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top five weirdest players in history

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  • Gamingboy
    Moe Berg, Charlie Faust, Eddie Gaedel, Pete Gray and Carl "There were no dinosaurs, they aren't in the bible" Everett are my picks, not exactly in that order.

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  • T206King
    started a topic top five weirdest players in history

    top five weirdest players in history

    List the top five weirdest players in history and why!!!!!!!!!!
    mine are:

    1- Rube Waddell- runs of the field to fight fires in the middle of a game, his salary of $2200 in 1908, he wanted it in 1 dollar bills because of his spending problems. he went to jail for beating a man up for making fun of his pitching (connie Mack bailed him out). got bit my a lion, whestled aligators in the off season. before games ran from center field to home in the mean time undress to get changed into his uniform. would leave for weeks and know one whould know where he went. list goes on!!!!!

    2- Ty Cobb- black man offered to shake his hand, he slapped him, then tried to stanggle his wife!! another time he ran into the stands and beat up a man with one arm(i beleive), he replies "i dont care if he has no arms"!! spiked men regularly and injurying most. but loved the game!!!

    3- Germany Shaeffer- one game, he was a running on first, stole second, then stole first again!!!!! and then ran back to second resulting in a run from third on a over throw to second. another game he went into the game as a pinch hitter, alittle drunk also turned and said to the crowd "you will see the greatest hit of all time", (somethign like that) and first pitch hit a homerun. but while running the basees, slide into everyone and swearing at the crowd! when he was home he said "that will conclude this act thank you" (i think thats what was said) crazy guy

    4- Albert Belle- had anger problems, tried to run over kids on halloween because his house was egged, but an ok player

    5- Cap Anson- vary racist, and refused to play a game in the 1800's because of a black man on the other team. and they didnt play!!! which banned black ppl to play baseball for a long time!

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