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  • Richard James Collins---AKA Dick Collins

    Born: December 9, 1874, St. Louis, MO
    Died: February 12, 1953, St. Louis, MO, age 78---d. heart disease in Maplewood nursing home. Buried: Catholic Calvary Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.

    St. Louis sports writer / editor;
    St. Louis, MO, 6-year old, (June 10, 1880 census)
    St. Louis, MO, sporting editor, (June 6, 1900 census)
    St. Louis, MO, sporting editor, newspaper, (April 23, 1910 census)
    St. Louis, MO, editor, press, (January 11, 1920 census)
    St. Louis, MO, writer, newspaer, (April 2, 1930 census)(listed R. J. Collins)
    St. Louis, MO, writer, newspaper, (April 11, 1940 census)
    St. Louis Post-Dispatch, copy boy, 1889
    St. Louis Republic, sports editor, 1894 - 1919
    Oil editor for Fort Worth, TX oil companies' newspaper, PR, 1919-1924
    St. Louis Globe-Democrat, sports writer, 1924 - 1940, retirement, specialized in horse racing / baseball.

    Father: Thomas, born Ireland, 1855?; Mother: Mary A., born Missouri, December, 1854; Wife: Helen, born Missouri, 1895?; Daughter: Helen Jane, born Missouri, 1918?; Son: Robert J., born Missouri, 1926?; Son: Richard J., Jr., born Missouri, 1926?;

    Sporting News' obituary, February 25, 1953, pp. 30.

    --------------------------------Missouri Death Certificate.
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    • Ernest John Lanigan

      Born: January 4, 1873, Chicago, IL
      Died: February 8, 1962, Philadelphia, PA, age 89

      Philadelphia/New York/Cleveland sports writer;
      Brooklyn, NY, 7-year old, (June 10, 1880 census)(listed Ernest F. Lanegan)
      Brooklyn, NY, editor, newspaper, (April 22, 1910 census)
      Lower Merion, PA, author, at home, (January 19, 1920 census)
      Jersey City, NJ, baseball writer, business, (April 9, 1930 census)
      Philadelphia Record, 1887 - 1891
      Sporting News, 1888 - 1891
      bank clerk, 1891 - 1899
      organizer Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra, 1903 - 1905
      New York Press, baseball editor, 1907 - 1911
      Eastern League, secretary, 1911 - ?
      Washington & Lee University President representative
      farmed on the Hudson River,
      Cleveland Leader, baseball editor, 1916 - ?
      Syracuse Stars Press representative, 1920 - ?
      Boston American, 1915 - 1919
      New York Daily News, 1919 - 1922
      Hearst Service night editor & make-up editor
      Syracuse American in charge of copy desk,
      New York American assistant night editor, ? - 1928, at least
      International League information director, NYC, 1935 - 1942
      Baseball's Hall of Fame historian at Cooperstown, 1946 - 1959

      Father: George T., born Canada, 1846?; Mother: Frances, born Canada, 1847?; Wife: Elsie S., born Connecticut, 1874?;


      Ernest John Lanigan (January 4, 1873 - February 6, 1962) was an American sportswriter and historian on the subject of baseball. He was considered the premier baseball statistician and historian of his day. He was a pioneer at gathering information about baseball statistics and about the players themselves, and was the author of the first encyclopedia of the subject.

      In addition to having parents who were both writers and editors, Lanigan was the nephew, on his mother's side, of The Sporting News founders Al Spink and Charles Spink, and one of five men in his family, including J. G. Taylor Spink and C.C. Johnson Spink, to gain acclaim as a newspaperman. Shortly after The Sporting News was launched in the mid-1880s, 15-year-old Lanigan went to work for his uncles. He served three years at the paper, then made a career change and became a bank clerk for the next eight years. His knowledge of baseball and writing, and his passion for numbers, accrued from those two jobs, would serve him well in the future.

      However, he also came down with a lung infection, possibly pneumonia, which affected his health for the remainder of his long life. During a two-year convalescene in the Adirondack Mountains, he continued his baseball stat gathering for The Sporting News, as he had during his banking career, and began inventing new statistics. The best known of these were the RBI and the CS, which he researched and catalogued, and which were eventually adopted as official major league statistics. He also developed a more comprehensive list of Winning Pitcher and Losing Pitcher compilations.

      Over the course of his career he also worked for the New York Press as sports editor until 1911, and was the official scorer for some of the early World Series; as sports editor for the Cleveland Leader. He worked as secretary and information director of the International League around the time when they were reorganizing from their previous incarnation as the Eastern League. At one time he was also the business manager of a couple of St. Louis Cardinals farm teams. Lanigan also wrote for Baseball Magazine, and it was under that banner that he compiled and published the first baseball encyclopedia, which he called the Baseball Cyclopedia, in 1922. The publisher advertised on the book's title page that it "comprises a review of Professional Baseball, the history of all Major League Clubs, playing records and unique events, the batting, pitching and base running champions, World's Series' statistics and a carefully arranged alphabetical list of the records of more than 3500 Major League ball players, a feature never before attempted in print."

      In 1946, Lanigan was named curator of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and later served as its historian. He held that post until he retired in 1959, when he was replaced by Lee Allen, who continued Lanigan's work in compiling biographical stats on players.

      Lanigan was called "Ernie" by his friends. He was also given the not-necessarily-flattering nickname of "Figure Filbert" (or "Figger Filbert") by Damon Runyon, as a more poetic way of saying "numbers nut". Lanigan affirmed that characterization, as he once confided to fellow baseball writer Fred Lieb: "I really don't care much about baseball, or looking at ball games, major or minor. All my interest in baseball is in its statistics. I want to know something about every major league ball player, not only what he is hitting, but his full name with all middle names and initials, where they were born, and where they live now." Lieb, who was still among the living at Lanigan's centennial in 1973, called him "the patron saint of SABR".

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      • Roger Angell

        Born: September 19, 1920, New York, NY
        Died: Still Alive

        Baseball author;
        New York, NY, 9-year old, (April 2, 1930 census)
        New York, NY, 19-year old, (April 6, 1940 census)
        Graduated Pomfret School, 1938
        Attended Harvard University
        Magazine X, Editor / writer, 1946 - 1947
        Holiday, 1947 - 1956
        The New Yorker (magazine), fiction editor / general contributor, 1956 - ?

        Father: Ernest Angell, born June 1, 1889, Cleveland, OH; Mother: Catherine Sergeant, born 1892, Massachusetts; Wife: Evelyn Ames Baker, Married October, 1942, divorced, 1963; 2nd Wife: Rogge.

        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        Roger Angell (born September 19, 1920), has been a regular contributor to The New Yorker and was its chief fiction editor for many years. He has written many memorable essays on baseball as well as numerous fiction, non-fiction, and criticism pieces, and formerly wrote an annual Christmas poem for the magazine.

        Angell is the son of editor and author Katharine Sergeant Angell White and the stepson of renowned essayist E. B. White, but was raised for the most part by his father, Ernest Angell. He is a 1938 graduate of the Pomfret School and attended Harvard University

        Essays and books
        Angell's earliest published works were pieces of short fiction and personal narratives. Several of these pieces were collected in The Stone Arbor and Other Stories (1960) and A Day in the Life of Roger Angell (1970, ISBN 0-670-25916-0).

        He first wrote professionally about baseball in 1962, when William Shawn, editor of The New Yorker (for which his mother and stepfather worked from the 1920s through the 1970s), had him travel to Florida to write about spring training.

        Since then, Angell has translated a lifetime passion for baseball into a steady stream of elegantly written essays, most of which were originally published in The New Yorker, where he has worked as an editor since 1956. Many of these essays have been collected in a series of critically acclaimed, best-selling books:

        The Summer Game (1972, ISBN 0-670-68164-4)
        Five Seasons: A Baseball Companion (1977, ISBN 0-671-22743-2)
        Late Innings: A Baseball Companion (1982, ISBN 0-671-42567-6)
        Season Ticket: A Baseball Companion (1988, ISBN 0-395-38165-7)
        Once More Around the Park: A Baseball Reader (1991, ISBN 0-345-36737-5)
        Game Time, edited by Steve Kettmann, with an introduction by Richard Ford (2003, ISBN 0-15-601387-8)
        Let Me Finish (2006, ISBN 0-15-101350-0)
        A Pitcher's Story (2001, ISBN 0-446-52768-8) is the book-length result of a year that Angell spent speaking with New York Yankees pitcher David Cone and Cone's family, friends and coaches.

        Angell has been called the "Poet Laureate of baseball" but dislikes the term. In a review of Once More Around the Park for the Journal of Sport History, Richard C. Crepeau wrote that "Gone for Good," his essay on the career of Steve Blass, "may be the best piece that anyone has ever written on baseball or any other sport."

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        • Charles Bentley Power

          Born: June 8, 1859, Johnstown, PA
          Died: February 5, 1913, Pittsburgh, PA, age 52---d. at home of nervous breakdown.

          Pittsburgh sports writer;

          Johnstown, PA, 1-year old, (June 11, 1860 census)
          New Castle, PA, 10-year old, (June 3, 1870 census)
          New Castle, PA, printer, (June 7, 1880 census)
          Pittsburgh, PA, manager, theater, (April 27, 1910 census)
          Baseball pitcher, 1886 - 1887
          Umpire, 1887-1888
          Pittsburgh Leader, sports writer, 1888 - 1893, sports editor, 1893 - 1897?
          Pittsburgh Dispatch, sports editor, November, 1898 - 1908
          Pittsburgh Gazette-Times, sports editor
          Pitched professional ball in the original American Association, 1884-85
          NL umpire, 1902
          According to the 1910 census, he managed theaters.

          Father: John M., born Pennsylvania, 1830?; Mother: Lydia A., born Pennsylvania, 1842?; Wife: Emilie A., born Pennsylvania, 1871?; Daughter: Helen L., born Pennsylvania, 1894?; Son: John W. H., born Pennsylvania, 1896?;

          Sporting Life, November 5, 1898, pp. 1.

          Sporting Life obituary, February 22, 1913, pp. 13.

          Washington Post obituary, February 6, 1913, pp. 4.
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          • Cleon J. Walfoort

            Born: March 27, 1910, Baldwin Village, Wisconsin
            Died: February 28, 1984, Milwaukee, WI, age 73,---d. Milwaukee St. Mary's Hospital burn center of burns received in a fire on January 30, 1984.

            Milwaukee sports writer;
            Baldwin, WI, 0-months old, (April 16, 1910 census)
            Baldwin Village, WI, 9-year old, (February 19, 1920 census)
            Sheboygan, WI, newspaper reporter, (April 16, 1930 census)
            Milwaukee, WI, journalism, newspaper, (March 15, 1940 census)(listed Clem Walford)
            Milwaukee Journal, sports writer, 1934 - December 31, 1942, ? - 1975
            Promoted to sergeant with the Army at Richmond, VA, December 31, 1942.
            Sheboygan (WI), sports writer, February 22, 1950? - ?

            Father: Bart John, born Wisconsin 1879?; Mother: Cynthia V., born Wisconsin 1881?;

            --------------------------------Sporting News' obituary, March 19, 1984, pp. 49.

            ---------------------------------Official Baseball Guide, 1985.-----------------------------------------Cedar Crove Cemetary, Cedar Grove, Wisconsin.
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            • William Austin Kelsoe

              Born: February 1, 1851, Greenville, IL
              Died: March 9, 1932, St. Louis, MO, age 81,---d. Deaconess Hospital.

              St. Louis sports writer;
              Greenville, IL, 7-year old, (August 1, 1860 census)
              Vandalia Ward 3, IL, 19-year old, (June 18, 1870 census)(listed Wm A. Kelso)
              St. Louis, MO, reporter, (June 4, 1880 census)
              St. Louis, MO, editor, G. D., (June 11, 1900 census)
              St. Louis, MO, editor, newspaper, (April 22, 1910 census)
              St. Louis, MO, editorial Dept., newspaper, (January 5, 1920 census)
              St. Louis, MO, reporter, newspaper, (April 8, 1930 census)
              Started newspaper work in 1874
              St. Louis Republic, city editor, 1880's
              St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1911

              Father: Alex, born Tennessee, 1820?; Mother: born Ohio; Wife: Frida H., born Illinois, March, 1855; Son: Stephen H., born Missouri, June, 1888;

              --------------------------------------New York Times' obituary, March 10, 1932, pp. 21.

              ----------------------Missouri Death Certificate.
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              • Frank Leonardo Hough

                Born: October 4, 1857, Philadelphia, PA
                Died: September 15, 1913, Philadelphia, PA (Germantown), age 55,---d. at home, was ill for some months with tuberculosis, interred at West Laurel Hill Cemetery

                Philadelphia sports writer;
                Philadelphia, PA, 3-year old, (July 2, 1860 census)
                Philadelphia, PA, printer, (June 3, 1880 census)
                Philadelphia, PA, editor, newspaper, (April 18, 1910 census)
                Philadelphia North American, sports writer, 1877 - 1889
                Philadelphia Inquirer sports editor, 1884 - 1910?
                Philadelphia Press
                Secretary of Philadelphia Athletics, 1905
                25% owner of Philadelphia Athletics, 1901 - fall, 1912, sold his shares to Connie Mack.
                Had good knowledge of many sports.

                Father: Lewis, born Philadelphia, PA, 1840?; Mother: Sallie M., born Philadelphia, PA, 1835?; Wife: Sarah A., born August, 1858, Pennsylvania; Daughter: Irene M., born Philadelphia, PA, 1882?; Son: Frank L., Jr., born Philadelphia, PA, 1885?; Son: William Mintzer, born Philadelphia, PA, 1895?; Samuel H. J., born Philadelphia, PA, 1897?; Daughter: Helen N., born Philadelphia, PA, 1899?; Son: James E., born Philadelphia, PA, 1901?;

                Sporting Life obituary, September 20, 1913, pp. 3.

                ------------------------------------------------Philadelphia Inquirer obituary, September 16, 1913, pp. 8.--------------------------------Appeared in 1889 book.
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                • John Pollock

                  Born: January 24, 1873, New York (DOB confirmed by the WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                  Died: May 4, 1928, Brooklyn, NY, age 53

                  New York sports writer;
                  New York, NY, reporter, (June 8, 1900 census)
                  Brooklyn, NY, reporter, newspaper, (April 20, 1910 census)
                  Brooklyn, NY, reporter, newspaper, (January 10, 1920 census)
                  reporter, 1900
                  Evening World journalist, (September 12, 1918, WWI Civilian Draft Registration)(lived at 214 Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY)
                  New York Evening World, 1890-1928
                  Managed some boxers, Frankie Burns, Clay Turner, Martie McCue, Billy Ryan.
                  Hazel eyes.

                  Father: born New York; Mother: Catherine, born New York, April, 1846; Wife: Mary C., born Pennsylvania, 1878?;

                  New York Times' obituary, May 5, 1928, pp. 17.
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                  • George Rowsey Pulford

                    Born: May 3, 1875, Ohio
                    Died: April 18, 1935, Toledo, OH, age 59,---d. after a long illness

                    Toledo sports writer / editor;
                    Toledo, OH, 5-year old, (June 1, 1880 census)
                    Toledo Ward 3, OH, reporter, newspaper, (June 1, 1900 census)
                    Cleveland, OH, editor, commercial newspaper, (April 28, 1910 census)
                    Todedo Ward 8, OH, newspaper editor, factory, (January 24, 1920 census)(listed Geo R.)
                    Family lived in Toledo, Ohio, as of 1880.
                    Cleveland Press, sports writer
                    Cleveland Newspaper Enterprise Association, sports writer, 1910 - February 22, 1913?
                    Toledo Blade, editor, (September 12, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                    Toledo Blade, editor, 1918 - 1920

                    Father: George M., born Connecticut, 1834? (hotel keeper); Mother: E. L., born Ohio, 1847?; Wife: Mary J., born New York, 1880?; Daughter: Georgia, born Illinois, 1912?; Daughter: Elizabeth, born Illinois, 1912?;

                    ------------------------------------------Circleville Herald (OH) obituary, April 18, 1935, pp. 4.
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                    • ----------
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                      • William Dunning Sullivan

                        Born: July 17, 1862, Somerville, MA
                        Died: January 30, 1946, Winchester, MA, age 83,---d. after a long illness.

                        Boston sports writer;
                        Somerville, MA, 8-year old, at school, (July 19, 1870 census)
                        Somerville, MA, 17-year old, at college, (June 8, 1880 census)
                        Winchester, MA, journalist, (June 9, 1900 census)
                        Winchester, MA, editor, newspaper, (April 29, 1910 census)
                        Winchester, MA, newspaper, editor, (February 23, 1920 census)
                        Winchester, MA, journalist, newspaper, (April 14, 1930 census)
                        Graduated Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), 1883
                        Sporting Life, (Boston correspondent)
                        Boston Globe, sports editor (July, 1883), assistant city editor (April 1, 1888), city editor, managing editor. Retired in 1937.

                        Father: Julius L. D. Sullivan, born New York, 1836?; Mother: Mary Frances Marvin, born Massachusetts, May, 1836; Married wife Alice White Geywood on September 28, 1887; Wife: Caroline E. Van Horne, born Maine, 1863?; Daughter: Viola M., born Massachusetts, June, 1888;

                        ---------------------Appeared in 1889 book----------------New York Times' obituary, January 31, 1946, pp. 20.
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                        • Hyman J. Goldberg---AKA Hy Goldberg

                          Born: October 6, 1908, Newark, NJ
                          Died: January 17, 1990, Miami, FL, age 81---d. of respiratoryh failure at Mt. Sinai Medical Center (Miami Beach, FL)

                          Newark sports writer; Jewish
                          Newark Ward 3, NJ, 1-year old, (April 19, 1910 census)(listed Hy)
                          Newark Ward 6, NJ, 11-year old, (January 8, 1920 census)(listed Hymen)
                          Newark Moring Ledger, copy boy, ? - 1932
                          Newark Evening News, sports columnist, 1932 - August 31, 1972
                          NBC TV (press department), November 11, 1972 - 1979 (7 years)
                          Dell Sports Magazine, editor
                          Miami Herald, guest columnist

                          Father: Israel, born Russia, 1870?; Mother: Sarah, born Russia, 1877?; Wife: Ruth Prels; Wife: Sadie, born around 1915, died June 6, 1979, NYC; Daughter: Elizabeth; Son: Henry Hank.

                          Hy Goldberg (Sportswriter. Born, Newark, N.J., Oct. 5, 1908; died, Miami, Fla., Jan. 17, 1990.) Considered by many the finest New Jersey sports columnist of his generation, Hy Goldberg was a columnist for the Newark Evening News for more than 30 years. Goldberg went to the News in 1932 and remained until the paper closed Aug. 31, 1972. He travelled to many major events, including Olympics in Rome, Tokyo, and Mexico City, with his final column coming from Munich (it was centered around swimmer Mark Spitz). Goldberg started with the Newark Star-Eagle in 1926. After the News folded, his moved to NBC Television as a publicist not only for sports but such network programs as “Today,” The Tomorrow Show,” and “NBC Weekend.” For many years, his column was entitled “Sports in the News with Hy Goldberg,” but the finale was titled, simply, “Farewell from Munich.” (The Bill Shannon Biographical Dictionary of New York Sports is an open database of sports biographies maintained by Jordan Sprechman and Marty Appel.)

                          ---------------------------Sporting News' obituary, February 5, 1990, pp. 43.------------------- Intelligencer obituary (Doylestown, PA), January 18, 1990, pp. 18.
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                          • Albert Mott

                            Born: May 14, 1844, Halfmoon, Saratoga County, NY
                            Died: August 10, 1908, Baltimore, MD, age 64,---d. apoplectic stroke

                            New York sports writer;
                            Watertown, NY, 7-year old, (October 4, 1850 census)
                            Watertown, NY, farm laborer, (July 24, 1860 census)
                            Baltimore, MD, clerk, US Engineer Department, (September 24, 1870 census)
                            Baltimore, MD, US engineer, (June 6, 1880 census)
                            Baltimore, MD, clerk, water department, (June 2, 1900 census)
                            Sporting Life, 1883 (Baltimore correspondent)
                            Chairman of the League of American Wheelmen

                            Father: John; Mother: Jane Gates; Wife: Mary Alida Bonce, born New York, 1846?; Albert married Mary, June 3, 1863, Halfmoon, Saratoga, New York; Second Wife: Clara Virginia Westacott, January 3, 1893, Baltimore, Maryland; Daughter: Alida, born District of Columbia, 1866?; Daughter: Naomie, born Maryland, 1874?; Daughter: Margary, born Maryland, October, 1893; Daughter: Clara Virginia, born Maryland, December, 1899;

                            Sporting Life obituary, August 15, 1908, pp. 2.

                            ------------------------------Appeared in 1889 book

                            -----------------1909 Reach Official AL Guide, pp. 418.
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                            • John Dunbar Pringle

                              Born: June, 1853, Newcastle-on-Tyne, England (his date of birth is confirmed by the 1900 census.)
                              Died: January 29, 1922, Pittsburgh, PA, age 68---d. at home. Had suffered paralytic stroke at home a week earlier.

                              Pittsburgh sports writer;
                              Pittsburgh, PA, reporter, newspaper, (June, 7, 1900 census)
                              Pittsburgh, PA, Appraiser, US Government, (April 15, 1910 census)
                              Pittsburgh, PA, editor-publisher, publishing co., (1920 census)
                              Visited America in 1881, returned to England in 1882
                              Returned to America, 1883
                              Pittsburgh Times
                              Pittsburgh Post
                              Pittsburgh Dispatch, sports editor, 1896? - 1899?
                              Labor World, editor
                              Pittsburgh newspaper reporter, (June 7, 1900 census)
                              Pittsburgh, US Government appraiser, (April 15, 1910 census)
                              Pittsburgh editor/publisher of Printing/publishing compay, (January 10, 1920 census)

                              Wife: Jessie H., born August, 1861 in England; Son: Hulbert, born Pennsylvania, December, 1888; Son: Leigh W., born Pennsylvania, July, 1892; Daughter: Jessie, born Pennsylvania, May, 1895; Daughter: Dorothy, born Pennsylvania, September, 1897; Daughter: Lucy, born Pennsylvania, December, 1899; Daughter: Jennie, born Pennsylvania, 1903?;

                              ---------------------------Appeared in 1889 book-----------------Washington Post obituary, January 30, 1922, pp. 11.---New York Tribune obituary, January 30, 1922, pp. 7.
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                              • ----------
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