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  • Henry Harold Singer---AKA Harry Singer

    Born: October 29, 1892, Baltimore, MD
    Died: Still alive as of March 19, 1958.

    New York sports writer;
    Lived Baltimore, at school, (June 6, 1900 census)
    Manhattan charge clerk for cutlery, (19th of ?, 1910 census)
    Manhattan newspaper sports editor (January 6, 1920 census)
    Manhattan editor of newspaper, (April 12, 1930 census)
    Bronx Home News, reporter, Lived Manhattan, (June 5, 1917 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
    NYC, sports editor, newspaper industry, (April, 1940 census)
    Bronx Home News reporter 1917? - 1948? (Lived 325 East 176th St., Bronx, NY, (April 27, 1942 WWII Draft Registration)
    New York Post, sports writer, 1948? - March 19, 1958?.
    The Bronx Home News merged with the New York Post in 1948. Henry went from one to the other.
    Harry became a member of the BBWAA (Baseball Writers' Association of America) in 1923.
    Blue-Gray eyes, Brown hair

    Harry became a newspaperman on November 4, 1913.

    Father: Bernard B., born Hungary, June, 1868; Mother: Carrie M, born Germany, September, 1864; Brother: Marks, born Maryland, June, 1894; Brother: Maxwell M, born New York, around 1895; Sister: Johanna J., born New York, around 1904. Wife: Helen, born New York around 1907.


    • Jay G. Thatcher

      Born: 1879?, Illinois?

      Philadelphia sports writer;
      Philadelphia Evening Telegraph, sports writer, 1910
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      • Ed Grayson


        Cincinnati sports writer;
        Harry Frye


        Washington, DC sports writer;
        Washington Star, sports writer, 1925 - July 30, 1931.


        • William Charles Driscoll, Jr.---AKA Bill Driscoll

          Born: July 18, 1900, New Jersey
          Died: Still alive as of 1960

          Philadelphia sports editor;
          Camden, NJ, 9-year old, (April 26, 1910 census)
          Apprentice machinist, employed by New York ship yard, at Camden, NJ, (September 12, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
          Deptford, NJ, machinist, New York ship yard, (April 17, 1920 census)
          Camden, NJ, paper, state editor, (April 10, 1930 census)
          Camden, NJ, newspaper editor, (April 4, 1940 census)
          Philadelphia Record, night city editor, March 30, 1939, sports editor, September 28, 1939 - 1947,
          Co-Founded Philadelphia publishing company, All-Negro Comics, Inc., 1947
          Philadelphia Inquirer, sports editor, 1956? - 1959?
          blue eyes, brown hair.

          Father: William C. Driscoll, born Maryland, around 1872; Mother: Mary, born Pennsylvania, around 1875; Wife: Ethel F., born Pennsylvania around 1908;

          1941: 2 shots of Bill when he was sports editor of Philadelphia Record.---------------------------------------------------------------------New York Times' article, November 15, 1958, pp. 26.

          New York Times death notice, February 27, 1959, pp. 25.


          • Frank Bradshaw Hutchinson, Jr.

            Born: February 21, 1883, Chicago, IL
            Died: Still Alive as of April 27, 1942

            Chicago sports writer / Publicist;
            Chicago Associated Press, editor, (April 19, 1910 census)
            Chicago manager of motor company, (January 8, 1920 census)
            Manager in Chicago advertising agency, (April 2, 1930 census); was listed under Hutchins in error.
            Graduate of University of Illinois at Chicago, 1905, (Ph.B. Advanced Management)
            Chicago Inter-Ocean, sports writer, 1901 - 1909
            Chicago Associated Press, November 6, 1010
            Went into advertising business around November 6, 1910.
            Chicago correspondent to Sporting Life, April, 1910 - March, 1911.
            Kelly-Springfield Motor Truck Co., manager, (Springfield, OH), 1913
            Pittsburgh Manager for Iron City Motors Company, (September 12, 1918, WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
            National Bowlers' Journal Incorporated, Chicago, IL. Lived in Chicago, IL. (April 27, 1942 WWII Draft Registration)

            Father: Frank Bradshaw Hutchinson, Sr., born Chicago, IL, August 3, 1849, died February 24, 1920 in Chicago, IL; Mother: Kitty Mattea Wells, born Illinois in December, 1851; Frank and Kitty were married in 1869;
            Wife: Loretta Toner, born Kenosha, Wisconsin, January 1, 1884, died November, 1964. Her father Charles Toner of Kenosha, WI, born New York, April, 1836; her mother, Ellen, born Wisconsin, July, 1845; Loretta and Frank were married December 4, 1907, in Kenosha, Wis. They were both graduates of the University of Chicago, and had met while in college.
            Son: Frank Bradshaw Hutchinson, III: born April 26, 1912 in Kenosha, WI & died January 12, 2004, in LaGrange Park, IL; Son Frank III married Eleanor Tarr Hoadley in July, 1940; Eleanor Hoadley was born September 19, 1916 and died January 12, 1999 in La Grange Park (Cook County), IL; father of Howard Hoadley Hutchingon, born October 20, 1942; Howard was the father of Linda Jane Strane, who was born May 31, 1942 and Langdon Strane, who was born in 1975.

            Mr. Hutchinson met his wife, Loretta Toner while they both attended the University of Chicago. They both graduated and married December 4, 1907 in Kenosha, Wis., and lived in Chicago, IL. Loretta received her Ph. Bachelors in 1906 from the University of Chicago. Frank received his Ph. Bachelors Degree in 1905 in Advertising.

            Mr. Hutchinson lived in Chicago, IL as of 1942.

            His Son.

            Frank Bradshaw Hutchinson, III

            Born: April 26, 1912, Kenosha, WI
            Died: January 12, 2004, La Grange Park, IL, age 91

            Illinois investment consultant;
            Attended University of Chicago,
            Weeden & Co.
            Own business, 1957 -
            President of Municipal Bond Club of Chicago, 1968 -
            President of Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co., (LaSalle Street investment firm)

            Wife: Eleanor Tarr Hoadley, born September 19, 1916, died January 12, 1999, La Grange Park, IL; Son: Howard H.; Son: Arthur George;

            He was a division manger in a public campaign drive of 500 citizens of River Forest, IL to raise funds to build a new Oak Park Y.M.C.A. on April 23, 1950. On December 23, 1951, he was a co-chairman, along with attorney Charles L. Michod, Jr., to raise funds for a 1952 Chicago Heart association fund drive in River Forest, a town in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

            By the late 1950's, Mr. Hutchinson, a resident of River Forest, IL, had become involved in local civic issues. He became a member of the zoning and housing panel. He also became a church deacon in the First Congregational Church of Oak Park, located at Lake St. and Kenilworth Ave. He became a member of a church committee doing research on housing trends.

            Oak Park and River Forest had a resident named Frank B. Hutchinson. He was a member of the First Congregational Church. He was elected their Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He lived in River Forest, IL, on 547 Keystone Avenue. He was listed in newspapers as late as January 7, 1970, in Oak Leaves - Forest Leaves, which served Oak Park and Forest River, IL.

            Forest Leaves (River Forest, IL) - January 28, 2004
            Deceased Name: Frank Bradshawe Hutchinson III

            Frank Bradshawe Hutchinson III, 91, of Plymouth Place in LaGrange Park and formerly of River Forest, Army veteran of World War II, died Jan. 12 in LaGrange Park.

            Mr. Hutchinson was born April 26, 1912, in Kenosha, Wis., to Frank Bradshawe Hutchinson Jr. and Loretta, nee Toner, Hutchinson. He graduated from the Lab School at the University of Chicago in 1931 and received his bachelor of arts from the University of Chicago in 1933.

            Mr. Hutchinson was president of Hutchinson, Shockey, Erley & Co in Chicago retiring in 1972. He was a resident of River Forest for 20 years. He was a 55-year member of First United Church of Oak Park and a longtime member of the University Club of Chicago and a member and former president of Municipal Bond Club of Chicago.

            He was the husband of the late Eleanor, nee Hoadley, Hutchinson; father of Howard (Linda) and Arthur; grandfather of Megan (Justin) Lewis and Langdon and Ian and Anne; great-grandfather of Jack Lewis.
            Memorial service was Jan. 24 in the First United Church of Oak Park. Arrangements were made by Drechsler, Brown and Williams Funeral Home, Oak Park.

            Memorial contributions may be made to Plymouth Place, 315 N. LaGrange Rd., LaGrange Park, IL 60526.
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            • Joseph James Greene Estoclet

              Born: September 24, 1868, Palmerstown, Dublin County, Ireland
              Died: Between December 20, 1913 - January 15, 1920.

              Philadelphia sports writer;
              Philadelphia editor, (June 6, 1900 census)
              Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, sports writer/editor, 1908 - 1910 (lived in Haddon Heights, NJ) (April 30, 1910 census)
              husband Joseph had died. (January 15, 1920 census)
              Wife Blanche and Daughter Estelle still lived in Philadelphia, PA, but Blache is listed as 'Widowed', indicating
              Immigrated to US, 1886, at age 18
              Captain of the Quaker City Wheelmen, (Philadelphia bicycle club), (May 14, 1894 - November 12, 1897)
              Philadelphia, The Call, June, 1901
              Secretary of the National Bowling Tournament committee, (February 3, 1907)
              New York Morning Telegraph - February 22, 1913
              Philadelphia News-Post - December 20, 1913

              Father: Alphonse Auguste Eugine Estoclet, born France, around 1850, died January 14, 1929, Philadelphia, PA; Mother: Mary Ann Greene, born Tullow, Ireland around 1846, died 1884; Wife: Blanche A. Conway, born January, 1878 in PA; Daughter: Estelle born around 1903 in PA. Joe married Blanche in 1897.

              New York Times, June 5, 1895.
              One of the hardest workers in the cause of cycling is Joseph Estoclet, who at present holds three important cycling positions. He is Captain of the Quaker City Wheelmen, one of the largest cycling organizagtions in this city [Philadelphia], and is the editor of The Quaker, a monthly paper published by his club organization, and, in addition, is Cycling Editor of the Philadelphia Press. Mr. Estoclet's membership in the Quaker City Wheelmen only dates back to 1892, but so earnest has he been in the cause of that organization that he has already filled several offices to which he was elected by his associates in the club.

              In 1893 he was elected Second Lieutenant, only to be promoted to First Lieutenant a year ago, and when his first term in the latter office expired he was elected Captain, with practically no opposition. As Captain of his club he is also a delegate to the Associated Cycling Clubs, and has already done good work in the later capacity.

              Mr. Estoclet is one of the most noted riders in Philadelphia, his especial forte being long-distance riding. He has a fancy for century runs, and has attended nearly all the Newark-Philadelphia rides. Last year he had a big hand in this affair, and this year organized a century run under the auspices of the Quaker City Wheelmen to Coatesville, Penn., and return.

              So popular was the latter affair that there were more riders in attendance than at any other similar event in the neighborhood of the Quaker City. Mr. Estoclet will also head a delegation of the members of his club on the double-century runs of the Manhattan Bicycle Club from New York to Philadelphia and return on June 22 and 23. He will also have charge of a large party at the national meet at Ashbury Park in July. (New York Times, June 5, 1895.)


              • John Francis Cremer---AKA Jack Cremer

                Born: December 5, 1881, Michigan
                Died: died between January 17, 1920 - April 16, 1930
                Jack is listed in the January 17, 1920 census as alive, but his wife, Maude R, is listed in the April 16, 1930 census as WD, signifying she was a widow, meaning Jack had died in the interim.

                Detroit sports / political writer;
                Muskegon, MI machinist, (June 2, 1900 census)
                Detroit Journal, reporter, (April 20, 1910 census)
                Detroit advertiser for advertising co., (January 17, 1920 census)
                Detroit Journal, sports editor / political writer, 1910
                Began his newspaper work around 1895.
                Marquette Chronicle, editor
                Publicity writer for Detroit store, September, 1918, (WWI Civilian Draft Registration.)

                Father: William, born Canada; Mother: Margaret A. (Maggie) Harmawag, born MI, October, 1861; Wife: Maude R. Ashley, born 1883, Irish Canada; Jack married Maude September 26, 1906 in Muskegon, MI; Son: Jack A., born around 1912, Michigan; Daughter: Carol, born around 1915, Michigan;

                ------------------------------------------------------------------appeared in 1910 book.


                • Sporting News: January 30, 1952, pp. 16: Helms Press Hall of Fame Cites 14 Pre-1900 Scribes. All the sports writers listed in this article are included in this thread, except 2. Caspar Whitney and William Naughton, due to lack of photos.

                  This thread features George Ade, Henry Chadwick, Michael J. Kelly, David Reid, Lewis Meacham, OP Caylor, Hugh Keough, William Rankin, Alfred Spink, William Spink, AB Rankin, Alfred Wright.

                  The following article/list was published in the 1933 Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 491.
                  It was authored/compiled by Henry P. Edwards, of the AL Information Bureau.

                  Based on this 1933 book, the following cities had the following number of sports writers. Very valuable information.
                  New York had 19 newspapers with 59 sports writers, Chicago had 10 newspapers with 24 sports writers, Boston had 9 newspapers with 19 sports writers, Philadelphia had 5 newspapers with 17 sports writers, St. Louis had 4 newspapers with 10 sports writers, Washington had 5 newspapers with 9 sports writers, Pittsburgh had 4 newspapers with 8 sports writers, Cleveland had 5 newspapers with 7 sports writers, Detroit had 3 newspapers with 4 sports writers and Cincinnati had 3 newspapers with 3 sports writers.

                  In this article, from the Spalding Baseball Guide for 1939, pp. 43, ML Information Bureau chief Henry Edwards reprints a piece that recounts how the BWAA had come about. In one of my very earliest projects, I had taken this article and tried to track down every single name listed. I succeeded for all of them except George Moreland and EA Choate.

                  And most of them are included in this photo tribute to them. Which gives me unlimited satisfaction in sharing this with the world.

                  The BWAA roster as of January 1, 1956. (asterisk connotates 'sports editor', as opposed to strictly 'sports writer'.)

                  Sporting News, March 19, 1958, pp. 4.

                  Roster of sports writers. Sporting Life, December 24, 1910, pp. 11.

                  THE BASEBALL WRITERS' ASSOCIATION: 1950 Membership

                  President: Chester L. Smith, Pittsburgh Press
                  Vice President: Franklin W. Yeutter, Philadelphia Bulletin
                  Secretary-Treasurer: Ken Smith, New York Daily Mirror
                  Board of Directors: Charles J. Doyle, Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph
                  John C. Hoffman, Chicago Sun-Times
                  Rud Rennie, New York Herald Tribune
                  Stan Baumgartner, Philadelphia Inquirer

                  (Numerals after name indicate year in which member joined the Association)
                  * Sports Editor

                  American: Bill Grimes '33, Austen Lake '30, Herbert A. Finnegan '39, Michael Gilloly '48, Robert Ajemian '49, Leo White '49, Sam Brogna '50.
                  Globe: Jerry Nason * '36, Melville E. Webb '08, Gene Mack '21, Hy Hurwitz '34, Harold W. Kaese '34, Roger Birtwell '36, John F. Berry '42, Robert Holbrook '47, Clifford Keane '50,
                  Herald: Edward Costello * '42, Ed Cunningham '20, Bill Cunningham '28, Ralph Wheeler '42* Henry F. McKenna '44, Will Cloney '46, Victor Johnson '48.
                  Post: Gerry Hern* '46, John M, Malaney '21, Robert Coyne '28, Gerald W. Moore '33, Howell D. Stevens '39, Albert Hirshberg '42, Joseph McKeimey '42, Paul Hines '49, William Listom '50.
                  Record: Sam Cohen * '31, Joseph Cashman '28, Dave Egan '32, John Brooks '34, John Gillooly '36, Stephen B. O'Leary '40, Matthew Keany '41, Murray Kramer '48, Alexander H. MacLean '50.
                  Traveler: Arthur Siegal '35, George C. Carens '14, John J. Drohan '28, Gordon Campbell '43.
                  Christian Science Monitor: Webster J. Morse* '36, Edwin M. Rumill '30.
                  Advertiser: Michael McNarnee '32.
                  Associated Press: William R. King '29, Joseph Kelley '46.
                  International News Service: James Bagley '35, Al Blackman '48.
                  La Notiz&a: John Garro * '33.
                  United Press: Jack Frost '46, Henry Minott '47.
                  Patriot-Ledger: Roger Berry '50, Linwood Raymond '50.
                  Telegram (Worcester): Paul N. Johnson '50, Roy J. Mumpton '50.

                  Eagle: Lou Niss * '30, James J. Murphy '20, Tommy Holmes '23, Harold C. Burr '28, Benjamin Gold * '40.
                  Jomnal American: Al C. Palma * '18.
                  Long Island Journal Advocate: Jack Schwartz * '39.
                  Long Island Daily Press: Michael Lee * '39, Jack Lang '46, John Powers '49.
                  Long Island Star Journal: Louis F. O'Neil * '31, George C. Burton '44, Stephen Rogers '45.

                  Daily News: John P. Carmichael * '32, Francis J. Powers '17, Howard L. Roberts '35, Joseph Rein '46, Neil R. Gazel '50.
                  Herald-American: Leo H. Fischer * '24, Warren Brown '22, James E. Enright '43, Dan T. Desmond '45, William H. Becker '45.
                  Sim md Times: Dick Hackenberg * '47, Gene Kessler '23, John C. Hoffman '24, Edgar H. Munzel '29, Seymour V. Shub '48.
                  Tribune: Arch Ward * '28, Irving Vaughan *, Edward H. Burns '27, Howard T. Martin '40* Edward Prell '35. Associated Press: Charles Dunkley '09, Charles Chamberlain '42, Jerry Liska '45.
                  International News Service: Ken Opstein '50.
                  United Press: Edward Sainsbury '47.
                  Howe News Bureau: John S. Phillips '23, Fred K. Howe '34.
                  Polish Daily News: Ted A. Tryba '43.
                  Baseball Digest: Herbert F. Simons '28.
                  American League Service Bureau: Earl J. Hilligan '38.

                  Enquirer: Lou Lawhead * '21, Harold E. Russell '18, Lou Smith '36, Bob Husted '46, Saul Straus '50.
                  Post: Tom Swope '14, Clarence Wiese '43.
                  Times-Star: Nixson Denton * '37, Frank Y. Grayson '26, Walter Brinkman '26, George Bristol '40, Earl Lawson '49.
                  Associated Press: Claude Wolff '48, Harold Harrison '49.
                  Daily News (Dayton): Si Burick * '46.
                  Journal (Dayton): Ritter Collet '47.

                  News: Ed F. Bang * '08, Herman Goldstein '22, Edward J. McAuley '28, Hal Lebovitz '47, Regis McAuley '49.
                  Plain Dealer: Gordon Cobbledlck * '28, James E. Doyle '27, Milton Ellis '35, Fred G. Reinert '41, Harry N. Jones '47, Charles Heaton '48, Ed Katz '50.
                  Press: Franklin Lewis * '30, Frank Gibbons '37, Robert F. Yonkers '41, Jack Dowser '41, Milton J. Lapine '44, Louis F. Darvas '48.
                  Associated Press: James Sibbison '49, Richard H. Smith '49.
                  Central Press Association: Walter L. Johns * '39, William Ritt '31. Szabadsag (Liberty): Zoltan Gombos '34.
                  International News Service: Adolph Ponikvar '47, Howard Babcock
                  United Press: Richard L. Dugan '45, Milton B. Dolinger '47, Robert Morrison '50.
                  Be aeon- Journal: James Schlemmer '47.

                  Free Press: Lyall Smith * '44, James Zerilli '35, Thomas Devine '42, Robert E. Latshaw '43, Richard T. Thompson '46, Frank L. Williams '47, James B. Eathorne '49.
                  News: Harry G. Salsinger * '09, Sam Greene '23, Harry F. Leduc '22, Harry V. Wade '22, Watson N. Spoelstra '39, Paul M. Chandler '47, Lee Kavetski '50.
                  Times: Robert Murphy * '35, Leo Macdonell '27, Charles P. Ward '29, Edgar Hayes '32, Lewis Walter '35, Harold Kahl '38, John C. Manning '40, W. E. Anderman '40, George E. Van '43, George Maskin '48, Robert McClellan '49.
                  Associated Press: David Wilkie '26, Robert R. Sieger '45, Charles Cain '49.
                  International News Service: Frank R. Snyder * '45.
                  United Press: Jerry Le Donne '50.
                  Detroit A. C. News: E. A. Batchelor, Sr. '08.
                  Daily Star: Douglas Vaughan '39.
                  News- Advertiser: Harry M. Dayton '19.
                  Journal: Thomas Mercy '49.

                  NEW YORK
                  Compass: William Mahoney * '50, Herbert Goren '36, Jack Orr '48.
                  Daily Mirror: Dan F. Parker * '25, Gus Steiger '24, Ken Smith '27, James S. Hurley '28, Fred Weatherly '39, Ben Epstein '45, Clarence Cassin '46, Leonard Lewin '48.
                  Herald Tribune: Robert B. Cooke * '38, Rud Rennie '25, Walter W. Smith '29, Al Laney '37, Jesse P. Abramson '37, Irving T. Marsh '42, William Lauder, Jr. '45, Harold Rosenthal '48, Edward Sinclair '48.
                  Journal- American: Max Kase * '29, Lester Rice 'n, Frank Graham '15, Bill Conim '24, Hugh Bradley '26, Harry Glaser '28, Lewis Burton '29, Michael Gaven '38, Barney Kremenko '46.
                  Morning Telegraph: Ira Seebacher * '35, Thomas O'Reilly '41.
                  Post: Ike Gellis * '49, Henry H. Singer '23, Bert Gumpert '32, Leonard Cohen '33, Jerry Mitchell '34, James Cannon '37, Edward Wade '39, Milton Gross '41, Al Buck '42, Arch Murray '43, Sid Friedlander '50.
                  Times: Raymond J. Kelly* '20, James P. Dawson '18, John Drebinger '23, Arthur Daley '26, Roscoe McGowen '27, Louis Effrat '35, Laurence J. Spiker '39, Joseph Nichols '44, Joseph M. Sheehan '46.
                  World-Telegram: Joe Williams* '14, Edward T. Murphy '19, Joseph P. Val* '32, Daniel M. Daniel '13, Pat McDonough '32, Willard Mullin '35, Joe King '40, William Roeder '45, Lester Bromberg '47.
                  Associated Press: Ted Smits * '47, Gayle Talbot '32, Ted Meier '37, Whitney Martin '39, Jack Hand '44, Joseph Reichler '44, Hugh S. Fullerton, Jr. '46, Harold J. Classen '48, Murray Rose '48.
                  Associated Press Features: Frank Eck * '33, Tom Paprocki '31, James Becker '47.
                  International News Service: Lawton Carver * '35, Pat Robinson '21, Bob Considine '33.
                  United Press: Leo H. Petersen * '39, Jack Cuddy '32, Steve Snider '37, Oscar Fraley '40, Carl W. Lunquist '42, Milton Richman '46, Fred Down '47, Norman Miller '48, Stan Optowsky '48.
                  Newspaper Enterprise Association: Harry Grayson* '33, Al Vermeer '45, Edward Mills '47.
                  La Prensa: Carlos F. Ferro '40.
                  Progresso: Joseph Arrata II '48, John Billi '48.
                  Daily Worker: Lester Rodney * '39, Charles Dexter '37, William Mardo '46.
                  Jewish Daily Forward: Jay Grayson '30.
                  Ellas Baseball Bureau: Lester Goodman '19.
                  Baseball Magazine: Clifford Bloodgood '23.
                  George Mathew Adams Service: Frank Leonard '18.
                  North American Newspaper Alliance: John Wheeler '09, Grantland Rice '12, Lawrence Perry '45.
                  Renters: Harry J. Hennessy '41.
                  Christy Walsh Syndicate: Christy Walsh '20.
                  United Features: John Plerottd '44.
                  National League Service Bureau: Charles Segar '20.

                  Bulletin: Edwin J. Pollock '18, Donald Donaghey '27, Franklin W. Yeutter '38, Jerome Carson '43, Raymond Kelly '46, Hugh Brown '50, Dick Cresap '50.
                  Daily News: Lansing McCurley * '25, Edward Delaney '30, Grant Doherty '49.
                  Inquirer: S. O. Grauley '09, John Webster '27, Stan Baumgartner '28, David E. Wilson '29, Arthur H. Morrow '44, Allen Lewis '50.
                  Associated Press: Orlo Robertson '44, Charles G. Welsh, Jr. '44, Ralph Bernstein '50.
                  United Press: Russ Green '47, Albert Stees '50.

                  Post-Gazette: Albert W. Abrams * '28, Ed F. Balinger '09, Gilbert Remley '25, Jack Sell '28, Jack Hernon '42, James H. Jordan '44, Vince Johnson '46, Dan McGibbeny, Jr. '48.
                  Press: Chester L. Smith* '21, Jack Berger '25, Fred W. Landucci '32, Lester J. Biederman '33, Paul A. R. Kurtz '36, Harry Fairfield '42, Albert H. Tederstrom '46, Robert F. X. Drum '47.
                  Sun-Telegraph: Harry Keck* '15, Charles J. Doyle '15, Thomas Birks '29, James Miller '35, Philip Grabowski '39, Jack Henry '42, Jack Burnley '48.
                  Tri-State News: John L. Hernon * '21.
                  Associated Press: Robert W. Temple '50, James Holton '50.
                  International News Service: Troy Gordon '48.
                  United Press: Rudolph Cernkovic '45.
                  Daily News: Merril Granger '44.

                  ST. Louis
                  Globe Democrat: Robert L. Burnes * '37, Willis E. Johnson '09, Glen L. Wallar *io, Martin J. Haley '21, Raymond V. Smith '26, William Fairbairn '41, Reno Hahn '44, Harry Mitauer '46, John Rice '47, William Kerch '50.
                  Post-Dispatch: J. Roy Stockton* '22, J. Ed Wray '09, Herman Wecke '12, Dick Farrington '25, William J. McGoogan '27, Dent McSkimming '27, Lloyd A. McMaster '35, Robert C. Morrison '37, Harold W. Flachsbart '39, Robert W. Broeg '42* Harold J. Tuthill '45, Amadee Wohlschlaeger '47, Neal Russo '50.
                  Star-Times: Sid C. Keener* '13, Ray J. Gillesple '23, W. Vemon Tietjen '38, Raymond Nelson '39, Alvin T. Barnes, Jr. '47, Marion O. Milton '47, William J. Fleischman '49, Robert Devore '50.
                  The Sporting News: Edgar G. Brands * '28, Ernest J. Lanigan '08, Paul A. Rickart '31, Arthur Plainbeck '36, Carl T. Felker '37, Franz J. Wippold '38, Oscar Kahn '43, Clifford Kachline '44, Oscar Ruhl '45, Charles C. Spink '46, Lowell Reidenbaugh '48, Leonard Gettelson '48.
                  East St. Louis Journal: Ellis J. Veech * '35, A. Edward Hagan '49.
                  Associated Press: Thomas Yarbrough '46, Allan Merritt '47, Nello Cassai '50.
                  International News Service: Joseph Oppenhekner '50.
                  United Press: Stanton G. Mockler '44, Paul T. Dix '47.

                  Daily News: Everett G. Gardner* '48, David Reque '45, David Slattery '50.
                  Post: Bus Ham* '45, Shirley Povich '25, William Ahlberg '47, Morris Siegel '48.
                  Star: Charles M. Egan * '50, John B. Keller '19, Francis E. Stann '33, Lewis F. Atcbuson '35, Burton Hawkins '37, Merrill W. Whittlesey, Jr. '47, George S. Clark '49.
                  Times-Herald: Al Costello '36, Robert R. Addie '42, Charles W. Barbour '49, Robert J. Wentworth '49.
                  Associated Press: Arthur L. Edson '47, Joseph Ives '49.
                  International News Service: William J. Kerwin '50.
                  United Press: Ernest Barcella '37.
                  Gazette: Jack Tulloch '30.

                  ASSOCIATE MEMBERS
                  Fred J. Bendel "25, Hy Goldberg '30, Paul Horowitz '49, William Dougherty '50, Ed Friel '50, Newark-Evening News; James L. Ogle '32, Newark Star-Ledger; Joseph Knack '50, Toledo Blade.

                  Pedro Gailiana, Habana El Crisol; Humberto B. O'Byrne, Diario de la Costa (Colombia)*

                  HONORARY MEMBERS
                  Boston: Victor O. Jones '33, A. J. Rooney '21, Ford Sawyer '21, Les Stout '24.
                  Brooklyn: Frank C. Ferguson, Clinton Hoard '18, William McCullough '29, Harold Parrott '34, Joseph L. Roberts '28, Murray Robinson '23, Lee Scott '27, Len F. Wooster '09.
                  Chicago: Will Harridge, Ralph W. Cannon '27, James Crusinberry '08, James T. Gallagher '33, William P. Hayes '20, Harold Johnson *io, Marvin W. McCarthy '30, Harry McNamara '24, Steward Owen '32, Oscar Reichow '10, Thomas Siler '39.
                  Cincinnati: Bob Newhall '19, Charles O'Connor, Frank W. Rostock '09, Bob Saxton '37.
                  Cleveland: Stuart M. Bell '20, William G. Evans '23, Howard Preston '39, Dan Taylor '22, Eugene J. Whitney '32, Thomas L. Terrell '09, Alex Zirin '39.
                  Detroit: Malcolm Bingay, W. W. Edgar '24, Doc Holst '30, Charles A. Hughes '08, J. W. Kenney '39, H. A. Montgomery '22.
                  New York: John A. Heydler, Ford C Frick '23, Jose Aixala, Jr. '38, Christie Bohnsack '21, William E. Brandt '12, Edward T. Brannick '36, George W. Daley '13, Stanley Frank '32, Earl H. Ferris '22, Nat Fleischer 'n, Harry Forbes '37, Alan J. Gould '23, James M. Kahn '25, William Kane '32, John F. Kieran '22, George Kirksey '28, F. C. Lane '14, John Lardner '35, Frederick G. Lieb *n, Fred Linder, Stanley Lomax '26, Henry P. McLemore '35, William J. Manley '20, Arthur Mann '27, Tom Meany '24, Paul Mickelson '29, Arthur E. Patterson '39, Arthur Perrin '34, George E. Phair '19, Quentin Reynolds '31, Garry Schumacher '23, Jack Smith '36, Frank Wallace '26, Will Wedge '21, Wilbur Wood '13, Stanley Woodward '34, Richards Vidmer '22, Edward Zeltner '34.
                  Philadelphia: Joseph C. Dey '28, Bill Dooly '25, William Duncan '30, James Gantz '10, J* Herbert Good '32, Clair Hare '26, Al Horwits '26, Ross Kaufman 'n, James F. Keirans *io, John L Kolbmann '18, Joseph Labrum '22, Connie Mack, Robert T* Paul '25, Cy Peterman '23, Harry Robert '24, Stoney McLinn *o8, Thomas D. Richter '10, Frank Ryan '25, A. E. P. Sensenderfer '18, Joseph Tumelty '27, William G. Weart '37.
                  Pittsburgh: Fred P. Alger '23, Claire M. Burcky '30, Dr. A. R, Cratty '09, D. E. Benjamin '28, Ray H. Gallivan '35, Richard Guy '09, George S. Jennings '24, James J. Long '09, James M. McAfee '16, James F. Murray '26, Wilham P. Schragen '27, Carl Shatto '24, Fred S. Wertenbach '30, Wilham A. White '17.
                  St. Louis: Cullen Cain '21, George Henger '16, Damon Kerby '27, Clarence F. Lloyd '10, San Muchnick '26, Leighton Rudedge '29* Maurice O. Shevhn '30, J. G. Taylor Spink '12.
                  Washington: H. C. Byrd '16, Kirk Miller '23, Frank F. O'Neill '11, Denman Thompson '15, Frank H. Young '22, Gus Falzer, Newark, N. J.; Joseph McGlone, Providence, R. 1, Al Lang, St. Petersburg, Florida.


                  • As the creator of this tribute to some of our wonderful sports writers of the past, I would like to say that if anyone's ancestor was a newspaperman/sports writer, and they would like to submit a better photograph, or a more comprehensive summary of their sports writing career, or life, I would be most pleased to include their contributions here. I will also include sports editors, and sports managing editors too.

                    I do solicit better photos, and corrections/revisions in the career chronology of our beloved chroniclers of the National Game. Thank you in advance for any/all contributions.

                    A more comprehensive look at my Sports Writers Index of more than 600 writers, one needs to have Microsoft's Office, to view Excel Spreadsheets.


                    However, this database is not updated. For the updated version, with tons more Dates of Birth, with middle names, simply click onto this link, and then click onto Sports Writers Index. But be careful not to click onto the Sports Writers Index, alphabetized, unless you want that version.


                    Or one can download this for free.

                    1. If one wishes to view Microsoft Excel files, but doesn't have Microsoft's Office installed on their hard drive, they will probably not be able to open those Excel spreadsheet files. So, one may have to go to the following website to correct this situation.

                    If one goes to this site, you can then download a program for free, Excel Viewer 2003, which will allow one to then open and view Excel files ever after. Here it is. Then, for the very first time, others can see my work. (Microsoft Office would have taken 191 MB of space on one's hard drive, while Excel Viewer 2003 takes 30.96 MB of space.)


                    If you download this program, you should then be able to view my Sports Writers Index of more than 600 sports writers, and their encapsulated career highlights/newspaper chronology.

                    Have already listed all the writers I will probably include.

                    If anyone has any feedback, input, or anything else constructive to contribute, I welcome/solicit your comments. Or if anyone has any photos to contribute, that would be welcomed also.

                    Does anyone have any photos to share that top any here? Love to see them!

                    I still need tons of help. I lack photos/dates of birth for many of the sports writers on the last 2 pages.

                    Can anyone assist me? Also would love to get better photos than these tiny little ones. I need help. A lot of help. Any Good Samaritans in the vicinity?
                    I am seeking photos for sports writers Michael J. Kelly, Lewis B. Meacham, David Litton Reid, Alfred Wright, George Leonard Moreland, Henry L. Farrell, George Young, James Whitfield, Harry M. Dayton and Vern Plagenhoef.

                    I have no photos for these writers. And I have another large set of writers for whom all I have are ink drawings. I would like very much to have a photo of them. And many, many other writers have only terrible images left all of us.

                    So, if anyone can find me images of Harry M. Dayton and Vern Plagenhoef, I would owe you a debt that I could never re-pay.

                    In case some might not think that I don't allow comments on this thread, that is not factually accurate. I appreciate commentery. I really do. I might not let it stay up permanently, but I would likely assign it to a writer's post.
                    I encourage members' commentery, if they have any. But I just cannot allow all comments to remain permenantly. This is a highly-specialized documentation thread, as opposed to our normal discussion threads. This is intended as a useful tool or vehicle for us and visitors.

                    So, comment where you like, and I'll figure out where to assign your comments as we go along.


                    • In case anyone might think that sports writers are not great writers, let me remind you that some of them won the Pulitzer Prize during their careers. The following is by no means a complete listing, just the ones I happened to come across.

                      1990 - Jim Murray - Los Angeles Times, "for his sports columns."
                      1986 - Jimmy Breslin - New York Daily News, "for columns which consistently champion ordinary citizens."
                      1981 - Dave Anderson - New York Times, "for his commentary on sports."
                      1979 - Richard Cramer
                      1977 - George Will - for distinguished commentary on a variety of topics."
                      1976 - Red Smith - New York Times, "for his commentary on sports in 1975 and for many other years."
                      1959 - Ralph McGill - Atlanta Constitution, "for his distinguished editorial writing during 1958 as exemplified in his editorial 'A Church, A School....' and for his long, courageous and effective editorial leadership."
                      1956 - Arthur Daley - New York Times, "for his outstanding coverage and commentary on the world of sports in his daily column, Sports of the Times."
                      1941 - Westbrook Pegler - New York World-Telegram for his articles on scandals in the ranks of organized labor, which led to the exposure and conviction of George Scalise, a labor racketeer.
                      1940 - Bart Howard - St. Louis Post-Dispatch, "for his distinguished editorial writing during the year."

                      In addition to the above winners, there were numerous sports writers that were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize but failed to win it.

                      Milt Richman was nominated in 1957 and 1981. Terry Pluto was nominated twice but no where online could I find the years. Bill Planshke was nominated in 2004, but didn't win.


                      • Unidentified sports writers

                        1922 New York sports writers, with Babe Ruth standing on the table.
                        I see Dan Daniel, John Kieran, Alan Gould, Bill Slocum, Bill McGeehan, Sam Crane, Ken Smith, Paul Gallico.
                        If anyone knows how to identify the writers discreetly with numbers, I can then identify the writers I recognize.

                        1926 World Series: L-R: Carl S. Brandebury (AP news editor), Miller Huggins, Rogers Hornsby, Babe Ruth,
                        Charles Dunkley (Chicago AP sports editor), Bill Hayes (Chicago AP sports staffer), Alan Gould (AP sports editor), Brian Bell (sports writer).

                        1933 Sports Writers:

                        Babe Ruth's The All-America Board of Baseball. This was a Babe Ruth sponsored event. He named the sports writers, who, in turn, named their selections for the best players at each position, and they even presented awards to their winners. For both AL and NL.

                        L-R: Jack Malaney (Boston Post), Kirk Miller (Washington Times), Ed F. Bang (Cleveland News), John E. Wray (St. Louis Post-Dispatch), Christy Walsh, Babe Ruth, James Isaminger (Philadelphia Inquirer), Tom Swope (Cincinnati Post), Bud Shaver (Detroit Times), Harry Keck (Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph).

                        March 4, 1959: New York sports writers in St. Petersburg, FL.
                        Top Row, L-R: Stan Isaacs, Dan Daniel, Tommy Holmes, Bill Dougerty, Len Schecter, Jim Ogle.

                        Bottom Row, L-R: John Drebinger, Jack Lang, Casey Stengel, Joe Trimble, Ken Smith, Til Ferdenzi.

                        December 23, 1946: Chicago sports writers: L-R: John Hoffman, Dan Desmond, Herb Simons, John Carmichael, Jack Ryan, Earl Hilligan, Howard Roberts, Edgar Munzel, Chuck Chamberlain.

                        1927 New York sports writers
                        Top Row: L-R: Dan Daniel, Ken Smith, Buck O'Neill, George Monitor Daley, Frank Graham, unidentified W.U. operator, George E. Phair, unidentified, Will Murphy, Paul Shannon, Jim O'Leary.

                        Bottom Row: L-R: Dave Marshall (W.U. operator), Richards Vidmer, Gunboat Hudson, Hugh Bradley, unidentified, unidentified.

                        1939: New York sports writers cover the New York Yankees at St. Petersburg, FL.
                        L-R: Charles Segar, Hy Goldberg, James Dawson, James Kahn, Max Kase, Jack Smith, Bert Gumpert, Dan Daniel, Gaven, Harold Burr, Sid Mercer, Fred Lieb, Rud Rennie.

                        1942: New York sports writers covering New York Yankees during spring training in St. Petersburg, FL.
                        L-R: Milt Gross, Will Wedge, Dan Daniels, Rud Rennie, Earl Hilligan, Rex Weyant, Jack Tanzer, Sid Mercer, Toots Shore (Restaurant owner), Charles Segar, James Dawson, Joe McCarthy, John Schulte, Bert Gumbert.

                        New York sports writers at St. Petersburg, FL, March 16, 1960.
                        Top Row, L-R: Len Schecter, Dan Daniels, Bill Doughty, Ken Smith, Tom Holmes, Jack Lang, Stan Isaacs, Joe Trimble.

                        Bottom Row, L-R: Dan Parker, John Drebinger, Til Ferdenzi, Jim Ogle.


                        • Sports writer photos from the 1910 Spalding Base Ball Guide.

                          Sports writer photos from the 1910 Spalding Base Ball Guide.
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                          • Steven Ira Wulf---AKA Steve Wulf

                            Born: December 4, 1950, New York, NY
                            Died: Still Alive

                            American magazine writer / editor / book author;
                            Raised in Troy, NY
                            Attended Albany Academy HS (Albany, NY)
                            Graduated Hamilton College (Clinton, NY), (degree in English)
                            Norich Evening Sun (NY),
                            Fort Lauderdale News, horse racing writer,
                            Sports Illustrated
                            Time magazine
                            ESPN The Magazine, editor

                            Wife: Jane; Son: Bo; Son: John; Daughter, Eve; Daughter: Elizabeth;

                            Steve Wulf (born December 4, 1950) is an American magazine journalist, editor, and book writer. A former executive editor at ESPN The Magazine, Wulf continues to write for ESPN The Magazine as well as Before joining ESPN, Wulf worked for numerous publications, including The Evening Sun in Norwich, NY, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, The Economist, and Time. While working at SI as an associate writer, he met his wife, Jane Bachman Wulf, who was the magazine's chief of reporters.

                            Early life and education
                            He was born Steven Ira Wulf in New York City, New York, and raised in Troy, New York.
                            He attended high school at The Albany Academy, in Albany, New York; and graduated from Hamilton College, in Clinton, NY, with a degree in English. After graduating from Hamilton, Wulf climbed into his '69 Chevy Malibu and visited every newspaper in the Northeast until he found a job.

                            Steve Wulf found his first job at the The Evening Sun, a local newspaper in Norwich, NY. As Wulf once recalled in a story he wrote for Sports Illustrated, he spent "15 months as a—no—the sportswriter for The Evening Sun." In one particularly humorous moment during the slow summer months, Wulf once quoted himself in the recap of a local softball game. After a 29-5 victory, Wulf was the only player to go hitless and, having no choice but to interview the player, he "quoted" him as saying, "I went through a two-game batting slump in one night. But I think that I, more than anyone, was responsible for keeping the score down."

                            After leaving Norwich, Wulf migrated south and worked for the Fort Lauderdale News as its horse-racing writer. He later did free-lance work for newspapers in Boston before becoming a fact-checker at Sports Illustrated. He worked his way up to becoming a staff writer, and then later moved to Time Magazine. When ESPN decided to start its own magazine, Wulf left Time to become one of ESPN The Magazine's original editors.

                            In addition to his forty years of newspaper and magazine writing, Wulf has published various books. Wulf consulted in the making of the documentary television series Baseball, directed by Ken Burns, and has appeared on numerous episodes of ESPN SportsCentury as well as ESPN's 30 for 30 series.

                            In March of 1994, Wulf wrote an article about Michael Jordan's minor-league-baseball career, which was featured on the cover with the headline "Bag It Michael". Due to the incendiary headline, Jordan cut off official communication with Sports Illustrated and his silence continues to this day.

                            30 fo 3r0
                            Wulf also appeared numerous times in 30 for 30, a documentary series on ESPN television. He was interviewed for Silly Little Game, a documentary about the genesis of rotisserie league baseball, as well as Jordan Rides the Bus. In Jordan, Wulf recounts his controversial Sports Illustrated article about Michael's attempt to play baseball. He admits to being too critical of Jordan, but also reveals that he visited the legendary basketball player a second time and wrote a story about how he was showing signs of major-league potential. Sports Illustrated did not run the second story.

                            Steve Wulf has been married to Jane Wulf since October, 1984. They have two sons, Bo and John, as well as twin daughters, Eve and Elizabeth. Steve Wulf often writes about his children and boasts on his Twitter page that he is "the father of four pitchers."

                            0:01: Parting Shots from the World of Sports
                            Baseball Anecdotes, by Daniel Okrent and Steve Wulf, 1989
                            I Was Right On Time, by Buck O'Neil, 1996
                            Legends of the Field: The Classic Sports Photography of Ozzie Sweet, 1993
                            ESPNB: The Mighty Book Of Sports Knowledge, 2009
                            Michael Jordan article, 1994
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