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Best all-time outfield?

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    Originally posted by GooeyDiamondTacoHogSkin
    very nice list mr. [email protected]
    Don't tell me. Could it be?


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      Originally posted by [email protected]

      Your Best All-Around Outfield Ever:

      All-Around, all things considered. Offense, defense, intangibles, etc.

      1. Speaker/Lewis/Hooper - 1910-15 - Red Sox - Defense deluxe, with good hitting blended in.

      2. Veach/Cobb/Crawford - 1913-16 - Detroit - Offense deluxe, 2 good gloves.

      3. Ruth/Combs/Meusel - 1925-29 - Best slugger, good fielder, 2 all time arms.

      4. Hamilton/Delahanty/Thompson - 1891-95 - Philadelphia - A runner, 2 hitters.

      5. Clarke/Beaumont/Wagner - 1902 - Pittsburgh - wonderful balance of gifts.

      6. Jackson/Felsch/Leibold - 1916-20, not '18 - White Sox - 2 great fielders, 1 all time bat.

      7. Skinner/Virdon/Clemente - 1957-62 - Pittsburgh - 2 great fielders, 1 wonderful bat.

      8. Veach/Cobb/Heilmann - 1916-17, 1921-23 - Detroit - Deluxe offense.

      9. Harper/Vada Pinson/F. Robinson - 1962-65 - Cincinatti

      Depending on others to help me on the post-1950 guys.

      Bill Burgess
      That is an excellent list, but I think the creator of this thread had in mind the best all-time outfield comprised of a team's all-time best outfielders. That makes it a very tough call.


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        In 1969, the Cardinals needed to replace the retired Roger Maris in RF, so they traded little known Bobby Tolan to the Reds for a great outfielder, Vada Pinson. The outfield of Brock, Flood, and Pinson was supposed to be the fastest ever and one of the best ever.

        The rest of the story was that Pinson had a terrible year – batted .255, his worst average ever until his final year in ’75 in KC and only started 120-125 games – so he was traded the next year to Cleveland for Jose Cardenal. The Cardinals, after winning the WS in 1967 and losing to the Tigers in 7 games in ’68, finished 4th in the division in the first year of divisional play in 1969, one of the most disappointing seasons ever by a defending champion. Not only did they get rid of Pinson, but they tried to trade Flood. He refused to go to the Phillies, and the rest is history.

        Of course, the other part of the story was that Tolan had a stellar year for the Reds in 1969 (and again in 1970), and he was probably as fast as Pinson was supposed to be. The Reds became the Big Red Machine, winning over 100 games in 1970 for the first time since before WWII.

        Makes you wonder how baseball might have changed if Pinson had had an average year or if Tolan had remained with the Cards. If the Cardinals had not traded Flood, how long would it have been before someone else had the guts to give up his career to fight the reserve clause?


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