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    Originally posted by 538280
    Bill, assists from catcher were very, very high in the 19th century and have gone down since. Anyway, they really aren't a good way to determine catching excellence. Bill James did various studies in Win Shares about them. His general findings were that they do have a small correlation to caught stealing and catching excellence, but really can't be relied on.
    Assists are not the best way to measure greatness, that's true. But it is a good way to measure arm greatness. Snyder leads all catchers of history in assists/game. Ewing comes second. They are way ahead of the pack.

    Ewing is far ahead of his peers, who in turn are way ahead of latter day catchers. So it proves he had a cannon.

    But we will never have a good measure of catching greatness. The most essential catching art is pitch calling, and I know of no way to measure that kind of genius. But it saves the games.

    Ewing had no weakness. If you need to chisel him down with lack of longevity, that is your prerogative. I can see the logic of down rating him for that, even if I disagree. But while he worked behind the plate, he was the best there ever was. His pitch calling saved more games, his arm cut down more runners/game, his hitting/running, balanced off the most well-rounded game ever by a catcher. I strongly feel his pitch calling more than made up for Benchie's homers, which by the way weren't really available to Buckie.

    Just to showcase his offensive prowess, which I have never done before, he came in the

    Top 10 in BA - 6 times
    Top 10 in SLG - 9 times
    Top 10 in triples - 9 times, led once.
    Top 10 in HRs - 4 times, led once.
    Top 10 in RBIs - 3 times.
    Top 10 in SB - 2 times.
    Top 10 in OPS+ - 7 times.

    That is quite impressive for the most scintillating defensive catcher who ever lived.

    Bill Burgess
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      Bases are stolen off the pitcher, not the catcher. Also, with such a high strike zone back in the day, catchers were saved a crucial half second or so.


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        --Well this series appears to have petered out. Only 16 ballots cast this time and nobody reaching 100 points. The top 10;
        1) Berra 94
        2) Mathews 86
        3) Brett 67
        4) Anson 64
        5) Delahanty 58
        6) JJackson 46
        7) Brouthers 42
        8) Griffey 33
        9) Vaughan 31
        10) FThomas 29
        --Thanks to everyone who participated.


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