Let me begin by saying that I consider Keith Hernandez to be Ozzie Smith except Hernandez was a better hitter. LIke Smith, Keith's case is based on defense first and offense is simply icing on the cake. Hernandez hit third on good teams and was a good RBI man who also scored a lot of runs.

Runs- 1124/1257
Hits- 2182/2460
2Bs- 426/402
HRs- 162/28
RBI- 1071/793
BB- 1070/1072
SB- 98/580
Gld Glvs- 11/13

Hernandez also has an MVP, a batting title, 2 run scoring titles and a number of other credentials. Nobody I know has any problem with Ozzie being in, why don't I hear much support for Mex?