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    Thomas now plays for the A's so hes ineligible
    "I was pitching one day when my glasses clouded up on me. I took them off to polish them. When I looked up to the plate, I saw Jimmie Foxx. The sight of him terrified me so much that I haven't been able to wear glasses since." - Left Gomez

    "(Lou) Gehrig never learned that a ballplayer couldn't be good every day." - Hank Gowdy


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      These might sound crazy, but...

      Blue Jays - Roy Halliday
      Mets - David Wright

      I cant think of anyone else who's played their whole career with these teams that I would pick over these guys.
      My top 10 players:

      1. Babe Ruth
      2. Barry Bonds
      3. Ty Cobb
      4. Ted Williams
      5. Willie Mays
      6. Alex Rodriguez
      7. Hank Aaron
      8. Honus Wagner
      9. Lou Gehrig
      10. Mickey Mantle


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        Originally posted by DoubleX
        Nationals: No clue (Judging by these lists, one might think I have something against Canadian teams)
        My pick for the Expos/Nationals would be Steve Rogers. Definitely one of the better players out there who played for only one MLB team.
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          The Yankees all-time one team roster is loaded. But I dare say that a Baltimore Orioles-only team would be more than decent.

          C - Chris Hoiles
          1B - Jim Traber (Hey, if you can think of anyone better, then LMK!)
          2B - Rich Dauer
          SS - Cal Ripken Jr.
          3B - Brooks Robinson
          OF - Luis Matos, Jay Gibbons
          P - Jim Palmer, Scott McGregor

          I just can't seem to come up with a decent 3rd outfielder. Had Al Bumbry not played his final season with the Padres, he would have been in there.
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            Just based on the last couple of years, I'd rather have Brian Roberts at second thean Dauer.
            "Here's a crazy thought I've always had: if they cut three fingers off each hand, I'd really be a great hitter because then I could level off better." Paul Waner (lifetime .333 hitter, 3,152 lifetime hits.


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              Originally posted by Buzzaldrin
              Just based on the last couple of years, I'd rather have Brian Roberts at second thean Dauer.
              I was thinking about Roberts too. However, you've already uttered the magic words, "based on the last couple of years." If Roberts can maintain his level of play for another 4 or 5 seasons and, of course, remain with Baltimore in the meantime, then he would replace Dauer as the all-time Baltimore-only second baseman.

              That is, until he gets traded somewhere down the line. Then up goes Rich Dauer's name again.
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