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top five weirdest players in history

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    Originally posted by EdTarbusz View Post
    I don't think that I agree with that. Cobb came from the most viokent part of the country where violence against vlacks was especially common place. Parts of the deep south were in virtual anarchy after the civil war and Cobb must have grown up hearing stories about the violence in places like Louisiana and how was acceptable behavior. After reading more about him, I think he was high strung, especially after the circumstances of his early career, but I don't think he was unbalanced in any way.
    Hey, I'm a child of the deep south too and got a Masters in American History (particularly Civil War) before I got my law degree. So I definitely know what you are talking about.

    I'd be perfectly willing to believe that he wasn't unbalanced mentally. But it would also make sense to me if he were.

    Tyrus' behavior was definitely a perfect storm of circumstances:

    - He grew up in a time when Confederate Veterans were about the same age as Vietnam Veterans are today. Shelby Foote once said that what makes southerners so strange is that "they are the only Americans who have lost a war." That notion is still prevalent today, so it would have especially been prevalent in Cobb's time, when the vets of that war were just middle-aged. Ty's persecution complex comes from this.

    - His unbelievable desire to win at all costs because of his desire to prove his father wrong and then later to honor his father's memory by being the best.

    - His father's gruesome death at the hands of his mother screwed him up.

    - The horrible hazing he received from McIntyre, Killian, etal, compounded his already unsteady persecution complex.

    So, it is certainly plausible that he had no chemical imbalances and that his behavior was just a deadly combination of circumstances.


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      Perhaps not the weirdest but definitely up there for me was John Pacella of the Mets, Yankees, Twins, Orioles and Tigers. I can remember watching a game he pitched circa 1980. His hat fell off after every pitch.

      If I had only spent a tenth of the time studying Physics that I spent learning Star Wars and Baseball trivia, I would have won the Nobel Prize.


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