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  • Long Long Homeruns

    Can anyone tell me what the longest home runs in Major League history are. Thanks

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    RE: Long Long Homeruns

    I've read that the longest home run in ML history is 634 feet,hit by Mickey Mantle for the New York Yankees vs. the Detroit Tigers at Briggs Stadium ,Detroit in September 1960.


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      RE: Long Long Homeruns

      [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jul-04-01 AT 10:41 PM (EST)[/font][p]Thanks ZbiSal. Do you get your info. from a list, or do you know of one. Thanks


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        RE: Long Long Homeruns

        That's the longest by a major leaguer in a regular baseball season, but did you know that ONE man hit a fair ball completely OUT of Yankees Stadium?

        That man was Josh Gibson, playing for the Crawfords in an exhibition game against the Philly Stars in 1934. The ball went over the triple deck next to the bullpen in left, and OUT.

        In 1987, Bo Jackson hit one in Spring Training completely out of the Baseball City complex and into the parking lot - at least 600 feet. According to the Royals, that ball is STILL rolling, somewhere in Florida! ;-)


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          RE: Long Long Homeruns

          That could well be. My 'source' is Jack Marshall, of the Chicago American Giants (the other team in that double-header), quoted in Robert Petersons "Only the Ball was White".


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            RE: Long Long Homeruns

            I heard a funny Mantle-related story one time. The Yankees were playing the Dogers in an exhibition game and Mantle hit a monster home run. Ron Fairly was on the Dodger bench and said, "Heck, I hit one that far once." Fairly took some razzing until he added, "Of course I was using a two-wood at the time."
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              RE: Long Long Homeruns

              There's a very interesting article on this topic right here at the Baseball-Almanac:


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                RE: Long Long Homeruns

                Hard to really detemine who hit the longest, but from the past, one of Babe Ruth's was mentioned in the book, "The Home Run Encyclopedia". August 16, 1927, Ruth hit a ball completely out of Comiskey Park over the double grandstand and roof. Sportswriters at the game said the ball cleared the 52 foot wide roof with room to spare and landed on the side walk accross the street on Wentworth avenue. Again, like most long home runs hard to determine the exact footage but estimated at close to 600 feet.


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                  RE: Long Long Homeruns

                  [updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-10-02 AT 04:54 AM (EST)]Another story has Ruth hitting one 600' during spring training. And
                  all the fabricated tales about Jose Gibson, are just that, fabricated!

                  The ball (especially those old balls) could only compressed so much!
                  It's really unlikely, that any ball traveled, w/o a strong wind, much
                  farther than 530-540 feet.

                  Most likely there were a few caught just right, that got up into a
                  wind, and cleared these stadiums,; but 600 ft? I doubt it!

                  The longest I ever saw, was hit by Frank Howard in 1969 in RFK
                  stadium...There couldn't have been 2000 fans in attendence, and I
                  was walking around the upper deck, down near the right field corner
                  when he came up.

                  He hit a line drive over the 376 sign in LCF, 1/3 the way up in the
                  2nd deck. You could hear the wooden seat crack! the outfielders never
                  turned around; but the SS did, he never moved his feet after turning
                  around, and the ball came all the way back to him! The ball was still
                  climbing when it hit the seat! It took about 3 seconds to get there.

                  After the "shot" I looked around and took notice of 10-15 seats in
                  LCF and straight away in CF, all in the upper deck painted white
                  where he had hit them. Nobody hit them any farther than this Giant
                  of a man, and most certainly not as many!

                  In 1957 when he came to Japan w/ Ohio State team, I saw a wierd thing
                  happen. In the old days we had bats w/ lead plugs in them to use for
                  limbering up. Howard had 3 or 4 of them, swinging them around, waiting
                  for his AB. One plug came out and hit a woman who looked 8 months her shoulder, thank God......He of course was concerned
                  and very upset..........After things died down, Frank Howard hit a
                  ball down the LF line over the 375' sign (field on a football field)
                  over the road, over the top of the power plant! That one must have
                  traveled over 500'



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                    RE: Long Long Homeruns

                    I agree, no way to ever tell who hit the longest. I did use the word "estimated" when referring to Ruth's home run that cleared the roof at Comiskey.I am sure that tape measure home runs hit by Ruth, Foxx, Mantle , Dick Allen, Killebrew, Frank Howard, Joe Adcock, McGwire and a few more power hitters are not that far apart in distance. There is probably not that much of a difference between the furthest ever hit and the ones that were close to the furthest ever hit. I also have my doubts about balls being hit 600 feet and more, although I can't say for sure it's never been done.


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                      RE: Long Long Homeruns

                      [updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-12-02 AT 05:08 PM (EST)]Here are The Mick's 10 longest homeruns: (He was in my opinion, the best pure-power switch-hitter of all-time)

                      1. 734 ft. – 5/22/63, vs. Kansas City, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Bill Fischer

                      2. 660 ft. – 3/26/51, vs. USC, at Bovard Field, USC, Pitcher: Unknown

                      3. 650 ft. – 6/11/53, vs. Detroit, at Briggs Stadium, Pitcher: Art Houteman

                      4. 643 ft. – 9/10/60, vs. Detroit, at Tiger Stadium, Pitcher: Paul Foytack

                      5. 630 ft. – 9/13/53, vs. Detroit, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Billy Hoeft

                      6. 620 ft. – 5/30/56, vs. Washington, at Yankee Stadium, Pitcher: Pedro Ramos

                      7. 565 ft. – 4/17/53, vs. Washington, at Griffith Stadium, Pitcher: Chuck Stobbs

                      8. 550 ft. – 6/05/55, vs. Chi. White Sox, at Comiskey Park, Pitcher: Billy Pierce

                      9. 535 ft. – 7/06/53, vs. Philadelphia A's, at Connie Mack Stadium, Pitcher: Frank Fanovich

                      10. 530 ft. – 4/24/53, vs. St. Louis Browns, at Busch Stadium, Pitcher: Bob Cain
                      The Pinstripe Press


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                        RE: Long Long Homeruns

                        As a sidebar to Howard, I remember Game 1, 1963 in the old (and thats important) Yankee Stadium when Howard hit a shot in the first inning off Ford which went on a low line (Kubeck actually jumped for the ball) to the left center field wall (this was before renovation so its over 400 ft) in the blink of an eye. The ball got to the wall so fast and hit with such force and it carommed back to Mantle so quickly that Howard was held to what had to be one of the longest singles ever. Frank Howard may not have hit the longest home runs but not many players hit the ball harder.
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                          RE: Long Long Homeruns

                          [updated:LAST EDITED ON Mar-14-02 AT 12:25 PM (EST)]Most everyone who saw him play, agreed that Josh Gibson hit the longest homers ever. After reading this thread, and the similar one about longest homers by ballpark, it amazes me that the Ph.D.s of this world have not yet figured out how to accurately estimate the length of some of these monster shots. Based on speed and trajectory, air resistence, and some other basic rules of physics, one would think there would be some formula to more definitivily assess the projected distance a batted ball will travel. But, since all we have is anecdotal evidence and some guesswork, allow me to concur with some earlier observations. I've seen some real dingers, including Kingman, Glenallen Hill, Cecil Fielder, and , of course, Sosa, Bonds and McGuire. Boog Powell could knock the stuffing out of the ball when he got a hold of one, but in the sixties, the hardest hitter was easily Big Frank Howard. More than once he hit shots that were still ascending when they left the yard, or crashed through outfield seats. There was a persistent legend that he actually hit one between the pitcher's legs and out of the ballpark, (Griffith?) but that is one feat I would have had to see to believe.
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                            RE: Long Long Homeruns

                            Even with a strong wind no one ever hit a ball 734 ft! You could
                            give Mantle a 50mph tail wind, and he wouldn't hit it 650 ft.

                            Must have been the same air-head that said Gwynn was the greatest
                            ever compiling that list.



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                              RE: Long Long Homeruns

                              While I was over last year, Manny Ramirez hit one 501'in The Skydome which was, apparently, the second-longest ever by a Red Sock. Teddy's at Fenway (The red seat in RF, if you ever go) was 502'. I think that anything over 500' is simply amazing, and that much of the stuff over 550' has to be apocrhyphal, surely?!


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