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    Molina was a great pitch framer back in his day. Had MLB teams recognized the value of pitch framing a decade earlier, Molina would have been a starting catcher throughout his career instead of a longtime backup. More to the point, had Molina (with his 64 wRC+) been able to hit, he might warrant a Hall of Fame discussion. That said, whatever his (remarkable) skills, he's got no case.

    FYI, Molina has been the catching instructor for the Angels' farm system since his retirement as a player and is now working with their big league catchers, too.
    "It is a simple matter to erect a Hall of Fame, but difficult to select the tenants." -- Ken Smith
    "I am led to suspect that some of the electorate is very dumb." -- Henry P. Edwards
    "You have a Hall of Fame to put people in, not keep people out." -- Brian Kenny
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