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Top Pitchers of All Time Poll-#18

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  • Top Pitchers of All Time Poll-#18

    This is the 18th installment of the pitcher polls. The rules are simple, submit your top 10 pitcher list (minus already elected pitchers, which I"ll get to in a minute). Lists must be clearly numbered 1-10 and please make it easy to identify who you're voting for. 12 points will be awarded to your #1 selection, 9 to #2, 8 to #3, 7 to #4, and so on. The pitcher with the most points will win the poll. In the event of a tie, the pitcher with the most first place votes will win. In the event that they have the same amount of first place votes as well, we'll have a runoff poll that lasts two days between the two tied pitchers. Also, if you make any really strange decisions, you'll be asked to justify them. If you don't justify them, then your ballot won't be counted. So far we have elected these 10 pitchers:

    1.Walter Johnson
    2.Roger Clemens
    3.Lefty Grove
    4.Cy Young
    5.Pete Alexander
    6.Christy Mathewson
    7.Greg Maddux
    8.Tom Seaver
    9.Warren Spahn
    10.Satchel Paige
    11.Randy Johnson
    12.Bob Feller
    13.Kid Nichols
    14.Bob Gibson
    15.Steve Carlton
    16.Pedro Martinez
    17.Smokey Joe Williams

    Last poll there were 11 ballots submitted, and Williams emerged as our second Negro Leaguer selected. His only real challege was from Juan Marichal. These were the top 12 vote getters (first place votes in parenthesis):

    Smokey Joe Williams-97 (5)
    Juan Marichal-83 (2)
    Sandy Koufax-68 (1)
    Carl Hubbell-62 (1)
    Mordecai Brown-52
    Whitey Ford-40 (1)
    Robin Roberts-36
    Jim Palmer-26
    Nolan Ryan-26
    Ed Walsh-18
    John Clarkson-16
    Tim Keefe-15 (1)

  • #2
    1.Robin Roberts
    2.Juan Marichal
    3.Carl Hubbell
    4.Sandy Koufax
    5.Gaylord Perry
    6.Dazzy Vance
    7.Fergie Jenkins
    8.Jim Palmer
    9.Whitey Ford
    10.Ed Walsh
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    • #3
      1. Sandy Koufax
      2. Carl Hubbell
      3. Jim Palmer
      4. Juan Marichal
      5. Ed Walsh
      6. Whitey Ford
      7. Robin Roberts
      8. Nolan Ryan
      9. Three Finger Brown
      10. Gaylord Perry


      • #4
        1. Koufax
        2. Brown
        3. Marichal
        4. Hubbell
        5. Walsh
        6. Clarkson
        7. Roberts
        8. Keefe
        9. Rogan
        10. Plank
        Dave Bill Tom George Mark Bob Ernie Soupy Dick Alex Sparky
        Joe Gary MCA Emanuel Sonny Dave Earl Stan
        Jonathan Neil Roger Anthony Ray Thomas Art Don
        Gates Philip John Warrior Rik Casey Tony Horace
        Robin Bill Ernie JEDI


        • #5
          1. Juan Marichal
          2. Sandy Koufax
          3. Whitey Ford
          4. Jim Palmer
          5. Carl Hubbell
          6. Robin Roberts
          7. Dazzy Vance
          8. Nolan Ryan
          9. Ed Walsh
          10. Mordecai Brown
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          • #6
            1) Marichal
            2) Koufax
            3) Hubbell
            4) Roberts
            5) Palmer
            6) Newhouser
            7) Vance
            8) Walsh
            9) Ford
            10) Ryan
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            • #7
              1. Tim Keefe
              2. John Clarkson
              3. Nolan Ryan
              4. Whitey Ford
              5. Eddie Plank
              6. Carl Hubbell
              7. Al Spalding
              8. Sandy Koufax
              9. Mordecai Brown
              10. Jim Palmer


              • #8

                Pre - 1900: Tim Keefe, John "Monte" Ward, Bob Caruthers, John Clarkson, Jim "Pud" Galvin, Mickey Welch, Sadie McMahon, Jim McCormick, Charlie "Hoss" Radbourne, Amos Rusie, Jim Whitney, Larry Corcoran, Al Spalding, Cy Young, Kid Nichols, Charlie Ferguson.

                1900-1930: Christy Mathewson, Rube Waddell, Mordecai Brown, Addie Joss, Ed Walsh, Walter Johnson, Grover Alexander, Eddie Plank, Joe McGinnity, Chief Bender, Ed Reulbach, Nap Rucker, Wilbur Cooper, Deacon Phillippe, Dazzy Vance, Stan Coveleski, Herb Pennock, Carl Mays, Ed Cicotte, Bill Dinneen, Ted Lyons, Eppa Rixey, Vic Willis, Hippo Vaughn, Dutch Leonard, Urban Shocker, Burleigh Grimes, Doc White, Nick Altrock, Sam Jones, Jack Coombs, Joe Wood, Jack Chesbro, Jim Bagby, Bullet Joe Bush, Waite Hoyt, Red Faber, Bob Shawkey, Ray Caldwell, Ray Collins, George Mogridge, Earl Hamilton, George Uhle, Eddie Rommel, Lefty Grove,

                1930-1960: Dizzy Dean, Carl Hubbell, Whitey Ford, Robin Roberts, Wes Ferrell, Bob Lemon, Lefty Gomez, Hal Newhouser, Red Ruffing, Bucky Walters, Early Wynn, Billy Pierce, Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Don Newcombe, Tommy Bridges, Lon Warneke, Mel Harder and Harry Breechen, Bobby Shantz.

                1960-1980: Nolan Ryan, Gaylord Perry, Steve Carlton, Sandy Koufax, Juan Marichal, Bob Gibson, Phil Niekro, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Ferguson Jenkins, Wilbur Wood, Don Drysdale, Tom Seaver, Jim Bunning, Mickey Lolich, Luis Tiant, Sparky Lyle, Tommy John, Jim Kaat, Dave Stieb, Bert Blyleven, Lew Burdette, Curt Simmons, Harvey Haddix, Johnny Antonelli, Vern Law, Bob Purkey, Johnny Podres, Joe Nuxhall, Ron Perranoski, Bob Veale, Dick Ellsworth, Jim Maloney, Chris Short, Bob Friend, Jim Palmer, Milt Pappas, Jerry Koosman, Dock Ellis, Sam McDowell.

                1980-Present: Greg Maddux, Roger Clemens, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Jack Morris, Kevin Brown, John Smoltz, Mike Mussina, Tom Glavine, Mariano Rivera.

                Negro Leagues:
                Robert Leroy "Satchel" Paige, 1926-1967
                "Smokey Joe" Williams, 1905-1932
                Wilbur "Bullet Joe" Rogan, 1917-38
                "Cannonball" Dick Redding, 1911-38
                Dave Brown, 1918-1925
                Andrew "Rube" Foster, 1902-1926
                Bill Foster, 1923-38
                Ray Brown, 1930-1948
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                • #9
                  1. Juan Marichal
                  2. Mordecai Brown
                  3. Addie Joss
                  4. Nolan Ryan
                  5. Amos Rusie
                  6. Rube Waddell
                  7. Sandy Koufax
                  8. Eddie Plank
                  9. "Bullet Joe" Rogan, NL
                  10. Dazzy Vance
                  Coming up in my queue:

                  11. Urban Shocker.
                  12. Hoyt Wilhelm
                  13. Ed Walsh
                  14. Carl Mays
                  15. Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourne
                  16. Carl Hubbell
                  17. Whitey Ford
                  18. John Clarkson
                  19. Tim Keefe
                  20. "Monte" Ward

                  21. Jim Palmer
                  22. Robin Roberts
                  23. Herb Pennock
                  24. Dizzy Dean
                  25. Catfish Hunter
                  26. Ferguson Jenkins
                  27. Don Sutton
                  28. Don Drysdale
                  29. Gaylord Perry
                  30. Phil Niekro

                  31. Ted Lyons
                  32. Wes Ferrell
                  33. Bob Lemon
                  34. Clark Griffth


                  • #10
                    1 Whitey Ford
                    2 Sandy Koufax
                    3 Mordecai Brown
                    4 Juan Marichel
                    5 Mariano Rivera
                    6 "Bullet" Joe Rogan
                    7 Jose Mendez
                    8 Carl Hubbel
                    9 Nolan Ryan
                    10 Rube Waddell


                    • #11
                      1. Juan Marichal
                      2. Sandy Koufax
                      3. Mordecai Brown
                      4. Rube Waddell
                      5. Carl Hubbell
                      6. Robin Roberts
                      7. Jim Palmer
                      8. Ed Walsh
                      9. Hal Newhouser
                      10. "Bullet" Rogan
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                      • #12
                        1. Carl Hubbell
                        2. Mordecai Brown
                        3. Sandy Koufax
                        4. Whitey Ford
                        5. Jim Palmer
                        6. Juan Marichal
                        7. John Clarkson
                        8. Eddie Plank
                        9. Ed Walsh
                        10.Tim Keefe

                        11. Nolan Ryan
                        12. Gaylord Perry
                        13. Joe Rogan
                        14. Robin Roberts
                        15. Dennis Eckersley
                        16. Rube Waddell
                        17. Fergie Jenkins
                        18. Hoyt Wilhelm
                        19. Bert Blyleven
                        20. Stan Coveleski
                        21. Charles Radbourne
                        22. Tom Glavine
                        23. Phil Niekro
                        24. Joe McGinnity
                        25. Addie Joss
                        26. Dazzy Vance
                        27. Hal Newhouser
                        28. Don Drysdale
                        29. Mariano Rivera
                        30. Dizzy Dean
                        31. Lefty Gomez
                        32. Goose Gossasge
                        33. Bob Lemon
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                        • #13
                          1-Mordecai Brown
                          2-Juan Marichal
                          3-Nolan Ryan
                          4-Robin Roberts
                          5-Dazzy Vance
                          6-Carl Hubbell
                          7-Ed Walsh
                          8-Rube Foster
                          9-Sandy Koufax
                          10-Masaichi Kaneda (the Japanese Cy Young....over 700 decisions career, 400+ wins)


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by [email protected]
                            Negro Leagues:
                            Robert Leroy "Satchel" Paige, 1926-1967
                            "Smokey Joe" Williams, 1905-1932
                            Wilbur "Bullet Joe" Rogan, 1917-38
                            "Cannonball" Dick Redding, 1911-38
                            Dave Brown, 1918-1925
                            Andrew "Rube" Foster, 1902-1926
                            Bill Foster, 1923-38
                            Bill, might want to add Ray Brown (1930-1948) on there. Most people have him as either the 4th or 5th best Negro League pitcher (I have him 4th).


                            • #15
                              Originally posted by 538280
                              Bill, might want to add Ray Brown (1930-1948) on there. Most people have him as either the 4th or 5th best Negro League pitcher (I have him 4th).
                              Done. Good idea, Chris. Thanks for the suggestion.



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