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If not Landis, who else? Teddy Roosevelt good? (if earlier)

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  • wamby
    Guest replied
    I don't think TR would have had any interest in breaking baseball's color-line. TR was a Progressive, and a firm believer in segragation. If TR were still alive in 1920, he probably would have made a run for the White House and very likely may have become President again.

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  • If not Landis, who else? Teddy Roosevelt good? (if earlier)

    I was just thinking of some names aside from Landis who might have made good baseball commissioners. They did need someone who would really take charge. And, though he died a few years early, I just thought that if his son doesn't die in WW I (I've read he died partly of a broken heart over that), I have a hard time coming up with other names. But, TR is one I pondered.

    Maybe if Chase does something big and they need a commissioner in 1910-1915 or so. One thing's for sure, he'd be entertaining. ANd, he got college football to shape up its act while he was President, because of myriad deaths on the field.

    Then, just have him appoint said son to something so he doesn't go to war, and he might have 20 years in the office.

    If that looks good, I might use that for my early integration of baseball story. I kind of like the image of TR at an owner's meeting :-) Or threatening to throw someone out the window. (I forget who it was, but I read a story, possibly fictional, about his being so upset at someone that he said he'd throw them out the window if not for the dignity of his office.)

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