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    Though his numbers didn't end up stupendous, I almost have to wonder if catcher Johnny Edwards had Hall of Fame potential. He was an All-Star three years in a row early in his career and also won two straight Gold Gloves.

    He played from 1961 to 1974, hitting .242 with 81 home runs and 1,106 hits in 1,470 games. His three All-Star games came from 1963-1965 and his Gold Gloves were won in 1963 and 1964. In 1969, he also received MVP votes.

    He played defensive with aplomb as he led the league in games at catcher four times, catcher assists four times, catcher fielding percentage four times, putouts at catcher three times and baserunners caught stealing twice. He accumulated dWAR of 9.9.

    Though his postseason experience was very limited, he performed well, hitting .333 with two doubles in 12 at-bats. He hit .364 in the 1961 World Series.

    Statistically, he is similar to Alan Ashby, Mike Scioscia, Jim Hegan, Gus Mancuso, Butch Wynegar, Del Rice, Johnny Roseboro, Rick Cerone, Dan Wilson and Rick Dempsey. He is ranked #1088 on the Fan EloRater, ahead of Jim Russell, Dan Gladden and Jose Guillen, but behind George Case, Jimmy Barrett and Dean Palmer.

    He was on the 1980 Hall of Fame ballot, but did not receive any votes.

    So, what do you think about Johnny Edwards? Should he be in the Hall of Fame? Did he have Hall of Fame potential?
    Not a Hall of Famer, but he had Hall of Fame potential

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    Hard to come up with a scenario where he would. Solid player but not even as good as Jerry Grote.


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      See, I consider the Hall of Fame to be just that - of Fame. Granted, there are lesser guys in there that most (and myself included in some instances) think should never have gotten in... many of those had at least one moment of greatness or did something that was nationally newsworth. I've followed baseball since the mid-70s and I barely know who Johnny Edwards even was. Hall of Decent Accomplishments? Maybe. Hall of Fame? No way - at least in my humble opinion.
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        Sherm Lollar was far better.

        Jim Hegan was somewhat better.

        Jerry Grote has a better case.

        Johnny Roseboro has a MUCH better casse.

        Edwards was a common player who made the All Star team. That's common. He was a quality regular at his best, but he was never, ever a star. And he wasn't a quality regular for very long, due to his weak bat.
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