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Jack O'Connor's 1903 Suspension

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  • Jack O'Connor's 1903 Suspension

    anyone know why new york catcher jack o'connor was suspended for the rest of the season in august 1903 and did it perhaps lead to his transfer to st. louis for 1904?

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    An old thread I know but was looking at the last page & came into this thread which has no answer but people may now be aware of this info 8 years on. For anyone who doesn't know and is interested here are some links, but to answer the question he did not get on with Clarke Griffith & benched for Insubordination (whatever that entails?)


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      O'Connor of course was the manager booted by Ban Johnson for his antics allowing Lajoie to bunt at will and go 8 for 8 on the final day of 1910 in an effort to deprive Cobb of the batting title and Chalmers automobile.


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        My question is, why was he nicknamed "Peach Pie"? I'm guessing he must've liked that delicacy?
        "Hey Mr. McGraw! Can I pitch to-day?"


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          He grew up in STL so I assume he played for the club named Peach Pies. Guess his friends in the game thought it was a cute name and attached it to him.


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