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  • Alexander Kahn---AKA Al Kahn

    Born: October 23, 1907, Chicago, IL
    Died: January 10, 2004, Los Angeles, CA, age 96,---d. at home of natural causes.

    Los Angeles sports writer;
    Graduated University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA, 1930)
    Chicago, IL, none, (January 22, 1920 census)
    Chicago, IL, office work, tailor shop, (April 4, 1930 census)
    Los Angeles, CA, daily paper, reporter, (April 9, 1940 census)
    United Press International (Los Angeles), 1933 - 1973*
    WAGR radio, ? - December 14, 1977? - July 12, 1992

    Father Joseph, born Russia, 1878?; Mother Rose, born Russia, 1884";
    Alex Kahn, born Illinois, around 1910; Wife: Marian, born Missouri, around 1908;

    Los Angeles Times obituary, January 12, 2004, pp. B11.


    • James Francis McShane, Sr.

      Born: August 20, 1883, Pittsburgh, PA (date of birth confirmed by April 12, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
      Died: May 23, 1967, Pittsburgh, PA, age 83,---d. in a Pittsburgh hospital, after a brief illness.

      Pittsburgh sports writer;
      Pittsburgh Dispatch, sports writer,
      Pittsburgh newspaper editor, (April 19, 1910 census)
      Pittsburgh Herald, 1910 - 1913
      Pittsburgh Tribune editor, (April 12, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
      Pittsburgh newspaper, sports editor, (January 10, 1920 census)
      Pittsburgh newspaper editor, (April 8, 1930 census)
      Pittsburgh, PA, Publisher, community newspaper, (May 9, 1940 census)(listed James F. McShane)
      East Liberty Tribune, Pittsburgh, PA (April 27, 1942 WWII Draft Registration)
      Civil Service Commissioner, 1946 - 1967
      grey eyes, brown hair

      Both parents born in Pennsylvania; Father: Leo; Mother: Ellen Esther; Wife: Julia Anna McIntyre; Son: James F, Jr. born PA around 1918; Son: John W., born PA around 1921; Daughter: Nancy (Carothers), born PA around 1923; Daughter: Sally Lou (Schnorr), born PA around 1926, married Thomas Girard Schnorr in June 1947; Son: Charles B., born PA around 1927; Daughter: Margaret M. (Pietz), born PA around December, 1929; Daughter: Betty (Rudy); Son: Leo.

      Pittsburgh Post-Gazette obituary, May 25, 1967---Pittsburgh Post-Gazette death notice listing, May 25, 1967.


      • Patrick E. Joyce---AKA Pat Joyce

        Born: February 12, 1904, Clinton, MA
        Died: October 30, 1977, Clinton, MA, age 73,---d. heart attack at home.

        sports writer;
        Graduated Holy Cross College (Worcester, MA), 1927
        Clinton, MA, 6-year old, (May 10, 1910 census)
        Clinton, MA, 15-year old, (January 27, 1920 census)
        South Orange, NJ, teacher, Private HS (Seton Hall), (April 14, 1930 census)
        Clinton, MA, writer, newspaper, (April, 1940 census)
        Clinton Daily Item, sports editor / columnist, 1933 - 1941
        International News Service (Boston office), 1941 - 1946
        International News Service (Chicago office), 1946 - 1958, reporter, feature writer, night editor
        Chicago Southtown Economist, 1958 - 1974, retired.
        Seaton Hall Preparatory School (South Orange, NJ), taught English and French, 1930
        Seaton Hall College (South Orange, NJ), lectured on English literature

        Father: John J., born Ireland, around 1870, immigrated to US, 1887; Mother: Catherine Alice Connors, born Ireland, around 1875, immigrated to US, 1892; Wife: Mary E. O'Toole, born Massachusetts, 1909?; Son: Charles P., born Massachusetts, 1932?; Son Gerald A., born Massachusetts, 1933?; Daughter: Leslie, born Massachusetts, 1935?.

        Boston Globe obituary, November 3, 1977, pp. 31.---------------------------Clinton Item obituary (Clinton, MA), pp. 2.


        • Donald S. Daniels---AKA Don Daniels

          Born: November 3, 1919, Milford, CT
          Died: July 18, 1975, Wheeling, WV, age 55---d. in a Wheeling hospital.

          sports writer;
          Middletown, CT, 1-year old, (January 4, 1920 census)
          Middletown, Ct, 11-year old, (April 7, 1930 census)
          Old Saybrook, CT, 21-year old, laborer, WPA Project, (April 8, 1940 census)
          New Haven Journal-Couirier
          Bridgeport Post-Telegram (CT)
          Doylestown Intelligencer (PA)
          Philadelphia Inquirer
          Wheeling Intelligencer (WV)
          Wheeling News Register (WV), sports writer, 1964, sports columnist, 1966
          Philadelphia Inquirer, sports writer, June 8, 1957

          Father: George S., born Connecticutt, around 1883; Mother: Sarah J., born Connecticutt, around 1898;

          Hartford Courant obituary, July 19, 1975, pp. 4A.


          • Albert Edward Watts

            Born: November 17, 1884, London, England (Date of Birth confirmed by September 5, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
            Died: September 29, 1967, Middleton, MA, age 82,---d. at home.

            Boston sports writer;
            Family immigrated to US in 1888.
            Worcester Spy
            Boston Traveler, sports editor, 1905 - 1918, at least.,
            Boston Traveler-Herald newspaperman, (September 5, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
            Newton City (MA), newspaper reporter, (January 7, 1920 census)
            Lived Milton, MA, Assistant editor of newspaper, 1930, (April 16, 1930 census)
            Milton, MA, news writer, daily newspaper, (April 8, 1940 census)
            Boston Herald Traveler, (April 27, 1942 WWII Draft Registration)

            Father: Samuel, born England, around 1849; Mother: born England; Wife: Bessie M. Goulding, born MA, February, 1887; Daughter: Marjorie (Sherman), born Massachusetts, around 1887; Daughter: Phyllis E. (Coons), born Massachusetts, around 1918; Elizabeth W. Driscoll, born Massachusetts, around 1919. Second wife: Roma Donaldson.

            Boston Globe obituary, October 1, 1967, pp. 91.----------------------------------------------------------------------------Framingham News' obituary (Natick, MA), October 2, 1967, pp. 4.


            • James Parvin Tucker, Jr.---AKA Jim Tucker

              Born: December 31, 1934, Charlotte, NC
              Died: April 26, 2013, Fredericksburg, VA, age 78,---d. hospital in Virginia, following complications arising from injuries received after falling down the steps in his home

              Washington sports writer;
              North Virginia Sun, sports editor, (covered Washington Senators and Redskins, 1955 - 1962); general assignment reporter, later copy editor, 1962- 1964.
              Daily Tifton Gazette (Tifton, GA), managing editor
              Radford Daily News (VA), managing editor
              Richmond Times-Dispatch (VA), copy desk
              Washington Daily News (DC), night editor, ? - July, 1968
              Martinsville Bulletin (VA), managing editor
              Akron Beacon Journal (OH), assistant news editor
              The Spotlight (DC), April, 1975 - 2001
              American Free Press, 2001 - June 29, 2010, retired.

              Father: James Parvin Tucker, Sr., born Richmond, VA, April 17, 1886, died 1953; Mother: Jessie Mae Willis, born North Carolina, August, 1886; ; Sister: Elsie Page (Cookman), born January 6, 1933, Charlotte, NC; died December 4, 2000, Washington, DC; Sister: Jeanne Swiger; Brother: Vinton Tucker: Sister: Martha H. (Scott): born July 9, 1920, Charlotte, NC, died February 3, 2005.

              From 1955 through 1962, I covered the Washington Senators baseball club and the Washington Redskins at old Griffith Stadium, now long gone.

              I then became general assignment reporter and later copy editor for there same newspaper, a suburban daily called the Northern Virginia Sun.

              In 1964, I became editor of the Daily Tifton (Ga.) Gazette. Then I served on the copy desk of the Richmond (Va.) Times Dispatch. I was night editor of the Washington (DC) Daily News until it folded in July, 1968. Then I became editor of the daily Martinsville (Va.) Bulletin, then assistant news editor of the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal.

              In April, 1975 I returned to Washington to work for Liberty Lobby and established its weekly journal, The Spotlight (ancestor of American Free Press). It was then I learned of Bilderberg and have pursued those evil creatures since.

              James P. (Jim or Big Jim) Tucker, Jr. is an American journalist who, since 1975, has focused on exposing the controversial Bilderberg Group. He is the author of Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary and has appeared in several films.

              Tucker is recognised as a "veteran Bilderberg observer" and "the doyen of Bilderberg hunters".

              Tucker was a sports journalist with a newspaper in Washington until he departed in 1975.

              After working for various newspapers, Tucker started writing for the conservative newspaper 'The Spotlight' in the early 1970s until its closure in 2001. Shortly after the paper's closure, Tucker and many former Spotlight employees founded the similarly-toned American Free Press.

              Bilderberg Group: 1990s
              Tucker has said he was able to write the "advance story" on the downfall of Margaret Thatcher and, later, about the rise of Bill Clinton when he attended the Bilderberg meeting at Baden-Baden in Germany as Governor of Arkansas in 1991. He said Thatcher was removed from office because she "didn't like it [the one meeting of the Bilderbergs she attended]" and that as a result they "replaced her" with a trapeze artist from the same party". Thatcher later told him it was "a tribute to be denounced by them" at a function in Washington, according to Tucker's "close paraphrasing" of the conversation.

              Tucker's efforts to infiltrate the 1999 Bilderberg meeting at the Hotel Caesar Park in Sintra, Portugal were chronicled by British reporter Jon Ronson in his book, Them: Adventures with Extremists and broadcast as part of Channel 4's Secret Rulers of the World series. Tucker told Ronson "They exist and they're not playing pinochle in there".

              In 2005, Tucker wrote Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary, a book chronicling his thirty-plus years of exposing the Bilderberg Group.

              After the 2006 Bilderberg meeting in Ottawa, Tucker "was able to report that in the year ahead many hundreds of thousands of American home owners would lose their homes". Tucker said "someone actually laughed about that at the Bilderberg meeting", while he also said another person present remarked "the stupid jerks deserve it".

              Tucker is featured prominently in a film made by radio host Alex Jones, 'Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement', (2007), which partially deals with the 2006 Bilderberg conference at the Brookstreet Hotel in Ottawa, Canada.

              Both Tucker and Jones are featured in the documentary film, 'New World Order' (2009).

              Mark Rich listed Tucker as a source in his 2009 book 'The Hidden Evil'.

              Charlie Skelton encountered him in 2009 while researching that year's Bilderberg.


              • Michael Joseph McNamee---AKA Mike McNamee

                Born: January 26, 1889, Boston, MA
                Died: August 27, 1976, Charlestown, MA, age 87,---d. in Widmore Memorial Hospital in Everett, MA

                Boston sports writer;
                Boston 11 year old, (June 9, 1900 census)
                Boston, MA, city inspector, (January 3, 1920 census)
                Boston, MA, Boston city, inspector, (April 10, 1930 census)(listed Micheal McNamee)
                Boston, MA, city hall, inspector, (April 10, 1940 census)(listed Michael J. McNamee)
                Boston representative to Mass. Legislature, (June 5, 1917 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                Boston Advertiser
                Boston Record-American

                Father: William, born Ireland, February, 1861; Mother Annie, born Massachusetts, April, 1860; Brother: Robert F., born Massachusetts, November, 1892; Wife: Margaret G. Sullivan, born Massachusetts, around 1885.

                Boston Globe obituary, August 28, 1976, pp. 27.-----------------Boston Globe, August 29, 1976, pp. 90.


                • Louis Zimmermann

                  Born: June 7, 1911, Straubing, Germany
                  Died: March 10, 1976, Milwaukee, WI, age 64,---d. was found dead at his home on Wednesday, by his daughter.

                  Milwaukee sports editor;
                  Arrived in US, 1927
                  Brewer for Milwaukee brewing co., (April 5, 1930 census)
                  Drafted into the US Army, April 4, 1945
                  Played soccer
                  Milwaukee Deutsche Zeitung (German-language, local daily newspaper), sports editor, 1945? - 1975

                  Mother: Rosa, born Munich, Germany; Brother: William, born around 1914; Brother: Moritz, born Germany around 1908; Brother: Dr. Victor Zimmerman. Moritz was a tavern keeper, William was a Berlin cook, and Victor was a dentist.

                  Louis Zimmerman, long-time sports editor with the Milwaukee German-language newspaper, Deutsche Zeitung, the local daily German newspaper, died at 64. (Milwaukee Journal, March 13, 1976, pp. 1.)

                  Milwaukee Journal obituary, Thursday, March 11, 1976, pp. 14.
                  Zimmermann Dies: Local Soccer Official
                  Louis Zimmermann, 64, president of the Soccer Press and Radio Association of the last 15 years, and a widely known sports figure in the Milwaukee German community, was found dead at his home Wednesday.

                  Mrs. Rosemary Brandt, Zimmermann's daughter, found him when she returned home at approximately 2:30 p.m. Cause of death has not yet been determined.

                  Zimmerman, a native of Straubing, Germany, was a member of the Milwaukee chapter of the Baseball Writers of America, and served as the group's sergeant at arms in the Stadium press box at Milwaukee Brewer games.

                  Zimmermann had retired last year as sports editor of the Milwaukee Deutsche Zeitung, a local newspaper. He had also held a number of offices in various Milwaukee soccer organizations, and was a member of the Milwaukee Press Club.

                  Besides his daughter, he is survived by two brothers, Willy and Moritz, both of Milwaukee, and his grand-daughter, Mary Lyn.

                  Funeral services will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, 39th and Courtland, with interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. The body will be at the Abe Larsen Funeral Home, 3621 W. Villard, Friday at 4 p.m. (Milwaukee Journal, March 11, 1976, pp. 14.)

                  Photo below: Louis is on the right, with his 2 brothers.

                  Milwaukee Journal, January 29, 1950, pp. 20.


                  • Donald Colvin Trenary

                    Born: July 4, 1906, Kenosha, WI
                    Died: November 23, 1986, St. Augustine, FL, age 80 (unconfirmed)

                    Milwaukee sports writer;
                    Graduated University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI), 1929
                    Wisconsin News
                    South Bend News-Times (Ind.)
                    Milwaukee Journal, 1933 - 1967?
                    US military service (Navy), was commissioned a lieutenant, junior grade.
                    3 year old, lived Kenosha, WI, (April 25, 1910 census)
                    13 year old, lived Kenosha, WI (January 16, 1920 census)
                    Kenosha, WI, News reporter, ( April 2, 1930 census)

                    A graduate of he University of Wisconsin, Trenary was born and raised in Kenosha, Wis. In 1967, Don was the editor of the Milwaukee Journal's Men's and Recreation section.

                    Father: Otis L, born Wisconsin, September, 1865; Mother: Louisa C. (Lulu), born Pennsylvania, June, 1870; Sister: Gladys, born Wisconsin, November, 1894. Daughter: Mimijim, born around 1941; Wife: Ruth B., born July 17, 1905, died October 12, 1995, St. Augustine, FL.

                    Milwaukee Journal, February 11, 1943.---------Wisconsin State Journal obituary, November 25, 1986, pp. 34.


                    • David John Davies, Sr.

                      Born: March 8, 1876, Pittsburgh, PA (Date/Place of Birth confirmed by passport)(Middle name confirmed by the WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                      Died: April 14, 1955, Pittsburgh, PA, age 79,---d. at his home

                      Pittsburgh sports editor
                      Started newspaper work around 1898.
                      Pittsburgh Dispatch, city editor, New York correspondent, assistant night editor, police reporter
                      Pittsburgh Dispatch, sports editor, 1910 - February 14, 1923. (paper closed)
                      Pittsburgh Dispatch, circulation superintendent (September 12, 1918, WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                      Pittsburgh magazine editor, (April 26, 1930 census)
                      Pittsburgh, PA, editor, newspaper (April 19, 1940 census)(listed David J Davies)

                      His parents were both born in Wales. Dad: Daniel D. died in 1885. Mother: Catharine D. Davies, born in Wales. His father emigrated from Wales to the US in 1844 and lived here until he died in 1885. Daughter: Marion W., born Pittsburgh, PA, around 1914; Son: David John, Jr., born Pittsburgh, PA, around 1929; Daughter: Donna Jean, born Pittsburgh, PA, around 1931.

                      -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pittsburgh Press obituary, April 15, 1955 pp. 20.


                      • Arthur Joseph Janushek, Jr.---AKA Art Janney

                        Born: June 10, 1915, Baltimore, Maryland
                        Died: January 21, 1998, Annapolis, MD, age 82,---d. renal (kidney) failure. Had resided at Sunrise Assisted Living in Annapolis, MD.

                        Baltimore sports writer;
                        Baltimore, MD, 4.5-year old, (January 6, 1920 census)(listed Arthur Jannshek)
                        Baltimore, MD, 14-year old student at McDonough School (Baltimore, MD), (April 9, 1930 census)(listed Arthur J Janushek)
                        Baltimore, MD, daily newspaper, reporter, (April 15, 1940 census)(listed Arthur J Janushek)
                        Baltimore News-Post, sports writer / sports editor, 1934 - 1964
                        Baltimore News American, sports editor, 1964 - ?
                        The News-Post became the News American in 1964. Art's column was 'As Others See Us'.

                        Father: Arthur Jannshek, born Michigan, around 1892 (civil engineer); Mother: Helen E., born Maryland, around 1894; Wife: Evelyn K., born Maryland, around 1915;

                        Baltimore Sun obituary, January 27, 1998, METRO section, pp. 5B.
                        Arthur J. Janushek, 82, columnist and sports editor at News American
                        Arthur Joseph Janushek, retired News American assistant sports editor whose column "As Others See Us" entertained and informed Baltimore sports fans for more than 20 years, died Wednesday of renal failure at Sunrise Assisted Living in Annapolis. He was 82 and formerly lived in Glen Burnie.

                        In the early years he wrote under the byline of Art Janney. In later work he used Arthur Joseph Janushek. Known as "Janney" throughout his 45-year career with the now-defunct Hearst newspaper, he earned a reputation as a tough, resourceful, fast-moving, no-nonsense newspaperman who remained calm no matter what was happening in the city room.

                        "He was an unflappable genius who never lost his cool," said Steve Gavin, a former News American editor who is now an editor with the Camden (N.J.) Courier-Post.

                        "There he'd be, humped over his desk with smoke slowly rising from a cigar he had carefully placed on a corner of the desk, humming away over the noise of the wire machines and busily tearing and ripping up the whole paper," Mr. Gavin said.

                        "There could have been a 17-player trade, a close horse race at Pimlico, the roof falling in and a five-alarm fire next door and nothing would disturb him. He'd sit there editing, humming and laying out pages."

                        William Gildea, a sports-feature writer with the Washington Post and author of "When the Colts Belonged to Baltimore," recalled watching Mr. Janushek in action when he interned at the paper during college.

                        "Speed was his thing without a lot of wasted motion. He'd edit copy, write headlines and have it down the tube to the composing room in a flash," he said.

                        John Steadman, former News American sports editor and now a Sun sports columnist, recalls advice that Mr. Janushek offered him when he was a young reporter in 1945. "He said, 'Don't write with a lot of complex sentences because the readers don't have time to figure it out. It's a news story or a feature, not a crossword puzzle.' "

                        Born and raised in Northeast Baltimore, Mr. Janushek attended McDonogh School, where he played football and softball and edited the school's newspaper and yearbook. He began his newspaper career while at McDonogh, working as a correspondent or "stringer" gathering school news for the old Union-Times in Towson and the Reisterstown Herald.

                        After the death of his father, he was forced to leave school to help support his family. In recognition of his accomplishments as a journalist, McDonogh awarded him his high school diploma in 1954. In 1934, he began working full time in the sports department of the News-Post, which became the News American in 1964.

                        During the late Depression and World War II, in addition to his newspaper work, he worked part time as a locomotive fireman and streetcar motorman.

                        "His career as a Baltimore Transit Co. motorman came to end abruptly one day when he couldn't stop his car and it plowed into a truck loaded with cabbages," his daughter, Catherine J . Smith of Leonardtown, said, laughing.

                        In 1951, he was promoted to the newspaper's assistant sports editor.

                        Through the years he wrote such columns as "On the Links," "Fan Stand," and "Jan's Jots," but was perhaps best known for his "As Others See Us," a compilation of excerpts from newspapers around the country that carried articles relating to the Colts and later the Orioles.

                        The column began in 1958, when the Colts were world football champions, and was supposed to run for 10 days. Instead, it ran for the next 21 years until he retired.

                        A man of medium build who liked to have his collar open and tie dropped to half-staff in the best "Front Page" tradition, he was known for his affection for rookie reporters.

                        In a reassuring tone, he convinced them that great beauty could be found in writing that was simple, quick, crisp and to the point.

                        He made it a practice never to discuss politics or religion and was known for his charity toward the newspaper's stringers, whom he took under his wing.

                        "Art Janney was as much a fixture in Baltimore newspaper folklore as anybody," wrote News American sportswriter Butch Ward, at Mr. Janushek 's retirement in 1979.

                        He was married in 1936 to the former Evelyn Freyman, who died in 1986.

                        Services will be held at 10 a.m. today at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, 308 Oak Manor Drive, Glen Burnie.

                        In addition to his daughter, he is survived by a sister, Marietta Dorr of Crownsville; and a grandson, Arthur N. Smith of Plymouth, Minn. (written by Fred Rasmussen)


                        • Joseph F. Trimble, Jr.

                          Born: July 20, 1914, Brooklyn, NY
                          Died: December 6, 1993, NYC, age 79,---d. congestive heart failure.

                          New York sports writer;
                          Graduated St. John's University,
                          Brooklyn, NY, 5-year old, (January 10, 1920 census)
                          Brooklyn, NY, 15-year old, (April 5, 1930 census)
                          Brooklyn, NY, 25-year old, newspaper copy boy, (April 9, 1940 census)
                          New York Daily News, copy boy assigned to city desk, 1936 - April 3, 1941, sports writer, April 3, 1941 - 1980.

                          Father: Joseph F. Trimble, Sr., born New York, November, 1887; Mother: Anna V., born New York around 1897; Sister: Audrey J., born New York around 1916; Wife: Clare, born around 1914; Father was manager of cotton goods in 1930 census. Parents married around 1913. Daughter: Christina.

                          Biography of the Scooter: Phil Rizuto, 1951
                          Yogi Berra,

                          New York Daily News' obituary, Sunday, December 12, 1993.

                          March 4, 1959: New York sports writers in St. Petersburg, FL.*Top Row, L-R: Stan Isaacs, Dan Daniel, Tommy Holmes, Bill Dougerty, Len Schecter, Jim Ogle.

                          Bottom Row, L-R: John Drebinger, Jack Lang, Casey Stengel, Joe Trimble, Ken Smith, Til Ferdenzi.

                          ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1944-53: Joe Trimble, James Dawson, Ben Epstein, Dan Parker.
                          -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------covering the Yankees at spring training in St. Petersburg, FL.

                          February 3, 1952: John Drebinger, Eddie Brannick (Giants' executives), Allie Reynolds, Joe Trimble (New York sports writer).--------1967: Joe Trimble / Dick Young.


                          • Benjamin Karl Flieger, Sr.

                            Born: June 16, 1925, Cleveland, OH
                            Died: June 12, 2002, Rocky River, OH, age 76,---d. Fairview General Hospital

                            Cleveland sports writer; Jewish
                            Graduated Case Institute of Technology, 1949 [part of Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, OH)]
                            5 year old, lived Cleveland, OH, (April 9, 1930 census)
                            Cleveland, OH, 14-year old, (April 2, 1940 census)
                            Cleveland Press, sports writer, 1951 - September 17, 1961, (had covered high school sports until March 19, 1958, when he became their baseball writer.)
                            Cleveland Plain Dealer
                            Cleveland Pipers (basketball team), General Manager, September 17, 1961 - June 29, 1962
                            Assistant to Art Modell, Cleveland Browns' football team, June 24, 1964 - July 2, 1969
                            Business manager/travel coordinator, Cleveland Browns football team, July 2, 1969 - 1975
                            Cleveland State University, athletic promotions/business manager, 1975 - July 1, 1977

                            Father: Emil B., born Ohio, March 14, 1888, was yard master of steam railroad, died August, 1965; Mother: Eleanor A. Zilmer, born Ohio around 1889, died December 13, 1973, Cleveland, OH; Wife: Margaret Kenney, born July 9, 1927; Son: James R., born November 2, 1943; Daughter: Linda Kingsbury; Son: Robert; Son: Benjamin Karl, Jr., born June 14, 1958; Daughter: Anne Ramos;

                            Atlanta Daily World write-up, May 29, 1977, pp. 6.


                            • William Baxter Wreford

                              Born: May 31, 1887, Detroit, MI
                              Died: May 8, 1944, Detroit, MI, age 57,---d. at home.

                              Detroit sports writer;
                              Attended University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)
                              Detroit, MI, at school, (June 5, 1900 census)
                              Detroit, Secretary of Department of Commerce, (January 14, 1920 census)
                              Detroit Free Press, sports writer, 1905 - March 13, 1910
                              Columbia Car Co., May 11, 1910? - July 28, 1910?
                              Detroit Board of Commerce, May 11, 1911? - August 28, 1914
                              Detroit's Ferry Field Theater Company, (June 5, 1917 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                              Detroit Markets Corporation, Secretary/Treasurer, October 24, 1920?
                              Detroit Brick Manufacturing Association, February 5, 1916 - March 4, 1922 -
                              National Association of Furniture dealers, secretary, March 4, 1922 - June 18, 1925?
                              House of Representatives (1st. District of Wayne County, MI), 1931 - 1932 session
                              U.S. Public Reserve for Michigan, during WWI, as assistant secretary of the Detroit Board of Commerce.
                              Charter member of the Detroit Athletic Club, as a reporter.

                              Father: Thomas, born around 1862, Michigan, died April 26, 1891, Detroit, MI; Father Thomas was Detroit butcher; Grand-father: William Wreford, born December 3, 1833, Morchard Bishop, England, died Detroit, MI, May 16, 1926; Mother: Elizabeth Bale Webber, born England, died around 1901; Wife: Helen A., born Michigan, around 1887; Son: William Baxter, Jr., born Michigan, around 1916;

                              His grand-father was born in England and arrived in the US in 1851 in Boston, MA. He arrived in Detroit a few months later. He became known as the Father of Detroit's Meat Trade. He was a cattle buyer. He married Elizabeth August 11, 1856.

                              Republican. Newspaper reporter; business executive; member of Michigan state house of representatives from Wayne County 1st District, 1931-32; defeated in primary, 1932, 1934. Associated with auto industry. His father was a butcher. Butchering and cattle buying was the family businss.

                              Mr. Wreford married on October 10, 1942 in Detroit, MI. Daughter: Elizabeth Ann (Vasiu);

                              -----------------------His grand-father's obituary, Border Cities, MI, Monday, May 17, 1926.


                              • Charles Coverdale Park---AKA Charlie Park

                                Born: May 1, 1911, Harrison, IN
                                Died: December 13, 1997, Wrightwood, CA, age 86 (unconfirmed)

                                Los Angeles sports writer;
                                Lived Indianapolis, IN (January 3, 1920 census)
                                Lived Glendale, CA, no job (April 14, 1930 census)
                                Burbank, CA, newspaper, sports editor, (April 13, 1940 census)
                                Glendale News-Press, sports editor, 1935 - November 21, 1946
                                Los Angeles Sentinel, sports writer, June 14, 1951
                                Los Angeles Mirror News, sports writer, October 21, 1949 - April 2, 1961
                                Los Angeles Times, sports writer, February 23, 1962 - October 30, 1967
                                Charlie also served as official scorer for the Los Angeles Dodgers in the late 50's.
                                Charlie married Ethel Ware. His middle name was his mother's maiden name.

                                Father: Joseph M., born Indiana, around 1887, was assistant newspaper city editor in 1930 in Glendale, CA; Mother: June Coverdale, born Indiana, around 1888; Brother: Don P. was born Indiana, around 1915; Wife: Ethel E., born South Dakota, around 1911.


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