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Why "manager"?

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  • Why "manager"?

    I was posed a question by a friend for which I do not know the sure answer. Other sports have a head "coach", but baseball has a "manager". I would guess that back in baseball's professional beginnings, maybe the manager was called "manager" because he had to handle other business matters besides just taking care of the player's performance. But, I do not know for sure. Anybody know for sure why we have a "manager"?

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    they were more likely called captain back in the beginning - the first use of manager is thought to be from a detroit free press reference on june 22, 1876

    the term captain dates back to another detroit free press article on august 4, 1868

    why specifically the word manager - i'm not sure - but the better question might be why do the other sports call them coach - afterall baseball's organized evolution precedes the others
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      In Japan they are called "kantoku" (director). The same term is used for movie directors.
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