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Some Mariano Rivera Numbers

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  • Some Mariano Rivera Numbers

    No doubt a first ballot HOFer.

    Rivera in the regular season
    Appearances: 1,051<<
    ERA: 2.21<<
    Saves: 608<<
    Blown saves: 73<<
    Strikeouts: 1,119
    Walks: 277
    Opp BA: .210

    >> Leads active pitchers (min. 1,000 IP)

    Rivera in the postseason
    Appearances: 96<<
    ERA: 0.70<<
    Saves: 42<<
    Blown saves: 5
    Strikeouts: 110
    Walks: 21
    Opp BA: .174

    >> Best all time (min. 30 IP)

    Most saves, MLB history
    Mariano Rivera: 608
    Trevor Hoffman: 601
    Lee Smith: 478
    John Franco: 424
    Billy Wagner: 422

    Most career saves all with one team
    Mariano Rivera (Yankees): 608
    Jeff Montgomery (Royals): 304
    Bobby Thigpen (White Sox): 201
    Danny Graves (Reds): 182

    Most 30-save seasons
    Mariano Rivera: 14
    Trevor Hoffman: 14
    Lee Smith: 10
    Billy Wagner: 9

    Most consecutive 20-save seasons
    Mariano Rivera: 15
    Lee Smith: 13
    Jeff Reardon: 11
    Most postseason saves, all time
    Mariano Rivera: 42
    Brad Lidge: 18
    Dennis Eckersley: 15

    Lowest ERA, live ball era (since 1920)
    Mariano Rivera: 2.21
    Hoyt Wilhelm: 2.52
    Whitey Ford: 2.75
    Dan Quisenberry: 2.76
    Sandy Koufax: 2.76
    (minimum 1,000 IP)

    Lowest WHIP, all time
    Addie Joss: 0.97
    Mariano Rivera: 1.00
    Ed Walsh: 1.00
    Monte Ward: 1.04
    Pedro Martinez: 1.05
    (min. 1,000 IP) - Where the Big Boys Play

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    You left some players out of the most saves with one team:

    Trevor Hoffman - 552 saves (Padres)
    Dennis Eckersley - 320 saves (Athletics)
    Billy Wagner - 225 saves (Astros)

    To name a few.
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      That was most saves, ALL with one team. Meaning the pitcher did not have any saves with another franchise.
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        While Rivera is unquestionably the best closer ever, for teams using the modern deployment of relievers, he didn't throw the 130 innings a year of the Gossages, Wilhelms or Fingers. He also didn't pile up the innings of a starter, in any era. Comparing Rivera to a 1966 Koufax is silly. Koufax put up video game numbers and threw 323 innings.

        So sure, give Rivera his due, but let's keep a perspective on some of these rate stats.
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