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  • Joseph Potts

    Born: September 15, 1873, St. Johnbury, VT
    Died: June 19, 1953, New York City, NY, age 79

    New York Lawyer;
    St. Johnsbury, VT, 6-year old, (June 7, 1880 census)
    Cambridge Ward 1, MA, 26-year old, at school, (June 4, 1900 census)
    New York, NY, lawyer, General Practice, (April 15, 1910 census)
    New York, NY, lawyer, general practice, (January 20, 1920 census)
    New York, NY, lawyer, law, (April 15, 1930 census)
    Jacksonville, FL, officer, publishing concern, (April 8, 1940 census)

    Father: Marcus A., born Vermont, 1853?; Mother: Mary, born New Hampshire, 1852?;

    Lawyer for Baseball Magazine
    Born in Vermont, raised in Kansas City, MO
    Attended Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter, NH),
    Graduated Harvard Law College (Cambridge, MA), 1897, received his Law Degree in 1899. Began his practice in 1900.
    President of Baseball Magazine, 1910 - 1945. Replaced Jacob Morse as President in late 1910.

    ----New York Times' obituary,-------New York Herald-Tribune obituary-------------Sporting News' obituary
    June 20, 1953, pp. 17, column 4.--------------June 20, 1953------------------------January 6, 1956

    His photo/entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 503.
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    • Edward Douglas Soden

      Born: July 8, 1878, Brooklyn, NY
      Died: September 7, 1953, Brooklyn, NY, age 75

      New York, Baseball Magazine lawyer;
      Brooklyn, NY, 1-year old, (June 11, 1880 census)
      Brooklyn, NY, clerk, (June 5, 1900 census)
      Brooklyn, NY, salesman, investments, (April 25, 1910 census)
      Brooklyn, NY, manager, magazine, (Kanuary 2, 1920 census)
      Brooklyn, NY, manager, publishing house, (April 5, 1930 census)

      Father: Thomas, born Ireland, 1841?; Mother: Emma E., born New York, 1847?; Wife: Isabell, born New York, 1881?;

      Lawyer associated with Baseball Magazine, from 1911. Was still associated with Baseball Magazine in April 11, 1942.

      Edward's Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 503.

      ----------------------------------------------New York Times' Death Notice, September 8,1953
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      • Timothy Paul Sullivan---AKA Ted Sullivan

        Born: March 17, 1856, County Claire, Ireland
        Died: July 5, 1929, Washington, DC, age 73---d. had suffered a stroke on June 22, Gallings Hospital. Buried Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI

        Baseball pioneer;

        Arrived in US, 1860 at the age of 4.
        Attended St. Louis University
        Attended St. Mary's College (St. Marys, Kansas)

        Brian McKenna has supplied a great amount of information on him.---link

        Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

        Kansas City Cowboys (1884), as player

        As Manager
        St. Louis Browns (1883)
        St. Louis Maroons (1884)
        Kansas City Cowboys (1884)
        Washington Nationals (1888)

        Timothy Paul "Ted" Sullivan (March 17, 1851 – July 5, 1929) was an Irish-American manager and player in Major League Baseball who was born in County Clare, Ireland.

        After attending Saint Louis University, he managed four teams during the 1880s, one of which was the 1884 St. Louis Maroons of the Union Association, who finished with an astonishing 94-19 record. He began the year with a 28-3 record, but moved on in midseason to manage another UA team, the Kansas City Cowboys; Fred Dunlap took over in St. Louis, compiling a 66-16 record as the Maroons won the UA pennant in the league's only year of existence. Kansas City was a dismal 3-17 when Sullivan took over managerial duties, going 13-46 the rest of way. During his time in Kansas City he also made his only three field appearances, playing two games in right field and one as a shortstop; he collected 3 hits in 9 at bats. He didn't manage again until the 1888 Washington Nationals, then 10-29, hired him to finish out the season. He led the team to a mark of 38-57, and ended his major league career with a record of 132-132. Sullivan later managed in the minors, including a stint with the Nashville Tigers of the Southern League in 1893.

        Sullivan is considered a pioneer of early baseball; he founded both the Northwest League and the Texas League, both minor leagues that still exist and thrive today. Credited with discovering Charles Comiskey, he is considered by some to be the first person to emphasize the importance of scouting.[4] Comiskey joined the St. Louis Browns in 1882, and replaced Sullivan as the team's manager in mid-1883; it had been Sullivan's first managerial post, as he compiled a record of 53-26 to begin the year. Also, Sullivan was a great promoter of the game; he would tell stories of baseball's beginnings, and of its many star players. He authored books detailing these, including a barnstorming trip around the world in 1913-1914 by Comiskey's Chicago White Sox and the New York Giants. He also credited himself as the originator of the word "fan", as in baseball fan. Sullivan later became a team executive and owner.

        Sullivan died in Washington, D.C. at the age of 78, and is interred at Calvary Catholic Cemetery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

        Washington Post obituary, July 14, 1929, pp. M19.
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        • James Rigby Price---AKA Jim Price

          Born: 1862, Baltimore, Maryland
          Died: January 29, 1929, Boston, MA, age 66---d. suicide, cut his throat with a razor at Fenway Park, when no one was there, due to illness, note in pocket to wife. Was chronically ill.

          Baltimore / New York sports writer;
          Baltimore, MD, at school, listed as 8 years old, (July 27, 1870 census)
          Baltimore, MD, store clerk, (June 4, 1880 census)
          Baltimore, MD, day laborer, (June 11, 1900 census)
          New York, NY, journalist, (April 18, 1910 census)
          New York, NY, baseball promoter, (January 30, 1920 census)
          Baltimore sports writer, 1890's
          New York Press sports editor, @ 1902 - 1916
          President of Newark BB club, (International League), February 9, 1916
          Newark baseball team (Federal League) grounds manager, 1916 - 1924
          AL eastern representative, (NYC)
          Secretary of Boston Red Sox, January, 1924 - January 29, 1929, death.
          Close friend of Ban Johnson

          Father: William Thomas, born District of Columbia around 1824-37; Mother: Josephine B., born Maryland, January, 1839; First Wife: Marie W., born Maryland around 1867, married James around 1886; They were still together as of 1910; Second Wife: Anne Pauline, born New York around 1862; Sister: Alice, born Maryland around 1858; Brother: William, born Maryland around 1865; Sister: Edith, born Maryland around 1874; Son: James R. Jr., born Maryland around 1891; Daughter Addie M., born Maryland around 1889; Son: Frank; Son: Lester.

          ---------------------------------------------------Spalding NL Base Ball Guide, 1929

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          • Will Henry Grimsley

            Born: January 27, 1914, Monterey, TN
            Died: October 31, 2002, Garden City, NY, age 88

            New York sports writer;
            Civil District 4, TN, 5-year old, (January 26, 1920 census)
            Nashville, TN, 16-year old, (April 8, 1930 census)
            Nashville, TN, sports writer, newspaper, (April 2, 1940 census)
            Associated Press, sports writer, Memphis, TN office
            Nashville Evening Tennessean, sports writer/editor, 1932 - 1943
            Associated Press (Nashville office), 1943 - 1947, news correspondent & national columnist
            Associated Press (New York office), sports writer, 1947 - January, 1985

            Father: Alves C., born Tennessee, 1882?; Mother: Bertie E., born Tennessee, 1887?; Wife: Nellie H., born Virginia, 1916?; Daughter: Aleena Gayle, born Tennessee, 1939?;

            Will specialized in golf, tennis, college football, Olympics. He covered most major events in boxing, baseball, football, horse racing. From 1977 to 1984, he wrote a daily nationally syndicated sports column, "Grimsley's Sports World". Contributed over 200 articles to magazines. Elected Sports Writer of the Year 4 times.

            Long-time sports reporter and columnist for the Associated Press, who reported from the world's biggest athletic events including 15 Olympics, 35 World Series and 25 Kentucky Derbies.

            Will Grimsley (Sportswriter. *Born, Monterey, Tenn., Jan. 27, 1914; died, East Meadow, N.Y., Oct. 31, 2002.) *A star reporter and columnist, Will Henry Grimsley wrote for The Associated Press for 45 years (1943-88). *Grimsley was hired by the A.P. in Nashville, Tenn., in 1943 and moved to the New York sports desk in 1947. *He covered 15 Olympics, 35 World Series, and 25 Kentucky Derbies. *Grimsley also covered numerous other major events, including the Indianapolis 500, the Super Bowl, the Masters, Wimbledon, U.S. Open tennis, and heavyweight championship fights. *He covered World Cup golf in Australia, Hawaii, Ireland, Japan, and Mexico. *Grimsley went to Australia 12 times to cover Davis Cup tennis, Zaire for the Ali-Foreman fight (1974), and the Philippines for Ali-Frazier III (1975). *In 1969, Grimsley became the first sportswriter ever designated a special correspondent by the A.P. *He began writing a column entitled “Grimsley’s Sports World” in 1977, which he continued until his retirement. *Grimsley won the prestigious Red Smith Award in1987 and was four times named “Sports Writer of the Year” by the N.S.S.A. (1978, 1980, 1981, 1983). *In 1972, he covered the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics by dressing as an Olympic official. *Grimsley wrote four books, one each on golf, tennis, and college football, and 101 Greatest Athletes of the Century (1987). *He was also supervising editor of two A.P. sports books. (The Bill Shannon Biographical Dictionary of New York Sports is an open database of sports biographies maintained by Jordan Sprechman and Marty Appel.)
            ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shaking hands with Sonny Liston, shortly before Las Vegas gamblers
            -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------coerced/threatened Sonny into losing his belt to Cassius Clay, thereby

            New York Times' obituary, November 6, 2002, pp. C13.------------------------------------------enriching the gamblers and costing Liston everything. Clay, of course, was not in on the fix.

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            • Herbert Clare Walker---AKA Bert Walker

              Born: January 22, 1873, Indiana, PA
              Died: June 19, 1947, Detroit, MI, age 74,---d. at home.

              Detroit sports writer;
              West Indiana, PA, 7-year old, (June 1, 1880 census)
              Detroit, MI, newspaper, reporter, (June 11, 1900 census)
              Yonkers, NY, assistant editor, daily newspaper (May 9, 1910 census)
              Detroit, MI, newspaper, reporter (January 10, 1920 census)
              Detroit, MI, newspaper, editor (May 11, 1930 census)
              Detroit, MI, sports writer, newspaper, (1940 census)
              cub reporter Ypsilanti (MI)
              Detroit Journal, theatrical editor, (12 yrs.)
              Cleveland Press, state editor
              New York Herald, financial editor
              Detroit Free Press, city editor
              Detroit Times, sports editor 1917-18 (September 12, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)

              Father: J. Miles Walker, born Pennsylvania, 1842?; Mother: Mary E., born Pennsylvania, 1847?; Wife: Mary, born Michigan, 1875?; Daughter: Marjorie, born New York, 1914?;


              New York Times' obituary, June 20, 1947, pp. --------Sporting News' obituary, July 2, 1947, pp. 36.
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              • Richard Griswold Tobin

                Born: September 1, 1881, Vinton, Iowa
                Died: March 11, 1953, Douglaston (Queens), NY, age 71,---d. heart disease, at Parsons Hospital, Flushing, NY.

                Chicago sports writer;
                Wahkonsa, IA, 18-year old, (June 14, 1900 census)
                Chicago, IL, reporter, newspaper, (April 23, 1910 census)(listed P. G. Tobin)
                Niles, IL, advertising manager, metal works, (January 13, 1920 census)
                New York, NY, editor, Cride Magazine, (April 8, 1940 census)

                The Chicago Inter-Ocean, 1905 - 1910?, became sports editor
                Became official at Comiskey Park, home of the Chicago White Sox.
                Sporting News
                Chicago Tribune, ? - 1933
                Lord & Thomas Advertising Agency
                Canada Monthly (Toronto), 1916
                Niles Daily Star (Mich), managing editor, 1920-33
                Credit and Financial Management, managing editor, 1933
                Michigan Associated Press Chairman
                National Association of Credit, April 28, 1942

                Mother: MJ Tobin, born Ohio, December, 1833; Wife: Anne, born Michigan, 1889?;

                Attended Tobin College, which his father, Rev. Thomas Tobin, had founded. Studied at Iowa University.

                Sporting News' obituary, March 18, 1953, pp. 22.------New York Times' obituary, March 12, 1953, pp. 25.
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                • James Collin Gilruth

                  Born: September 14, 1876, Linn County, Iowa
                  Died: December 5, 1973, Evanston, IL, age 97---d. Wednesdy in nursing home at 1555 Oak Ave.

                  Chicago sports writer;
                  Davenport, IA, 3-year old, (June 1, 1880 census)
                  Chicago, IL, newspaper reporter, (June 4, 1900 census)
                  Chicago, IL, Assistant secretary & manager, Auto Club, (April 10, 1910 census)
                  Milton, IL, editor, newspaper, (January 12, 1920 census)
                  Chicago, IL, secretary, trade association, (April 4, 1930 census)
                  Chicago, IL, director, Illinois automobile club, (April 16, 1940 census)(listed James C. Gibruth)
                  Chicago Daily News, city editor, 1908 - 1919, city editor from 1914 - 1919
                  Chicago Automobile Trade Association
                  Illinois Automobile Club
                  Illinois Highway Users Association
                  Lived in nursing home at 1555 Oak St. in Evanston, IL since 1960

                  Father: James H., born Ohio, 1840?; Mother: Addie C., born New York, 1840?; Wife: Elsie K., born Pennsylvania 1882?; Son: James A., born IL, 1907?; Daughter: Margaret C, born IL, January, 1909?; Dauthter: Mary G. Sealy, born Illinois, 1912?; Son: Robert A. Sealy, born Illinois, 1920?;

                  Chicago Tribune obituary, December 07, 1973
                  Deceased Name: GILRUTH
                  James C. Gilruth, age 97, of the James C. King Home, Dec. 5, 1973, husband of the late Elsie K. Gilruth; father of James A. Gilruth of Wilmington, Del., Mrs. Fowler Banton of Fayetteville, Ark., and Mrs. August Hoffmann of Fish Creek, Wis., and the late Robert A. Gilruth; seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren. Memorial service 2:30 p.m. Saturday at Hebblethwaite Chapel, 1567 Maple Av. Evanston. Burial private. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to your favorite charity.

                  Chicago Tribune death notice, December 7, 1973, pp. B10.
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                  • Jacob J. Karpf

                    Born: June 5, 1872, New York City
                    Died: June 20, 1943, New York City, age 71,---d. heart attack at his hotel.

                    New York sports writers;
                    New York, NY, 8-year old, (June 3, 1880 census)
                    Bronx, NY, journalist, (June 8, 1900 census)
                    Bronx, NY, journalist, newspaper office, (April 16, 1910 census)
                    New York, NY, journalist, newspaper, (January 14, 1920 census)
                    New York, NY, Assistant sporting editor, newspaper, (April 22, 1930 census)
                    New York, NY, reporter, newspaper, (May 4, 1940 census)
                    New York Evening World, became sports editor
                    New York Globe, sports editor
                    New York Evening Mail, sports editor, 1910
                    New York American, sports staff, 1914 - 1937
                    New York Sunday Journal-American, assistant sports editor, 1937 - June 20, 1943

                    Father: Lippman Karpf, born Germany, December, 1834; Mother: Hannah, born Germany, March, 1839; Wife: Ada, born New York, August, 1874; Daughter: Charlotte C., born New York, 1902?; Son: Stuart J., born New York, 1906?;

                    New York Times' obituary, June 22, 1943, pp. 20.-----------New York Sunday Journal-American, assistant sports editor, 1937 - 1943.
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                    • Herbert S. Jaspan

                      Born: 1888?, Philadelphia, PA
                      Died: May 22, 1941, Philadelphia, PA, age 53,

                      Philadelphia sports writer;
                      Philadelphia, PA, editor, newspaper, (January 3, 1920 census)
                      Philadelphia, PA, columnist, newspaper, (April 8, 1930 census)
                      Philadelphia, PA, sports writer, daily newspaper, (April 6, 1940 census)
                      Philadelphia Inquirer,
                      Philadelphia Evening Telegraph,
                      Philadelphia Evening Bulletin,
                      Philadelphia Associated Press,
                      Philadelphia, PA, private printer, (January 3, 1920 census)
                      New York Herald Tribune,
                      New York Sun,
                      New York North American,
                      Philadelphia Public Ledger.
                      Acknowledged as authority on tennis.

                      Father: Wolf, born Russia 1862?; Mother: Anna Zeve, born Russia 1862?; Brother Harry Jerome, born Pennsylvania 1898?; Brother: Louis born Pennsylvania 1904?; Brother: Irving; Sister: Mrs. Martin Schwartz; Sister: Mrs. David Eilberg; Sister: Esther; Sister: Teresa, born Pennsylvania 1894?; Sister: Molly, born Pennsylvania 1902?; Wife: Kate, born Pennsylvania 1900?; Daughter: Eleanor, born Pennsylvania 1923?, Son: Melvin, born Pennsylvania 1928?; Herbert married Kate Gershenfeld in 1921 in Philadelphia, PA.

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                      • Henry Hunter Niemeyer---Harry Niemeyer

                        Born: January 22, 1876, Portsmouth, VA (confirmed by California Death Index)
                        Died: July 27, 1940, Los Angeles, CA, age 64,---d. acute leukemia

                        St. Louis sports writer;
                        St. Louis, MO, 3-year old, (June 2, 1880 census)
                        St. Louis, MO, 23-year old, (June 1, 1900 census)
                        New York, NY, author, publishing co., (April 23, 1910 census)
                        St. Louis, MO, editorial writer, newspaper daily, (January 6, 1920 census)
                        Los Angeles, CA, correspondent, newspaper, (April 22, 1940 census)
                        St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sports writer, September, 1894 - 1934; While using the Post-Dispatch as his home base, he left periodically to do outside pursuits.
                        St. Louis resident, (June 1, 1900 census)
                        New York Times, drama dept., 1915? - 1918
                        Engaged as personal representative of James K. Hackett, romantic actor.
                        First Missouri Volunteers in the Spanish-American War, 1898.
                        Went to NYC, 1900.
                        New York World, sports writer
                        New York Sunday Telegraph, sports writer
                        New York Globe, sports writer, 1910
                        YMCA worker with the AEF in France
                        Proprietor of daily newspaper in Clinton, MO
                        Managed St. Louis theater.

                        Father: Henry V., born Virginia, February, 1857, (cotton merchant); Mother: Martha, born Virginia, September, 1858; Wife: Margaret, born Missouri, 1884?; Son: Harry Hunter, Jr., born New York, 1910?;

                        Mr. Niemeyer was born in Portsmouth, VA, but raised in St. Louis, MO. He moved from St. Louis to Hollywood, CA, in September, 1934.

                        Yarns Of Battery A With The Artillerymen At Chickamauga And Porto Rico, 1899?

                        New York Times' obituary, July 28, 1940, pp. 30.
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                        • Joseph Anthony Tumelty---AKA Joe Tumelty

                          Born: March 18, 1905, Philadelphia, PA
                          Died: May 7, 1990, Philadelphia, PA, age 84

                          Philadelphia sports writer;
                          Millvale Ward 1, PA, 3-year old, (April 28, 1910 census)
                          Millvale, PA, 13-year old, (January 3, 1920 census)
                          Pittsburgh, PA, 23-year old, mailman, government, (April 11, 1930 census)
                          Lansdowne, PA, sport writer, newspaper work, (April 18, 1940 census)
                          Graduated Roman Catholic HS (Philadelphia, PA), 1921
                          Attended Villanova University (Radnor, PA)
                          Philadelphia Ledger, 1918 - ?, sports 1923 - ?,
                          Philadelphia Record,
                          Sports Announcer, 1929 - ?
                          Philadelphia Inquirer, 1937 - 1971

                          Father: Joseph Cleary Tumelty, born Pennsylvania, 1873?; Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Urban, born Pennsylvania, 1877?; Wife: Anna, born Pennsylvania, 1905?; Daughter: Dolores, born Pennsylvania, 1929?; Son: Joseph, born Pennsylvania, 1907?; Daughter: Clara Lorett, born Pennsylvania, 1909?; Son: Charles, born Pennsylvania, 1910?; Son: Regis, born Pennsylvania, 1915?; Son: Howard, born Pennsylvania, 1918?;

                          Philadelphia Inquirer obituary, May 10, 1990, pp. D22.
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                          • Robert Wallce Saxton---AKA Bob Saxton

                            Born: February 10, 1884, Cincinnati, Ohio
                            Died: October 12, 1951, Cincinnati, OH, age 68,---d. at home after a heart attack.

                            Cincinnati sports writer;
                            Cincinnati, OH, 16-year old, at school, (June 2, 1900 census)
                            Cincinnati, OH, sporting editor, newspaper, (January 8, 1920 census)
                            Cincinnati, OH, Turf writer, newspaper, (April 24, 1930 census)
                            Cincinnati, OH, sports editor, newspaper, (April 9, 1940 census)

                            Cincinnati Commercial tribune, sports writer, later city editor, early 1900's
                            Cincinnati newspaper reporter, 1918, sports editor, 1920
                            Cincinnati Enquirer, turf editor, 1911 - ?, assistant sports editor, ? - 1930, sports editor, 1930 - 1947.
                            Ohio Sports Enterprises, associate racing steward, 1947 - 1950. Officiated at horse racing events at Beulah Park (Columbus, OH), Ascot Park (Akron, OH), and the Hamilton Fairgrounds.
                            Listed as a 'turf writer' in the 1930 census.

                            Father: Wallace, born; Ohio, April, 1849; Mother: Cornelia J., born Ohio, November, 1847; Wife: Irene H., born Ohio, 1886?; Son: Robert Louis., born Ohio, 1919?;

                            Bob left newspaper work to work for Ohio Sports Enterprises, which managed horse race tracks. As such, he officiated at race tracks. He retired in 1950.

                            Sporting News' obituary, October 24, 1951, pp. 23.----New York Times' obituary, October 13, 1951, pp. 12.
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                            • George Caradoq Rice

                              Born: November 23, 1870, Waukesha, WI
                              Died: September 30, 1938, Chicago, IL, age 67

                              Chicago sports writer;
                              Caledonia, WI, 9-year old, (June 4, 1880 census)
                              Shields, IL, editor, (June 1, 1900 census)(listed Geo C. Rice)
                              Chicago, IL, editor, newspaper, (April 27, 1910 census)
                              Missoula, MT, owner, newspaper, (January 12, 1920 census)
                              Chicago, IL, salesman, bank, (April 11, 1930 census)

                              Graduated Lake Forest College (Lake Forest, IL).
                              Chicago Chronicle, 1895 - 1898
                              Chicago Daily News, 1898 - 1910
                              Chicago Daily Journal, 1910 - 1916
                              Left Chicago 1917 for Montana. Owned 2 newspapers, Missoula, MT
                              Returned Chicago in 1922 for investment business.
                              Was a Shriner.

                              Father: Thomas J., born Wales, March 4, 1833; Mother: Anna Owen, born September 25, 1832, Dolgelly, Wales; Wife: Sarah Williams, born New York, 1875?;

                              New York Times' obituary, October 2, 1938, pp. 49.
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                              • Edward George Westlake

                                Born: July 25, 1869, Milwaukee, WI
                                Died: September 19, 1917, Chicago, IL, age 49,---d. sudden attack of kidney trouble at home.

                                Chicago sports writer/editor;
                                Chicago, IL, 12-year old, at school, (June 12, 1880 census)
                                Chicago, IL, editor (June 14, 1900 census)
                                Chicago, IL, sporting editor, newspaper, (1910 census)
                                Sporting News
                                Chicago Daily News,
                                Chicago Evening Post, 1892, sports editor, 1892 - 1912; automobile editor, 1912 - 1917
                                Lived in Chicago his whole life.
                                Was a major golfing writer.

                                Father: Richard H., born England, January, 1846; Mother: Mary A. Lacey, born New York; Wife: Katherine Stark, born Michigan, March, 1871; Son: Edward George, Jr., born Chicago, IL, February 12, 1895; Son: William, born Chicago, IL, July, 1898.

                                ---------------------------------------------------------------------Chicago Daily Tribune obituary, September 20, 1917, pp. 15.----------The American Golfer obituary, October, 1917, pp. 197.

                                -----------------------------1907---------------------------------------------------Putting in 1905.
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