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    what do you think his chances to get into the hall are? he's a solid young second baseman, i think if he continues to produce like he's done in his short career, he's headed to the hall.
    Yes, he'll deserve to be in the HOF
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    Soriano is a excellent hitter and base runner but he lacks defensive ability that may plague him in the future.


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      It's WAY to early to count.. but with the ways are going for him I don't think he will. He doesn't come off to me as a guy who is going to have a long succesful career.


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        At his best, he has shown himself to be a 30/30 player (almost 40/40), but over all, he just has an above average BA, below average OBP (that one REALLY hurts - .323/.336), he has good power, fair/above average defense, but nothing exciting in that department.

        Will he be consistent? Signs show - NO. He had a good first couple of years, and while it might be the park, but while he hit 35+ HR's in NY, he couldn't hit 30 in Texas! It may have just been a down year, but it could also be a sign of things to come.

        Overall, a good hitter, doesn't walk a lot, is still young, and has plenty of room to mature. He could have good power, and it should shine more w/ fewer juiced HR's showing up (I won't speculate towrads A.S. on that subject). Of course, he is only 29 years old this season, so he has plenty of time to add to his already impressive resume.


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          another thing is he strikes out like nobody's business, a career BB to K ratio of .225
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            Originally posted by NationalPastime1980
            Soriano is a excellent hitter and base runner but he lacks defensive ability that may plague him in the future.
            This is what will probably plague him as time goes on. If he was a GGer, and he kept up his offensive pace, he could look like a possible HOFer, but right now he just seems to be coming up short of that mark.


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              Right now there are only two players with around 5 years and under experience who we can legitimately talk about as HOF talents with production to match, and that's Albert Pujols and Ichiro. Soriano has put up some nice numbers in an era of inflated stats (steroids or not) but nothing to jump up and down over yet.

              He's 29? If he were 25 I'd feel a bit stronger about him, since, as Edgar pointed out, he may be already past his best stuff. 25 and 29 can be a big difference toward an off season or the start of a irreversible trend.
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                talk to me in 5 years or so and then i'll start considering whether he is a HOF caliber player.


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                  Soriano is NOT a young player. He's already 29 years old. Remember, he was part of AgeGate a few seasons ago. He was actually two years older than previously known. He's only five months younger than A-Rod and he's older than Vlad. I think he lack of plate discipline will hurt him in the end. How many great 2B have had had that awful of a K/BB ratio? Also, his defense is not good.
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                    He just isn't the type of player that tends to sustain excellence into his 30s, when he loses a step afield and on the basepaths.

                    I hope I'm wrong, but I think in five years he's a role player.


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                      I think Soriano will end up having a career like Greg Jefferies or Roberto Kelly.


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                        Being able to field, make contact with the ball regularly, or take pitches might help his case. Yes, he hits 30 homeruns a year but...who doesn't?
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                          He didn't do much in that Bandbox in Texas, I think his best days are behind him.


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                            Alfonso Soriano

                            Alfonso Soriano has been the most disrespected player in baseball, but he is also the player who has done the most this year to help his HOF case.

                            Soriano has hit 32 HRs in the toughest park in the NL. He's walked more than ever. He's still fast on the bases, he's hitting .289, and he's been hot all season.

                            Soriano has been a four time All-Star at second base and an All-Star this year in LF. He's got 194 HRs, he's hitting .289, he's got more walks NOW than he's ever had, and should end up with somewhere between 60-70 walks.

                            Despite all he's done, Soriano gets no respect. He's treated like Dave Kingman in some quarters. It's true that Soriano has his deficiences. To-wit:

                            (A) He was a below-average defensive second baseman (though not as bad as he was made out to be, IMO)

                            (B) He didn't walk much, until this year

                            (C) He was revealed to be 3 years older than believed when he first came up.

                            All that said, Soriano is likely to have 205-210 HRs by the end of this year. He's 30. He started late, and played 5 years at second base. And just when people were complaining about his park advantage in Texas, he's traded to the toughest ballpark in the NL and he's lighting it up like he never did before.

                            Can Soriano make the HOF? What has to happen for him to make the HOF?
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                              --Well for starters this season needs to represent a sustainable level and not a career year. He wasn't even on the HoF radar (at least mine) prior to this year. Actually he wasn't on my radar until about 60 seconds ago . He is still just a faint blip off in the distance.


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