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  • most games participated in, any fashion

    With Ron Fairly's passing, it was reported that he participated in over 7000 games as a player and broadcaster.

    Connie Mack was in 8401 games as a player and manager

    Vin Scully is estimated at announcing over 9000 games.

    Is there any data on this?
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    #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry

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    Don Zimmer must be up there near Scully.


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      We. Must. Know.
      "No matter how great you were once upon a time — the years go by, and men forget,” - W. A. Phelon in Baseball Magazine in 1915. “Ross Barnes, forty years ago, was as great as Cobb or Wagner ever dared to be. Had scores been kept then as now, he would have seemed incomparably marvelous.”


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        Others who must be over 5000:

        Joe Torre
        Red Scheondiest (spelling?)
        Johnny Pesky
        Jimmie Reese

        Torre had a long playing career, then managed close to 30 years, and even did a broadcasting stint or two.

        Red S. also had a long playing career, then managed some, and coached more with the Cardinals.

        Pesky & Reese had shorter playing careers (although Pesky got 10 or so years in, not counting three lost war years), and then were on coaching staffs into their dotage with the Red Sox & Angels, respectively, although I think they were pretty much honorary positions in their later years. Pesky managed a little too, as I recall.

        I mentioned Zimmer...I seem to recall it was said he had the record for most seasons in uniform...he had all those years as a bench coach after his managerial career wound down; I think he died with his boots on in Tampa Bay.


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          Frank Robinson had a total of > 5000 games as player and manager, though there was a little overlap (player-manager). He was an assistant GM for several years. He worked in various capacities in MLB's front office for I guess a total of almost fifteen years. If you count all that, he must be over 8000 games.

          When he was fired in 1995 as assistant GM at Baltimore, he had been involved in professional baseball for more than 40 consecutive years. And he still had many years to come in the front office.

          Dusty Baker is > 5500, player and manager.
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            Surprised no one has mentioned John McGraw. 5,801 games as a player and manager.

            Another guy with over 5,000 is Lou Piniella (5,295).
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            My top 10 players:

            1. Babe Ruth
            2. Barry Bonds
            3. Ty Cobb
            4. Ted Williams
            5. Willie Mays
            6. Alex Rodriguez
            7. Hank Aaron
            8. Honus Wagner
            9. Lou Gehrig
            10. Mickey Mantle


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                great announcer



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                  Originally posted by Cougar View Post
                  Don Zimmer must be up there near Scully.
                  Zim is really up there.

                  Games as a player: 1,095
                  Games as a coach : 5508 (max)
                  Games as a manager: 2106 (max)

                  Total: 8,709

                  His games as a coach and manager assume he was in all 162 games each season so these value are maximum values.
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                    Red Schoendienst. 19 yrs as a player. 14 as a mgr, although a couple seasons was interian. Was a full time coach for the Cards in 63 & 64 and 79-95. Coached in Oakland 77 & 78. He wasn't officially considered a coach during LaRussa's 16 yr run, although he was on the payroll, came to the all the home games and put a uniform on and worked with infielders before the game, then watched the game from the press box. I'm not sure how you figure it but that's a helluva lot of baseball games.
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                      Phil Rizzuto would be over 8000.
                      1941-42 & 1946-56 played for Yankees
                      1956-95 Yankees broadcaster

                      Frankie Crosetti would be at about 6100.
                      1932-48 played for Yankees, was away from team first several weeks of 1943 and about first half of 1944 season
                      1949-68 coach with Yankees
                      1969-71 coach with Twins


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                        Ralph Kiner broadcast Mets games beginning in 1962 and continuing through 2013, though I can't say when he went from daily to once a week.


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                          If we consider just on the playing field, the way it should have been.....................why announcers
                          I would think Frank Crosetti could be around 5000 or more games, in uniform.
                          Playing career 1683 games and then 20 years a coach. Odds are just a coach, not missing many games over 20 seasons.

                          Just took another look, Macker already mentioned Crosetti, did not know two seasons coaching the Twins.


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                            Originally posted by SHOELESSJOE3 View Post
                            If we consider just on the playing field, the way it should have been.....................why announcers
                            see the OP Ron Fairley died and I read it.

                            This week's Giant

                            #5 in games played as a Giant with 1721 , Bill Terry


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