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Franchise all-time line ups by best year by a player

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    Originally posted by willshad View Post
    Green was good, but I would take Sheffield in 2000 or Smith in 1977.

    Now that i think about it Sheffield has a case to be on about four or five of these all time teams..I dont know if that is a point in his favor or not.

    It's weird that in sixty years the Dodgers have not had a really great season by a first baseman.
    Sheffield makes it:

    1992 Padres 3B
    1996 Marlins RF
    2000 Dodgers RF
    2003 Braves LF


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      I'll try a Cardinals team, though it will be very tough to sift through all the great single seasons over the 130+ years:

      _C: Yadier Molina 2012 ----- .315/.373/.501, 22 HR, 137 OPS+, and the greatest catcher in MLB
      1B: Albert Pujols 2008 ------- .357/.462/.653, 37 HR, 192 OPS+, and the greatest offensive machine of his generation -- as well as many others
      2B: Rogers Hornsby 1924 --- .424/.507/.696, 25 HR, 222 OPS+ and a very fine second baseman
      SS: Ozzie Smith 1987 ------- .303/.392/.383, 43 SB, 105 OPS+ and the greatest shortstop in history
      3B: Scott Rolen 2004 -------- .314/.409/.598, 34 HR, 158 OPS+ and one of the greatest gloves at third base
      LF: Tip O'Neill 1887 --------- .435/.490/.691, 52 2B, 213 OPS+ and led the American Association in BA, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, R, H, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, TB
      CF: Jim Edmonds 2004 ----- .301/.418/.643, 42 HR, 171 OPS+ and excellent defense in CF, one of 5 men to hit 40+ HR for Cardinals and he did it twice (3 did it more than once)
      RF: Stan Musial 1948 ------ .376/.450/.702, 39 HR, 200 OPS+ and led the NL in almost everything but 1 HR short of the Triple Crown (lost one in a rain out game)

      SP: Bob Gibson 1968 - 22-9, 1.12 ERA, 13 SHO, 258 ERA+
      SP: John Tudor 1985 - 21-8, 1.93 ERA, 10 SHO, 185 ERA+
      SP: Dizzy Dean 1934 - 30-7, 2.66 ERA, _7 SHO, 159 ERA+
      SP: Silver King 1888 - 45-20, 1.63 ERA, _6 SHO, 195 ERA+
      SP: Mort Cooper 1942 - 22-7, 1.78 ERA, 10 SHO, 192 ERA+

      Honorable mentions to:
      Harry Brecheen 1948
      Chris Carpenter 2005
      Adam Wainwright 2014
      Ted Breitenstein 1893
      Bob Caruthers 1885
      Dave Foutz 1886

      The list of position players for an honorable mention would be way too long to sort out the one individual season, but here are some:

      Johnny Mize
      Mark McGwire 1998
      Joe Medwick 1937
      Edgar Renteria
      Ken Boyer
      Joe Torre 1971
      Jim Bottomley
      Ripper Collins 1934
      Ted Simmons 1975
      Keith Hernandez 1979
      Willie McGee 1985
      Tom Herr 1985 - Did anyone really expect me to leave this one off the list?
      Ray Lankford
      Enos Slaughter
      Frankie Frisch
      Jack Clark 1987
      Dick Allen
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