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Old School Baseball Rivalries/Hate

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  • Old School Baseball Rivalries/Hate

    Can people post stories of how deep the 'hate' goes. We are kind of wimpy out here in Seattle and don't have quite the same natural rivalries.
    Here is an example: A guy I work with on occassion out in Seattle grew up a die hard White Sox fan in Chicago. His wife's side of the family are all die hard Cubbie fans that he gets along with great other than this issue. They have been happily married over 30 years and out in Seattle for the last 15 years.
    Anyway, for the World Serious he went back to visit/see the games and all. Over at his mother-in law's house not one of his in laws or their relatives would at least acknoweldge the White Sox victory. Sheesh. I know the Cub fans have had it tough and all but you would think that they could extend a hand across town when it wouldn't hurt them a bit to be a little gracious.
    That is some hard core old school baseball hate.
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