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Greatest Fielding Pitchers Before the Gold Glove Award Era (Before 1957)

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  • Greatest Fielding Pitchers Before the Gold Glove Award Era (Before 1957)

    Which pitchers were reputed to be best at fielding their position "Back In the Day" before the inauguration of the Gold Glove award in 1957?

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    The first ones to come to mind for me are Harry Brecheen, Bobby Shantz, and Harvey Haddix.


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      If one were to accept the premise that a good pitcher who's also deemed good enough to play a lot of SS, 3B, and even 2B were probably very good gloves, then you'd have to consider many old-timers.

      Most of the old-timer two-way players went to the OF or 1B when not pitching. But Kid Gleason comes to mind when breaking that mold. 138-131 W-L with a 104 ERA+ in 2400 innings. But more known for his 14,000 innings at 2B.

      Certainly he wasn't in the line-up due to his bat, given his 78 OPS+.

      Another name that jumps off the page is Tony Mullane, who also happens to have the highest JAWS for pitchers not in the HOF, when underhand-only pitching years are ignored.

      He also wasn't known for hitting, but he logged over 500 innings at 3B and SS.

      Of course if one accepts that approach, then you have to mention a whole lot of Negro and Cuban players as great fielding pitchers.
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