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  • Rating 20 players grand totals

    I've enjoyed posting the lists of 20 players for HOF consideration and seeing the rankings and most enjoyably reading the comments. To refesh, here is the ranking system:

    5-Why is he not in? (if he was eligible)
    4- Has a good case
    3- marginal, has some merit
    2-comes up short
    1-are you kidding me?

    We'd had a good reponse the first list had 25 raters, the second 19, and the 3rd 17. Here are the results. I would say that a player rated as a 4 or above, is felt by this board as a pretty definite HOFer. More lists to come

    Jeff Bagwell 4.84
    Jim Thome 4.79
    Craig Biggio 4.63
    John Smoltz 4.59
    Vladimir Guerrero 4.55
    Alan Trammel 4.48
    Curt Schilling 4.47
    Mike Mussina 4.34
    Tim Raines 4.32
    Dick Allen 4.31
    Bill Dahlen 4.29
    Lou Whitaker 4.29
    Jeff Kent 4.18
    Bobby Grich 4.03
    Larry Walker 3.89
    Edgar Martinez 3.79
    Gary Sheffield 3.76
    Tony Oliva 3.73
    Jim Edmonds 3.68
    Joe Torre 3.47
    Dwight Evans 3.39
    Dale Murphy 3.38
    Ken Boyer 3.35
    Kenny Lofton 3.29
    Scott Rolen 3.21
    Will Clark 3.19
    Albert Belle 3.16
    Andruw Jones 3.05
    Louis Tiant 3.05
    Lee Smith 3.00
    Gil Hodges 2.96
    Dave Parker 2.91
    Kevin Brown 2.89
    Dave Stieb 2.88
    Jim Wynn 2.88
    David Cone 2.85
    Billy Pierce 2.85
    Ron Guidry 2.81
    Jim Kaat 2.74
    Dave Concepcion 2.69
    Tommy John 2.68
    Bobby Abreau 2.65
    John McGraw 2.65
    Steve Garvey 2.62
    Jack Morris 2.58
    Norm Cash 2.58
    John Franco 2.53
    Jimmy Ryan 2.47
    Brett Saberhagen 2.37
    Tommy Leach 2.35
    Omar Visquel 2.32
    Vida Blue 2.27
    Mickey Lolich 2.24
    Jose Cruz 2.18
    Harold Baines 2.18
    Charlie Keller 1.88
    Mike Donlin 1.82
    Mel Harder 1.73
    Milt Pappas 1.65
    Marty Marion 1.53
    This week's Giant

    #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry

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    I’m surprised about only a few things here.

    Albert Belle 3.16 that’s pretty low. Is it the lack of longevity or the roid speculation? He was a beast

    I never thought that Mike Mussina was anywhere near as high as his ranking here.What rates him so high?

    I’m pleasantly surprised of the high ranking of Oliva.

    Joe Torre is ranked high as a player. Is it because of the lack of great catchers in his era.

    Jack Morris isn’t looked on kindly here. Is it his rate stats that people frown upon?

    Steve Garvey gets no love from history. I remember him as a perennial all star, a great post season player, hit machine, and iron man. Is it his low OBP?
    This week's Giant

    #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


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