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  • John Braven Dyer

    Born: May 29, 1900, Chicago, IL
    Died: August 30, 1983, Culver City, CA, age 83,---d. at a rest home in Culver City, CA.

    Los Angeles sports writer;
    Graduated Pomona College (Claremont, CA),
    Los Angeles Times, sports writer & columnist, 1925 - 1964
    Palm Springs Desert Sun
    Palm Springs Desert Post

    Sports Writer
    Los Angeles Times
    A well-known sportswriter for the Los Angeles Times from 1923-64, the late Braven Dyer covered innumerable USC sporting events. His stories displayed his great appreciation for Trojan teams, coaches, and athletes. Dyer covered the first football game played in Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum on Oct. 6, 1923 (USC defeated Pomona, 23-7). He was the first person to broadcast a basketball game at the Shrine Auditorium and he also did color commentary for USC football games. It was Dyer who penned the nickname “Thundering Herd” to describe the great Trojan football teams of the 1920’s and 1930’s. Dyer was a three-sport letterman at Pomona College.Sr. Dyer, second wife, Annie Louise, born 1898, wed in 1951.

    Braven's genealogy---(provided courtesy of Giles Dyer.)
    John BRAVEN DYER`s parents were Frank Dyer, born July 29, 1871 in Cornwall, Britain, son of Charles Barret Dyer, born on the 12th of January, 1836, first wed 1861, and Rebecca Anne Braven and Mabel Puckey Dyer, born in 1878, first wed August 2, 1897, he was named after his uncle John Braven Dyer, born the 3rd of December, 1872. There were 14 children by Rebecca, one of whom was a stillborn twin, another who was hit by a train age 10. They also took care of an outside child. And when Rebecca died, they were 6 more children by the second wife, second wed to Emma Lynn Jago, 1897.

    Charles Barret Dyer was a Stevador in Fowey, Britain. Braven was the first of four sons, born in late 1899 or early 1900, (which argues 3 to 5 daughters), his brothers were Brainerd, Dean of History at rival UCLA, Bonar, and Frank Jr. Katherine was still born between Brainerd, November 9, 1901, in Wheaton, Ill., died April 27, 1980, and Bonar, born in 1905, manufacuted aircraft parts for AeroJet, in WWII, later Vice President of Industrial Relations for Disney Brothers .

    Later in life, Frank Sr. taught Speech, with an earned doctorate in homoletics (the study of homolies), associated with Dr. Kleinschidmt, Dean of the UCLA speech department. Both Brainy and Bravy letter in both Football and Basketball. Bravy was a 5'10 Left End, and Wing Guard, Brainy was a 5'8 Right Guard and Point Guard. They were co-captains of the basketball team. Pomona was then in the PCAA. Braven also played Tennis as a sophomore and baseball as a senior. His wife was Evelyn Lyons (or Eva Lynn Payne) Dyer, born in 1902. He had two sons, Braven Jr. "Buddy" Dyer, and David Dyer (which argues 1 to 3 daughters). Buddy Dyer, born 1926, followed his father into sports, as a linebacker at Stanford University, wed Thorah Dyer in 1948, worked for Lockheed and later as a sports executive, and David, born in 1930, wed in April, 1961, became an attorney/agent. Frank Dyer, Sr., second wife, Annie Louise, born 1898, wed in 1951.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sporting News' obituary, September 19, 1983, pp. 44.

    July 28, 1932: L-R: Helene Madison, wonder girl of Seattle; Grantland Rice; Babe Didrikson; Will Rogers, humorist;
    Georgia Coleman, swimmer; Braven Dyer, at Fox Hills Studio where Olympic girl athletes were entertaining recently.

    October 8, 1951: Braven Dyer (L) / Tom Lawless (R), University of Southern California Athletic News Director.

    1963: Mrs. Joe Cronin / Braven Dyer.
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    • Eugene Ruppert Veiock---AKA Jack Veiock

      Born: February 3, 1888, New Brighton, PA
      Died: June 11, 1922, Ripton, VT, age 34,---d. after 5 months of illness, tuberculosis.

      Monmouth (IL) reporter;
      St. Joseph (Missouri),
      Indianapolis Times, sports editor, 1914-15
      International News Service (New York), sports editor; January, 1916 - 1921 (June 5, 1917 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
      New York Daily News

      Jack's July 21, 1920 passport photo.------------------San Antonio Evening News' obituary, Monday, June 12, 1922, pp. 7.---Macon Telegraph obituary, June 13, 1922.
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      • Harold William Kaese

        Born: March 8, 1909, Pennsylvania
        Died: May 10, 1975, Lynn, MA, age 66,-- d. heart attack

        Boston sports writer;
        Graduated Tufts (Medford/Somerville, MA) in 1933.
        Boston Transcript, sports writer, later, sports editor, 1933 - 1941
        Boston Globe, sports writer & columnist, 1943 - November, 1973

        Authored many books. Historian, statistician, grammarian.
        Harold Kaese and Red Smith were the recipients of the 1976 J.G. Taylor Spink Award.

        A baseball, basketball, and track star from Lynn, Massachusetts, Harold Kaese began his newspaper career with the Boston Transcript in 1933. Kaese was sports editor for the paper when it folded in 1941, at which time he joined the staff of the Boston Globe. He traveled with the Red Sox and Braves for nearly 40 years, retiring in 1973.

        Kaese, who graduated cum laude in English from Tufts College, was respected in every press box as scrupulously fair and 100 percent correct. He was consulted nationwide as an analyst of meaningful statistics. Red Sox outfielder Reggie Smith once observed: "Harold could prove a point with that little black book quicker than anybody."

        Former Globe sports editor Jerry Nason said of Kaese: "His ability to research facts, marshal them into attacking formations, then launch them in impeccable grammatical order to slay the rumors, fabrications and hearsay with which sports abound, is without parallel."

        The Boston Braves, 1871-1953, published originally in 1948.

        ---------------------------------Sporting News' obituary, June 7, 1975, pp. 24.

        Sporting News, June 14, 1975, pp. 6.

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        • Frank Witte Rostock

          Born: September 16, 1882, New York City
          Died: July 18, 1960, Cincinnati, OH, age 77,---d. heart attack at Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH.

          Cleveland / Cincinnati / St. Louis sports writer;
          His father, a newspaperman, arrived in US in 1882, from Halle, Germany, settled in NYC,
          Akron HS, OH; Buchtel College (Akron, OH); Akron University School (Cleveland, OH), 1898 - 1899,
          Akron Press, 1900 - 1907
          Cleveland Press, assistant sports editor
          Cincinnati Post, sports writer, 1907 - 1912
          Cleveland Press, sports editor, 1912 - 1915
          Cincinnati Post, Editor, 1915 - 1921
          Cleveland Newspaper Enterprises Association, 1921 - 1924
          St. Louis Times, general manager, 1924
          Cincinnati Post, Business manager, 1925 - 1927
          Cincinnati Post, President/Editor, 1927 - 1933, retired.

          National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, pp. 154.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------New York Times' obituary, July 20, 1960. pp. 29.

          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cleveland Plain Dealer obituary, July 20, 1960.

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          • ----------
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            • John McDonald---AKA Jack McDonald

              Born: October 21, 1899, Bussey, IA
              Died: September 14, 1997, San Diego, CA, age 97,---d. congestive heart failure Sunday in his Pacific Beach home

              San Francisco sports writer;
              Omaga Bee,
              Klamath Falls News,
              Sacramento Bee,
              Sacramento Union,
              San Francisco United Press Bureau,
              San Francisco Call, 1926 - ?
              San Francisco Call-Bulletin, 1926 - 1959; sports editor, 1947 - 1959
              San Francisco News-Call Bulletin, 1959 - 1965
              San Francisco Examiner rewrite manager, 1965 - January 25, 1967, retired.

              Wife: Helen, born May 30, 1915, Brookline, MA, died February 18, 1961, San Francisco, CA. Married June, 1951.

              After retirement in January, 1967, moved to Mexico to enjoy the good life, but just couldn't stop writing free lance.
              In 1978, moved back to San Diego.

              San Diego Union-Tribune obituary, September 17, 1997, pp. B416.
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              • Arthur Bosworth McGinley---AKA Art McGinley

                Born: April 5, 1889, New London, CT
                Died: February 19, 1974, West Hartford, CT, age 84

                Hartford Times (Conn.) sports writer;
                Began career at age 15 in 1905 as part-time reporter for his father's newspaper New London Day.
                Boston Post,
                Hartford Post,
                Hartford Courant
                Providence Journal;
                Hartford Times, September 20, 1920 - January 8, 1974.

                Wife: Agnes Fitzgerald, born Connecticutt, May, 1890, died July 11, 1965, Hartford, CT.

                New York Times' obituary, February 20, 1974, pp. 40.

                Sporting News' Obituary, March 9, 1974, pp. 22, column 5.-----------------------------Art with Joe DiMaggio, 1968-69.

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                • Leland Gaither Allen---AKA Lee Allen

                  Born: January 12, 1915, Cincinnati, OH
                  Died: May 20, 1969, Syracuse, NY, age 54

                  Cincinnati sports writer,
                  Baseball author;
                  Reds public relations writer, 1938 - 1939, 1943 - 1945
                  Gruen Watch Company, (Cinccinnati, OH, 1940 - 1942)
                  WSAI, (Cincinnati radio station, sports broadcaster, 1948 - 1950
                  KYW (Philadelphia radio station broadcaster, 1951 - 1953
                  Cincinnati Times-Star & Cincinnati Enquirer, 1945 - 1958

                  Baseball Biography Project, authored by Steve Gietschier

                  Baseball Hall of Fame historian, August 20, 1959 - 1969. Brought 55 cartons of books & record files to Cooperstown, NY Baseball Hall of Fame.

                  ---------------------------------------------------Sporting News' article,------------------------------New York Times' obituary
                  -------------------------------------------------April 15, 1967, pp. 4, column 4.------------------------May 21, 1969, pp. 47.

                  ----------------------------------------------------------Sporting News' obituary, June 7, 1969, pp. 42.

                  1969: Browsing archived issues of The Sporting News.

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                  • Milton Gross---AKA Milt Gross

                    Born: February 13, 1912, Brooklyn, NY
                    Died: May 9, 1973, Rockville Centre, NY, age 61---d. At Mercy Hospital (Rockville Centre, NY) of heart ailment

                    New York sports writer;
                    Graduated Fordham University (Bronx, NY), 1933 (Bachelor's degree)
                    Columbia University/City College (NYC), (Master's degree)
                    New York Post sports columnist, 1937 - 1973
                    Covered Yankees & boxing many years. His column was syndicated.

                    Victory Over Myself (Floyd Patterson biography), many magazine articles.

                    N.Y. Post Columnist Milt Gross Dead at 61
                    ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. (AP)

                    — Milton Gross, nationally-known sports columnist of the New York. Post, died of cardiac arrest at Mercy Hospital. Gross, 61, a columnist for 24 years, had entered the hospitpl about a week ago. He also was hospitalized for several months last summer. He had written several books and collaborated with former heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson on his autobiography, "Victory Over Myself."

                    New York Times' obituary, May 10, 1973, pp. 48.------Lowell Sun obituary (MA), Thursday, May 10, 1973, pp. 39.---Sporting News' obituary, May 26, 1973, pp. 40.

                    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------December 27, 1956: Milt Gross/Wilt Chamberlain. Kansas City hotel interview.

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                    • Francis Edward Stann

                      Born: January 9, 1912, Washington, DC
                      Died: November 18, 1987, Stuart, FL, age 75,---d. at a hospital in Stuart, FL of emphysema and cancer.

                      Washington sports writer;
                      Attended George Washington University (Washington, DC)
                      Washington Star, 1929 - 1973
                      Started as copy boy, then sports writer, columnist. Won 4 Washington area sports writer of the Year awards, 4 Washington-Baltimore Newspaper Guild sports writing awards, and a National Headliners sports writing award.

                      Everyone's Football
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                      • Donald E. Basenfelder---AKA Don Basenfelder

                        Born: September 9, 1903, Philadelphia, PA
                        Died: January 4, 1945, Oaklyn, NJ, age 41---d. stricken on Christmas eve with a recurring heart ailment, he relapsed.

                        Camden / Philadelphia sports writer;
                        Atlantic City Review
                        Camden Evening Courier, shore resort correspondent
                        Camden Evening Courier, 1925 - 1926
                        Camden Morning Post, sports department, 1926 - ?
                        Camden Courier,
                        St. Louis Sporting News, 1936 - 1938
                        Philadelphia Record, 1939 - January, 1945

                        Sporting News' obituary, January 11, 1945, pp. 18, column 1.----------------------------------------------New York Times' obituary,-----------New York Herald-Tribune obituary,
                        ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------January 6, 1945, pp. 11.----------------January 6, 1945.
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                        • Lester J. Biederman---AKA Les Biederman

                          Born: June 5, 1907, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
                          Died: November 30, 1981, Fort Myers, FL, age 74---d. cancer

                          Pittsburgh sports writer;
                          Graduated Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), 1930
                          Pittsburgh Press (sports writer, 1930 - 1966, sports editor, 1966 - March 31, 1969)
                          Covered Pittsburgh Pirates since 1938.
                          Sporting News correspondent, 1945 - 1969.
                          President BBWAA, 1959, WWII (captain, South Pacific, 3 years)
                          Helped Press' 'Old Newsboys Scorecard Fund for Children's Hospital fund-raising.

                          Father: Louis Biederman; Mother: Hannah Darb; Wife: Verna M. 'Lefty' Hocker;

                          Sporting News' article, January 25, 1969, pp. 46.----------------------------------------New York Times' obituary,----------------Sporting News' Obituary, December 19, 1981, pp. 53.
                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------December 1, 1981, pp. D31.

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                          • Stanwood Fulton Baumgartner---AKA Stan Baumgartner

                            Born: December 14, 1894, Houston, TX
                            Died: October 4, 1955, Philadelphia, PA, age 60

                            Philadelphia Phillies' pitcher & Philadelphia sports writer;
                            Philadelphia Phillies' pitcher, 1914 - 1926
                            Philadelphia Inquirer, reporter, February 27, 1927 - 1929, sports writer, 1929 - 1955).

                            Wife: Rita L., born 1914, died 1980.

                            New York Times' Obituary, October 5, 1955, pp. 35.

                            Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Cheltenham, PA.

                            1942: Sports writers, L-R: Red Smith (Philadelphia Record), Irving Lisager (Chicago News), Howard Roberts (Chicago News),
                            Al Horowitz (Philadelphia Record), Frank Yeutter (Philadelphia Bulletin), Samuel Goldwyn (MGM movie studio),
                            Herb Simons (Chicago Times), Babe Ruth, Gary Cooper (actor), Stan Baumgartner (Philadelphia Inquirer), Christy Walsh.
                            Kneeling: Herb Schulte (Chicago News), Jimmy Corcoran (Chicago Herald American).

                            Unidentified, Frankie Frisch?, Stan Baumgartner, unidentified, unidentified.
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                            • Edward Armistead Batchelor, Sr.

                              Born: September 21, 1883, Raleigh, NC
                              Died: July 19, 1968, Grosse Pointe, MI, age 84

                              Detroit sports writer;
                              Providence Journal (RI), 1903 - 1906
                              Detroit Free Press sports writer, 1906 - 1910, sports editor, 1910 - 1917
                              Detroit News, 1917 - 1919
                              Ended his active coverage of baseball in 1917,when he joined Detroit News & went to France as war correspondent.
                              Arrived home to advertising.
                              Edited Detroit Athletic club magazine.

                              GetImage3.pdf: Sporting News' 1939 Interview.

                              Sporting News' obituary, August 3, 1968, pp. 36.----------------------Sporting News photo
                              --------------------------------------------------------------April 6, 1939, pp. 9.

                              1961: Sam Greene / Ed Batchelor.
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                              • James Francis Corcoran---AKA Jimmy Corcoran

                                Born: December 19, 1895, Chicago, IL
                                Died: February 3, 1944, Chicago, IL, age 48,---d. at home of lung ailment

                                Chicago sports writer;
                                Graduated Loyola Academy (Chicago, IL),
                                Chicago Record-Herald reporter, 1916 - 1917
                                WW I (Navy petty officer),
                                Chicago Tribune, 1918
                                Ad business, 1918 - 1923
                                Chicago Evening American, 1923 - ?
                                Chicago Herald-Examiner,
                                Chicago Herald-American.
                                In 1934 Jimmy was hit by a car and hospitalized for almost a year.
                                His sports column was entitled, "Cork Tips".

                                Sporting News' Obituary,---------------Sporting News' article
                                February 10, 1944, pp. 12.-------------June 18, 1942, pp. 2.

                                1942: Sports writers, L-R: Red Smith (Philadelphia Record), Irving Lisager (Chicago News), Howard Roberts (Chicago News),
                                Al Horowitz (Philadelphia Record), Frank Yeutter (Philadelphia Bulletin), Samuel Goldwyn (MGM movie studio),
                                Herb Simons (Chicago Times), Babe Ruth, Gary Cooper (actor), Stan Baumgartner (Philadelphia Inquirer), Christy Walsh.
                                Kneeling: Herb Schulte (Chicago News), Jimmy Corcoran (Chicago Herald American).
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