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    Jim Rice retired in 1989 and is still not in the Hall of Fame. Rice's resume is very impressive with 2 silver sluggers, an m.v.p., 3 home run titles, 2 r.b.i. crowns, led the league in total bases 4 times including 400 in 1978, and 8 all-star teams in 10 years. 2450 hits, 380 homers, 1450 ribs. But was is the most telling and, surprisingly most overlooked qualification for hall consideration is the number of beast seasons. Whenever I check out a guy's career, that is by far the number that means the most to me. It separates the greats from the compilers. Compilers are guys that maybe hit a 170 hits every year, but play forever so they pile up 3,000 hits. A corner outfielder hitting in the middle of the order in Rice's generation would, for me, have to have a minimum of 90 runs, 180 hits, 25 2Bs, 25 HRs, 90 r.b.i., 90 walks, 285 AVG, and 375 OBP. To me, if a guy can get at least 3 of these qualifications in a season, he has himself a Hall caliber season. For example, 100 r.b.i., with 35 2Bs, and 195 hits is a H.O.F. season even if there are only 17 homers.

    Rice, by my count, has himself 9 HOF seasons. I'll count 1982 since he's only 1 short in HRs and 2Bs. A very impressive number. Almost a full decade's worth of Hall caliber play. When you look at how big his biggest years were, which is also an important factor in my opinion, it becomes obvious that Rice is a no doubt about it hall of famer.

    Since I have never heard anybody dispute Rice's credentials, is it safe to say that he's not in because the writers hate him personally? Or do any of you believe that Rice's career falls short?

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