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1950s semi-pro baseball

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  • 1950s semi-pro baseball

    Any old-timers out there? I'm researching semi-pro baseball in the 1950s, centering on a North Carolina team, Pea Ridge. They played in the '56 and '57 nationals in Wichita. Know any former/future Major Leaguers who played in those tournaments? What was pay (if any) like for players? And were there any rules about that?
    I trying to get in touch with the National Baseball Congress and am getting some newspaper clips sent from Wichita. Anything else would be helpful.

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    semi pro baseball

    Hello, I have some info on the Pea Ridge teams you were looking for. The Angier and Eagles Pea Ridge teams played in 1956 and 1957. The 57 team finished fourth. I didn't recognize any big league names but there might have been some that seen a little action.

    I've met a few that played both in this tournament and the big leagues during the 50's time frame. Many earned a living by working for their sponsor such as Boeing, Beech, and Cessna. Good sources for material are the baseball annuals produced by the NBC. You can often find them on ebay, look for the 57 and 58 guides.

    Hope this helps.


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      Hey Cuz, trying to research the Adam's claim to fame?

      Hey cousin, my email is [email protected]

      I am trying to actually (at some point) photgraph all remaining trophies and artifacts from the Pearidge team, and maybe write something and put a little report together to keep on record at our library here at school. My dad is very gung ho about it as well. I took a metal detector (just briefly) out to the old ball field at the curve up on benson road. Didn't find much of anything interesting, but I would love to go back sometime. We should get together and work on this, and see what we can figure out.

      P.S. Dad has done extensive research on the duncan side of the family, and we even did a DNA y-chromosome kit through Arizona State University. I think you would find it interesting since Charlotte's side of the family are "Duncans"

      Drop me an email or give me a call sometime. I have myspace too, which is pretty gay, but a great way to communicate. (and facebook)

      Take it easy little cuz



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