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  • Ranking the HoF Players - #1

    This may have been attempted here before, but if it has, I don't remember it lasting particularly long. Basically, I want to start a project where we rank the Hall of Fame players in order of worthiness, 1 through whatever. Elections will last one week and voters simply list the top 10 remaining in personal order of worthiness, and thus the project could conceivably last about 4 years if we make it all the way from the best to worst candidate. So consider this round one, and here is the format template that will appear with each election:

    Project Summary: To rank the worthiness of the players inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame from most worthy to least worthy.

    Election Format: Voters will submit ballots ranking their 10 most worthy remaining Hall of Fame players in order of worthiness. Each first place vote will be worth 10 points, with each successive rank being worth one point less than the previous rank, ending in a tenth place vote being worth 1 point. The five players with the highest support at the end of each election will be elected in the order of their support. Elections will last approximately seven days.
    - Tiebreakers: In the event of a tie among players at the end of an election, the first tiebreaker will number of first place votes in that election. The second tiebreaker will be total number of ballot appearances in that election. In the event that there remains a tie, there will be a three day run-off by poll. Players that lose in a run-off will slot into the next ranking spot.

    Factors to Consider: As this project focuses in players inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, subjective qualities beyond just statistics can be considered in determining a player's relative worthiness.

    Player Eligibility: Only players that have been elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame as players are eligible. A complete list of individuals that have been inducted as players is available at the National Baseball Hall of Fame's website. This project includes both Negro Leaguers and 19th Century players elected to the Hall of Fame.
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    1) Babe Ruth - 10 points
    2) Jackie Robinson - 9 points
    3) Willie Mays - 8 points
    4) Hank Aaron - 7 points
    5) Ty Cobb - 6 points
    6) Honus Wagner - 5 points
    7) Cy Young - 4 points
    8) Walter Johnson - 3 points
    9) Lou Gehrig - 2 points
    10) Roberto Clemente - 1 point

    I can see people questioning some of my list, but I feel strongly that the Hall of Fame isn't just about stats and it's about honoring the game's history and the important figures in the game's history. In that vein, Jackie Robinson is a titan, IMO and that's why he gets my second place vote. With respect to Roberto Clemente, he's one of the three statutes that greets people entering the Hall (the other two being Robinson and Lou Gehrig), which I think speaks to his place in the game's history and how much he means to entire population of people that have embraced the game. Young got the nod over Johnson as Young's name seems to resonate greater in the game's history (it's not like MLB gives out a Walter Johnson award each season).
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      1. Babe Ruth (10)
      2. Ty Cobb (9)
      3. Stan Musial (8)
      4. Ted Williams (7)
      5. Rogers Hornsby (6)
      6. Hank Aaron (5)
      7. Honus Wagner (4)
      8. Willie Mays (3)
      9. Lou Gehrig (2)
      10. Walter Johnson (1)


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        1 Ruth (10) – Perhaps the single biggest American sports icon
        2 Gehrig (9) – Quiet dignity, solid as a rock, and inextricably linked to Ruth
        3 Aaron (8) – As good as Mays, IMO, and broke THE record
        4 Mays (7) – Routinely considered the greatest all-round ballplayer of all-time
        5 J. Robinson (6) – For reasons stated by DoubleX
        6 Williams (5) – Acknowledged as the greatest hitter of all-time
        7 Cobb (4) – Infamously iconic
        8 Wagner (3) – A bit underappreciated, perhaps, by the masses, until his baseball card comes up for auction
        9 W. Johnson/Ryan (1 a piece) – History’s finest pitcher, and perhaps, its most romanticized
        10 Dimaggio/Mantle (.5 a piece) – I can’t separate these two
        HM Ripken

        Feel free to take only ten with Ryan last. Thanks.


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          Great idea DX. I don't remember us ever doing a project quite like this.

          1. Babe Ruth - 10 Points (No explanation needed)
          2. Jackie Robinson - 9 Points (Most recognizable name outside of Ruth & Young. His impact is still felt today.)
          3. Hank Aaron - 8 Points (Interchangeable with Mays)
          4. Willie Mays - 7 Points (Interchangeable with Aaron)
          5. Ted Williams - 6 Points (So many things he's still known for today and was one of the all-time greats)
          6. Ty Cobb - 5 Points (One of the games greats and one whose name is still known by casual fans)
          7. Cy Young - 4 Points (His name is synonymous with Great pitching. His record of wins is the most untouchable in sports)
          8. Grover Cleveland Alexander - 3 Points (Greatest to ever pitch, deserves a spot in the top ten for that alone)
          9. Roberto Clemente - 2 Points (Everything DX stated.)
          10. Cal Ripken Jr. - 1 Point (Can his impact on the game be overstated? Doubt it.)
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            Originally posted by RyanExpress30 View Post
            9 W. Johnson/Ryan (1 a piece) – History’s finest pitcher, and perhaps, its most romanticized
            10 Dimaggio/Mantle (.5 a piece) – I can’t separate these two
            HM Ripken

            Feel free to take only ten with Ryan last. Thanks.
            No ties here, voters gotta make the tough decisions, so I'll make Ryan your 10th.


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              As is often the case with a new project, I may tweak the rules somewhat from initially stated. This project may trudge along a little too slowly if we do one player at a time, and really, ballots probably won't change much from election to election other than to remove one player and insert another. So I'm thinking we'll keep with voting for 10 players each election, with the top 5 getting electing and the bottom 5 going back into the pool. In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be first place votes. If there's still a tie, there will be a run-off. This will move things a long a little more briskly and allow for a more regular infusion of new players to the conversation.


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                1. Ruth-10
                2. Williams, T- 9
                3. Mays, W-8
                4. Cobb-7
                5. Wagner-6
                6. J Robinson-5
                7. Mantle-4
                8. Johnson, W-3
                9. Gibson, J-2
                10. Hornsby-1
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                  1) Willie Mays (10) ...not to be iconoclastic, I've just always thought Mays was the best player in the Hall
                  2) Babe Ruth (9)
                  3) Ty Cobb 8)
                  4) Walter Johnson (7) ...wanted to get a pitcher into the top 5
                  5) Hank Aaron (6)
                  6) Ted Williams (5)
                  7) Cy Young (4)
                  8) Christy Mathewson (3) ...kind of surprised by the lack of support for Big Six thus far
                  9) Lou Gehrig (2)
                  10) Stan Musial (1)


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                    Sweet. I can use my BoB master list for this...

                    1. Honus Wagner (10)
                    2. Ty Cobb (9)
                    3. Babe Ruth (8)
                    4. Willie Mays (7)
                    5. Josh Gibson (6)
                    6. Walter Johnson (5)
                    7. Hank Aaron (4)
                    8. Ted Williams (3)
                    9. Lefty Grove (2)
                    10. Pete Alexander (1)


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                      1. Babe Ruth (10)---Easy choice for me.
                      2. Willie Mays (9)---Greatest player I have ever personally seen
                      3. Lou Gehrig (8)---Tragic demise perhaps heightens ranking
                      4. Walter Johnson (7)---4 seems a good spot for greatest pitcher of all time
                      5. Rogers Hornsby (6)---Greatest right handed hitter of all time
                      6. Joe DiMaggio (5)---He and Ted could go either way
                      7. Ted Williams (4)---He and Joe could go either way
                      8. Ty Cobb (3)---Could have gone higher, tough crowd
                      9. Hank Aaron (2)---True home run king
                      10. Tom Seaver (1)---Like Mays, only greatest PITCHER I have ever personally seen
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                        --I'll be voting with a hybrid of best player and most historically significant player, so this project will be abit - or maybe alot - different from my actual rankings.

                        1) Babe Ruth
                        2) Hank Aaron
                        3) Cap Anson
                        4) Jackie Robinson
                        5) Walter Johnson
                        6) Willie Mays
                        7) Ted Williams
                        8) Honus Wagner
                        9) Ty Cobb
                        10) Satchel Paige


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                          1) Babe Ruth
                          [Greatest hitter of the game, and was an effective pitcher]

                          2) Willie Mays
                          [Greatest ball player of the game, the complete package]

                          3) Cy Young
                          [My choice for the greatest pitcher, ridiculous longevity and success]

                          4) Ty Cobb
                          [Greatest player before the homerun shift changed the game forever. The complete package during his time. Owns baseball's most famous statistic.]

                          5) Oscar Charleston
                          [Willie Mays of the Negro Leagues, did everything extremely well. Did not pitch though. Too bad segregation existed back then]

                          6) Jackie Robinson
                          [For obvious reasons]

                          7) Walter Johnson
                          [Best combination of pitching dominance and longevitiy]

                          8) Ted Williams
                          [Imagine his numbers if the war didn't get in the way of the game. As a hitter, was the best at avoiding outs.]

                          9) Lou Gehrig
                          [Fantastic consistency and compilation of the triple crown numbers. The Iron Horse he definitely was.]

                          10) Rogers Hornsby
                          [Greatest right-handed hitter]


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                            1. Honus Wagner
                            2. Ty Cobb
                            3. Babe Ruth
                            4. Walter Johnson
                            5. Willie Mays
                            6. Josh Gibson
                            7. Satchel Paige
                            8. Ted Williams
                            9. Lou Gehrig
                            10. Hank Aaron


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                              1. Babe Ruth
                              2. Ted Williams
                              3. Ty Cobb
                              4. Walter Johnson
                              5. Willie Mays
                              6. Hank Aaron
                              7. Josh Gibson
                              8. Lou Gehrig
                              9. Cy Young
                              10. Stan Musial


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