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    I have a scenario for everyone on this board. Say the commissioner of baseball allowed you to put a maximum ten players into the Hall of Fame. The only rules are that you cannot exceed ten players, they have to be no longer eligible on the writer's ballot, they can't be players who haven't been retired for 5 years or more, and they can't be banned (Joe Jackson and Pete Rose). You can also put in less than ten players. If you had this opportunity what players do you believe should absolutely be in the Hall and who would you put in? Go.

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    So anyone who retired before 2008 is game?

    Lee Smith (not sure if he's still on)
    Dwight Evans
    Dick Allen
    Jack Glasscock
    Ted Simmons
    Alan Trammell or Bob Caruthers
    Bobby Grich
    Lou Whitaker
    Reggie Smith
    Sherry Magee
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      Of the players currently in my personal Hall who qualify under your criteria, I would choose the 10 oldest living ones, so as to help avoid another incident like what happened with Ron Santo.

      Minnie Minoso (86)
      Billy Pierce (85)
      Luis Tiant (71)
      Dick Allen (70)
      Jim Wynn (70)
      Graig Nettles (68)
      Sal Bando (68)
      Reggie Smith (67)
      Gene Tenace (66)
      Ron Cey (64)
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        If I had my druthers, I'd include five Japanese players:
        Sadaharu Oh
        Masaichi Kaneda
        Katsuya Nomura
        Shigeo Nagashima
        Kazuhisa Inao

        I'd probably include a blackball player who played with Negro Leaguers in the Caribbean, but not in the States:
        Perucho Cepeda (Orlando's dad)

        To them, I'd definitely add
        Bill Dahlen
        Minnie Minoso
        Bobby Grich
        Dick Allen

        If Cepeda and/or my Japanese picks aren't allowed, I'd replace them with
        Bob Caruthers
        Alejandro Oms (Negro Leaguer)
        Jack Glasscock
        Wes Ferrell
        Sherry Magee
        John Beckwith (Negro Leaguer)
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          I appreciate your responses but Lee Smith and Trammell are both still on the ballot. I am a small guy and I would only put 6 players in.

          1. Ted Simmons
          2. Dick Allen
          3. Lou Whitaker
          4. Bobby Grich
          5. Bill Dahlen
          6. Minnie Minoso


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            1. Bobby Grich
            2. Lou Whitaker
            3. Bill Dahlen
            4. John Beckwith
            5. Bob Caruthers
            6. Bob Elliott
            7. Thurman Munson
            8. Minnie Minoso
            9. Sherry Magee
            10. Dan Quisenberry


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              1. Dick Allen
              2. Ross Barnes
              3. Harry Stovey
              4. Sherry Magee
              5. Pete Browning
              6. Albert Belle
              7. Deacon White
              8. Bill Dahlen
              9. Minnie Minoso
              10. Jim McCormick or Bob Caruthers

              I have John Franco ranked ahead of a few of these players, but I would drop him to make room for more historically important players. I also have a thing for Eddie Rommel, but he doesn't seem to fit here.


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                Ross Barnes
                Deacon White
                Bill Dahlen
                Bob Caruthers
                John Beckwith
                Minnie Minoso
                Dick Allen
                Ted Simmons
                Bobby Grich
                Lou Whitaker


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                  Dick Allen's getting picked a lot.
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                    I 'm a big hall guy and I could pick a lot more. But I think that these players deserve immediate induction:

                    Steve Garvey
                    Tony Oliva
                    Jack Morris
                    Albert Belle
                    Ted Simmons
                    Marty Marion
                    Dale Murphy
                    Gil Hodges
                    Dave Concepcion
                    Ken Boyer
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                      Minnie Minoso
                      Gil Hodges
                      Ted Simmons
                      Dick Allen
                      Tommy Bond
                      John Beckwith
                      Bill Dahlen
                      Deacon White
                      Luis Tiant
                      Bobby Grich

             more or less that order.
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                        Bill Dahlen
                        Minnie Minoso
                        Sherry Magee
                        Dan Quisenberry
                        John Franco
                        Lee Smith
                        Albert Belle
                        Dick Allen
                        Jim Creighton
                        Frank Howard


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                          How 'bout:

                          Charlie Grimm
                          Jimmy Dykes
                          Spotswood Poles
                          Dick Allen
                          Ted Simmons
                          Mel Harder
                          Billy Pierce
                          George Van Haltren
                          Bobby Veach
                          Bill Elliott

                          Thats a wide ranging list, am thinking overall for both Grimm and Dykes


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                            In no particular order.

                            1. Joe Torre
                            2. Bill Dahlen
                            3. Sherry Magee
                            4. Lou Whitaker
                            5. Bobby Grich
                            6. Dick Allen
                            7. Minnie Minoso
                            8. Bob Elliott
                            9. Luis Tiant
                            10. Jim Kaat
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                              It's been a long, long time since I've posted here, but I read often. I really need to take part. This is my favorite stuff to talk about. Great topic.

                              For me… oh boy…

                              1. Deacon White
                              2. Bill Dahlen
                              3. Wes Ferrell
                              4. Bob Caruthers
                              5. Lou Whitaker
                              6. Bobby Grich
                              7. Luis Tiant
                              8. Kevin Brown
                              9. Dwight Evans
                              10. Ted Simmons

                              This might not be the best ten, but if I'm given free reign, I'll allow guys like Dewey to make the list.
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