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Fun Freddie Lindstrom!

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  • Fun Freddie Lindstrom!

    Okay, he's one of the Frisch cabal picks, he had 2 or 3 really nice years, was a good fielder, played well as a 19 yr old and was outta the Majors due to injuries and etc by 30.

    Bill James called him Madlock which isn't terrible. I agree he shouldn't be in, but how good was he? Shouldn't he be at least given some due?

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    Positive Points on his resume:

    2 5+ WAR Seasons
    21 points better than average in Batting Average
    36 points better than average in slugging
    Hard to strike out on average
    Second in MVP race in 1928
    5 Retrospective All-Star games on this thread:
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      I think One thing should be kept in mind about the Frisch cabal-Hafey, Lindstrom, Travis Jax, Jesse Haines etc-yes they should not have been put in, but its not like they are bad guys for being honored. Bottomley got put in 15 yrs after he died, for example-while he prob shouldn't be in, it should be remembered all these guys-Rixey and Hooper included-were pretty good. Highpockets Kelly never shoulda gone in-but he could def play-its not like he was Mike Squires or whatever.


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