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BBF Mets franchise HOF round three

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    This election is over, and the Mets elected three players, who are listed above the "===========" line. The rest are not inducted:

    10 Alfonzo, Edgardo
    8 Darling, Ron
    8 Leiter, Al
    = =============
    7 Carter, Gary
    6 Franco, John
    6 Harrelson, Bud
    6 Wilson, Mookie
    5 Stearns, John
    4 Grote, Jerry
    3 Kranepool, Ed
    3 McGraw, Tug
    3 Orosco, Jesse
    2 Agee, Tommie
    2 Backman, Wally
    2 Benitez, Armando
    2 Brooks, Hubie
    2 Dykstra, Lenny
    2 Glavine, Tom
    2 Hundley, Todd
    2 Magadan, Dave
    2 Mazzilli, Lee
    2 McReynolds, Kevin
    2 Olerud, John
    2 Reed, Rick
    2 Staub, Rusty
    1 Foster, George
    1 Garrett, Wayne
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      I'd like to remind everyone voting for this franchise that John Franco was elected to the NY Mets Hall of Fame this year:

      Read here for more.

      Another article that shows just how important Franco is to his fans.

      This guy was the heart and soul of the Mets for 14 years. For a project like this, it is important to not just crunch numbers and think about the role a given player had for a given franchise and the impact he had as a leader and to fans of the team who were the ones who watched and cheered for him every day.

      For the stat minded, John Franco is one of the all time saves leaders and put up an impressive career as a closer.
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