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    Originally posted by johnny
    First off, Victory I love your post topics. But, with all due respect, isn't it true that when we travel back in time to 'adjust' history we fall prey to the law of Unintended Consequences. So while it is tempting to think of the 'good' we can do by saving the 'White Sox' from becoming the 'Black Sox' or keeping that racist Judge Landis in obsecurity as an often overturned Federal Judge are we not taking a heck of a risk? Who knows how history would turn out?
    I mean, given the tenor of the times if it wasn't the Black Sox wouldn't it more likely than not be another 'betting' scandal and would Ban Johnson be any better at getting blacks into baseball?

    But, if we go back in time we must stop off in Brooklyn that rainy night to make sure Campy buckles up before driving home.

    You're right. That's why Doc Brown always warns against tampering with the past.

    So...what bad might come out of throwing a monkey wrench into the 1919 Series fix?

    Maybe the baseball moguls would have ignored the gambling problem...and, with the Roaring Twenties just ahead, I can envision a situation where gambling would have become even more rampant than it was prior to Landis' crackdown.

    Perhaps tinkering with history would cause a cataclysmic shift that allows baseball to fall prey to gamblers to the point where fans lose faith in the game and replace baseball with Mahjong as the National Pasttime.

    Great Scott!
    "Hey Mr. McGraw! Can I pitch to-day?"


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