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  • Gerald Curtin Sylvester

    Born: December 7, 1909, Brooklyn, NY
    Died: May 7, 1977, Randallstown, MD, age 67, d. cancer

    New York sports writer;
    Graduated Amherst College (Amherst, MA), (A.B.), 1930.
    New York Evening Post until at least 1941, when he joined the army.
    retired from sports writing, 1939
    Brothers Harold/William, Sister Margaret, wife Teresa.

    Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 493.
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    • Walter Francis Hudson---AKA Gunboat Hudson

      Born: Janaury 30, 1898, New York City, NY
      Died: November 22, 1933, New York City, NY, age 35

      New York sports writer;
      New York Evening Journal, office boy, proofreader,
      New York Globe, reporter,
      New York Mail,
      Bronx Home News,
      New York Evening Graphic,
      Miami Tab,
      New York Daily Mirror, sports writer

      Sporting News' death writeup---------------------New York Times' Obituary
      November 30, 1933, pp. 1, column 4---------------November 24, 1933, pp. 21.

      -----------------------------------------------Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 493.

      Sporting News' obituary, November 30, 1933, pp. 5, column 1.-----1927: Gunboat Hudson interviewing Rogers Hornsby at the New York Giants' training camp.

      Sporting News' death write-up, December 7, 1933, pp. 3, column 7.
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      • Richard Farrington---AKA Dick Farrington

        Born: June 25, 1891, Minneapolis, MN
        Died: February 13, 1953, St. Louis, MO, age 59,---d. brain hemorrhage at DePaul Hospital (St. Louis, MO); Buried: Calvary Catholic Cemetery, St. Louis, MO

        Minneapolis Journal, sports writer, 1910
        Minneapolis Tribune, night sports editor, 1911 - 1912
        Indianapolis Star, 1913 - 1915
        Detroit Free Press, news reporter, 1916 - 1917
        Detroit Journal, reporter;
        WWI, 1918
        Toledo Times telegraph editor, (OH) (1919) city editor, 1920
        St. Louis Times, managing editor, 1921 - 1923
        St. Louis Post-Dispatch, feature editor, 1924
        Sporting News, editor, 1924 - 1928
        New York Herald-Tribune, news makeup man, 1928 - 1930
        St. Louis Times, sports editor, 1930 - 1932
        Sporting News', associate editor - column "Fanning with Farrington", 1932 - 1943
        St. Louis Post-Dispatch, sports writer, 1943 - 1953.

        Father: Edward; Mother: Catherine Roth; Wife: Phyllis;

        --------New York Times' obituary----------Sporting News' obituary
        --------February 14, 1953, pp. 17.---------February 25, 1953, pp. 30, column 1.
        ----------Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 494.

        -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Missouri Death Certificate.

        August 31, 1939: L-R: George Trautman, Lou McKenna, Dick Farrington, George Higgins.
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        • Davis James Francis Walsh

          Born: April 11, 1892, Philadelphia, PA
          Died: August 23, 1966, Wilmington, DE, age 74

          Indianapolis / Philadelphia / Pittsburgh sports writer;
          Philadelphia Inquirer, 1917
          Philadelphia Record, sports editor, January, 1939
          New York Graphic
          New York Post
          Los Angeles Examiner, September, 1939
          Chicago Herald-American, May, 1943 - September, 1952
          International News Sevice, 1922 - 1930; 1932 - September, 1939; March, 1943 - November, 1948
          Pittsburgh Sun-Telegraph, sports editor, September, 1952 - 1960
          His column of note was "To Whom It May Concern".
          An authority on Track & Field, golf, boxing, baseball, collegiate and pro FB, covered their main events.

          Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Obituary, August 26, 1966-----Sporting News' Obituary,
          ------------------------------------------------------September 10, 1966, pp. 38, column 3.

          --------------------------Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 494.

          Davis Walsh, #9.
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          • Augustine Joseph Rooney---AKA Gus Rooney

            Born: January 8, 1892, South Boston, MA
            Died: December 21, 1978, East Sandwich, MA, age 86

            Boston sports writer;
            Harvard College (Cambridge, MA),
            Boston Evening Herald, 1906 - ?
            Boston Herald,
            Boston American,
            Boston Red Sox, office staff, 1911
            Fitchburg, New England League club secretary, 1913
            Boston Traveler, (at least by 1917 - 1938, sports editor, 1926
            Suffolk Downs race track, 1938 - 1940
            General Services Administration, (Fed. Government), 1940 - 1962, as PR man
            Boston Traveler, sports writer, 1917.

            Boston Globe Obituary, December 23, 1978

            Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold (Speed) Johnson, 1933, pp. 494.
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            • Edward Joseph Geiger

              Born: February 18, 1884, Chicago, IL
              Died: January 11, 1949, Chicago, IL, age 66,----d. at home of cerebral hemorrhage after 3 week illness.

              Chicago sports writer;
              Chicago American, July 3, 1900 - 1939
              Started as copy boy, made sports editor in 1923 - 1939.
              His column: Geiger Says.

              ----------------------------------------------Sporting News' Obituary,----------New York Times' Obituary
              ----------------------------------------January 19, 1949, pp. 26, column 3.------January 12, 1949, pp. 29.

              Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 495.
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              • William Joseph McCullough---AKA Bill McCullough---His age and middle name are confirmed by the WWI Civilian Draft Registration.

                Born: June 5, 1900, Philadelphia, PA
                Died: August 6, 1954, Brooklyn, NY, age 54,---d. King's County Hospital

                Brooklyn sports writer;
                Went to grammar school And Brown Prep School & Girard College (all in Philadelphia, PA.)
                Lived Philadelphia (September 18, 1918 WWI Civilian Draft Registration)
                Entered St. John's Preparatory School in Brooklyn, 1920.
                Fordham University (Bronx, NY), St. John's College (Bronx, NY);
                Brooklyn Standard-Union, 1928
                Brooklyn Times, 1929
                Brooklyn Times-Union, 1929-37
                Brooklyn Eagle, 1937 - ?

                Father: William McCullough, born 1879; Mother: Catharine McGahey McCullough, born 1880;

                William J. (Bill) McCullough, who covered the Dodgers for many years, died at Kings County Hospital in New York City, August 6. He was 54.
                An outstanding basketball player at St. John's Prep in his youth, McCullough covered the Dodgers for the Brooklyn Times, the Times-Union and later for the Eagle, after that paper took over the Times-Union in January, 1937.
                Bill probably is best remembered for a crack he made during a game at the Polo Grounds some years ago. When a dispute arose over whether a pitch had been a ball or strike, McCullough, a rabid Brooklyn rooter, chirped up with:

                "In fairness to both sides, it was right down the middle."
                In recent years McCullough has been research aid to Jimmy Powers, sports editor of the Daliy News.

                Sporting News, August 18, 1954
                McCullough was actually 54 years old at death. He entered Girard College for Boys on January 28, 1910 along with his brother Richard Anthony McCullough. The boys lost their mother in April 1909 and their father could no longer care for them. William McCullough left Girard Collage December 12, 1917. Married to Gladys Walsh in Bellaire, Maryland, February 20, 1933. Brother of Peter and Richard Anthony McCullough. Grandson of Peter McGahey and Margaret 'Maggie' (Lockery) McGahey.

                Attended Girard College in Philadelphia Pennsylvania (orhpanage for homeless boys), St John's Prep and Fordham University. Known to his family as "Willie".

                New York Times' Obituary
                August 8, 1954, pp. 85.-----------Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 496.----Sporting News' obituary, August 18, 1954, pp. 42.

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                • William Marcus Braucher

                  Born: November 1, 1896, Lincoln, IL
                  Died: November 13, 1958, Cleveland, OH, age 62, cancer

                  Cleveland sports editor;
                  Lincoln Courier-Herald, 1913
                  WWI (missed fighting)
                  Springfield IL. State Register, sports editor, 1918
                  Cleveland Plain-Dealer
                  Newspaper Enterprises Association, sports writer, 1925 - 1929, sports editor, 1929 - ?
                  Cleveland Central Press, ? - 1939
                  Newspaper Enterprises Association, wrote copy for comic panel, 'Our Boarding House', 1939 - 1956.
                  The comic panel, 'Our Boarding House', was drawn by William Freyse of Tucson, AZ, featuring 'Major Hoople'.
                  Retired by 1956.

                  New York Times' Obituary,----------------Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball
                  November 15, 1958, pp. 23.--------------edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 496.

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                  • Charles Patrick Ward

                    Born: November 29, 1897, Allentown, PA
                    Died: April 3, 1960, Detroit, MI, age 63---d. ruptured artery, following surgery, Providence Hospital, Detroit, MI

                    Detroit sports writer;
                    Pittsburgh University; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts;
                    Allentown Record, 1919 - ?, obituaries, city editor, miscellaneous work;
                    Reading Times (PA), reporter, cartoonist;
                    Philadelphia Record, 1924 - 1928;
                    Moved to Detroit, 1925.
                    Detroit Free Press, sports editor / columnist, Baseball writer, cartoonist, 1928 - 1945),
                    Detroit Times, boxing / horse racing writer, 1945 - 1960

                    New York Times' Obituary, April 4, 1960, pp. 29.---Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 407.

                    Sporting News' Obituary, April 13, 1960, pp. 40, column 5.
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                    • Francis Hunter Young---AKA Frank Young

                      Born: December 10, 1887, Washington, DC
                      Died: June 12, 1957, Petersburg, VA, age 69,---d. nursing home in Petersburg, VA, after an illness of several months.

                      Washington sports writer;
                      Wrote sports as sideline before WWI
                      Washington Post, 1921, associate sports editor, 1923 - 1933
                      Covered / traveled with Senators, 1923 - 1933.
                      Federal Power Commission, 1953

                      ---------------------------------Washington Post obituary, June 14, 1957, pp. B2.

                      ------------------------------------------------------------Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 497.
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                      • Wayne Keith Otto

                        Born: January 31, 1895, Battle Creek, MI
                        Died: April 3, 1946, Chicago, IL, age 51,---d. He had been ill for a year.

                        Chicago sports writer;
                        Elmira (NY) Advertiser sports editor, 1917
                        San Antonio News
                        Houston Post
                        Galveston News
                        WWI aviation corps
                        Started as baseball writer on Chicago Journal, 1920
                        Chicago News
                        Chicago Herald & Examiner, 1933
                        Chicago Daily News
                        Chicago Herald-American.

                        Father: Edgar F., born June, 1854, Ohio; Mother: Pollie A., born Canada, July, 1854, died April 30, 1938, Battle Creek, MI.

                        Sporting News' Obituary----------------New York Times' Obituary
                        April 11, 1946, pp. 16, column 5.---------April 5, 1946, pp. 24.

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                        • Edward Joseph McAuley

                          Born: August 24, 1903, Hazelwood, PA
                          Died: October 25, 1961, Cleveland OH, age 58,---d. St. Vincent Charity Hospital (Cleveland, OH), of brain hemorrhage, after several weeks.

                          Cleveland sports writer;
                          Cleveland News, 1925 - 1934
                          Cleveland News, sports writer, 1934-39, sports columnist, 1939 - January, 1960.
                          Cleveland Sun-Press, sports editor, 1960-61

                          Father: Charles E., born Wisconsin around 1878; Mother: Anna L., born Ohio around 1881, died December 29, 1958 in Cleveland; Brother: Regis, born February 8, 1911, died Cleveland, OH, May 30, 1984.

                          -----------------------------------------------------Sporting News' obituary, --------New York Times' obituary,
                          -----------------------------------------------------November 1, 1961, pp. 22, column 3.----October 26, 1961, pp. 35.

                          ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bob Lemon / Ed McAuley.
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                          • Edward Thomas Murphy

                            Born: June 19, 1896, Brooklyn, NY
                            Died: January 4, 1965, Brooklyn, NY, age 68

                            Brooklyn sports writer;
                            Attended grammar school in Brooklyn;
                            New York Evening Sun - copy boy, June, 1911 - 1915); sports writer, 1915 - 1946; sports copy desk, 1946 - 1950 (paper folded.)
                            New York World Telegram and Sun, sport's copy desk, 1950 - 1962

                            Eddie Murphy (Sportswriter. Born, Brooklyn, June 19, 1896; died, Brooklyn, Jan. 4, 1965.) During his 53-year career with The Sun, Edward T. Murphy became the first writer to cover the Brooklyn Dodgers for a Manhattan-based paper. Murphy joined The Sun as a copy boy in 1911, working for the morning edition of what was then an all-day paper. He became part of the sports staff four years later and, in 1918, sports editor Joe Vila (q.v.) took him to Ebbets Field, introduced him to the Brooklyn front office, and left. With all games then played in the daytime, writers for the evening papers were the primary news source on baseball. For the next 29 seasons, Murphy wrote for the afternoon editions of The Sun. At the end of the 1946 season, he requested a transfer to the sports copy desk. When asked for his reason, Murphy said, “Night baseball. I do not intend to hang around all day waiting to work at night like a burglar.” He worked with The Sun until 1950, when it was sold to the World-Telegram, and spent 12 years on the desk with the merged paper until retiring in 1962. During his long career, Murphy was the only New York writer travelling with the Dodgers when they played a 26-inning 1-1 tie at Boston May 1, 1920. He covered the game for seven papers besides his own. Considered an excellent official scorer, Murphy was chosen as the New York scorer for the 1942 World Series even though he never covered the Yankees. (The Bill Shannon Biographical Dictionary of New York Sports is an open database of sports biographies maintained by Jordan Sprechman and Marty Appel.)

                            Sporting News' Obituary,
                            January 16, 1965, pp. 26, column 1.

                            ---------------------------------------------Photo/Entry Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 498.

                            February, 1937: L-R: Burleigh Grimes, Eddie Murphy (New York Sun sports writer), John Drebinger (Chicago sports writer), Dan Daniel (New York World-Telegraph sports writer).
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                            • George Edward Phair

                              Born: October 16, 1883, Milwaukee, WI
                              Died: May 14, 1965, Bakersfield, CA, age 82

                              Chicago sports writer;
                              Attended Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI),
                              Milwaukee Sentinel, 1905 - 1912 (sports, police, politics, editorials, verses, columns)
                              Chicago Examiner, 1912 - 1925
                              New York American, 1926 - 1938, sonnets, ditties, poems; switched to sports in 1927;
                              Hollywood Variey, 1938 - 1955

                              --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sporting News' Obituary, June 5, 1965, pp. 42, column 4-5.

                              Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 499.
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                              • Francis John Wallace---AKA Frank Wallace

                                Born: February 12, 1894, Bellaire, OH
                                Died: August 19, 1977, Cocoa Beach, FL, age 83

                                New York sports writer;
                                Graduated Notre Dame University (South Bend, IN), 1923;
                                expert on football, having done publicity for Knute Rockne, 1922 - 1924
                                Wrote 4 Football novels made into movies.
                                Started in South Bend, Ind. News-Times & Tribune.
                                New York Post sports writer
                                New York Daily News.

                                Huddle, 1930
                                O'Reilly Of Notre Dame, 1931
                                Big Game Aka the Odds Against Honor, 1936
                                Autumn Madness, 1937
                                Razzle-dazzle, 1938
                                Little Hercules, 1939
                                Explosion, 1943
                                Kid Galahad, Miami Heavy-weight Champion, 1947
                                The Notre Dame Story, 1949
                                Big-League Rookie, 1950
                                Dementia Pigskin, 1951
                                Novel of Football and Gambling, 1952
                                Knute Rockne, 1960
                                Notre Dame From Rockne to Parseghian, 1966
                                Notre Dame: Its People and Its Legends, 1969
                                Pigskin Preview, for Saturday Evening Post, 1937-48,
                                Pigskin Preview, for Collier's, 1949-56.

                                ------------New York Times' obituary, -----------Sporting News' obituary,
                                ------August 26, 1977, Section 4, pp. 15-------October 8, 1977, pp. 53.

                                ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Photo/Entry in Who's Who in Major League Baseball, edited by Harold 'Speed' Johnson, 1933, pp. 499.
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