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Baseball's Future Hall of Famers - 1989 Book

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  • Baseball's Future Hall of Famers - 1989 Book

    This Stephen Hanks book was published in 1989. Although I'm assuming it was written before Yaz and Bench were voted into the HOF, and likely released for sale before they were inducted in the summer.

    The sections include:
    Carl Yastrzemski -- Johnny Bench -- Tom Seaver -- Pete Rose -- Reggie Jackson -- Steve Carlton -- Joe Morgan -- Rod Carew -- Jim Palmer -- Steve Garvey -- Gaylord Perry -- Rusty Staub -- Rollie Fingers -- Phil Niekro -- Tony Perez -- Don Sutton -- Mike Schmidt -- Nolan Ryan -- George Brett -- Dave Concepcion -- Tommy John -- Carlton Fisk -- Dave Winfield -- Gary Carter -- Keith Hernandez -- Jim Rice -- Bruce Sutter -- Dale Murphy -- Ozzie Smith -- Robin Yount

    But aside from that, does this list sound reasonable from a 1988/1989 perspective?

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    Little surprised to see Concepcion but otherwise looks reasonable. I see Lynn and Guidry are already off the radar screen. Blyleven might be the only late career guy not listed. actually as I typed it Gossage is not there. Presumably Rickey Henderson's hamstring seasons with the Yankees had made him look like maybe he was winding up or on the downside.


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      Im surprised some of the big early to mid 80s stars were not included. Raines, Strawberry, Henderson, Dawson, Mattingly, Gwynn, Puckett, and especially Boggs. it looks like the focus was on guys already retired or at the tail end of their careers.

      After the 1989 season, Boggs had a .352 lifetime average and 5 batting titles. Gwynn was at .332 with 4 batting titles.


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        Originally posted by dgarza View Post
        Pete Rose -- Steve Garvey -- Rusty Staub -- Dave Concepcion -- Tommy John -- Keith Hernandez -- Dale Murphy
        Above are the players highlighted in the book who haven't made it yet.

        I think most of the above will make the Hall someday through some VC procedure...Staub is the longest shot, or maybe Garvey. And of course the Rose mess may never resolve itself.

        All in all, a pretty strong list.


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          It looks like the list might be limited to guys with at least 10 years already-no Henderson, Ripken, Gwynn, Sandberg. Might have expected to see Dawson or Guerrero or Eddie Murray.


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            The love for Keith Hernandez sure did start early... and still won't go away.
            Your Second Base Coach
            Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey started 833 times and the Dodgers went 498-335, for a .598 winning percentage. That’s equal to a team going 97-65 over a season. On those occasions when at least one of them missed his start, the Dodgers were 306-267-1, which is a .534 clip. That works out to a team going 87-75. So having all four of them added 10 wins to the Dodgers per year.


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              Originally posted by Second Base Coach View Post
              The love for Keith Hernandez sure did start early... and still won't go away.
              15 years into a career is early?

              The author was very impressed with Staub's barbecue restaurant, which, as has been accused, was a big reason why he was included. I actually bought the magazine in 1989 as a Yaz and HOF fan. I think I still have it somewhere.
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