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    This isn't a question about his on-the-field credentials. We all know that he has to string together four or five MVP-caliber seasons, staying healthy, to even be in the conversation. And he's already 31 now.

    This is a question about whether you think that his past should weigh against him. Character is part of the vote. Has he shown character by overcoming his drug addiction? Or does he lack it because he fell into drugs in the first place, cheating himself and the game out of a Ted Williams-esque career?

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    For Hamilton to be a serious HOF consideration he'd have to have great peak value. IMO he would need to play at a HoF level through age 36 at least. If Hamilton does end up having that great peak I doubt his drug problems will be an issue in terms of voting. Hamilton probably won't be HoF eligible until at least 2026-27.
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      If he can turn in a HOF worthy career after his late start due to those issues, I can't see them stopping him then. However, I don't think it likely he'll do it. I will say I don't see anyone cutting him a break in their expectations of what they look for in a HOFer as this was a self-made problem.
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        I wouldn't have a problem if they gave him credit for overcoming his addictions but what gets me about him is how he talks about God and how he's saved again. I dont mind that during the winter he went out and got drunk but from what I hear is he had sex with a girl in the bathroom and even that isnt a huge deal. It's none of my business but it's hard for me to take this guy seriously when he talks about God when he goes and does stuff like that.

        If he's gonna get credit for losing out part of his career for drugs and alcohol he needs to be more serious about it. There's WW2 vets who deserve to be in from losing time to a war. Sometimes I really wonder if the God stuff is a act with that guy. Having a few drinks isnt a big deal but getting hammered and cheating on your wife in a public restaurant/bar makes me think he's not too serious about overcoming his addictions. It's a rumor about the cheating part but their were several patrons who said he did do that. It wouldn't surprise me if that was true .
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          If his performance on the field merits induction, he should be inducted. He didn't kill anybody.
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