • Girardi, Joe: Manager – New York Yankees
                          Joseph Elliot Girardi b. 10-14-1964 in Peoria, IL
                          • Lopez, Al: Manager – Cleveland Indians
                          Alfonso Ramon Lopez b. 8-20-1908 in Tampa, FL d. 10-30-2005
                          • Matheny, Mike: Manager – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Michael Scott Matheny b. 9-22-1970 in Columbus, OH
                          • McCarver, Tim: Broadcaster– St. Louis Cardinals
                          James Timothy McCarver b. 10-16-1941 in Memphis, TN
                          Snyder, Pop: Manager, Umpire – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          Charles N. Snyder b. 10-6-1854 in Washington, DC d. 10-29-1924

                          Walker, Moses Fleetwood: first black player – Toledo Blue Stockings
                          Moses Fleetwood Walker b. 10-7-1856 in Mount Pleasant, OH d. 5-11-1924

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Posey, Buster – San Francisco Giants
                          Gerald Dempsey Posey III b. 3-27-1987 in Leesburg, GA
                          Starting Pitcher (133)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Adams, Babe – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Charles Benjamin Adams b. 5-18-1882 in Tipton, IN d. 7-27-1968
                          • Alexander, Pete – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Grover Cleveland Alexander b. 2-26-1887 in Elba, Nebraska d. 11-4-1950
                          • Bender, Chief – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Charles Albert Bender b. 5-5-1884 in Crow Wing County, MN d. 5-22-1954
                          Bessho, Takehiko – Yomiuri Giants
                          Akira Bessho b. 10-1-1922 in Hyogo, Japan d. 6-24-1999

                          • Blyleven, Bert – Minnesota Twins
                          Rik Aalbert Blijleven b. 4-6-1951 in Zeist, Netherlands
                          Bond, Tommy – Boston Red Stockings
                          Thomas Henry Bond b. 4-2-1856 in Granard, Ireland d. 1-24-1941

                          • Brown, Kevin – Texas Rangers
                          James Kevin Brown b. 3-14-1965 in Milledgeville, GA
                          • Brown, Three Finger – Chicago Cubs
                          Mordecai Peter Centennial Brown b. 10-19-1876 in Nyesville, IA d. 2-14-1948
                          Brainard, Asa – Excelsior
                          Asahel Brainard b. 1841 in Albany, NY d. 10-29-1888

                          Brown, Dave – Chicago American Giants
                          David Brown b. 6-9-1895 in Leon County, TX d. 4-27-1925

                          Brown, Ray – Homestead Grays
                          Raymond Brown b. 2-23-1908 in Alger, OH d. 2-8-1965

                          • Buehrle, Mark – Chicago White Sox
                          Mark Alan Buehrle b. 3-23-1979 in St. Charles, MO
                          • Bunning, Jim – Philadelphia Phillies
                          James Paul David Bunning b. 10-23-1931 in Southgate, KY d. 5-26-2017
                          • Carlton, Steve – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Steven Norman Carlton b. 12-22-1944 in Miami, FL
                          • Carpenter, Chris – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Christopher John Carpenter b. 4-27-1975 in Exeter, NH
                          Caruthers, Bob – St. Louis Browns (A.A)
                          Robert Lee Caruthers b. 1-5-1864 in Memphis, TN d. 8-5-1911

                          • Clemens, Roger – Boston Red Sox
                          William Roger Clemens b. 8-4-1962 in Dayton, OH
                          • Cicotte, Eddie – Chicago White Sox
                          Edward Victor Cicotte b. 6-19-1884 in Springwells, MI d. 5-5-1969
                          • Chesbro, Jack – New York Highlanders
                          John Dwight Chesbro b. 6-5-1874 in North Adams, MA d. 11-6-1941
                          Clarkson, John – Boston Beaneaters
                          John Gibson Clarkson b. 7-1-1861 in Cambridge, MA d. 2-4-1909

                          • Colon, Bartolo – Cleveland Indians
                          Bartolo Colon b. 5-24-1973 in Altamira, D.R.
                          • Cone, David – New York Yankees
                          David Brian Cone b. 1-2-1963 in Kansas City, MO
                          Cooper, Andy – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Andrew Lewis Cooper b. 4-24-1898 in Waco, TX d. 6-3-1941

                          • Coveleski, Stan – Cleveland Indians
                          Stanislaus Kowalewski b. 7-13-1889 in Shamokin, PA d. 3-20-1984
                          Creighton, Jim – Excelsior
                          James Creighton Jr. b. 4-15-1841 in New York, NY d. 10-18-1862

                          Day, Leon – Newark Eagles
                          Leon Day b. 10-30-1916 in Alexandria, VA d. 3-13-1995

                          • Dean, Dizzy – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Jay Hannah Dean b. 1-16-1910 in Lucas, AR d. 7-17-1974
                          Donaldson, John – Kansas City Monarchs
                          John Wesley Donaldson b. 2-20-1891 in Glasgow, MO d. 4-14-1970

                          • Drysdale, Don – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Donald Scott Drysdale b. 7-23-1936 in Van Nuys, CA d. 7-3-1993
                          • Faber, Red – Chicago White Sox
                          Urban Clarence Faber b. 9-6-1888 in Cascade, IA d. 9-25-1974
                          • Feller, Bob – Cleveland Indians
                          Robert William Andrew Feller b. 11-3-1918 in Van Meter, IA d. 12-15-2010
                          • Ferrell, Wes – Cleveland Indians
                          Wesley Cheek Ferrell b. 2-2-1908 in Greensboro, NC d. 12-9-1976
                          • Ford, Whitey – New York Yankees
                          Edmond Charles Ford b. 10-21-1928 in New York, NY
                          Foster, Bill – Chicago American Giants
                          William Hendrick Foster b. 6-12-1904 in Culvert, TX d. 9-16-1978

                          Foster, Rube – Chicago American Giants
                          Andrew Foster b. 9-17-1879 in Culvert, TX d. 12-9-1930

                          Galvin, Pud – Buffalo Bisons
                          James Francis Galvin b. 12-25-1856 in St. Louis, MO d. 3-7-1902

                          • Gibson, Bob – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Robert Gibson b. 11-9-1965 in Omaha, NE
                          • Glavine, Tom – Atlanta Braves
                          Thomas Michael Glavine b. 3-25-1966 in Concord, MA
                          • Gomez, Lefty – New York Yankees
                          Vernon Louis Gomez b. 11-26-1908 in Rodeo, CA d. 2-17-1989
                          • Gooden, Doc – New York Mets
                          Dwight Eugene Gooden b. 11-16-1964 in Tampa, FL
                          • Grimes, Burleigh – Brooklyn Robins
                          Burleigh Arland Grimes b. 8-18-1893 in Emerald, WI d. 12-6-1985
                          • Grove, Lefty – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Robert Moses Grove b. 3-6-1900 in Lonaconing, MD d. 5-22-1975
                          • Guidry, Ron – New York Yankees
                          Ronald Ames Guidry b. 8-28-1950 in Lafayette, IN
                          • Halladay, Roy – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Harry Leroy Halladay III b. 5-14-1977 in Denver, CO d. 11-7-2017
                          • Haines, Pop – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Jesse Joseph Haines b. 7-22-1893 in Clayton, OH d. 8-5-1978
                          Hernandez, Orlando – Havana Industriales
                          Orlando Hernandez Pedroso b. 10-11-1965 in Villa Clara, Cuba

                          • Hershiser, Orel – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Orel Leonard Hershiser IV b. 9-16-1968 in Buffalo, NY
                          • Hoyt, Waite – New York Yankees
                          Waite Charles Hoyt b. 9-9-1899 in Brooklyn, NY d. 8-25-1984
                          • Hubbell, Carl – New York Giants
                          Carl Owen Hubbell b. 6-22-1903 in Carthage, MO d. 11-21-1988
                          • Hudson, Tim – Oakland Athletics
                          Timothy Adam Hudson b. 7-14-1975 in Columbus, GA
                          • Hunter, Catfish – Oakland Athletics
                          James Augustus Hunter b. 4-8-1946 in Hertford, NC d. 9-9-1999
                          Inao, Kazuhisa – Nishitetsu Lions
                          Kazuhisa Inao b. 6-10-1947 in Oita, Japan d. 11-13-2007

                          Jackman, Cannonball Bill – Philadelphia Giants
                          William Jackman b. 10-2-1897 in Carta Valley, TX d. 9-9-1972

                          • Jenkins, Fergie – Chicago Cubs
                          Ferguson Arthur Jenkins b. 12-13-1942 in Chatham, Canada
                          • Johnson, Randy – Arizona Diamondbacks
                          Randall David Johnson b. 9-10-1963 in Walnut Creek, CA
                          • Johnson, Walter – Washington Senators
                          Walter Perry Johnson b. 11-6-1887 in Humboldt, KS d. 12-10-1946
                          • John, Tommy – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Thomas Edward John Jr. b. 5-22-1943 in Terra Haute, IN
                          • Joss, Addie – Cleveland Naps
                          Adrian Joss b. 4-12-1880 in Woodland, WI d. 4-14-1911
                          • Kaat, Jim – Minnesota Twins
                          James Lee Kaat b. 11-7-1938 in Zeeland, MI
                          Kaneda, Masaichi – Kokutestu Swallows
                          Masaichi Kaneda b. 8-1-1933 in Nakashima, Japan d. 10-6-2019

                          Keefe, Tim – New York Giants
                          Timothy John Keefe b. 1-1-1856 in Cambridge, MA d. 4-23-1933

                          • Kershaw, Clayton – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Clayton Edward Kershaw b. 3-19-1988 in Dallas, TX
                          • Koufax, Sandy – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Sanford Braun b. 12-30-1935 in Brooklyn, NY
                          • Lee, Cliff – Cleveland Indians
                          Clifton Phifer Lee b. 8-30-1978 in Benton, AR
                          • Lemon, Bob – Cleveland Indians
                          Robert Granville Lemon b. 9-22-1920 in San Bernadino, CA d. 1-11-2000
                          • Lolich, Mickey – Detroit Tigers
                          Michael Stephen Lolich b. 9-12-1940 in Portland, OR
                          • Lyons, Ted – Chicago White Sox
                          Theodore Amar Lyons b. 12-28-1900 in Lake Charles, LA d. 7-25-1986
                          • Maddux, Greg – Atlanta Braves
                          Gregory Alen Maddux b. 4-14-1966 in San Angelo, TX
                          • Marichal, Juan – San Francisco Giants
                          Juan Antonio Marichal Sanchez b. 10-20-1937 in Monte Cristi, D.R.
                          • Marquard, Rube – New York Giants
                          Richard William Marquard b. 10-9-1886 in Cleveland, OH d. 6-1-1980
                          • Martinez, Pedro – Boston Red Sox
                          Pedro Jaime Martinez b. 10-25-1971 in Manoguayabo, D.R.
                          Mathews, Bobby – Mutual
                          Robert T. Mathews b. 11-21-1851 in Baltimore, MD d. 4-17-1898

                          • Mathewson, Christy – New York Giants
                          Christopher Mathewson b. 8-12-1880 in Factoryville, PA d. 10-7-1925
                          McBride, Dick – Athletic
                          John Dickson McBride b. 6-14-1847 in Philadelphia, PA d. 1-20-1916

                          McCormick, Jim – Cleveland Blues
                          James McCormick b. 11-3-1856 in Glasgow, Scotland d. 3-10-1918

                          • McGinnity, Joe – New York Giants
                          Joseph Jerome McGinnity b. 3-20-1871 in Cornwall Township, IL d. 11-14-1929
                          Mendez, Jose – Almendares
                          Jose de la Caridad Mendez b. 3-19-1887 in Cardenas, Cuba d. 10-31-1928

                          • Morris, Jack – Detroit Tigers
                          John Scott Morris b. 5-16-1955 in St. Paul, MN
                          Mullane, Tony – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          Anthony John Mullane b. 1-20-1859 in County Cork, Ireland d. 4-25-1944

                          Munoz, Jose – Almendares
                          Jose Munoz b. 1881 in Havana, Cuba d. 12-25-1945

                          • Mussina, Mike – Baltimore Orioles
                          Michael Cole Mussina b. 12-8-1968 in Williamsport, PA
                          • Newcombe, Don – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Donald Newcombe b. 6-14-1926 in Madison, NJ d. 2-19-2019
                          • Newhouser, Hal – Detroit Tigers
                          Harold Newhouser b. 5-20-1921 in Detroit, MI d.11-10-1998
                          Nicholas, Kid – Boston Beaneaters
                          Charles Augustus Nichols b. 9-14-1869 in Madison, WI d. 4-11-1963

                          • Niekro, Phil – Atlanta Braves
                          Philip Henry Niekro b. 4-1-1939 in Blaine, OH
                          • Palmer, Jim – Baltimore Orioles
                          James Alvin Palmer b. 10-15-1945 in New York, NY
                          Paige, Satchel – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Leroy Robert Paige b. 7-7-1906 in Mobile, AL d. 6-8-1982

                          • Pennock, Herb – New York Yankees
                          Herbert Jefferis Pennock b. 2-10-1894 in Kennett Square, PA d. 1-30-1948
                          • Pettitte, Andy – New York Yankees
                          Andrew Eugene Pettitte b. 6-15-1972 in Baton Rouge, LA
                          • Perry, Gaylord – San Francisco Giants
                          Gaylord Jackson Perry b. 9-15-1938 in Williamston, NC
                          • Phillippe, Deacon – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Charles Louis Phillippe b. 5-23-1872 in Rural Retreat, VA d. 3-30-1952
                          • Pierce, Billy – Chicago White Sox
                          Walter William Pierce b. 4-2-1928 in Detroit, MI d. 7-31-2015
                          • Plank, Eddie – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Edward Stewart Plank b. 8-31-1875 in Gettysburg, PA d. 2-24-1926
                          • Quinn, Jack – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Joannes Pajkos b. 7-1-1883 in Stefuro, Austria-Hungary d. 4-17-1946
                          Radbourn, Old Hoss – Providence Grays
                          Charles Gardner Radbourn b. 12-11-1854 in Rochester, NY d. 2-5-1897

                          Redding, Cannonball Dick – Brooklyn Royal Giants
                          Richard Redding b. 4-15-1893 in Atlanta, GA d. 10-31-1948

                          • Reynolds, Allie – New York Yankees
                          Allie Pierce Reynolds b. 2-10-1917 in Bethany, OK d. 12-26-1994
                          • Rixey, Eppa – Cincinnati Reds
                          Eppa Rixey Jr. b. 5-3-1891 in Culpeper, VA d. 2-28-1963
                          • Roberts, Robin – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Robin Evan Roberts b. 9-30-1926 in Springield, IL d. 5-6-2010
                          Rogan, Bullet Joe – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Charles Wilbert Rogan b. 7-28-1893 in Oklahoma City, OK d. 3-4-1967

                          • Ruffing, Red – New York Yankees
                          Charles Herbert Ruffing b. 5-3-1905 in Granville, IL d. 2-17-1986
                          Rusie, Amos – New York Giants
                          Amos Wilson Rusie b. 5-31-1871 in Mooresville, IN d. 12-6-1942

                          • Ryan, Nolan – Texas Rangers
                          Lynn Nolan Ryan Jr. b. 1-31-1947 in Refugio, TX
                          • Sabathia, C.C. – New York Yankees
                          Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. b. 7-21-1980 in Vallejo, CA
                          • Saberhagen, Bret – Kansas City Royals
                          Bret William Saberhagen b. 4-11-1964 in Chicago Heights, IL
                          • Santana, Johan – Minnesota Twins
                          Johan Alexander Santana Araque b. 3-13-1979 in Tovar, Venezuela
                          • Scherzer, Max – Washington Nationals
                          Maxwell M. Scherzer b. 7-27-1984 in Chesterfield, MO
                          • Schilling, Curt – Arizona Diamondbacks
                          Curt Montague Schilling b. 11-14-1966 in Anchorage, AK
                          • Seaver, Tom – New York Mets
                          George Thomas Seaver b. 11-17-1944 in Fresno, CA
                          Smith, Hilton – Kansas City Monarchs
                          Hilton Lee Smith b. 2-27-1907 in Giddings, TX d. 11-18-1983

                          • Smoltz, John – Atlanta Braves
                          John Andrew Smoltz b. 5-15-1967 in Warren, MI
                          • Spahn, Warren – Milwaukee Braves
                          Warren Edward Spahn b. 4-23-1921 in Buffalo, NY d. 11-24-2003
                          Spalding, Al – Boston Red Stockings
                          Albert Goodwill Spalding b. 9-2-1849 in Byron, IL d. 9-9-1915

                          Starffin, Victor – Yomiuri Giants
                          Viktor Konstantinovich Starukhin b. 5-1-1916 in Nizhny Tagil, Russia d. 1-12-1957

                          Stovey, George – Cuban Giants
                          George Washington Stovey b. 1866 in Williamsport, PA d. 3-22-1936

                          • Sutton, Don – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Donald Howard Sutton b. 4-2-1945 in Clio, AL
                          • Tiant, Luis – Boston Red Sox
                          Luis Clemente Tiant Vega b. 11-23-1940 in Marianao, Cuba
                          • Valenzuela, Fernando – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Fernando Valenzuela Anguamea b. 11-1-1960 in Navojoa, Mexico
                          • Vance, Dazzy – Brooklyn Robins
                          Charles Arthur Vance b. 3-4-1891 in Orient, IA d. 2-16-1961
                          • Verlander, Justin – Detroit Tigers
                          Justin Brooks Verlander b. 2-20-1983 in Manakin-Sabot, VA
                          • Waddell, Rube – Philadelphia Athletics
                          George Edward Waddell b. 10-13-1876 in Bradford, PA d. 4-1-1914
                          • Wainwright, Adam – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Adam Parrish Wainwright b. 8-30-1981 in Brunswick, GA
                          • Walsh, Big Ed – Chicago White Sox
                          Edward Augustine Walsh b. 5-14-1881 in Plains Township, PA d. 5-26-1959
                          • Walters, Bucky – Cincinnati Reds
                          William Henry Walters b. 4-19-1909 in Philadelphia, PA d. 4-20-1991
                          Welch, Mickey – New York Giants
                          Michael Francis Welch b. 7-4-1859 in Brooklyn, NY d. 7-30-1941

                          • Wells, David – New York Yankees
                          David Lee Wells b. 5-20-1963 in Torrance, CA
                          Williams, Smokey Joe – Homestead Grays
                          Joseph Williams b. 4-6-1886 in Seguin, TX d. 2-25-1951

                          • Willis, Vic – Boston Beaneaters
                          Victor Gazaway Willis b. 4-12-1876 in Cecil County, MD d. 8-3-1947
                          • Wood, Smoky Joe – Boston Red Sox
                          Howard Ellsworth Wood b. 10-25-1889 in Kansas City, MO d. 7-27-1985
                          • Wood, Wilbur – Chicago White Sox
                          Wilbur Forrester Wood Jr. b. 10-22-1941 in Cambridge, MA
                          • Wynn, Early – Cleveland Indians
                          Early Wynn Jr. b. 1-6-1920 in Hartford, AL d. 4-4-1999
                          Young, Cy – Cleveland Blues
                          Denton True Young b. 3-29-1867 in Gilmore, OH d. 11-4-1941

                          Zettlein, George – Atlantic
                          George Zettlin b. 7-12-1844 in Williamsburg, NY d. 5-22-1905

                          Inducted primarily for non-playing contributions:

                          • Altrock, Nick: Coach, “clown prince of baseball” – Washington Senators
                          Nicholas Altrock b. 9-15-1876 in Cincinnati, OH d. 1-20-1965
                          Bell, Dr. William: Eckford founder, Umpire – Eckford
                          William H. Bell b. 1827 in Brooklyn, NY d. 10-19-1900

                          Cummings, Candy: Invented curveball – Star
                          William Arthur Cummings b. 10-18-1848 in Ware, MA d. 5-16-1924

                          • Dinneen, Bill: Umpire
                          William Henry Dinneen b. 4-5-1876 in Syracuse, NY d. 1-13-1955
                          Dunn, Jack: Owner, GM, FO Executive – Baltimore Orioles (I.L.)
                          John Joseph Dunn b. 10-6-1872 in Meadville, NY d. 10-22-1928

                          • Dyer, Eddie: Manager, FO Executive – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Edwin Hawley Dyer b. 10-11-1899 in Morgan City, LA d. 4-20-1964
                          • Emslie, Bob: Umpire
                          Robert Daniel Emslie b. 1-27-1859 in Guelph, Canada d. 4-26-1943
                          • Engel, Joe: Scout – Washington Senators
                          Joseph William Engel b. 3-12-1893 in Washington, DC d. 6-12-1969
                          *Foster, Rube: Owner, Manager, N.N.L. President & founder – Chicago American Giants
                          Andrew Foster b. 9-17-1879 in Culvert, TX d. 12-9-1930

                          • Gillick, Pat: GM – Toronto Blue Jays
                          Lawrence Patrick David Gillick b. 8-22-1937 in Chico, CA
                          Goldsmith, Fred: Invented curveball – Chicago White Stockings
                          Fredrick Elroy Goldsmith b. 5-15-1856 in New Haven, CT d. 3-28-1939

                          • Griffith, Clark: Manager, GM, Owner – Washington Senators
                          Clark Calvin Griffith b. 11-20-1869 in Clear Creek, MO d. 10-27-1955
                          • Lasorda, Tommy: Manager, FO Executive – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Thomas Charles Lasorda b. 9-22-1927 in Norristown, PA
                          • Mazzone, Leo: Manager, Pitching Coach – Atlanta Braves
                          Leo David Mazzone b. 10-16-1948 in Keyser, WV
                          • Nuxhall, Joe: Broadcaster, youngest player ever – Cincinnati Reds
                          Joseph Henry Nuxhall b. 7-30-1928 in Hamilton, OH d. 11-15-2007
                          • O’Day, Hank: Manager, Umpire
                          Henry Martin Francis O'Day b 7-8-1859 in Chicago, IL d. 7-2-1925
                          Pidgeon, Frank: Eckford founder, early organizer – Eckford
                          Francis Pidgeon b. 2-11-1825 in New York, NY d. 6-12-1884

                          Pratt, Al: Manager, Umpire, A.A. Co-founder, Pirates founder
                          Albert G. Pratt b. 11-19-1947 in Pittsburgh, PA d. 11-21-1937

                          • Schacht, Al: Coach, “clown prince of baseball” – Washington Senators
                          Alexander Schacht b. 11-11-1892 in New York, NY 7-14-1984
                          *Spalding, Al: Manager, GM, Owner, N.L. Co-founder, Equipment Mfg. – Chicago White Stockings
                          Albert Goodwill Spalding b. 9-2-1849 in Byron, IL d. 9-9-1915

                          Wilkinson, J.L.: Monarchs founder, Owner, GM, night game pioneer – Kansas City Monarchs
                          James Leslie Wilkinson b. 5-14-1878 in Algona, IA d. 8-21-1964

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • Doak, Bill: Invented hinged glove – St. Louis Cardinals
                          William Leopold Doak b. 1-28-1891 in Pittsburgh, PA d. 11-26-1954
                          • Harder, Mel: Coach – Cleveland Indians
                          Melvin Leroy Harder b. 10-15-1909 in Beemer, NE d. 10-20-2002
                          • Messersmith, Andy: Players rights pioneer – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          John Alexander Messersmith b. 8-6-1945 in Toms River, NJ
                          • McNally, Dave: Players rights pioneer – Baltimore Orioles
                          David Arthur McNally b. 10-31-1942 in Billings, MT d. 12-1-2002
                          • Sain, Johnny: Pitching Coach – Atlanta Braves
                          John Franklin Sain b. 9-25-1917 in Havana, AR d. 11-7-2006
                          Taylor, Steel Arm Johnny: Manager, Coach – Birmingham Giants
                          John Boyce Taylor b. 8-12-1879 in Anderson, SC d. 3-25-1956

                          Relief Pitcher (12)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Eckersley, Dennis – Oakland Athletics
                          Dennis Lee Eckersley b. 10-3-1954 in Oakland, CA
                          • Fingers, Rollie – Oakland Athletics
                          Roland Glenn Fingers b. 8-25-1946 in Steubenville, OH
                          • Gossage, Goose – New York Yankees
                          Richard Michael Gossage b. 7-5-1951 in Colorado Springs, CO
                          • Hoffman, Trevor – San Diego Padres
                          Trevor William Hoffman b. 10-13-1967 in Bellflower, CA
                          • Marberry, Firpo – Washington Senators
                          Frederick Marberry b. 11-30-1898 in Streetman, TX d. 6-30-1976
                          • Rivera, Mariano – New York Yankees
                          Mariano Rivera b. 11-29-1969 in Panama City, Panama
                          • Rodriguez, Francisco – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
                          Francisco Jose Rodriguez b. 1-7-1982 in Caracas, Venezuela
                          • Smith, Lee – Chicago Cubs
                          Lee Arthur Smith b. 12-4-1957 in Jamestown, LA
                          • Sutter, Bruce – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Howard Bruce Sutter b. 1-8-1953 in Lancaster, PA
                          • Wagner, Billy – Houston Astros
                          William Edward Wagner b. 7-25-1971 in Marion, VA
                          • Wilhelm, Hoyt – Chicago White Sox
                          James Hoyt Wilhlem b. 7-26-1922 in Huntersville, NC d. 8-23-2002

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          Murakami, Masanori: First Oriental MLB player – Nankai Hawks
                          Masanori Murakami b. 5-6-1944 in Yamanashi, Japan

                          Future HoFer's:

                          • Kimbrel, Craig – Atlanta Braves
                          Craig Michael Kimbrel b. 5-28-1988 in Huntsville, AL
                          Designated Hitter (6)
                          ^ Futures considered in (#). Contributors are not.
                          • Baines, Harold – Chicago White Sox
                          Harold Douglas Baines b. 3-15-1959 in Easton, MD
                          • Cruz, Nelson – Texas Rangers
                          Nelson Ramon Cruz Martinez b. 7-1-1980 in Las Matas de Santa Cruz, D.R.
                          • Martinez, Edgar – Seattle Mariners
                          Edgar Martinez b. 1-2-1963 in New York, NY
                          • Molitor, Paul – Milwaukee Brewers
                          Paul Leo Molitor b. 8-22-1956 in St. Paul, MN
                          • Ortiz, David – Boston Red Sox
                          David Americo Ortiz Arias b. 11-181975 in Santo Domingo, D.R.
                          • Thomas, Frank – Chicago White Sox
                          Frank Edward Thomas Jr. b. 5-27-1968 in Columbus, GA

                          Inducted as player + contributor combination:

                          • McRae, Hal: Manager, Coach – Kansas City Royals
                          Harold Abrham McRae b. 7-10-1945 in Avon Park, FL
                          Other Contributors
                          Adams, Ivers: Braves founder, Owner – Boston Red Stockings
                          Ivers Whitney Adams b. 5-20-1838 in Ashburnham, MA d. 10-10-1914

                          • Allen, Mel: Broadcaster
                          Melvin Allen Israel b. 2-14-1913 in Birmingham, AL d. 6-16-1996
                          • Angell, Roger: Writer
                          Roger Sergeant Angell b. 9-19-1920 in New York, NY
                          • Autry, Gene: Angels Co-founder, Owner, A.L. Vice President – Los Angeles Angels
                          Orvon Grover Autry b. 9-29-1907 in Tioga, TX d. 10-2-1998
                          Bancroft, Frank: Manager, Early Club Organizer, F.O. Executive – Cincinnati Reds
                          Francis Carter Bancroft b. 5-9-1846 in Lancaster, MA d. 3-30-1921

                          • Barber, Red: Broadcaster
                          Walter Lanier Barber b. 2-17-1908 in Columbus, MS d. 10-22-1992
                          • Barlick, Al: Umpire
                          Albert Joseph Barlick b. 4-2-1915 in Springfield, IL d. 12-27-1995
                          • Barrow, Ed: Manager, GM – New York Yankees
                          Edward Grant Barrow b. 5-10-1868 in Springfield, IL d. 12-15-1953
                          • Bavasi, Buzzie: GM, FO Executive, Owner – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Emil Joseph Bavasi b. 12-12-1914 in New York, NY d. 5-1-2008
                          Bolden, Ed: Hilldale & Philly Stars founder, Manager, Owner, GM – Philadelphia Stars
                          Edward Bolden b. 1-17-1881 in Concordville, PA d. 9-27-1950

                          • Breadon, Sam: Owner – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Samuel Breadon b. 7-26-1876 in New York, NY d. 5-8-1949
                          • Brinkman, Joe: Umpire
                          Joseph Norbert Brinkman b. 4-9-1944 in Little Falls, MN
                          • Brush, John T.: Owner – New York Giants
                          John Tomlinson Brush b. 6-15-1845 in Clintonville, NY d. 11-26-1912
                          • Buck, Jack: Broadcaster – St, Louis Cardinals
                          John Francis Buck b. 8-21-1924 in Holyoke, MA d. 6-18-2002
                          • Busch, Gussie: Owner – St. Louis Cardinals
                          August Anheuser Busch Jr b. 3-28-1899 in St. Louis, MO d. 9-29-1989
                          • Cashen, Frank: GM, MLB Executive – Baltimore Orioles
                          John Francis Cashen b. 9-13-1925 in Baltimore, MD d. 6-30-2014
                          • Caray, Harry: Broadcaster – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Harry Christopher Carabina b. 3-1-1914 in St. Louis, MO d. 2-18-1998
                          Carlisle, Joseph: Magnolia founder, early organizer – Magnolia
                          Origins unknown

                          Cartwright, Alexander: Pioneer – Knickerbocker
                          Alexander Joy Cartwright b. 4-17-1920 in New York, NY d. 7-12-1892

                          Catto, Octavious: Founder of first black club – Pythian
                          Octavius Valentine Catto b. 2-22-1839 in Charleston, SC d. 10-10-1871

                          Cauldwell, William: Writer, editor of first paper to cover baseball daily
                          William Cauldwell b. 10-12-1824 in New York, NY d. 12-2-1907

                          Caylor, O.P.: Manager, A.A. & Reds Co-founder, Writer – Cincinnati Red Stockings
                          Oliver Perry Caylor b. 12-14-1849 in Cincinnati, OH d. 10-19-1897

                          Chadwick, Henry: Writer, Historian, statistical pioneer
                          Henry Chadwick b. 10-5-1824 in Exeter, England d. 4-20-1908

                          • Chandler, Happy: Commissioner
                          Albert Benjamin Chandler b. 7-14-1898 in Corydon, KY d. 6-15-1991
                          • Chylak, Nestor: Umpire
                          Nestor George Chylak Jr. b. 5-11-1922 in Olyphant, PA d. 2-17-1982
                          • Colangelo, Jerry: Arizona founder & Owner – Arizona Diamondbacks
                          Jerry Colangelo b. 11-20-1939 in Chicago Heights, IL
                          • Conlon, Charles: Photographer
                          Charles Martin Conlon b. 1868 d. 1945
                          • Connolloy, Tom: Umpire
                          Thomas Henry Connolly b. 12-31-1870 in Manchester, England d. 4-28-1961
                          Craig, John: Ne.L. Umpire
                          Origins unknown

                          Cubas, Joe: Pioneer Scout, Agent
                          Origins unknown

                          Curry, Duncan: Pioneer – Knickerbocker
                          Duncan Fraser Curry b. 11-28-1812 in New York, NY d. 1894

                          • Dalton, Harry: GM, FO Executive – Milwaukee Brewers
                          Harry I. Dalton b. 8-23-1928 in West Springfield, MA d. 10-23-2005
                          Davis, James Whyte: Pioneer – Knickerbocker
                          Origins unknown

                          • Day, John B.: Manager, GM, New York Giants & Metropolitans founder – New York Giants
                          John Bailey Day b. 9-23-1847 in Colchester, CT d. 1-25-1925
                          • Devine, Bing: GM, FO Executive – St. Louis Cardinals
                          Vaughn Pallmore Devine b. 3-1-1916 in St. Louis, MO d. 1-27-2007
                          • DeWitt Sr., Bill: Owner, GM, FO Executive – St. Louis Browns
                          William Orville DeWitt b. 8-3-1902 in St. Louis, MO d. 3-4-1982
                          • DeWitt Jr., Bill: Owner – St. Louis Cardinals
                          William Orville DeWitt Jr. b. 8-31-1941 in St. Louis, MO
                          • Doucet, Jacques: Broadcaster – Montreal Expos
                          Jacques Doucet b. 3-8-1940 in Montreal, Canada
                          • Dreyfuss, Barney: Owner – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Bernhard Dreyfuss b. 2-23-1865 in Freiberg, Germany d. 2-5-1932
                          • Ebbets, Charles: Owner – Brooklyn Dodgers
                          Charles Hercules Ebbets b. 10-29-1859 in New York, NY d. 4-18-1925
                          • Evans, Billy: Umpire, Writer
                          William George Evans b. 2-10-1884 in Chicago, IL d. 1-23-1956
                          • Finley, Charlie: Owner, GM – Oakland Athletics
                          Chales Oscar Finley b. 2-22-1918 in Ensley, AL d. 2-19-1996
                          Fitzgerald, Colonel Thomas: Writer, Athletic Co-founder – Athletic
                          Colonel Thomas Fitzgerald b. 12-22-1819 in New York, NY d. 6-25-1891

                          • Frick, Ford C.: N.L. President, Commissioner, Writer
                          Ford Chistopher Frick b. 12-19-1894 in Wawaka, IN d. 4-8-1978
                          • Froemming, Bruce: Umpire
                          Bruce Neal Froemming b. 9-28-1939 in Milwaukee, WI
                          • Fullerton, Hugh: Writer
                          Hugh Start Fullerton III b. 9-10-1873 in Hillsboro, OH d. 12-27-1945
                          • Gammons, Peter: Writer
                          Peter Gammons b. 4-9-1945 in Boston, MA
                          • Giamatti, A. Bartlett: N.L. President, Commissioner
                          Angelo Bartlett Giamatti b. 4-4-1938 in Boston, MA d. 9-1-1989
                          • Giles, Bill: FO Executive, Owner, N.L. President – Philadelphia Phillies
                          William Yale Giles b. 9-71934 in Rochester, NY
                          • Giles, Warren: GM, N.L. President – Cincinnati Reds
                          Warren Crandall Giles b. 5-28-1896 in Tiskilwa, IL d. 2-7-1979
                          • Griffith, Calvin: GM, Owner, Relocated team to Minnesota – Minnesota Twins
                          Calvin Robertson Griffith b. 12-1-1911 in Montreal, Canada d. 10-20-1999
                          • Harridge, Will: A.L. President & Secretary
                          William Harridge b. 10-16-1883 in Chicago, IL d. 4-9-1971
                          • Harvey, Doug: Umpire
                          Harold Douglas Harvey b. 3-13-1930 in Southgate, CA d. 1-13-2018
                          • Harwell, Ernie: Broadcaster – Detroit Tigers
                          William Earnest Harwell b. 1-25-1918 in Washington, GA d. 5-4-2010
                          • Hemond, Roland: Scout, GM, FO Executive – Chicago White Sox
                          Roland Hemond b. 10-26-1929 in Central Falls, RI
                          • Henry, John: Owner, Rockies Co-founder – Boston Red Sox
                          John William Henry II b. 9-13-1949 in Quincy, IL
                          • Herrmann, August: Owner, President of the National Commission – Cincinnati Reds
                          August Hermann b. 5-3-1859 in Cincinnati, OH d. 4-25-1931
                          • Heydler, John: N.L. President & Secretary/Treasurer, statistical pioneer
                          John Arnold Heydler b. 7-10-1869 in La Fargeville, NY d. 4-18-1956
                          Hillerich, Bud: Founder of Louisville Slugger
                          John Hillerich Jr. b. 1867 in Louisville, KY d. unknown

                          • Hirschbeck, John: Umpire
                          John Francis Hirschbeck b. 9-7-1954 in Bridgeport, CT
                          • Howsam, Bob: GM, MiLB Owner – Cincinnati Reds
                          Robert Lee Howsam b. 2-28-1918 in Denver, CO d. 2-19-2008
                          • Hubbard, Cal: Umpire
                          Robert Calvin Hubbard b. 10-31-1900 in Keytseville, MO d. 10-17-1977
                          Hulbert, William: N.L. President & founder, Owner – Chicago White Stockings
                          William Ambrose Hulbert b. 10-23-1832 in Burlington Flats, NY d. 4-10-1882

                          • James, Bill: Writer, FO Executive, Writer, statistical pioneer
                          George William James b. 10-5-1949 in Holton, KS
                          • Jobe, Dr. Frank: Tommy John Surgery Pioneer
                          Frank James Jobe b. 7-16-1925 in Greensboro, NC d. 3-6-2014
                          • Johnson, Ban: A.L. President & founder, Writer
                          Byron Bancroft Johnson b. 1-5-1864 in Norwalk, OH d. 3-28-1931
                          • Kahn, Roger: Writer
                          Roger Kahn b. 10-31-1927 in Brooklyn, NY
                          • Kalas, Harry: Broadcaster – Philadelphia Phillies
                          Harold Norbert Kalas b. 3-26-1936 in Naperville, IL d. 4-13-2009
                          • Kauffman, Ewing: Royals Owner & founder – Kansas City Royals
                          Ewing Marion Kauffman b. 9-21-1916 in Garden City, MO d. 8-1-1993
                          • Klem, Bill: Umpire
                          William Joseph Klimm b. 2-22-1874 in Rochester, NY d. 9-16-1971
                          • Landis, Kenesaw Mountain: Commissioner
                          Kenesaw Mountain Landis b. 11-20-1866 in Millville, OH d. 11-25-1944
                          • Lane, F.C.: Writer, statistical pioneer
                          Ferdinand Cole Lane b. 1896 d. 1984
                          • Lane, Trader: GM, FO Executive, Scout, A.A. President – Chicago White Sox
                          Frank C. Lane b. 2-1-1896 in Cincinnati, OH d. 3-19-1981
                          • Lieb, Fred: Writer, Historian
                          Frederick George Lieb b. 3-5-1888 in Philadelphia, PA d. 6-3-1980
                          Lynch, Tom: N.L. President, Umpire
                          Thomas James Lynch b. 4-3-1860 in Bennington, VT d. 3-28-1955

                          • MacPhail, Larry: Owner, GM, FO Executive, pioneered regular flights and televised games – New York Yankees
                          Leland Stanford MacPhail b. 2-3-1890 in Cass City, MI d. 10-1-1975
                          • MacPhail, Lee: GM, FO Executive, A.L. President – New York Yankees
                          Leland Stanford MacPhail Jr. b. 10-25-1917 in Nashville, TN d. 11-8-2012
                          McAuslan, David J.: Writer
                          Origins unknown

                          • McClelland, Tim: Umpire
                          Timothy Reid McClelland b. 12-12-1951 in Jackson, MI
                          • McGowan, Bill: Umpire
                          William Aloysius McGowan b. 1-18-1896 in Wilmington, DE d. 12-9-1954
                          • Miller, Marvin: Players Rights Pioneer, Director of the Players Union
                          Marvin Julian Miller b. 4-14-1917 in Brooklyn, NY d. 11-27-2012
                          Mills, A.G.: FO Executive, N.L. President, Writer – Olympic
                          Abraham Gilbert Mills b. 3-12-1844 in New York, NY d. 8-26-1929

                          • Montague, Ed: Umpire
                          Edward Michael Montague b. 11-3-1948 in San Francisco, CA
                          Motley, Bob: Umpire, Ne.L. HoF Co-founder
                          Robert Carter Motley b. 3-11-1923 in Autaugaville, AL d. 9-14-2017

                          Mutrie, Jim: Manager, GM, Giants Co-founder – New York Giants
                          James J. Mutrie b. 6-13-1851 in Chelsea, MA d. 1-24-1938

                          • Navin, Frank: Owner, A.L. Vice President – Detroit Tigers
                          Francis Joseph Navin b. 4-18-1871 in Adrian, MI d. 11-13-1935
                          • Neft, David: Writer
                          David S. Neft b. 1-9-1937 in New York, NY
                          • Okrent, Dan: Writer, fantasy baseball creator
                          Daniel Okrent b. 4-2-1948 in Detroit, MI
                          • O’Malley, Peter: Owner – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Peter O'Malley b. 12-12-1937 in Brooklyn, NY
                          • O’Malley, Walter: Owner, first owner on the west coast – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Walter Francis O'Malley b. 10-9-1903 in New York, NY d. 8-9-1979
                          Pompez, Alex: Scout, GM, Owner, organized first Ne.L. World Series – New York Cubans
                          Allejandro Pompez b. 5-3-1890 in Key West, FL d. 3-14-1974

                          • Prince, Bob: Broadcaster – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Robert Ferris Prince b. 71-1916 in Los Angeles, CA d. 6-10-1985
                          Pulliam, Harry: N.L. President, Writer
                          Harry Clay Pulliam b. 2-9-1869 in Scottsville, KY d. 7-29-1909

                          • Quinn, Bob: Owner, Manager, GM, FO Executive, A.A. (MiLB) founder, O.S.L. President – Boston Red Sox
                          James Aloysius Robert Quinn b. 2-14-1870 in Columbus, OH d. 3-12-1954
                          Reyes, Alejandro: Writer, Mexican League Commissioner & founder
                          Alejandro Aguilar Reyes b. 2-14-1870 d. 11-12-1961

                          Richter, Francis: A.A. & U.A. Co-founder, Phillies & Athletics (A.A.) Co-founder, Writer
                          Francis C. Richter b. 1-26-1854 in Philadelphia, PA d. 2-12-1926

                          • Rigler, Cy: Umpire
                          Charles Rigler b. 5-16-1882 in Massillon, OH d. 12-21-1935
                          • Roth, Allan: Writer, statistical pioneer
                          Abraham Roth b. 5-10-1917 in Montreal, Canada d. 3-3-1992
                          • Ruppert, Jacob: Owner – New York Yankees
                          Jacob Ruppert Jr. b. 8-5-1867 in New York, NY d. 1-13-1939
                          • Schuerholz, John: GM – Atlanta Braves
                          John Boland Schuerholz Jr. b. 10-1-1940 in Baltimore, MD
                          • Scully, Vin: Broadcaster – Los Angeles Dodgers
                          Vincent Edward Scully b. 11-29-1927 in New York, NY
                          Selee, Frank: Manager, GM – Boston Beaneaters
                          Frank Gibson Selee b. 10-26-1859 in Amherst, NH d. 7-5-1909

                          • Shibe, Ben: Owner – Philadelphia Athletics
                          Benjamin Franklin Shibe b. 1-23-1838 in Philadelphia, PA d. 1-14-1922
                          Shoriki, Matsutaro: Writer, NPB Commissioner, Yomiuri Giants founder – Yomiuri Giants
                          Matsutaro Shoriki b. 4-11-1885 in Daimon, Japan d. 10-9-1969

                          • Showalter, Buck: Coach, Manager – New York Yankees
                          William Nathaniel Showalter III b. 5-23-1956 in DeFuniak Springs, FL
                          • Somers, Charles: A.L. Co-founder, funded the A.L., Indians Owner & founder – Cleveland Indians
                          Charles W. Somers b. 10-13-1868 in Cleveland, OH d. 6-29-1934
                          Spink, Alfred: Cardinals Co-founder, Writer
                          Alfred Henry Spink b. 8-24-1854 in Quebec, Canada d. 5-27-1928

                          Spink, J.G. Taylor: Writer
                          John George Taylor Spink b. 11-6-1888 in St. Louis, MO d. 12-7-1962

                          • Steinbrenner, George: Owner – New York Yankees
                          George Michael Steinbrenner III b. 7-4-1930 in Bay Village, OH d. 7-13-2010
                          • Stockton, J. Roy: Writer
                          James Roy Stockton b. 12-16-1892 d. 8-24-1972
                          • Stoneham, Horace: Owner, western expansion pioneer – San Francisco Giants
                          Horace Charles Stoneham b. 4-27-1903 in Newark, NJ d. 1-7-1990
                          • Summers, Bill: Umpire, MLB Executive
                          William Reed Summers b. 11-10-1895 in Harrison, NJ d. 9-12-1966
                          • Thorn, John: Writer, Historian
                          John Thorn b. 4-17-1947 in Stuttgart, Germany
                          • Thrifft, Syd: Scout, GM, FO Executive – Pittsburgh Pirates
                          Sydnor W. Thrift Jr. b. 2-25-1929 in Locust Hill, VA d. 9-18-2006
                          • Turner, Ted: Owner, TV pioneer – Atlanta Braves
                          Robert Edward Turner III b. 22-29-2938 in Cincinnati, OH
                          • Veeck Jr., Bill: Owner, GM – Cleveland Indians
                          William Louis Veeck Jr. b. 2-19-1914 in Chicago, IL d. 1-2-1986
                          • Vincent, Fay: Commissioner
                          Francis Thomas Vincent Jr. b. 5-29-1938 in Waterbury, CT
                          von der Ahe, Chris: Cardinals Co-founder, Owner – St. Louis Browns (A.A.)
                          Christian Freidrich Wilhelm von der Ahe b. 10-7-1851 in Hille, Prussia d. 6-5-1913

                          • Weiss, George: GM, FO Executive – New York Yankees
                          George Martin Weiss b. 6-23-1894 in New Haven, CT d. 8-13-1972
                          • Wendelstedt, Harry: Umpire
                          Harry Hunter Wendelstedt Jr. b. 7-27-1938 d. 3-9-2012
                          Wheaton, William: Early club organizer, Umpire, first man to write down rules – Knickerbocker
                          William Rufus Wheaton b. 5-7-1814 in New York, NY d. 9-11-1888

                          Wildey, John: Pioneer – Mutual
                          John Wildey b. 1823 in New York, NY d. 5-30-1889

                          • Wrigley, P.K.: Owner – Chicago Cubs
                          Philip Knight Wrigley b. 12-5-1894 in Chicago, IL d. 4-12-1977
                          • Wrigley, William: Owner, radio pioneer – Chicago Cubs
                          William M. Wrigley Jr. b. 9-30-1861 in Philadelphia, PA d. 1-26-1932
                          • Yawkey, Tom: Owner – Boston Red Sox
                          Thomas Yawkey Austin b. 3-21-1903 in Detroit, MI d. 7-9-1976
                          I started from the first page read through, what a great time sifting through the thoughts of the electorate.

                          To Bluesky, if you had to pick 10 or so, who would be your favorites for the Hall of Honor that aren't in mine?

                          Doc Adams
                          Sandy Alderson
                          Walter Alston
                          Sparky Anderson
                          Dusty Baker
                          Ed Barrow
                          Buzzie Bavasi
                          Billy Beane
                          Chief Bender
                          Bruce Bochy
                          Ed Bolden
                          Sam Breadon
                          Roger Bresnahan
                          Al Campanis
                          Brian Cashman
                          Henry Chadwick
                          Frank Chance
                          Charles Comiskey
                          Bobby Cox
                          Jim Creighton
                          Harry Dalton
                          Dave Dombrowski
                          Barney Dreyfuss
                          Leo Durocher
                          Theo Epstein
                          Sean Forman
                          Terry Francona
                          Ford Frick
                          Pat Gillick
                          Clark Griffith
                          Ned Hanlon
                          Bucky Harris
                          Whitey Herzog
                          John Heydler
                          Gil Hodges
                          Bob Howsam
                          Miller Huggins
                          William Hulbert
                          Bill James
                          Frank Jobe
                          Ban Johnson
                          Davey Johnson
                          Tetsuhara Kawakami
                          Ralph Kiner
                          Bill Klem
                          Kenesaw Landis
                          Tony LaRussa
                          Al Lopez
                          Dolf Luque
                          Connie Mack
                          Larry MacPhail
                          Billy Martin
                          Joe McCarthy
                          Bill McKechnie
                          Marvin Miller
                          Shigeru Mizuhara
                          David Neft
                          Lefty O'Doul
                          Buck O’Neil
                          Walter O'Malley
                          Dickey Pearce
                          Johnny Pesky
                          Lip Pike
                          Lou Piniella
                          Alex Pompez
                          Cum Posey
                          A.J./Al Reach
                          Branch Rickey
                          Phil Rizzuto
                          Jacob Ruppert
                          Brian Sabean
                          Johnny Sain
                          Lazaro Salazar
                          John Schierholtz
                          Mike Scioscia
                          Vin Scully
                          Frank Selee
                          Matsutaro Shoriki
                          Billy Southworth
                          George Steinbrenner
                          Casey Stengel
                          C.I. Taylor
                          J.G. Taylor Spink
                          Kazuto Tsuruoaka
                          Bill Veeck
                          Louis Wadsworth
                          Earl Weaver
                          George Weiss
                          William Wheaton
                          Sol White
                          J.L. Wilkinson
                          Dick Williams
                          Harry Wright
                          Nick Young

                          Thank you kindly.
                          Jacquelyn Eva Marchand (1983-2017)


                          • That is a great Hall, Bluesky!


                            • Originally posted by Cougar View Post
                              That is a great Hall, Bluesky!
                              And by extension, I'm not an expert on the contributor side and enjoy hearing of people's favorites I have overlooked, or if I've overrated folks and they should really be removed, thanks Cougar and please lend a hand!
                              Jacquelyn Eva Marchand (1983-2017)


                              • Originally posted by NJRob65 View Post
                                Aaron, Heny
                                Alexander, Grover Cleveland
                                Allen, Dick
                                Alomar, Roberto
                                Anson, Cap
                                Appling, Luke
                                Ashburn, Richie
                                Bagwell, Jeff
                                Baker, Home Run
                                Bando, Sal
                                Banks, Ernie
                                Bell, Buddy
                                Bench, Johnny
                                Berkman, Lance
                                Berra, Yogi
                                Biggio, Craig
                                Blyleven, Bert
                                Boggs, Wade
                                Bonds, Barry
                                Bonds, Bobby
                                Boudreau, Lou
                                Boyer, Ken
                                Brett, George
                                Brouthers, Dan
                                Brown, Kevin
                                Brown, Mordecai
                                Burkett, Jesse
                                Campanella, Roy
                                Carew, Rod
                                Carlton, Steve
                                Carter, Gary
                                Caruthers, Bob
                                Chance, Frank
                                Clarke, Fred
                                Clarkson , John
                                Clemens, Roger
                                Clemente, Roberto
                                Cobb, Ty
                                Cochrane, Mickey
                                Collins, Eddie
                                Collins, Jimmy
                                Cone, David
                                Connor, Roger
                                Coveleski, Stan
                                Crawford, Sam
                                Cronin, Joe
                                Dahlen, Bill
                                Davis, George
                                Dawson, Andre
                                Dean, Dizzy
                                Delahanty, Ed
                                Dickey, Bill
                                DiMaggio, Joe
                                Doby, Larry
                                Doerr, Bobby
                                Drysdale, Don
                                Eckersley, Dennis
                                Edmonds, Jim
                                Evans, Dwight
                                Ewing, Buck
                                Feller, Bob
                                Ferrell, Wes
                                Fisk, Carlton
                                Ford, Whitey
                                Foxx, Jimmie
                                Frisch, Frankie
                                Gehrig, Lou
                                Gehringer, Charlie
                                Gibson, Bob
                                Glasscock, Jack
                                Glavine, Tom
                                Gordon, Joe
                                Goslin, Goose
                                Gossage, Goose
                                Greenberg, Hank
                                Grich, Bobby
                                Griffey, Ken Jr.
                                Griffith, Clark
                                Grove, Lefty
                                Guerrero, Vladimir
                                Gwynn, Tony
                                Halladay, Roy
                                Hamilton, Billy
                                Hartnett, Gabby
                                Heilmann, Harry
                                Helton, Todd
                                Henderson, Rickey
                                Herman, Billy
                                Hernandez, Keith
                                Hoffman, Trevor
                                Hornsby, Rogers
                                Hubbell, Carl
                                Jackson, Reggie
                                Jackson, Shoeless Joe
                                Jenkins, Ferguson
                                Johnson, Randy
                                Johnson, Walter
                                Jones, Andruw
                                Jones, Chipper
                                Kaline, Al
                                Keefe, Tim
                                Killebrew, Harmon
                                Kiner, Ralph
                                Koufax, Sandy
                                Lajoie, Napoleon
                                Larkin, Barry
                                Lofton, Kenny
                                Lyons, Ted
                                Maddux, Greg
                                Mantle, Mickey
                                Marichal, Juan
                                Martinez, Edgar
                                Martinez, Pedro
                                Mathews, Eddie
                                Mathewson, Christy
                                Mays, Willie
                                McCovey, Willie
                                McCormick, Jim
                                McGinnity, Joe
                                McGraw, John
                                McGwire, Mark
                                McPhee, Bid
                                Medwick, Joe
                                Minoso, Minnie
                                Mize, Johnny
                                Molitor, Paul
                                Morgan, Joe
                                Mullane, Tony
                                Murray, Eddie
                                Musial, Stan
                                Mussina, Mike
                                Nettles, Graig
                                Newhouser, Hal
                                Nichols, Kid
                                Niekro, Phil
                                Oswalt, Roy
                                Ott, Mel
                                Palmeiro, Rafael
                                Palmer, Jim
                                Perry, Gaylord
                                Piazza, Mike
                                Plank, Ed
                                Radbourn, Old Hoss
                                Raines, Tim
                                Randolph, Willie
                                Reese, Pee Wee
                                Reuschel, Rick
                                Ripken, Cal Jr.
                                Rivera, Mariano
                                Roberts, Robin
                                Robinson, Brooks
                                Robinson, Frank
                                Robinson, Jackie
                                Rodriguez, Ivan
                                Rolen, Scott
                                Rose, Pete
                                Rusie, Amos
                                Ruth, Babe
                                Ryan, Nolan
                                Saberhagen, Bret
                                Sandberg, Ryne
                                Santana, Johan
                                Santo, Ron
                                Schilling, Curt
                                Schmidt, Mike
                                Seaver, Tom
                                Shocker, Urban
                                Sisler, George
                                Simmons, Al
                                Smith, Ozzie
                                Smith, Reggie
                                Smoltz, John
                                Snider, Duke
                                Spahn, Warren
                                Stargell, Willie
                                Stieb, Dave
                                Thomas, Frank
                                Thome, Jim
                                Tiant, Luis Jr.
                                Tinker, Joe
                                Trammell, Alan
                                Vance, Dazzy
                                Vaughan, Arky
                                Wadell, Rube
                                Wagner, Billy
                                Wagner, Honus
                                Walker, Larry
                                Wallace, Bobby
                                Walsh, Ed
                                Waner, Paul
                                Wheat, Zack
                                Whitaker, Lou
                                Wilhelm, Hoyt
                                Williams, Billy
                                Williams, Ted
                                Yastrezmski, Carl
                                Young, Cy
                                Yount, Robin

                                Future eligibles:

                                Beltran, Carlos
                                Beltre, Adrian
                                Cabrera, Miguel
                                Cano, Robinson
                                Greinke, Zack
                                Hamels, Cole
                                Hudson, Tim
                                Jeter, Derek
                                Kershaw, Clayton
                                Mauer, Joe
                                Pujols, Albert
                                Rodriguez, Alex
                                Scherzer, Max
                                Trout, Mike
                                Utley, Chase
                                Verlander, Justin
                                Votto, Joey


                                Alderson, Sandy
                                Alston, Walter
                                Anderson, Sparky
                                Barrow, Ed
                                Beane, Billy
                                Brown, Joe L.
                                Cartwright, Alexander
                                Chadwick, Henry
                                Chance, Frank
                                Chandler, A.B. "Happy"
                                Clarke, Fred
                                Cox, Bobby
                                Durocher, Leo
                                Finley, Charlie
                                Giamatti, A. Bartlett
                                Gillick, Pat
                                Griffith, Clark
                                Hanlon, Ned
                                Herzog, Whitey
                                Howsom, Bob
                                Huggins, Miller
                                Jobe, Dr. Frank
                                Johnson, Ban
                                Johnson, Davey
                                LaRussa, Tony
                                Lasorda, Tommy
                                Lopez, Al
                                Mack, Connie
                                MacPhail, Larry
                                MacPhail, Lee
                                Maddon, Joe
                                Martin, Billy
                                McCarthy, Joe
                                McGraw, John
                                McKenchie, Bill
                                McKeon, Jack
                                Miller, Marvin
                                Murtaugh, Danny
                                O'Malley, Walter
                                O'Neil, Buck
                                O'Neill, Steve
                                Piniella, Lou
                                Rickey, Branch
                                Sabean, Brian
                                Schoendienst, Red
                                Schuerholz, John
                                Selee, Frank
                                Southworth, Billy
                                Spalding, Al
                                Stengel, Casey
                                Torre, Joe
                                Veeck, Bill
                                Weaver, Earl
                                Williams, Dick
                                Wright, George
                                Wright, Henry
                                Nice Hall NJRobb, any thoughts on Max Carey, Elmer Flick, Monte Irvin (not enough MLB time?), Charlie Keller, Thurman Munson, Manny Ramirez, Red Ruffing, Wally Schang, Ted Simmons, Enos Slaughter, Tris Speaker (Accidental oversight), Dave Winfield, and Jimmy Wynn?
                                Guessing Ross Barnes, Deacon White, King Kelly, and George Wright fall short due to LQ concerns?
                                Thank you.
                                Jacquelyn Eva Marchand (1983-2017)


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