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BBF Ranking Game – Election #12 – Nominations

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  • BBF Ranking Game – Election #12 – Nominations

    Welcome to the BBF Ranking Game. Please go to the Proposal thread and review the complete rules for this project.

    Here are the players we ranked in Election #1 through Election #11:

    1. Babe Ruth – 2. Willie Mays – 3. Barry Bonds – 4. Ty Cobb – 5. Ted Williams
    6. Hank Aaron – 7. Walter Johnson – 8. Honus Wagner – 9. Stan Musial – 10. Roger Clemens
    11. Cy Young – 12. Lou Gehrig – 13. Rogers Hornsby – 14. Alex Rodriguez – 15. Mickey Mantle
    16. Tris Speaker – 17. Lefty Grove – 18. Greg Maddux – 19. Joe DiMaggio – 20. Mike Schmidt
    21. Albert Pujols – 22. Eddie Collins – 23. Oscar Charleston – 24. Rickey Henderson – 25. Frank Robinson
    26. Pete Alexander – 27. Mel Ott – 28. Joe Morgan – 29. Nap Lajoie – 30. Tom Seaver
    31. Jimmie Foxx – 32. Eddie Mathews – 33. Josh Gibson – 34. Randy Johnson – 35. Cap Anson
    36. Christy Mathewson – 37. Satchel Paige – 38. Johnny Bench – 39. Cal Ripken – 40. George Brett – 41. Kid Nichols
    42. Carl Yastrzemski – 43. Warren Spahn – 44. Pedro Martinez – 45. Jackie Robinson – 46. Dan Brouthers – 47. Ken Griffey Jr
    48. Roberto Clemente – 49. Johnny Mize – 50. Al Kaline – 51. Mike Trout – 52. Bob Gibson – 53. Pop Lloyd
    54. Roger Connor – 55. Charlie Gehringer – 56. Jeff Bagwell – 57. Reggie Jackson – 58. Wade Boggs – 59. Yogi Berra

    The ballot will include 12 Nominees for elections #8 thru 14. So, in this thread we will determine the 7 players who will be added to the ballot, along with the five carryovers, for the 12th election. Basically, someone nominates a player for inclusion on the ballot, and two other people need to support the nomination for the player to make the ballot. When we get our seven guys the nominations are closed for this round. Someone then will start the Voting thread where we will rank the twelve players.

    You should limit yourself to only three Nomination + support votes in a calendar day. To be clear, this does not mean that if you Nominate three players at 11:59 pm that you can then make three more votes two minutes later at 12:01 am. After your third vote in a day wait at least six hours or until midnight ET, whichever comes later. We want to encourage participation from different BBF members.

    It is helpful if someone can post an update after every couple of ballots, as it can be difficult to see the current nominating status of every player. I will try to keep an updated list of the ballot in this post.

    This thread is also for discussion of the players. However, discussion should be in a separate post from your nominate/support votes. But don’t take this too strictly; a brief comment along with your nominate/support vote is fine.

    Please post any questions concerning this project in the Proposal thread. Thanks for playing!

    Ballot for Election #12:
    1. Mike Piazza
    2. Gary Carter
    3. Bob Feller
    4. Steve Carlton
    5. Frank Thomas
    6. Chipper Jones
    7. Smokey Joe Williams
    8. Ed Delahanty
    9. Arky Vaughan
    10. Curt Schilling
    11. Martin Dihigo
    12. Clayton Kershaw
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  • #2
    Nominate Shoeless Joe Jackson – I conservatively credit him with 20-25 additional WAR for 1918-19 and 1921+.
    Nominate Chipper Jones - His 53.4 WAA are the most on the board. Posnanski has him #54.
    Nominate Smokey Joe Williams MLE by Eric Chalek has him at 98.9 WAR. Posnanski has him #62, just ahead of Carlton.

    Bubbling just under: Pete Rose, Martin Dihigo, Arky Vaughan, Phil Niekro, Adrian Beltre.

    Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice.

    Comprehensive Reform for the Veterans Committee -- Fixing the Hall continued.


    • #3
      Nominate Miguel Cabrera
      Nominate Mariano Rivera
      Nominate Ed Delahanty


      • #4
        nominate Jim Thome
        nominate Clayton Kershaw
        nominate Ernie Banks


        • #5

          1sts: Thome, Banks, Cabrera, C. Jones, Kershaw, S. Williams, Rivera, J. Jackson, Delahanty


          • #6
            2nd Smokey Joe Williams
            2nd Chipper Jones
            1st Arky Vaughan

            On deck: Willie Wells, Carlton Fisk, Martin Dihigo, Eddie Plank, Mike Mussina, Curt Schilling.
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            • #7

              2nds: C. Jones, S.Williams
              1sts: Thome, Banks, Cabrera, Kershaw, Rivera, J. Jackson, Delahanty, Vaughan


              • #8
                Nominate: Curt Schilling
                2nd: Clayton Kershaw
                3rd: Chipper Jones


                • #9

                  3rds: C.Jones
                  2nds: Kershaw, S. Williams
                  1sts: Thome, Banks, Cabrera, Schilling, Rivera, J. Jackson, Delahanty, Vaughan


                  • #10
                    2nd: Thome
                    2nd: Delahanty
                    3rd: Smokey Joe Williams


                    • #11
                      up date:

                      3rds: C. Jones, S. Williams
                      2nds: Thome, Kershaw, Delahanty
                      1sts: Banks, Cabrera, Schilling, Rivera, J. Jackson, Vaughan


                      • #12
                        2nd: Arky Vaughan
                        2nd: Curt Schilling
                        3rd: Ed Delahanty
                        RIP Dave Niehaus
                        RIP Gary Moore


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by Freakshow View Post

                          Bubbling just under: Pete Rose, Martin Dihigo, Arky Vaughan, Phil Niekro, Adrian Beltre.[/SIZE]
                          These two are my next in line. And I don't know why I had overlooked Dihigo in the past; I should have been nominating him for the past 2-4 rounds.


                          • #14

                            3rds: C. Jones, S. Williams, Delahanty
                            2nds: Thome, Kershaw, Schilling, Vaughan
                            1sts: Banks, Cabrera, Rivera, J. Jackson
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                            • #15
                              I find it hard to believe that Rivera is gaining some traction as a top 16 or 17 pitcher of all time. He's the best short reliever of all time, but this high among all pitchers? I don't buy it at all.


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